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  1. $400 missiles contract? Are you sure!? I mean it is not as if they are doing a grocery shop....
  2. How to prevent terror attacks ?

    There has to.be some kind of surveillance of the mosques by not alienating the muslims ar large but collaborating with the imams in the mosques. This will give a sense of inclusivity to moderate muslims to combat terrorism collectively. I think it would be great if this is done across all mosques in western capitals.
  3. And I am still stating my position clearly. All books are open to interpretation and I stated that same can be applied to Torah just like extremists like ISIS use Koran to drive their crazy agenda. I still maintain this view and don't care if people agree with me or not. In what way is this defending the position Altai holds about Torah!? And why is it double standard??? And the reason I say you are defending Argus is because I called him out as racist when he called all arabs as bunch of herds and you jumped in and responded to me...
  4. I thought I stated the obvious to you by stating that Iran is not an arab country. Describing a palestinian, jordanian, egyptian, saudi arabian or the entire arab world as a bunch of herds is blatantly a racist remark. Perhaps you should dedicate more time learning about those cultures rather than lunping them all as s bunch of herds!
  5. You obviously have not read my posts here otherwise you won't be making such a silly remark. I won't have to defend my position as my posts are here.... And pleaaase don't even try to rationalise the racist bigotted comment Argus made describing arabs to a bunch of herds. It doesn't do you any favour if you want to defend the rights of jews...
  6. Iran Key To Middle East Peace

    Revisiting history.... A recent documentary confirming the CIA and MI6 involvement in the coup of 1953 and subsequent overthrow of the democratically elected prime minister Dr. Mossadegh. The overthrow of the democratically elected government of the state by the US and the british government is misrepresented by a propaganda machine and certain news outles that Iran was on the verge of falling to the hands of communists and replicating a gulags system similar to USSR back then. This is a total fabrication to perpetuate a confusion and divert attention from the fact that the brits were actually pissed off with Mossadegh nationalising Iran's oil.
  7. You cannot create a western style democracy in a country like Iraq that had not been exposed to any form of democracy and hope that democracy will flourish... It took Europe 500 years For resurrection from dark ages. Miracles especially the 'american way' is not compatible with the value system in the middle east. The irony is the american foreign policies in the middle east is the pursuit of a series of self interest adventures that time and time again has led to failure and yet they expect a miracle every time....
  8. These sorts of comments are exactly the types that does not make you impartial and puts you in the same category as a bigotted racist individual who uses one brush to portray all muslims the same....So Argus, all arabs look the same now and run in herds? Making that sort of a statement does not make you any different from a ultra right wing fascist. If I am not mistaken you are one of those people who didn't even know that Iranians are NOT arabs until you were told by some members on this forum! With that level of ignorance and horse crap how does one expect to be taken seriously and informed on political landscape of the region?
  9. Surely if a book like Torah leaves room for misinterpretation by non hebrew speakers like Altai then one can argue that the its content can be used to drive an agenda just like what us being done with Koran by some extremists...
  10. Rue, rue, rue....calm the f&ck down.... The documentary posted by someone else shows the treatment of africans by israelis and the level of racism that exists in Israel. Even Argus is not denying it...If you have problem with that documentary I suggest you go and take it up with the producer of that programme. As for the rest of your babble I honestly haven't a clue wtf you are on about...
  11. The Battle of Charlottesville

    Every single well travelled american I have spoken to thinks donald trump is a dickhead and people have no choice but to put up with him. You only have to travel across europe including the UK to realise what kind of a repugnant, impulsive, megalomaniac this man is described. He used to be a laughing stock now he is a total embarrassment...His softening tone to the ultra rights and KKK only shows he is nothing but a racist twat...
  12. You should go for an eye check... The "documentary" is posted by Marcus!!! But I know you are paranoid...Stop trolling!
  13. My documetary!? Lol! Take your medication....
  14. If you had bothered to watch the documentary video on OP (which I suspect you haven't) you will see it's black africans that are subjected to racism in Israel. Sure Palestinians are semitics just like jews but it's out of context and you are derailing from the topic....
  15. This is pretty much similar to the role Saudi Arabia plays in the Middle East...Iran is supposedly the bad guy so let's arm the saudis with american made weapons so they defend themselves.... US sells this fabrication to the joe public in the name of democracy! Democracy my ar$e....