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  1. War enthusiasts, come in please

    War enthusiasts? What an utterly stupid OP, xul. ========= About 50,000 Canadians died in World War II, a battle far from our shores. (As it happens, I know of one Canadian who died in France.) These young men took crazy risks. xul, have you ever wondered why they did this?
  2. Yes, and have you heard of the 1982 Charter? The GST? Heck, even the FTA? IMHO, despite what the Leftist US MSM claims, I reckon Trump's a mix of Trudeau Snr and Mulroney - with NYC moxie. ====== All this aside, I think the US should make its Central Bank a part of its federal constitution (equal to the Congress, Supreme Court, Executive) and it should abolish the 2nd Amendment. In this, the US Constitution is a wonderful (amendable) relic from the 18th century. In 1780, no one understood the importance of a central bank. And in 1780, no one knew what a semi-automatic was.
  3. Gimme a break. Define "firearms". ==== The 2nd Amendment should be repealed. A smart politician, say Donald Trump, should oppose the NRA.
  4. I have not read through this thread. The US Constitution is a remarkable document - but it's far from perfect. The 2nd Amendment should be repealed, amended. A smart politician could do this.
  5. b_c, you entirely miss the point. On the contrary... Criminals and the mentally ill, even in the US, don't yet have access to a nuclear weapon. Moreover, according to the 2nd Amendment, where do you draw the line: Should "the right to keep and bear arms" include a "nuclear tactical missile"? ===== Incidentally, the 2nd Amendment also includes the phrase "well-regulated militia". But frankly, I think the 2nd Amendment is a stupidity from the 18th century and should be abolished. I also think that the Federal Reserve should have similar stature as the Supreme Court - but in the 18th century, no one could imagine the importance of a Central Bank anymore than than Louis XVI or Thomas Jefferson or an early soldier of WWI could imagine a machine gun.
  6. Separation ...... what if ?

    PIK, well said. ========= Without Québec and Alberta, what would "Canada" be? Ontario would be Michigan and Toronto would be Detroit.
  7. For those that don't know, Argus has referred to a key measure of the viability of any State: Government debt as a percentage of GDP. ==== Argus, disagree with your specific numbers.
  8. Paul Martin paid many people to leave; - but then again, Brian Mulroney/Michael Wilson did the heavy lifting when interest rates were high - after the crazy spending of Trudeau Snr in 1982-84. ==== Agreed, while Ontario is adding to debt (PSBR, to use an old term from memory) overall, Canada's government debt to GDP ratio is still enviable.
  9. Trudeau Snr made the federal government "bilingual"; heck, he restricted the powers of the federal government. Mulroney made "Free Trade" happen; as he created the GST - Canada's federal VAT, making Canada a civilized country with a federal sales tax. With Meech Lake, Mulroney tried to make Canada civilized. Chretien? Nothing - except almost destroying our country in 1995. Harper? He got rid of the penny - but he kept us all at peace. === Trudeau Jnr - I fear that the federal government under another Liberal will cause more controversy .
  10. Justin Trudeau, another Kardashian

    Yet. While driving recently in Montreal, a (female) friend, immigrant, Canadian citizen said to me (I translate): "He's the most beautiful leader in the world. He's more beautiful than you!"
  11. Justin Trudeau, another Kardashian

  12. Am I wrong? I am tired of this guy and his tattoos, instagrams, photoshoots, obvious photoshops. He's obviously manufactured fake.
  13. Queen & Argus, I strongly suggest that you look at the, uh, Poli-Sci of Margaret Thatcher - a woman! Or, how about the 1988 Canadian federal election - the famous free trade debate! Ideology?
  14. The Memo Scandal (Three Paragraphs)

    This is reaching back in the thread but point taken, Michael. I was careless with vocabulary. Really? Did Putin (Russians) try to influence/alter the result of the US election in 2016? Maybe but if so, which candidate would Putin have wanted to win in April 2016: Clinton, Rubio, Bush, Sanders, Trump.... Yet, my own PM was on the cover of GQ in April 2016. I can imagine which candidate he wanted to win. Aside from their preferred US president, whether Vladimir or Justin or any other foreigner were successful is another story - after all, there were 130 million "American" voters. Did Canada or Russia or any other foreigner decide the US 2016 presidential election? No. As usual, Americans chose their federal leader through a messy process that ultimately lead to a peaceful passing of the baton - in this case, between not dire enemies but from a man who ridiculed another. ========== Two last points: 1. Americans, take heart and be proud of your remarkable State. Foreigners want to influence your elections because they believe they can. 2. Political competition is such that Side A and Side B spy on each other. But no side should exploit in egregious fashion the powers of the State to spy on the other - let alone someone who is a Side C.
  15. Thanks OW, fixed my problem. I was using Chrome. [Note to Greg: Gawd I hate this forum software.... ]