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  1. It suspect you might be defining 'moralizing' as someone complaining about their dissatisfaction with anything you aren't dissatisfied with to delegitimize the complaint. What differentiates 'moralizing' with making a cogent observation about the state of society or its government or institutions? You need to define your term more precisely.
  2. Shhhh. Facts are not important. If you're against the potheads and their desire to smoke weed wherever and whenever they want you're cruel and evil.
  3. Will Trudeau Jnr make Morneau resign?

    Among the 'rich guy stuff' we would have to give up under such a system would be welfare and unemployment insurance, along with most public pensions. We simply would not be able to afford them any more. We would not be able to pay public servants more than, say, 20% of what they now receive, so they'd have to cope with that. We mostly wouldn't be able to afford new cars, so most of the auto companies would have to close down production. But I'm sure your heart would burst with joy at helping strangers.
  4. I think he also suggested Peterson was an alt-right type and aligned his beliefs with white supremacy for some odd damned reason. As soon as the recording emerged he immediately backtracked and said he respected Peterson, by which I assume some lawyer informed him about our slander laws. Yeah I thought that too. Don't universities have policies against bullying? Three authority figures browbeating a 22 year old girl and making spurious allegations and threats should certainly be considered bullying.
  5. If Christianity was spread by the sword (or gun) it would have spread back through the middle east and everyone there would be a Christian now. Islam spread into the Middle East and took over former Christian lands by the sword, and kept pushing towards Europe until they were stopped by force of arms. They kept pushing into India and slaughtering Hindus until they were stopped and pushed back by force of arms. If Christians had the same mentality there'd be no more Muslim countries. They'd all have been conquered and converted by the sword back around WW2.
  6. Will Trudeau Jnr make Morneau resign?

    To a certain extent a progressive tax system makes sense. At least as long as we're going to waste so much money on government. I still think poorer people should be paying SOMETHING, though. Everyone should have some skin in the game. And as long as we have a progressive system I fail to see how it hits a high point around my level and then drops like a rock for those much richer. Especially when these are people arguing about how the rich (meaning me) are cheating everyone by not paying more. Not without a hell of a war we won't.
  7. About those tax breaks for the 'rich'

    There are a variety of reasons why some people are poor and others are not. Not everyone is created equal in terms of intellect or ability. Not everyone has the same luck. Not everyone has the same perseverance and temperament. The 'poor' in Canada have it better than at any point in history, better than most of the world's population, in fact. There are a number of ways they're kept poor. First, we don't teach our kids much about finance. People, even intelligent, university educated people are preyed on by financial institutions who know they aren't going to read, much less understand those long contracts. They get screwed over by payday loan companies, credit card companies and banks, insurance companies and car dealers, all engaged in siphoning just a little extra cash each off the unknowing. "Hey, psst, kid, want to try out this seven year car loan? It'll get you high!" Then again, the fact is a lot of people just kind of settle. They have a fatalistic viewpoint, and they keep going to their shitty job every day and complaining about it, but do they take any courses to upgrade their skills and maybe get something better? Mostly, no. I am the only person I know who is directly involved in the stock market. The bravest of my friends has some generic ETFs in their RRSP that were suggested by their bank (and even then only because I pointed out how much their overpaying on mutual funds). Nobody else owns stock. Why? Because it's a great mystery to them and they're afraid of it. If I say something like "Apple's only 14 times earnings" they'll look at me like I'm speaking Italian. But the rich get richer on the stock market while the poor and middle class shrink away in fear.
  8. Clubs

    Well, it's your club, so I presume that means you're expected to lead the conversation. I don't think anyone else can add topics or threads. I'm also not at all sure, depending on who joins, if this will be a whole lot different than talking about something in the appropriate outside area. Other than, presumably, crazy people won't be talking about how Jews control the world, or how the illuminate do, or how the US is the source of all evil on the planet. Oh, and we can swear. Or at least, we can swear unless you don't like it. You might change your nic, though, if you want much confidence in open discussion...
  9. American Civil War

    Which was when the Democrats passed the civil rights act, and Johnson said that the Democrats would be hated in the South because of it for a generation.
  10. American Civil War

    The reason why the state goes red or blue is because of the population base. The bulk of the southern states have a larger population base outside the big cities than within them. So we're still talking about the majority of people in southern and Midwest states vs the majority of people in northeastern and western states. Even in his picture you can see the bulk of the blue are restricted to certain geographical regions.
  11. New Clubs Feature

    I don't see that a web site where people don't disagree is going to have much in the way of interesting or worthwhile discussion. But when people want to flamebait they detract from that and such flamebait posts should be deleted. You're not in my ignore file most of the time because you disagree with me, but because you troll. I don't think Jacee has ever agreed with a single thing I've ever written, but she's not in my ignore file. This site is dying. Solutions need to be found. That means looking at why people aren't posting, why they aren't sticking around, and dealing with it. Or an attempt to get around the difficult dilemma they find themselves in - supporting almost unrestricted free speech yet dealing with loony, disruptive posters who, while not breaking the rules, are driving people away. I don't think it's very complicated to simply delete a post which is causing trouble.
  12. Refugee crisis escalating

    Everything on that cite says that Haitians and Somalians should not be recognized as refugees, except in a very, very few, unusual circumstances. Yet we're hearing that the mostly Haitians who crossed the border at Quebec who have gotten hearings have been accepted at a 70% rate. Since Haiti is not at war and there is only one race/religion and the place is basically run by the UN I fail to see how they're qualifying.
  13. American Civil War

  14. Refugee crisis escalating

    Here is, once again, the actual definition of refugees. Clearly Haitians don't qualify. Nor do Somalians. "A person who owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion is outside the country of his nationality and is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country; or who, not having a nationality and being outside the country of his former habitual residence as a result of such events, is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to return to it."
  15. New Clubs Feature

    The problem with moderation at MLW is it's too rigid. It needs to be more laid back and casual in its application. This is not a government bureaucracy and is not accountable to anyone for how it interprets policy or rules. For example, I would let you in a club, and I usually have you on ignore. When you're not dick waving the red white and blue you can talk intelligently on a variety of issues. Unfortunately, you can't resist flame bating people, which runs the discussions off track and into the gutter. I'd simply delete such posts. And that's another problem with the moderation, and why people would want 'private clubs'. The moderation doesn't know what to do with crazy people because it's convinced it must respect everyone's free speech, and furthermore, must protect them from the mockery and insults of those who would heap scorn and ridicule on their crazy posts. No, it really doesn't. If someone's posting is deleterious to the web site they can be talked to, and if they continue, simply be booted. I believe it was Jefferson who initiated the thought which became the phrase "The constitution is not a suicide pact" which recognized that it was all very well and good to have all these lovely defined rights, but that necessity and self-preservation might need to override them. I'd say the same for a web site. A commitment to free speech is great, but if it's going to destroy you then perhaps override that thought for a bit. I recognize that's a problem, in how to judge what is a crazy/stupid post and who is a crazy poster. It's like art. Exceedingly hard to define, and yet, to most people, fairly easily recognized once they see it.