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  1. MP Calandra's apology

    "I just wanted to say I'm sorry to the nation. I am so sorry that the NDP is allowed to get away with ignoring our allies in Israel who are fighting on the front lines against terror every single day!"
  2. Who needs international credability when you can support a geopolitically worthless (to Canada) 'ally" with a questionable track record.
  3. Why are people so hostile to unions?

    By which metric? The Bryan Coefficient? Lets see, China (0% unionization) vs Canada (30%), who has a better standard of living I wonder?
  4. Yes, lets give this rabidly ideological government the right to revoke citizenship if it considers something to be "terrorism". Lookout all you eco-terrorists, your days waving those banners of mass destruction are limited.
  5. Ignatieff Now At Harvard: The True Federal Liberals

    Why would he turn down a position at what is widely considered one the best institutions in the world?
  6. I wouldn't call taking a break from solid foods a "Hunger Strike".
  7. Why do people hate Harper?

    In general, he and his party's open disdain for workers, the environment, and science. I also view him as a coward as he won't give his honest opinion on social and health policies.
  8. First nations patiences waning

    Ridiculous hyperbole. It's people like you who are at fault for the current situation. You prevent any form of rational discussion on the issue, and rabidly attack any proposed changes. The current system has never worked. The current system will never work. The current system is a failure in every measurable metric. It's decades past the time when we should have abandoned it for the system that has worked far better in the case of every single minority group subject to it, equality.
  9. First nations patiences waning

    Chretien should have followed through with his white paper, things would be better for all parties involved.
  10. Canada continues to marginalize itself...
  11. NDP Proposing 1% Tax Hike

    Just like how 'no one credible' said the f-35s would cost more than 9 billion right?
  12. NDP Proposing 1% Tax Hike

    http://www2.macleans.ca/2011/02/15/pbo-projects-10-billion-structural-deficit/ Yep, no one.
  13. NDP Proposing 1% Tax Hike

    We have to do something to get out of yet another structural deficit brought on us by the reckless economic experiments of the conservatives.