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  1. Even if it goes off 400km in the air? And where does the uranium in NK nukes come from?
  2. What does that mean? We are MORE vulnerable to EMPs now than we were back in 1962. An EMP in 1962 wouldn't have hurt our cars and trucks, for example , because there was no electronics in them.
  3. Which would make it look like the missile came from North Korea - where it was launched, after all. And after American missiles retaliate there's sure not going to be any evidence to sift through to find the real culprit.
  4. Three important matters being ignored

    Yes, it's better, but that's a pretty low bar to surpass.
  5. Well, I don't want to go all Tom Clancy on you, but suppose Russia decides it's tired of American interference, and tells NK it will 'help' it by providing a modern launch missile, and then it sends a truck-mounted missile across their border - and launches the missile itself. An EMP erupts over the US. The US wipes out North Korea in retaliation, and over the next few years Russia splits the world with China.
  6. No, it is 12% chance of a big one. https://www.wired.com/2012/02/massive-solar-flare/
  7. Yes, we get hit approximately every 200 years. NASA says the odds of getting hit in the next decade are 12%
  8. Islamophobia in Canada

    I guess you missed this story. An 'apologetic' 17 year old with no previous record spray painted some racist graffiti on church doors, mosques and temples. I think he did it three or four times. He was given a year in jail. http://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/this-society-has-elements-of-racism-and-hatred-in-it-racist-teen-vandal-sentenced-to-one-year-in-jail
  9. Did Iraq ever set off nuclear bombs?
  10. About those tax breaks for the 'rich'

    You misunderstand. If you earn little, you pay nothing. Also, if you earn more, but you have family deductions, like children, say, or unmarried spouse, or other expenses, you pay nothing. That means others must pay much more in order to provide you with the services you and your family require but which you don't pay for. I am not saying someone earning over $70k pays 90% of his income, I'm saying the population which earns more than $70k are almost entirely responsible for funding this government. Those who earn less largely get a free ride. For example, this Wall Street Journal report shows the top 25% of income earners in the US pay 84% of income taxes. This article is from 2013. We know that income taxes on 'the rich' have increased multiple times since then, so the figures here will actually be low. They say: this progressivity can help us understand why the top 1% of income earners paid a staggering 21.2% of the total federal and provincial taxes in 2010. The top 10% paid 54.8% of all taxes while the bottom 50% of Canadian income earners contributed 4% towards the collective personal tax bill. So four years ago, the lower 50% of income earners only paid 4% of income taxes. I'd wager it's down to 2 or 3% by now, and the amount paid by higher wage earners, of course, has risen. I wager you would have to search long and hard among that lower tier of Canadians to find anyone grateful to higher income earners for paying for all their health care, education and other services, though.
  11. Islamophobia in Canada

    The biggest threat against Jews is Muslims.
  12. About those tax breaks for the 'rich'

    Those making over 70k per year already pay about 90% of income taxes.
  13. Islamophobia in Canada

    Yes, it's good to have 0.0001% of Muslims actively working at reform. I think the majority of the national media would cheer, and get down on their knees and bow to Justin as he nobly posed for selfies. The national media is so pro Islam they make some Muslims seem like haters. The opposition has no power in a majority government, and if you believe Trudeau is one to go slowly when he believes he has the moral high ground (which he ALWAYS believes) you haven't been following him. I expect a law right out of the gate banning offensive language towards any and all religious, ethnic, racial or gender minorities, punishable by prison terms. And if you think that can't happen, look to France and the UK. And besides which the point won't actually be to accomplish anything, but to virtue signal. Can't you see Trudeau now, posing like superman, looking nobly into the distance, his open shirt billowing out behind him? Muslims are an important ethnic voting block and the Liberals will want to assure their continuing support.
  14. Islamophobia in Canada

    There are lots of shootings in Canada and the US. Crazy people even shoot children. Are you going to build an ideology around creating a word to describe that other than crazy? Your complaint of a rise in hate crimes is without merit. People are reacting to outsiders and the news. Virtually all such 'hate crimes' are minor in nature, and consist of verbal abuse or vandalism.
  15. Freedom of speech

    I'm pretty sure she's not okay with people hurting her...