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  1. As much as I dislike hypocritical people such as Weinstein or Polanski, I must admit that they have talent. People such as Clooney or organizations such as Netflix, they are also hypocrites - but sadly lack talent. ===== When I see that a show is "Netflix Produced", for me, that is a sign that it is "progressive" - but worse, it is mediocre.
  2. Sunny ways? Kumbaya? Laurier, Trudeau Snr, Castro, Nixon, Khruschvev: "Peaceful co-existence" ==== If Morneau remains as a federal minister (French name, Bay Street business, McCain wife, blue eyes), draw your own conclusion. But if Justin makes him resign? And what about this place we call , en effet, "Canada"?
  3. Singh Wins Federal NDP on 1st Ballot

    Singh? Day? Argus, good point. ===== But I fear, Argus, that you miss a broader point. We in the West have fought against obscurantism - while respecting individual choice.
  4. Singh Wins Federal NDP on 1st Ballot

    Precisely. Wilfrid Laurier did the same in 1896.
  5. Singh Wins Federal NDP on 1st Ballot

    Kennedy? Since Laurier in the 1890s, a century ago, we "Canadians" have been doing this for ages. This guy Singh, he strikes me as a player/ignorant neophyte - a typical communal politician - immigrant in the New World. ===== When he removes his turban, shows us his hair, then I'll take him seriously.
  6. Where is the NDP

    Rue, I reckon that Lemberg was a civilised, functioning city. People of different languages, different religions, different opinions lived together. To choose a modern Leftist American word, no one "dominated". In Lemberg (like Montreal still today), many unilingual people lived together without any desire to learn the other person's language. ===== Wonderland? Such is our planet in the future: many people speaking their own language well but able to communicate with others; having various beliefs/opinions, yet living together. My wonder? How to make such a world possible - I reckon the Austrian-Hungarian Empire was correct; along with British/French colonialism. The US Constitution is a minor extra touch.
  7. Where is the NDP

    Argus, in Toronto, to succeed a person must speak English. Everyone in Toronto aspires to speak (boring) Canadian English. In Montreal, still nowadays, early 21st century, to succeed a person can speak French or English. Imagine. ===== Pierre Trudeau once said that Quebec nationalists would make Montreal a Danzig of the New World. Well, IMHO, Montreal is still a Lemberg.
  8. Singh Wins Federal NDP on 1st Ballot

    Justin Trudeau, a Catholic, is quiet.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    Justin Trudeau is a son. Pierre Trudeau was a father. ===== People like Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan are leaders. Heck, even Trudeau father was a leader.
  10. Federal Conservatives Ahead -Sep 2017

    Watch for the BQ numbers. ===== As much as many (leftist/CBC) people hate Stephen Harper, he made Canada a peaceful place. Justin Trudeau? He is provoking/causing problems.
  11. Where is the NDP

    Montreal, like Lemberg once was, is still a functioning, civilised, multicultural, multilingual city - a place where people can speak different languages, yet live together. In Toronto? Everyone speaks boring Canadian English. In Montreal, people speak sophisticated language, yet live together in peace. In Calgary? In Newfoundland? Been there, done that.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    Except if you're a turkey. ===== I too favour the idea of wishing others well sometimes. Happy Thanksgiving? Merry Christmas? Happy Birthday? Let's call this the Laurier "Sunny Ways" approach to politics. Smiles... But a good politician must sometimes say no; indeed, a good leader - forward thinking - knows when to say no when everyone else is saying yes. Think of Churchill around 1937 or so. What is that phrase from Rudyard Kipling? "If you can keep your head when all about you..." I suspect that Justin will soon face such a quandary and we will learn whether he is a man, or a son.
  13. Where is the NDP

    With this new federal leader Singh, the federal NDP is about to win many urban Anglo votes - taking them from our urban, hip tattooed PM. If the kids votes. Or as they say, whatever.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    Like Justin Trudeau, our cute PM, I wish that we all could live together in peace. Betsy, you strike me as someone similar to our federal PM: we'll have a "Happy Thanksgiving!" ===== Betsy, you are clueless.