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  1. That’s what makes it sad about this story. Promoting guns or knowing fully well what the intentions are and still giving him the gun is sign for death warrant. That’s what makes this story alarming.
  2. On the contrary...All the warning signs were there and still... A day after yet another school shooting left17 dead at a South Florida high school, more questions emerged Thursday about the suspect's mental health and possible warning signs he left on social media. The FBI received at least two reports that Nikolas Cruz -- the 19-year-old man accused of gunning down students and staff with a rifle at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland on Wednesday afternoon -- may have posed a threat before the shooting, a law enforcement source told CNN on condition of anonymity. http://cnn.com/cnn/2018/02/15/us/florida-high-school-shooting/index.html
  3. It is very shortsighted of them and frankly can not see the rational to allow this cowboy mentality. Well guess what allowing to buy guns in a country like US can only lead to one outcome. That is selling more guns for security and protection of every individual, gang, group or cults to the point that there will be no respect for human lives...
  4. A person that is not mentally fit does not give a hoot about laws. There should be a law about making guns available to those whi have a history of mental issues. As for the state of Texas I think it was a stupid idea to allow students to carry guns regardless if the act of killing someone is a crime!
  5. The issue in Anerica is not owning a gun. It is making it readily available to those who are just not mentally ok.... And then there is the state of Texas where students are allowed to carry a gun. Imagine if they don’t like their teacher. They can simply shoot them. That’s just crazy!
  6. Iran needs some democracy

    Those who could potentially offer a potential leadership to the clergy are operating from outside the country (mainly US based) There is a well established figurehead but with little authority to challenge the theocratic establishment in Iran. The apparatus of regime in Iran is well aware of the presence of this opposition outside and try their best to nullify them. The islamic draconian measures is to create an atmosphere of fear to silence any opposition. We saw that in 2009 election with the green movement. The uprising of the protesters and tgeir ringleaders was met with government forces. They were arrested, beaten and tortured.... Iran does have a unique situation as the majority of the population is young, pro western and anti-current regime. I believe this chane must come from within and it will be gradual through people’s will and determination for change.
  7. Hope not too long for Trump fir the sake of the second term.... Pierre Trudeau unlike Trump has not used his power to cosy up to the Russians for his failed hotel businesses. Lest we forget. That is a conflict of of interest of being a president and using power for personal gain imo.
  8. True....but they both don’t size up to the power hungry Trump.
  9. Iran needs some democracy

    Well done to this irnian female skier for securing her place to Pyeonchang Olympics despite all the political adversities going on there right now.... https://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/inpictures/iran-female-skier-blazes-trail-pyeongchang-180208102412038.html
  10. Political Test

    So.... That’s my position against a table of UK political parties: According to this my affiliation is more alligned with Scottish National Party,. All three main parties in UK are placed in the right/authoritarian quadrant. It is interesting that conservatives are placed even more to the right of the quadrant than UKIP!
  11. Political Test

    Economic: Left/Right: -1.13 Social: Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.26 I guess that pretty sums up where my political affiliations lie.... I find the eay some of these questions are asked really stupid.
  12. That pretty much sums up Donald Trump right now...
  13. Iran needs some democracy

    Very brave indeed and also add that this coincides with the centenary of suffragette movement.... There are essentially two political force that are challenging the conservative mullah establishment. Women and progressive intellectuals... Mullahs have long known about these forces which undermines their credibility. This is why even the more moderate parts of the establishment like the president Hassan Rouhani is atleast trying to show some empathy for these brave women by saying that their voice should be heard. However, in the grand scheme of things the power lies with Ali Khamenei the supreme leader. The issue is not about this piece of garment also called ‘manteau’ and ‘scarves’ inside Iran . The issue here underlies the dignity and the freedom of expression of these women which has been overlooked by the oppressive behaviour of the regime for the past four decades. Wearing the hijab has been one of the fundamental parts of the islamic rule since it came to power in Iran in 1978. It is very clear to me and anyone reading these articles that these women’s defiance of wearing this piece of garment may not be a direct challenge to the regime but preserving their feminism and women’s right. And there this underlies a bigger problem vis a vis the economy that are much harder to tackle. But for now freedom of expression and adhereing to democratic values are the order of the day....
  14. Iran needs some democracy

    If there is one thing the islamic revolution in Iran wanted to achieve it was to promote islamic values throughout Iran and export to to other countries. But it achieved exactly the opposite results within Iran. People are fed up with Islam and the mullahs to the extent that ix unheard of.... Whereas in the rest of the arab world people are becoming radicalised to the wahabist version of Islam people in Iran are turning their back to this religion thanks to mullahs....
  15. Iran needs some democracy

    Iran is a beautiful country with many potentials....Preferably mullah free....This was an ooportunity for Iran in 1953 by appointing Dr Mossadegh. But we all know where that ended up.... Ad the saying goes there are horses for courses. A mullah’s place is in the mosque not politics. Britain realised this by separating the church from politics or let’s say it reached a point that it became secular. The model worked well there. Not a perfect model for democracy but better than many countries in the world including the US.