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  1. Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    I agree, I just wish everyone felt the same way about politicians who support dictators, for the very same reasons.
  2. There were guns in virtually every Iraqi home all the time Saddam Hussein was in power.
  3. Removal of Cornwallis statue.

    Whether it was 3 or 300,000 the thought is what mattered. If you're in for a penny you're in for a pound as far as complicity in terror and murder goes.
  4. Removal of Cornwallis statue.

    None of which excuses Cornwallis and the people he represented for being such cornholes.
  5. Removal of Cornwallis statue.

    You're free to pretend everyone else gives a shit about the Great Powers and their squabbles. F^#* 'em.
  6. Removal of Cornwallis statue.

    Wow, you actually get that times change.
  7. I could be wrong but I think he's saying that the 2nd Amendment makes Americans responsible for shooting the government if it comes knocking at the your door to take your guns away..
  8. Islamophobia in Canada

    That cool - but has little if anything to do with people acting like assholes towards it.
  9. Removal of Cornwallis statue.

    No, the present just matters more is all. Cornwallis was an asshole - its satisfying when assholes are consigned to the trash-heap of history for being such assholes.
  10. Removal of Cornwallis statue.

    Well it was a rather shitty part so... goodbye.
  11. Islamophobia in Canada

    If the belligerence towards other people on display around here is anything to go by Caucasians are sure putting the lie to the idea that the next generation of immigrants usually assimilate and integrate well with other immigrants into Canadian culture. 3 - 4 generations on and many still seem to insist on not getting with the program.
  12. Guns are not people. You're deeply deluded if you think one is the same as the other. Do you stay awake at night fretting over how your life is controlled by regulations governing propane?
  13. Nonetheless your notion that gun control is not possible without resorting to becoming citizens of a country like North Korea is simply crazy.
  14. Musk probably already takes this about as seriously as you. Flame-throwers sold out in days despite questions over legality