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  1. Government to pay LGBTQ $100 million

    Of the $10 million that Justin Trudeau gave of other people's money to Omar Khadr, how much went to a Canadian lawyer? Uh, about $3 million.
  2. Government to pay LGBTQ $100 million

    Make no mistake: Paul Martin Jnr and Justin Trudeau have created a gravy train for white people.
  3. Government to pay LGBTQ $100 million

    Ginsy, Apology deeply needed? I strongly agree - if it changes behaviour. There are six zillion apologies due to to 8 zillion people. Who pays whom what, how much? At this point, money is irrelevant. ===== The future can be so much richer/better than the past. If I were a genetic child of so-called aboriginal parents in North America, then I would wish the best for my children.
  4. Tulip Fever (in 3 paragraphs)

    When this bubble collapses, I hope the greedy Chinese/Indian losers don't blame the "price mechanism" for their loss. ===== Prices are a wonderful way to achieve co-operation.
  5. Will Trudeau Jnr make Morneau resign?

    Rich? How about tall or blue eyes? Both Justin Trudeau and Stephen Harper are tall (over 6', 1m90) and both have blue eyes. Barack Obama? Like Richard Nixon, brown eyes - but 6"1. Jimmy Carter was short (5'10 - 1m80) but he had blue eyes. ===== I reckon that it is impossible for any person with brown eyes shorter than 1m75 to get elected in any democracy without subterfuge. (Margaret Thatcher: Blue-eyed, about 1.65m)
  6. Government to pay LGBTQ $100 million

    Ginsy, to clarify, why should any Canadian taxpayer pay any money for "this matter"? ===== Make no mistake: Justin Trudeau is using other people's credit cards to buy votes. But Justin Trudeau, like his mom, is bad at math.
  7. Government to pay LGBTQ $100 million

    2nd amendment? You mean, "For a well-ordered militia, the right to bear arms shall not be infringed..." ===== 1. As a Canadian, I am understanding but ambivalent about codes/charters/rights. I prefer fudges. The 2nd amendment is a good example. It should be repealed. 2. Should every individual have the right to have an RPG or a tactical nuclear weapon? I don't want to be the first kid on my street to be the last kid on my street.
  8. Tulip Fever (in 3 paragraphs)

    Tulips and Bitcoin. Collective irrationality? That's obvious, it happens often in life. I'm more curious about individual irrationality. Why would an individual buy something obviously worth nothing? I reckon that many ordinary Chinese/Indians, like ordinary Dutch in the 17th century, are discovering the marvels of the price mechanism.
  9. What is your reason to live ?

    Why live? Imagine a single corn/seed on a cob. Imagine an acorn, or child. Some children grow as ignorant acorns; others grow with the wisdom of parents. You never know what you can add to the future. ==== Altai (or anyone else) I strongly urge to you learn French (Quebec French) and understand the words of this song: http://lyriz.progysm.com/chanson.php?idlien=2419
  10. What is your reason to live ?

    Altai, Here's a more dramatic/better demonstration of your point: ===== Then again, there's always my ex-wife's version of Shakespeare: "A few seconds of sheer terror, and then sleep - forever."
  11. Government to pay LGBTQ $100 million

    $100 million "earmarked" for compensation to LBGTQ2 people. Why only $100 million? How did a federal bureaucrat arrive at that round number? Why not $200 million, or $2 billion? Maybe we owe LBGTQ2 people $300 billion. Maybe Trudeau should "earmark" $300 billion for these people. In the case of Khadr, why $10 million? Why not $100 million? Who invents these numbers? Trudeau Jnr is writing cheques - but using the credit cards of other people. My fear: Justin Trudeau is bi-polar, like his mom.
  12. Will Trudeau Jnr make Morneau resign?

    Such is the perception of the typical federal Liberal voter. "He's so rich, he must be honest."
  13. Will Trudeau Jnr make Morneau resign?

    Hmmm. http://www.ledevoir.com/politique/canada/514178/reproches-d-ethique
  14. Will Trudeau Jnr make Morneau resign?

    Jariax, Agreed. But I don't overestimate/underestimate the wisdom of ordinary Canadians. ====== I suspect that because of Poileuvre/Scheer, more than 20% of eligible voters know who "Bill Morneau" is. CBC listeners have never heard the other side (CPC) of the issue. (At most, they hear an NDP perspective.) R-C, it's an anglo story. ===== This is a "Central English-Canadian Story" - yet, no one is telling it - but many get it.
  15. Whether Iran (1953?) or the Vietnam War or Cuba or Chile 1973, America (ordinary good Americans) won the Cold War. The Soviet Union no longer exists. eyeball, the US won. Thank god, for the rest of us.