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  1. Space Travel, 10/04/1957 - 10/04/2017

    You quote that about 600 humans have travelled into "space". In fact, only about 25 have actually left earth orbit and been exposed to solar radiation - at most for two weeks or so. All the others, some 575, have remained within the protective shell of our earth's belts. In the movie 2001, Kubrick/Clarke imagined people living/running in centrifugal circles to imitate gravity. (In fact, such rotating circles cause disorientation and NASA/Russia never adopted them). But a lack of gravity is the least of our problems; prolonged exposure to solar radiation is far more severe. Are you surprised to learn that Hollywood is wrong? ====== IMHO, the Apollo programme was primarily a feat of engineering; akin to the arches of a medieval cathedral - the comparison to medieval sailors alone in a boat in the ocean is completely misplaced. As 14th century builders, we today are still very far from the Eiffel Tower.
  2. Another terror attack by USA in Spain

    D) Finland - Turku ======= After all the North American noise about Virginia, I'm surprised about the American MSM response to events in Europe. Maybe it's a slow news summer.
  3. Non-Racial Profiling

    The old line in advertising is that half of the PR budget is wasted; sadly, no one knows which half. Years ago, I recall a colleague who ran a property management business on the side. Before the Internet, he was the equivalent of AirBnB. On behalf of owners who didn't need their place, he found and collected rent from people who needed a place to live. When he described all this to me, I remember saying: "About 30% of the renters must be a nightmare. They don't pay." I recall his response: "In fact, it's about 10%. And it's both renters and owners who cause nightmares. But here's the real problem, you don't know who they are beforehand." ===== A marketing guy once told me about the 90/10/0 rule: one third of customers buy 90% of your product; one third buy 10% and one third will never buy. Those numbers probably apply to cigarettes, booze, peanuts, cars, cinema/airline tickets. In Canada, about 30% of people never buy a house. Dunno. Much marketing aims for 1/3 of people who will buy most, with a message to the other 1/3 of people who buy little - but sadly and irritatingly it includes the 1/3 of people who will never buy. Confused? Think of those ubiquitous SUV/truck ads. (About 25% of adult Canadians do not have a driver's license.) So what does this have to do with "racial" profiling? Everything. I reckon that the police stop/search potential criminals the same way that Ford/Audi advertise cars: stupidly and wastefully. It may be true that most criminals are males; but arresting/interrogating all males is a wasteful, stupid way to find a criminal. It irritates and is an injustice to honest males. IOW, how to identify the 1/3 of the population causing 90% of the problem?
  4. Quebec Accepting Refugees Summer 2017: 150/day

    The Western Left seems conflicted, and Omni's posts above show this confusion. On one hand, Omni dislikes America. On the other hand, Omni obviously likes progressive, Enlightenment principles. ===== Some 100 years ago, millions of ignorant, illiterate immigrants of diverse religions, origins arrived in North America and teachers here taught them, or their children. It was once considered progressive to teach and educate backward, illiterate people. Now, it is "progressive" to argue with literate libertarian trolls on the internet.
  5. Quebec Accepting Refugees Summer 2017: 150/day

    Omni. b_c, get a room - as the kids say. ===== My 3 cents. 1. Despite various MSM reports, Steyn reports of impending doom, only 3 countries in the world have accepted and currently accept immigrants in large numbers: Australia, US, Canada. (In 1914, about 400,000 foreigners arrived in Canada. Our population then was about 8 million.) 2. But as an Australian once pointed out to me: Canadian immigrant numbers are gross; Australian are net numbers. Immigrants to Canada have a tendency to cross the border. So, net immigration to Canada is different. I'm with b_c: most foreigners prefer the US, not Canada. Omni, you're wrong. 3. IME, many French-Canadians (me, il était une fois... ) dislike English-Canadians (Omni) the same way many English-Canadians (Omni) dislike Americans (b_c). So, I'm with b_c in this aspect of the debate too. (Omni, you dislike America the same way that many people dislike you... )
  6. Quebec Accepting Refugees Summer 2017: 150/day

    Taxme, I strongly disagree. 1. Given modern technology/supposed walls, they are here. (Sorry Matt Damon & fellow Canadians, we can no longer easily gate our life/house... ) 2. How do we educate all these kids, bring them into the 21st century?
  7. Dunkirk

    The "Soviet Union" did not do "most" of the fighting. Individual soldiers did the fighting. Which particular soldier did "most" of the fighting? A soldier from Canada or America or Russia, or the "Soviet Union"? ====== Spanky, if you don't understand this point, I suggest reading Tolstoi's story about War. Then, you can read his novel about, uh, Women.
  8. Trudeau and His Welcome Mat

    I just don't know. Like Norwegians, we Canadians talk about sharing.
  9. Quebec Accepting Refugees Summer 2017: 150/day

    Fair enough. IMHO, the family name is causing confusion. Our current federal PM is far more like his Mom. He is nothing like his Dad. And frankly, between the two parents, I see little original. ===== His Dad was original. His Dad chose an original woman. We'll see whether Justin is an original.
  10. Quebec Accepting Refugees Summer 2017: 150/day

    blacklbird, do you work for the federal Liberal Party? If you do, the LPC is clueless. It is wrong to say that Canada has a "controlled immigration system" when in 2017, several hundred foreigners are easily crossing the border daily. ===== IMHO, we should teach people abroad, where they live, not in Canada. Heck, even our flake federal PM believes this..
  11. Google Memo Guy

    Pichai (Google CEO) cancelled the meeting - days ago. https://www.theverge.com/2017/8/10/16128518/google-town-hall-meeting-canceled-online-harassment ===== IMHO, we are miles from Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Brendan Eich.
  12. Quebec Accepting Refugees Summer 2017: 150/day

    We may have to start with black/white cats - Galileo. Deng Xiaoping was at least advanced enough to understand Galileo/Newton. Can a billion people in China forget Confucious - and understand Voltaire? ===== Betsy, between Jesus, Mohammed, Mao and Voltaire, I choose Voltaire.
  13. Dunkirk

    The war was not fought on a "front" - individuals chose to fight. "Russia" did not defeat "Germany". Many individual Russians, and British and Americans fought against indvidual Japanese/Gemans. Nazi Germany lost. Without the effort of a particular Russian/British soldier, would this have happened? ==== Spanky, is the effort of a particular Russian soldier any less/more than the effort of a Canadian soldier?
  14. There are about 25 million people in North Korea. Many live in conditions worse than what the US imposed on prisoners in Guantanamo. But, you know what? Sometimes, it's not about America or Americans or what America or Americans have done. You Americans seem to think that everything is about you ====== I'm reminded of the play/movie Shirley Valentine. Shirley Valentine: I mean, most fellas ya know, they've got no idea how to talk to a woman. Costas Caldes: No? Shirley Valentine: No. They feel they have to take over the conversation. I mean, I mean with most fellas if you say something like, like my favorite season's autumn, they go oh, oh, my favorite season's spring and then you've got 10 minutes of them talkin' about why they like spring and you weren't talkin' about spring, you were talkin' about autumn. So what do you do? You talk about what they want to talk about. Or you don't talk at all. Or you wind up talking to yourself.
  15. Quebec Accepting Refugees Summer 2017: 150/day

    Betsy, I may be wrong but I favour - even will defend - enlightened views.