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  1. Ofcourse it was all about oil.... Churchill badly needed to secure access to Iran's oil before the Nazi Germans in world war II. It was a tactical move by Brits from South and the Russians from North. No matter how people want to paint this scenario the whole communist fiasco was 'sugar coated' by the Brits who were pissed at the decision by Dr Mossadegh to nationalise Iranian oil and collaborated with CIA to stage the coup against him...
  2. England is literally f*cked these days....
  3. And following from the terrorist attack against muslims in Finsbury Park the insanity continues.....This time another deranged idiot attacking worshippers at Regents Park mosque: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/jun/21/police-taser-man-suspected-of-attacking-regents-park-mosque-worshippers
  4. This news didn't seem to have gotten much coverage as this time round it was a white man van driver terrorising muslims at the mosque: http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/london-terror-attack-finsbury-park-13204046?service=responsive
  5. Hehe. Must be the "voices" in his head telling him Iran was behind 9/11. What a farce.... If that is the quality of posters we are getting here that sure as hell must tell you something....Ooops the liberal minded like me spelled the truth.
  6. This building went through renovation last year. The materials that were used are no longer used in the US or Canada. Cheap materials were used to cut corners and save money at the expense of safety measures inevitably costing lives ....
  7. The point was the Queen and the opposition leader made the effort to visit the people at the site initially. May didn't... It shows lack of leadership and compassion from May towards ordinary people.
  8. OftenWrong....Take a nap! Stop this none sense....You are digging yourself a bigger hole than you think....This has nothing to do with English or grasp of reading but holding on to an argument which is Iran is linked to 9/11!!! Leave it....It's embarrassing and a pathetic way to carry on trying to make the sh!t stick on the wall... It is an honourable thing when people can raise their hands up and admit they are wrong...Well OftenWrong you are dead wrong! Do carry on if you wish but I sense that there's zero credibility in what you say and lack of conviction. Instead you google search in what you think is right in your head and present as fact with no conviction. And the reason there'e no conviction is because you have no clue what the search is telling you but just like to hold on to your thoughts.....Sad!
  9. You are even more naive than I thought....It would have been an absolute suicidal for Iran having any links with 9/11 terror considering all the bullocking Iran has been getting from the US from the foreign policy view point. But oh no our expert here has done dome research from March 2016 and thinks by just doing a google search any crap he can connect the dots.... You certainly din't have a slightest iota of how the intel community works...Aziz....
  10. Instead of being so anal it would be good for you to understand the context of what is being discussed here....
  11. Why are you even wasting time with these people? Bunch of brainwashed folks who are spoon fed by news outlets like Fox to regurgitate the same crap over and over. You tell them it's night time and it's dark outside and they still argue...
  12. Surrender my arse!
  13. You seem to enjoy this narcissitic habit imagining whatever you say is right. Thrn don't and spare me the energy to waste on eucating you about Iran...
  14. Yes....and your beloved uncle an SS officer in der dritte Reich played a role in Bosnia. A good nazi is a dead nazi....
  15. Yes you are right! But... still does not justify for some to put the blame for 9/11 on ayatollahs....