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  1. This - this is what you need to do.
  2. I have no one on ignore.
  3. Considering Greg, that you feel it necessary to insult someone with every single post you grave us with (it just happened to be me in this case) it's quite clear that we wouldn't have an adult to run to anyway. I'll again show myself the door.
  4. The problem with that is the person moderating the forum most of the time is not in fact an adult. I'll show myself the door.
  5. She can say what she wants - she's a private citizen.
  6. How does it seem like that?
  7. Lol at the IRA not being a Christian terrorist group.
  8. The tragedy in Quebec is not a contest. This is a story of people going bout their lives being killed by someone full of hate.
  9. I don't know - but I don't think you do either.
  10. I don't agree with that. Islam didn't cause this.
  11. All of those things are possible - but I really don't see why it had to be made public.
  12. And again, we're talking about bad Muslims in a thread where a bunch of good Muslims we're killed by a bad white French speaking guy.
  13. If there are gaps in your story or history, you don't get in. Remember, these refugees have already been vetted by the UN. Both the Obama and Trump administration have said they have no problem with our process. Some US Senators actually wanted to add parts of our process to theirs. Canada has what is probably the most successful system of immigration and refugee settlement in the world.
  14. You're probably right (though I'm not sure how you can broad brush an individual). The reality is, we've done a a pretty good job of picking immigrants, based on our outcomes.
  15. No - I'm saying that individual Muslims live and experience their faith in different ways, just as is true with individual Christians. This is the problem - you can't broad brush all Muslim people as Taliban supporters or ISIS supporters - they aren't. Well, it's all made up nonsense, so yeah, that last part. And that is part of my point - we're not a Muslim country and our immigration system has created a peaceful multicultural society, so there's no need for fear mongering.