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  1. AngusThermopyle

    Should Donald Trump win a Nobel Peace Prize?

    It was a token, as so many of them are now.
  2. AngusThermopyle

    High Taxes driving high earners south

    Correct. So far this year the numbers have been over 100% higher than this time last year. Easter weekend alone saw over 600 illegal (sorry, irregular) crossings at Roxham road.
  3. AngusThermopyle

    Late reply by the PM of Canada.

    Oh I have my suspicions, especially given his Johnny on the spot response to the fake Hijab hoax, but I do like to reserve judgement until all possibilities have been explored. Having said that, as I mentioned, I think that to him this just isn't all that big a deal and his response is all about the public perception.
  4. AngusThermopyle

    Late reply by the PM of Canada.

    I didn't know that. I wonder why he was so tardy on this?
  5. Some great new pictures of Trudeau waving to all his adoring fans as he jets off once more.


  6. Although I'm not against this, in fact I think surrogates should be paid, I do think it's a very minor issue. There are a great many things far more important than this that are not being addressed, but should be. This government seems to change the channel from what's important to trivial issues on a regular basis. Given that it affected maybe 700 Canadians last year I don't think this should be a priority for our government. Also interesting is the phrasing that Trudeau used. He said. "The government, he said, wants to listen and show respect for all views to "move forward appropriately." To me that sounds like it's a done deal and any debate will just be window dressing.
  7. AngusThermopyle

    Wynne Goes Full Out Identity Politics

    And now another Ontario Liberal opens his big mouth and jams both feet firmly into it. What the hell is with these people? Can they not say anything anymore without being stupidly offensive? Speaking during a funding announcement Thursday, Sousa made an innapropriate comment when referring to the male and female hospital workers who stood for a staged photo. “Thank you for the eye candy behind me,” he said. http://torontosun.com/news/provincial/finance-minister-charles-sousa-calls-medical-professionals-eye-candy?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#link_time=1521741298 Quick Bubber, tell all of us how he really just meant to say that he likes candy and thought some doctor was going to give him a lollipop.
  8. AngusThermopyle

    Equity Pay

    Not the same story here in Ontario. Even though we pay McGuinty's "not a tax, it's a health levy", that goes straight into general revenues.
  9. AngusThermopyle

    Equity Pay

    A silly premise. Our taxation system is already an out of control labyrinthine monster. You would propose increasing it's complexity? Just out and out silly. Here's an idea, since politicians are so fond of creating new taxes they should pay the lions share instead.
  10. Here you go. My paraphrasing was a bit off going from memory but in essence is correct. http://nationalpost.com/opinion/pierre-trudeaus-disastrous-record-is-finally-laid-out-for-all-to-see While Trudeau talked about strengthening democracy, his commitment to the system varied. In 1977 he said that in certain countries and at certain times a one-party state would be preferable. “I wouldn’t be prepared to think I would be successful in arguing that for Canada at the present time, but such times might come, who knows?” It constantly amazes me as to how the truth about Trudeau is glossed over and the myth of Trudeau is glibly accepted as gospel. Not only was this man (sorry, people) not what his fans claim, he was in many respects the opposite. It just goes to show how effective the Liberal propaganda machine really is. If I remember to do it after work I'll see if I can find a link to the article talking about Justin Trudeau selling our largest high tech security company to China. I might not remember though, there's a big sale at Canadian Tire and I'm picking up a new set of gear wrenches, regularly selling for $400.00, on sale for $119.00. Pretty exciting stuff!
  11. Too late. In his first year Trudeau brokered the sale of Canada's largest high tech security firm to China. It wasn't widely reported on, which is concerning in itself. This sale angered many of our allies as this firm also did quite a bit of work for them which means it had access to a lot of sensitive security related information. The sale included all intellectual property and the rights to it. Obviously our allies were not pleased. That's why when people claim that Trudeau is greatly respected by foreign leaders I have to laugh. When I get the time I'll see if I can find the article relating the particulars of this sale as I'm sure Trudeau groupies will claim it's not true.
  12. Trudeau doesn't care because in his twisted world this is a good thing. The guy is an overgrown kid with a warped ideology that he believes is the only one anyone should have. His father raised him to believe that Communism and totalitarianism is desirable. Has everyone forgotten about the time Pierre Trudeau was asked if he thought Canada would be better if it were a one party state. He answered that, yes, he did think so, but didn't think the time was right for that yet. Justin is just acting on what he was taught, In his world China is a shining beacon of how a society should be.
  13. AngusThermopyle

    Wynne Goes Full Out Identity Politics

    Just my opinion, but I think this will backfire on her. It's a very distasteful comment and most people who have heard it agree.