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  1. Not sure this is true given the 'safe third country' treaty we signed with the Americans. The only specific suggestions I have I already made, which is appointing sufficient adjudicators to hear their cases quickly, and then pulling them out of our regular court system and setting up separate courts which will hear their appeals in a quick and timely fashion so that they can't stay here for years worth of appeals. This will cost money but less than the cost of feeding and sheltering them for years.
  2. You're right, but I wasn't looking for individual nations. The visa office in London for example, handles visa applications for a number of other countries, but if a huge number of Irish overwhelmed it so that there were many more applications than it had visas to offer the number I asked for would still say that this office had many more applications than it could issue vias for. And you can't choose which office to apply to. If you are in Ireland you must apply in London for example. If you are in Pakistan, you must apply to the Abu Dhabi office. If you are in Iran you must apply to the office in Ankara. All I was really looking for was supply/demand mix and raw numbers for the regions.
  3. Canadian prime minsters would be rather tightly interlocked with almost every important event in Canadian history.
  4. Wherever the hell they came from. Since they crossed the US border I believe we can send them back there. If not, then send them back to their home countries.
  5. The number of immigrants we get from each region/country is dependent upon how many immigration visas various immigration offices are awarded by Ottawa. For example, let's say the visa centre in London is given 5,000 visas by Ottawa, but gets 50,000 acceptable applications. It still only hands out 5,000 visas. Meanwhile, the visa processing centre in Abu Dhabi gets 20,000 visas and also gets 50,000 acceptable applications. It can process more immigrants than the one in London, even though both got the same number of applications. The basis for why each visa office is awarded X number of visas is unknown. Just for the hell of it, I put in an access to information request a few weeks back asking how many visas were awarded to each office, and how many applications were received by those offices. Wth, it costs $5 and only took a couple of minutes on their web site, so we'll see what, if anything comes of it. I don't think it's a stretch of logic, however, to suggest that the reason we're getting so few immigrants from countries in Europe which have had huge unemployment for years now - and I'm talking like 20%, and higher among younger people, is not because nobody there wants to come to Canada, but because there's very few visas available there.
  6. Those of us who pay taxes, anyway. Virtually every one of these people is an additional drain on the economy.
  7. The only way this could be done would be to hire more adjudicators for hearings - CANADIAN BORN adjudicators, and then setting up separate courts and crowns to hear the inevitable appeals quickly. Our existing court system is such a byzantine mess it can easily take years to process a case through it, by which time the would-be refugee has often found a Canadian spouse or has born Canadian children and can launch a whole new set of appeals. Anyone crossing the border needs to have a refugee hearing within a few days, not six to eight months. Then when they appeal, they appeal needs to be heard within a week, and the inevitable appeal to the courts has to be heard within another week.
  8. You mean in polls taken of people who know virtually nothing about Canadian history, and who could probably not even name more than a handful of Canadian prime ministers?
  9. A dozen former chiefs of the air force have signed a letter to Trudeau begging him not to make the interim purchase of F-18 super hornets. They point out it would be enormously expensive, consume scarce resources since hundreds of new technicians would have to be hired and trained, and is unnecessary. Which simply goes to reinforce the belief that this purchase, at a cost of billions of dollars, has nothing to do with the military and is simply a political ploy to make things more comfortable for the federal Liberals after their boy wonder said during the election the F-35 was overpriced. The main point right now is that the government seems determined to go ahead with a plan that those of us with countless decades of experience running the air force think would take decades to correct. It makes no sense.” Manson and the 12 former air force lieutenant-generals say they have serious misgivings about the government’s claim that a “capability gap” exists, justifying the need for an interim fleet of 18 Super Hornets. http://www.ottawacitizen.com/news/national/retired+chiefs+urge+liberals+ditch+98costly+unnecessary+plan/12969004/story.html
  10. That simply is not true. But in any event, it's not about what they look like. It's about what's inside their heads, not outside them.
  11. Nope. The bigotry is mostly directed at Jews. When people express concern about Muslims and Islam it's based on valid concerns about how Muslims are behaving around the world. Only an idiot would look at the kinds of things happening in France and Germany and say "Boy, I like that! Let's bring more of those people here!" The difference, of course, the very clear distinction, is that people who are anti-Semites hate Jews for what they are, while people who are suspicious and express anti Muslim views act out of concern for how Muslims behave.
  12. I prefer to take my lessons from what has happened to European countries which have been governed by a similar mentality to yours. A standard feature of all those countries now is armed soldiers in the streets, and the need to block off Christmas markets and other public gatherings to prevent Muslims from running trucks through the crowds. There is only one group that is as intolerant of others' beliefs as Muslims and that, of course, is progressives.
  13. Or more likely is familiar with Canadian politics, and how governments use government-initiated 'studies' or commissions to get the justification for laws they want to implement.
  14. The government is made up of 'progressives'. Trying to make sense of what they do is pointless.