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  1. Because in a two way race it makes little sense to target 35% of the vote.
  2. Yeah which is why I can only watch and hope Americans do the right thing for themselves and for Canadians. As for Republicans being better for Canadians - I'll wait for a credible cite on that score. And predicting another recession are we? Again? You're starting to sound like Marc Fabre and Peter Schiff. I guess predict them long enough and you'll be right someday.... You do realize that a recession will matter little if it happens after the election? I mean, sure, in another two years there will be some house, senate, governor elections but Hillary will be stacking the SCOTUS with abortionists and it will all be "automatic."
  3. Democracy is always about loving the devil you know. BFD.
  4. No it's a vote for free trade.
  5. Good for you. Consider taking it to the other thread about "what are you listening to now?" This thread is about Turkish music. Maybe the creator of this thread is not articulate enough in English and/or music to discuss things further? I know I'm not (about music). Maybe asking a few questions before going all "shut her down" would have endeared me to you rather than thinking you, like august, have certain issues when the music ain't white enough. Your curiosity into Turkish music isn't enough to appreciate a thread being created with a person selecting the tunes for you? You are discouraged because it lacks the kind of discussion you yourself didn't even attempt to partake in? And no, I don't think neither you nor August have travelled enough nor have articulated enough to expunge that stain.
  6. Right. You want to learn more while bemoaning the thread you could have contributed to in a positive way by asking questions rather than partaking in the BS august started. Again, right.
  7. Nice 42 page paper arguing about the effect of Clinton winning the first debate on various markets/currencies. Makes a good point about why should Mexicans/Koreans/Canadians care. Because we have free trade with the US and Trump is a threat to our way of life. https://www.brookings.edu/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/what-do-financial-markets-think-of-the-2016-election_102016_wolferszitzewitz.pdf Could just be noise rather than signal, and in the long run it likely won't matter to the markets who wins, but there it is.
  8. Because we are being ENTERTAINED!!!
  9. Rogoff, in his book, The Curse of Cash indicates that the number is now believed to be closer to 40%. But even then I would think that the bills outside the US are more likely to be used for crime.
  10. In time it will be eliminated. Just like the Euro $500 note will be. Most people conduct legitimate business using $20's or less. In fact, most people conduct business using interac and credit cards. While bitcoin and such may be a threat let's face reality: we all know that vast majority of their use is for illegal transactions which means they will never be accepted in the larger legitimate economy and governments will defend their currencies to ensure this. But it's simple: legalize soft drugs and prostitution and only have $5/10/20's as your paper bills. Most people will see no impact on their lives. Criminals and waiters and perhaps even contractors will hate it.
  11. The elimination of the 500 euro note means that it has already begun. For that matter, the elimination of the $1,000 Cdn years ago also was a move towards this.
  12. The fact remains: lower denominations means it is harder to conduct business for criminals while having little to no effect on legitimate business. Why not either eliminate the large bills over time if not all at once?
  13. Well, you do have a point. Considering that something like $120 million in US $100 bills were being held in Russia by the anti-corruption dudes (I think for corrupt purposes - no surprise there it is Russia after all) well, that leaves about 99% of USD $100 bills in use for others (which, of course, many are also held almost permanently by other criminals - something like 40% of $100 USD bills are held overseas and likely most of it is used by criminals). So who knows. The point remains - transacting with $20's is much more difficult than $100's if only because it is five times heavier and five times more volume.
  14. Ok, I was exaggerating. Although, at one time or another I do not doubt that any $100 bill you have touched will have been used in an illegal transaction or will be used in one after you have touched it (or perhaps even during your use of that $100 ).
  15. 1) With $800 billion (or whatever the number is) in US $100 bills outstanding and likely 99% of them being used in criminal activity it is an excellent idea to remove them from circulation by recalling them. 2) It is perfectly legal to do this - issue the recall, explain the reasoning behind it, the local mom and pop stores will immediately refuse to accept them (most don't accept them now anyway). 3) Sure, smaller bills will lead to alternative methods to transact criminal activity - that is the point. To make it more difficult since barter sucks as an exchange mechanism. 4) I agree about legalizing most drugs and prostitution. I have no problem with those "crimes." It is the tax evasion - the waiter and construction contractor who get cash tips and cash business who do not report it, the prostitute/drug dealer who conducts the cash business and does not report it (yes, legally they should be reporting it), the mafia/racketeers/money launderers who stay in business because the size of the bills is large enough to ensure a high enough profit margin to continue to conduct business.