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  1. Haggis is more local like Deep Fried Mars... Try the regional Spotted Dick.
  2. Bangers n' Mash is the exquisite, nutritional British cuisine.
  3. Aftermath of the terror attack in London has prompted the UK government to look into social media devices like WhatsApp and decipher what the encrypted messages will tell the intelligence agencies... Do you think this is a good idea and what are the pro's and con's?
  4. Thanks guys. Looking forward to my very first visit to your lovely country and what it has to offer. CN Tower, Kensington pasio and Ontario space centre and Niagara Falls is already in the bag. I quite enjoy hiking so there will b e plenty of that packed in this trip. I hear you have crazy Summers as it tends to get very hot. So will have to see how I can cope with the heat...
  5. I am just curious.... Is there any evidence to back up your claim about FETO's involvement into this?
  6. The lake is called Simcoe. Do you know it? And yes I will be travelling from outside Canada. Given the time constraints for my stay I will need to plan the trip to the North. Any particular town?
  7. Thanks Michael. Their house is in Richmond Hill. Their villa is by the lake. Plan is to get on a boat and see the surrounding. I don't know the name will find the name of the place by the lake. I like nature and places to discover. Will definitely give the fringe festival theatre a try.
  8. Hey guys, I am planning to visit Toronto this Summer. A relative of mine lives in Richmond Hill by the lake. I am planning to explore what the place has to offer. Would welcome your suggestions on places and the months that are ideal for a visit. I am staying there for two weeks.
  9. Wtf are you on about? What 'battlefield'? It sounds more like someone hiding behind a keyboard rambling filth and hate. An 'incoherent keyboard warrior' more like...
  10. Ever noticed that most of these killings of arabs by eachother is done in the very same countries where the west has been involved in it way or another? Ironically, you never hear enough criticism why western coutries are fueling the fundamentalists like the saudis with financial and arms supports... UK is no exception with Theresa May government vowing support for the despicable regime in Saudi Arabia arming the ISIS... http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/arms-sales-saudi-arabia-theresa-may-staunch-defence-keep-people-streets-britain-safe-a7230836.html http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/saudi-arabia-arms-sales-us-uk-theresa-may-angus-robertson-snp-a7474206.html