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  1. Argus nails the key point. ===== We live in a universe of yet determined values. Sometimes, we just don't know. But sometimes we do.
  2. But Omni, imagine if someone like Obama - said things like Trump. ==== The US Constitution is a marvel.
  3. I received the following email: Twitter <info@twitter.com> Andrew Coyne shared "Peter Mansbridge's last At Issue" ==== Well, do Andrew Coyne/Mansbridge/the CBC understand how clueless they are/stupid they look? 1. The CBC using Twitter is like the Post Office using FedEx to deliver mail. (Twitter? The Internet?) Social media is no longer a natural monopoly/club good. Well, state broadcasting is what it is. 2. "At Issue"? Sadly, Coyne/Mansbridge/the CBC don't know what is "at issue". (Thankfully, Le Devoir is still honest.)
  4. According to Scott Adams, Trump is a "Master Persuader". (Obama, apparently was not.) OTOH, Hollywood/CNN/NYT/WaPO "hates" Trump. (They loved Obama - but Trump could not persuade them.) So, what happens when a true "Master Persuader" (according to Adams definition) decides to be president; what happens when Hollywood/WaPo/NYT endorses someone who says "MAGA"?
  5. Read History. Why England Slept
  6. You can imagine this in New York. Even New Delhi, Tokyo, Bangkok. But Goddess, try that argument, or imagine that, in Riyadh - let alone in Mecca.
  7. Many "left-wingers" (Stalin et al) also killed ordinary people... ==== Diamalah, I suggest that we drop this left/right "team" view of life. Co-operation is important, but not to the point of being in the mafia: "my guy, right or wrong."
  8. Been there, done that. Dennis Meadows, Limits to Growth
  9. In 1940, some 60 years ago, within a lifetime, several leaders alone encouraged a few million to stand against a billion or so. And make no mistake, in 1940, in the 1930s, the progressive Left had joined the attractive Right in a marriage of so-called Hollywood romantic beauty.
  10. In 1972, Trudeau Snr was reduced to defeat (a minority) by a bald Nova Scotian who infamously dropped a ball. In 1973, Trudeau Snr - married, with children - claimed famously: "No more philospher king." ==== Interest rates? Go figure.
  11. No, it's not new, cool. Even eating with Obama in Montreal is not new, cool - if the English CBC records it, it's not cool. http://popcrush.com/madonnas-vogue-vs-spice-girls-wannabe-greatest-pop-video-of-the-modern-era-first-round/ As shoppers say, Justin Trudeau may be beyond his BBD. ==== Unless he gets, like Cher, a new composer/lyricist.
  12. Is this kid a "one hit wonder"? It's about now that Justin Trudeau must show a new tune; a new style. He may need a new composer/lyrcist.
  13. I strongly disagree with several of your points - and others, I tend to agree with. 1. The Americans ended the Austrian-Hungary Empire? WTF? Sorry, deus ex machina, you're wrong to blame America. 2. Whatever, maybe. But you make a good point: did "nationalism" end the Austrian-Hungarian Empire? Except: the Austrian-Hungarian Empire was a multicultural State - so, how is Canada or the EU any different? Will we end too the same way? [Note to American Readers: if the Austrian-Hungarian Empire ceased to exist because of nationalism, you should not sleep peacefully. Modern "nationalism" is based on Facebook.] 3. In Central Europe, many people, for many reasons, were/are disliked/prejudged: Jews, gypsies, left-handed, farmers. Why? Why did "German groups had basically dominated over the slavs in the empire"? ==== 4. Agreed. The Empire failed because it lost WWI.
  14. If you have kids - even adopted, IMHO - you are "socially conservative". A "social conservative" is someone prepared to bear the burden, the private cost, of creating the future. ===== Sadly for the West, many people view the future as "socially liberal".
  15. Betsy, From what I can see, you are quoting above ("scriptures" as you say) various versions of the King James version of the bible. (King James I of England (1566-1625), aka James VI of Scotland, son of Catholic Mary of Queen of Scots, grandson of convert Protestant Henry VIII). King James asked many 'learned' people in 1600 (or so) to translate/create/assemble, in English, a version of the Holy Bible. This is what you are quoting above - or versions of their creation. ==== The King James version is remarkable: "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want... " But when I think in English, I prefer Shakespeare (1564-1616): "The quality of mercy is not strained... " And around the world, in any language, whatever the translation, people understand this: "To be or not to be, that is the question."