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  1. It is worth noting that this genital circumcision is not widely practised in Shia version as I could't find any reference. However, male circumcision in widely practised in judaism and islam.... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religious_male_circumcision Male circumcision practised as a religious rite is found in texts of the Hebrew Bible, as part of the Abrahamic covenant, such as in Genesis 17, and is therefore practised by Jews, Muslims, and some Christians, who constitute the Abrahamic religions. Some rabbinical sources indicate that even before the covenant of Abraham, the aposthia of Shem may have been an inspiration for circumcision; though the aposthia of Shem is not specifically mentioned in the Genesis text.[9][10]
  2. Can you cite to support your claim that "Muslim countries were Christian before Islam invaded"!?
  3. The events that led to both world wars are in the history books to remind us Betsie. Now....I thought it is clear that reading many news coming out about North Korea makes the situation in that region very volatile. It is very naive to think that NK would attack any other country including the US. However, should the US decide to unilaterally attack NK unprovoked on behalf of her allies Japan and South Korea that may trigger a response and escalate the war involving regional powers China snd possibly Russia. Based on the events that let to both World Wars one doesn't have to go through that experience to understand the consequences of such a move....
  4. I already hinted how the previous world wars started by dragging other countries into the conflict.....
  5. These guys mean business
  6. War would be crazy if we have never learned from two world wars..... Start storing tins in your cupboards....
  7. Apparently this particular crew has been suspeneded from his job with guess what? The named american airline apologises for such behaviour.
  8. Reality is their service is getting pooere every year. And btw not getting paid enough is no excuse for such behaviour. You don't like this job go and get another.... It gets on my nerve when such a behaviour by crew members gets blamed on low salaries. If airliners are making profit at the expnese of their statt that's not customers problem, who are paying for the service...
  9. Care to explain what you mean by this? You are using the word 'historically' as if there was a land called Israel a millenium ago..... The problem with your argument is that when you use such a vague statement then your question about Israel's right yo exist becomes laughsble. People who read your statement have the right to question the credibility of your knowledge of the region....But in your head you have this fixed template that your vague statement above is correct and therefore legitimises the question for Israel to exist. Well it doesn't....,
  10. That has been the mission of ISIS and extremists in US to push harder and blame one amother. Unfortunately the moderate are the ones trapped in between these zealout lots telling us. 'I told you so'
  11. Well trains are no better IMO. Getting back to this story being packed like a sardine is one story bwing blatantly rude towards a customer and raise a hand on a woman is another. I don'y care where this shmugg comes from but I would knock him down if I see him treat a woman with child like that. there is a degree of professionalism from the staff to be maintained. Ffs they get PAID for offering a service and being courteous. It's not a charity! What this guy has done brings into question the whole training procedure to create the myth airliners ate so proud of. Creating customer experience....
  12. Stand corrected. Just another American Airline.
  13. Looks like these idiots never seem to have learned their lesson.... Just two weeks after terrifying video of a bloodied United Airlines passenger who was violently kicked off a flight for refusing to give up his seat went viral, another video has emerged showing an American Airlines employee challenging a passenger to hit him after a woman holding a baby was allegedly hit with her stroller in an argument with airline staff. Obviously this bold guy who us a crew cabin member is not fit to hold this job given his thuggish attitude. Raising a hand on a woman is just wrong. A staff member of Amwrican Airlines doing this raises many questions about the future of this airliner. This kind of behaviour cannot be tolerated anywhere and they should be ashamed. This is an excerpt from the article: "OMG! AA Flight attendant violently took a stroller from a lady with her baby on my flight, hitting her and just missing the baby. Then he tried to fight a passenger who stood up for her. AA591 from SFO to DFW. What’s going on with these American Carriers???" https://www.google.co.uk/amp/jalopnik.com/american-airlines-employee-allegedly-hit-woman-with-str-1794552514/amp
  14. It makes perfect sense what he says... Religious leaders use religion as a tool to push their agenda. They ate like the good old Mafia back in old Italy where religion is used as a disguise for corruption. Just like the mafia some muslim leaders according to him are using religion to pursue their own agendas which is different from what that religion should be.