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  1. Maybe it's just me but I don't agree with your assertion about his identity.
  2. I never suggested that multi cuturalis, hasn't worked in UK or elsewhere in Europe. Heck we have like loads of Indians who have been brought to UK to help build the transport infrastructure thanks to British coloniasm....These hard working non Indians who happen to be non muslims (despite the fact that many muslims are blamed for immigration these days) have made their damn share of contribution to the British economy. I would argue that they have contributed even more to the economy than their average native counterparts who are happy just getting their dole money mimicking the economy. You will typically find these average joe blogs are the ones moaning about immigration and blame foreigners for immigration and lack of jobs because they are too lazy to get off their a££ and do some decent job....
  3. Interesting read just approved by the supreme court in UK... https://wwwww.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/02/22/supreme-court-ruling-due-challenge-foreign-spouse-income-limit2/amp/?client=safari The cases centre on a measure that a UK sponsor must have a minimum gross annual income of £18,600 before they can apply for spouses or partners from non-EEA (European Economic Area) states to join them.
  4. Yeah I got it. I think the idea that this will catch up with Canada in time is moot as one is already insinuating that multi culturalism hasn't worked in UK. I would call it evolving...
  5. This is not what you were thinking I suspect: The Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimate that in 2014, 8.3 million people living in the UK were born abroad, around 13% of the total population of the UK. Of these, 3 million were from countries now in the European Union and 5.3 million were from non-EU countries.
  6. Is that based on a hunch? Or is that a fact?
  7. Wonder why those allegations are questionable rue. You may have seen something in my post there which fits you nicely into one of those people to slander me Subjective based on your opinion not mine.... The subject matter of the conversation here are syrian refugees not palestinians. But since you brought them up palestinians are muslims which many here blame for Islam. So stereotyping against muslims happens all the time. Rue, rue, rue.....Stop it! Really stop this nonsense victim card that you play over and over again. You know you are beginning to sound like godwin to literally kill off the discssion for anyone who dismisses the israeli government. That is pure hyperbole and scare mongering I have seen you resort to to divert from other pertinent issues. Ofcourse you would do that in a biased way in favour of Israel as I would expect a hard core palestinian doing the same for their palestinian cause. Difference is you get your brownies from alot of advocates here. Palestinians don't have same privileges to voice their concerns. And if a liberal like me as some of you like to refer to me voice those concerns you would't hesitate to shut it off because it shakes your norm/ what you are inclined to listen to. So for you to critisize me in this way is not surprising. I think it's rich of you coming on this board putting words in my mouth... I am sorry rue but that is just drivel....Again it wouldn't stop you falling short of calling me and almost half the people on this forum as anti semitic because that rhyme does not play welll with you. Well guess what I don't deny the fact that the actions of the Israeli government is attrocious and if you are too blind to condone that then too bad. Not my problem... Same way you have been using the anti semite card with anyone who disagrees with the israeli government's policies and have accused them. That sir is an ignorant belief that whatever is happening there right now including the construction of illegal settlements in occupied territories is somehow justified. That phrase 'practice what you preach' is very appropriate here. Fyi, it is not your right to continue building settlements in an area that does not belong to you. And that honourable gentlemen is breaching the UN resolution. Until you do breach your comments are bigoted. Self inflicted travesty...
  8. The problem is the "other people" are not willing to hear the other side of the argument...Blaming certain muslims from 7 mentioned countries is used to score a political point. I like to call it 'brownie points'. Heck, there are even people on this forum who use muslims as a framework to exonerate the actions of the israeli government...Recent expansion of settlement in the occupied territory rings a bell? Where are those so called moderates who advocate for progressive muslims to have a voice? Why don't these people come out and condone the actions of the BIBI governments? When these people start listening to the other side of the argument then maybe (perhaps maybe) it leaves a room for engaging in constructive discussion to shape our opinions. In the absence of those voices taking a critical thinking and call the spade for what it is it will create room for ambiguity and polarity in opinions... I do appreciate this is a bit off topic here but it just gives me the impression that some opinions is already shaped by some of us and quite biased in favour of a political ideology distorting the reality.
  9. Some people go a great degree to attribute rape with immigration equating to muslims and therefore attach that stigma with religion and therefore everyone who is a muslim. How long would it take to realise that it is not just about 'immigration', 'integration', 'multi-culturalism' or anything that we can sub consciously attribute to the religion of Islam and muslims before someone has the guts to say it like it is and call this discrimination against a whole bunch of people reardless of their backgrounds.....
  10. The EU is here to stay... Let's see how UK is gonna negotiate its hard Brexit first. Not even the Brexitiers could have guessed the whole notion of Brexit is based on such a shakey grounds.... As for Trump he is a lame duck....That's a foregone conclusion judging by the performance he has demostrated in a month in office. His supporters love the idea that he has more responsibility than Trudeau. But does that 'old chessnut' feeble argument really cut with his republican pals? He is testing the water and is just a matter of time....
  11. Trump's demise as a credible POTUS does NOT depend on Justin Trudeau... Day by day he is digging a bigger hole.