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  1. eyeball

    A political Requiem

    Read what exactly Betsy? Can anyone else spot where she's stepped in it?
  2. eyeball

    A political Requiem

    Corrected me where exactly?
  3. eyeball

    If not Trump, then who?

    If Trump, what's next, is probably a more pertinent question. It probably goes without saying oligarchs everywhere will be thrilled.
  4. eyeball

    ISIS interview.

    Well, Nazis are still being hunted down and brought to justice so perhaps our war criminals will still have to answer for their crimes one day too. It ain't over till its over as they say.
  5. eyeball

    A political Requiem

    I don't care if its roots are Christianity. Stop making excuses.
  6. eyeball

    A political Requiem

    I do, what's your excuse?
  7. eyeball

    A political Requiem

    Jesus for one. Reality you mean and Orwell predicted it, to a tee I'd say.
  8. eyeball

    A political Requiem

    Cool, this doesn't change the fact the US also tops the charts when it comes to aiding and abetting dictators. The willingness to migrate to a country that behaves like your's doesn't say much about the quality of people you're attracting.
  9. There's certainly reason to hope but I just don't think these statistics tell the whole story. Greater numbers of individuals may have a greater capacity for morality due to better awareness and appreciation for being moral but given how some our most powerful institutions behave, governments and corporations for example, I think on balance there's still as much capacity for amorality as ever and its perhaps even more insidious. It's easy for people to imagine they're better and more moral than their ancestors when looking at how they behave individually in a society and even easier to imagine they're not associated with or can divorce themselves from institutional amorality - but not in a democracy and where electorates are responsible for the things they vote for. Our pigheaded determination to change our climate is good example of what I mean by a more insidious amorality. How moral will people in the future think we were if the worst case scenarios that we've been warned about come to pass? I doubt our ignorance will be a very plausible excuse given what we know.
  10. 1. I agree most are still religiously inclined but I didn't specify a majority or minority so I don't see what's wrong about my answer. 2. What constitutes evil is usually quite subjective - that said I regard the aiding and abetting of dictatorships, especially by so called 'enlightened' modern nations, to be just about the greatest evil that can be committed. Doing so should be amongst the highest most egrecious crimes one can commit against humanity. Another example of deeply delusional thinking is that climate change is a hoax. This almost makes the anti-vaccine, chem-trail and flat-Earther's look rational in comparison.
  11. Many of their actions don't. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely an atheist but when I look at the pure evil that some modern secular nations commit I'm convinced the amount of delusional thinking guiding people's actions is actually increasing.
  12. eyeball

    A political Requiem

    No country that aids and abets dictatorships to the extent the US does has any business regarding itself as a shining beacon of democratic values. The Statue of Liberty is more comparable to the Flaming Eye of Mordor. America was damaged beyond repair long before Donald Trump showed up.
  13. I didn't reject the theory or idea. I'm pretty certain that particular inability of the state is often as not by design. In a democracy such as ours it's ultimately our fault for not insisting on far more robust oversight.
  14. eyeball

    ISIS interview.

    Bullshit I have repeatedly brought this up as well. The reason is simple, charging Omar Khadr's parents according to the international conventions that protect children would have opened an enormous can of worms relating to virtually everything about the illegal nature of the War on Terror including the war crimes and maltreatment of POWs we committed during it. Bullshit. There's no excuse for your ignorant characterization of people who criticize our conduct and handling of Omar Khadr. BTW Goddess I can't help but notice that you're now suddenly referring to Muslim children. When, in your opinion, do Muslims stop being children and become adults? Somewhere between 9 and what exactly?