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  1. In Canada, we largely have a Milton Friedman negative income tax. There is a GST refund, for those who are registered. And then there are numerous child payments/refunds/tax credits. About 35% of Canadian voters have no skin in the game. For them, discussion of taxes/government borrowing is irrelevant. Fortunately, most of them don't vote. For now.
  2. Haven't read this thread but saw this poll: Among male voters, the NDP has narrowed the Conservatives’ advantage from 20 points to 7: male voters now break 41 per cent PC, 34 per cent NDP and 18 per cent Liberal. Among women, the NDP has gone from a tie to an 11-point advantage, 43 per cent NDP, 32 per cent PC, 19 per cent Liberal. https://www.macleans.ca/politics/the-macleans-pollara-ontario-poll-only-the-ndp-is-gaining-support/ ====== In Ontario, like most of Canada, about 35% of voters pay no income taxes at all. They have no skin in the game. In a democracy, is it any wonder that politicians promise to spend - rather than explain how to pay. Greg: Please fix this Software. I can't <post>My Opinion</post>
  3. August1991

    The Windsors (3 lines)

    God knows how this TV series will deal with this new addition (Red haired prince & Markle) to the British royal family. ===== To those monarchist defenders of "tradition", I ask: do you realize how "British Royalty" has become "Kardashian"? I prefer sustainable States.
  4. We could do better, as Norwegians do outside of Europe. ===== With some 7 billion people in the world, what is this idea of "Europe" or "America"?
  5. August1991

    Zuckerberg's Testimony Before Congress

    Who said I was gay? I merely said that my first boyfriend was Jewish. (He now teaches in Chicago.) Then again, me? "August1991"? - Do you really believe that I'm a male in Montreal? ===== Hey kids, this is the Internet. @realDonaldTrump
  6. Google: "I hate google" - is democracy hits/clicks? ==== Years ago, only people with property could vote in democratic states; and governments (in a State however defined) relied largely on property taxes - defined however. Nowadays, many people can supposedly vote (fewer do) and governments rely largely on income tax - not property tax.
  7. August1991

    Zuckerberg's Testimony Before Congress

    I strongly disagree. ================== As it happens, my first boyfriend was Jewish - the second love of my life was Catholic; and the one who got away was named Sirine.
  8. August1991

    Justin Trudeau: Wasting Our Life, Time

    Problem? ===== I'm with Churchill: democracy is awful - unless compared to all the others. And what is "democracy"? I reckon that it means "many ordinary people" choose a leader. Never liked mob rule...
  9. August1991

    Trump/Obama -Difference?

    Argus, You miss the fundamental point of my OP. Whether Obama or Trump, America has managed civilised change for centuries. China (Deng) and Russia (Gorbatchev/Yeltsin) are only now, uh, learning how to do this. ===== As Steve Jobs said, an individual's death is the ultimate "change agent". Google: Jobs Change Agent America... what a country!
  10. August1991

    State vs Government

    Many people confuse these two terms: Indeed, this distinction has always bothered me. In Canada, for "State" we use the term "Crown" as in "Crown Prosecutor" but then, who's the government? The police? Well, the Government is the PM/Cabinet of the day - but then, who is the "State"? The Governor-General? ==== I recently found a simple way to understand the difference between the words "State" and "Government" for ordinary people, such as me. In Canada, we have State pensions: the CPP in ROC and in Quebec, the RRQ. This is not a Government pension. OAS (Pension de vieillesse) is a Government pension.
  11. August1991

    Justin Trudeau: Wasting Our Life, Time

    Doug Ford is fat and old. Pierre Trudeau was old and bald. Trust me, people did not vote for Trudeau Snr or Ford because of their physical appearance. ===== Leftists (and certainly progressives) miss the point. Even conservatives miss the point.
  12. In all honesty, as a foreigner (a Canadian), I have defended America for the past 20 years or so. Before that, say around 1997 or so, I was anti-American. ====== Since 1997, I realised that America can choose someone like Obama or Trump. Even a Bush. Clinton? Nixon? Looking back, your choice of President is truly weird. You seem to pick "characters", real people. In that time, China has chosen - nobodies. (Deng Xiao Ping was a character.) In that time, Russia has chosen - nobodies. (Boris Yeltsin was a character.) Putin? Maybe a character - but Yeltsin chose him.
  13. August1991

    Zuckerberg's Testimony Before Congress

    Thinkinout... Facebook seems like Network TV in the 1960s - get millions of people to look at a screen, then show them something to sell. === With that said, there are three differences: 1. Facebook directs information. Network TV in the 1960s couldn't. 2. Facebook can tell advertisers who is watching. Network TV in the 1960s couldn't. 3. With Network TV in the 1960s, there was a collective.
  14. August1991

    Zuckerberg's Testimony Before Congress

    Zuckerberg understood that it's about connecting. But here's the key - Austrian - question: what's the cost of creating a new, better network? ===== In the case of railways or plumbling, it would be costly to replace such a network. In the case of Facebook, I suspect that shareholders of fb.nyse should think again. (BTW, facebook is listed on nasdaq. It's a tech stock.)
  15. August1991

    Zuckerberg's Testimony Before Congress

    Returning to my OP, I have now two points: 1. US politicians are clueless. Believe me, people like rich Russian, European, US politicians and Justin Trudeau live in a different world: for example, they never touch a passport. 3. This modern technology is useful. Not because it exposes unfairness/"theft" but because it allows ordinary people to contact one another.