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  1. Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    The Conservative attack ads before the last election were correct,Trudeau is simply not up to the job of being Prime Minister.He's pretty much just a shallow figurehead for the Liberals. But despite the fact he hasn't proved he's up to the job so far ,he will still win the next election because most progressive voters go for style over substance. Judging by some of his "costumes" ,I don't think he has style either.
  2. Thank You, Trudeau part 2

    Having listened to Justin Trudeau and Ben Shapiro speak on various subjects ,I would pay good money to see these two debate any topic! "Peoplekind" got mocked ,and rightfully so .The sad part is ,Trudeau wasn't making a joke when he said it.This is actually how he thinks,political correctness 24/7.
  3. That would be just as bad or perhaps worse than still having Wynne as Premier.
  4. Rebel “reporter” a coward and a liar

    I'm not personally offended by someone calling me a "denier". I think progressives like you need to man up and accept the fact that other people dare to have their own opinions. Don't like it? Too damn bad.
  5. Rebel “reporter” a coward and a liar

    Upon further reflection,I must admit you are correct in that McKenna doesn't want my tears.In fact,she wants an ever increasing share of my hard earned money in the form of carbon taxes.It's always the solution from progressives to every bloody problem real or imagined ,higher taxation.
  6. Rebel “reporter” a coward and a liar

    I can't shed any tears for someone like Catherine McKenna. She insults many people on a daily basis by calling them climate change "deniers". It's clear what she is implying by this. She must have a lot of time on her hands so I would recommend she watch this documentary. https://thejohnrobson.com/the-environment-a-true-story/
  7. POLL: Regarding Muslim population in Canada

    I don't want all Muslims interned even if Canadians are subjected to Islamic terrorist attacks. I do not support Muslims being attacked or Mosques vandalized by idiots. I also do not support M103 in any way,shape or form. For anyone to deny that there is a very serious problem of radicalization within the Muslim world,he or she is simply out of touch with reality.I don't know how big or small the number of radicals is ,but these nutjobs intend to inflict serious harm .Remember the Toronto 18? It is a clash of cultures in some cases as some of these newcomers do not integrate well into Western society.It's not just terrorist attacks by the way. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/06/world/europe/coordinated-attacks-on-women-in-cologne-were-unprecedented-germany-says.html http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/346059 http://mackenzieinstitute.com/rise-islamic-extremism-canada/ Sharia law in Canada is also a real possibility by the way. http://www.billionbibles.org/sharia/canada-sharia-law.html https://www.theguardian.com/news/blog/2008/feb/08/sharialawincanadaalmost
  8. POLL: Regarding Muslim population in Canada

    It could never happen in a country which richly rewards someone like Omar Khadr in spite of his actions and hatred for us. In fact,it seems this government is trying to protect Islam.Think of M103. https://www.canada.ca/en/public-safety-canada/news/2017/08/government_of_canadahelpscommunitiesatriskprotectthemselvesfromh.html Political correctness running wild.
  9. I asked my member of Parliament how many of these kinds of lawsuits are currently pending against us.I don't expect he'll give me an actual number but there is no doubt that it's going to cost us an enormous sum. Trudeau is soft on these terrorists to keep favour with Muslim voters in my opinion.I hate to say it but it's what I believe.
  10. Compensating Khadr

    I wonder how many other cases like this are pending against the Canadian government now?I know this is going to encourage other lawsuits,no matter how frivolous and without evidence.They see there is little risk and possibly a huge reward at the end of it.
  11. Altai can you explain why so many Muslims flock in great numbers to Western countries?
  12. Any instances of beheadings? People burned alive? Drownings? People being thrown off buildings? Suicide bombings?
  13. Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    I seriously doubt whether most Canadians know the name Gerald Butts and the fact the he is the one pulling Justin Trudeau's strings. Justin Trudeau is perfectly happy waving to the adoring journalists and fans,and posing for photo shoots.Given the huge hits to our energy sector lately,Trudeau will be more desperate to find new "revenue streams". Sound familiar?
  14. Singh Wins Federal NDP on 1st Ballot

    NDP members mimicked the Liberals with their last leadership convention.They saw how successful the Liberals were by picking someone inexperienced,but considered to be "young and hip".I think the NDP will siphon off a fair number of votes from the Liberals in the next election,but not enough to form a government. I already know enough about Singh that turns me off(simply the fact that he is in the NDP is enough). http://www.fullreport.ca/jagmeet-singh-off-to-bad-start-as-leader-of-the-ndp/ http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/james-di-fiore/jagmeet-singh-needs-to-denounce-any-glorification-of-bombing-mastermind_a_23234749/
  15. You're correct,he won't mention Islam as it relates to this attack.He will however, preach about "Islamophobia".