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  1. My mistake. I read 'didn't' as 'don't. In my own defense, however, the majority of your posts are generally nothing more than one-line, off-topic sneers so hardly worth spending much time on.
  2. No you don't. They have been taught by the native grievance industry that they are victims. People with a victim mentality are constantly whining about their lot in life and blaming others. A greater wonder is why progressives want to erase Canada's past.
  3. No. And that's a tired and stupid cliche.
  4. Trigger Alert! Logic ahead! You might want to run now. ... fair warning. ... Immigrants are coming here for one reason, because Canada is way better than where they come from. It's way better than where they come from because of the people here, because of what we've built and how we maintain it. Only a deluded fool would continue to believe there is no superiority in the way our cultural values and beliefs have developed over theirs. And yet the guide feels the need to repeatedly bring up native abuse, and residential schools to condemn them for... some reason. Why is that, exactly? We can't bring ourselves to condemn a nearly universal practice among your people in Egypt, for example, and remind people not to bring it here, but we insist immigrants must wallow in the same shame and guilt trip the Liberals do over our past politically incorrect behaviour.
  5. A lot of Trump's success is with people simply sick and tired of the pathetic identity politics the Democrats have become obsessed with over the past decade. Ordinary people are fed up with the sneering pseudy-intellectual, trendy progressive set who deride anyone who fails to share their desperate concern with identity politics as racist and islamophobic and backward. They love that Trump puts his finger in their eyes and drivers them crazy. Canada's Liberals, of course, are every bit as trendy and contemptuous of others.
  6. That will not be a part of the visit. No one ever, EVER talks about how nasty and mean and discriminatory and politically incorrect towards minorities the local rulers of India were in 1700 or 1800, or the rulers of Arabia or the rulers of China or the rulers of anywhere else. Nor do the brainless set who call themselves progressives ever consider context or compare us with other nations of the time.
  7. Being patriotic is so gauche, you know. I mean, what is their to be proud about in a shitty country like this? Don't you realize that our entire history is made up of one outrageous abusive action after another? Well, if you're a Liberal you sure do. But apparently there are still people who take pride in the country, and the Liberals are doing their best to end that as quickly as possible. The Canadian Museum of History, for example, has changed under Liberal rule. It now focuses mostly on native history, and when it does refer to the 'settler' population it mostly prefers to depict our abuses against natives. Legions of schoolkids will be paraded through their every year to learn that they should be ashamed of being Canadian. Well unless they're 'indigenous' of course. Now the new citizenship guide is being passed around. It's more of the same. Gone are any references to barbaric cultural practices. Who are we to judge whether wife beating/killing or female genital mutilation is a bad thing, after all, given what a disgusting people we are? Yes, the new guide dwells in great length on the horrible behavior of Canadians past, especially in our treatment of natives. The most important task for newcomers is to know that they must respect native treaties and feel ashamed of our history. Like Liberals are. I said a few posts back that the way the Left sneers at and disparages everything about Canada and its history is one of the reasons people like Trump enjoy success. I eagerly await one rising here in Canada. The draft guide delves extensively into the history and present-day lives of Indigenous Peoples, including multiple references to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s report on residential schools and a lengthy section on what happened at those schools. The current guide contains a single paragraph. The draft also devotes substantive sections to sad chapters of Canadian history when the Chinese, South Asians, Jews and disabled Canadians were discriminated against, references that were absent or exceptionally limited previously. http://nationalpost.com/g00/news/canada/taxes-census-treaties-described-as-obligations-of-citizenship-in-new-guide/wcm/016bf5ad-58df-4924-82b4-78ea5168e768?i10c.referrer=http%3A%2F%2Fnationalpost.com%2F
  8. New Citizenship test and guide inform immigrants Canadians are shitty people with a pathetic history of abusing everyone around them.

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      hot enough

      You rail about one incident, Argus, forgetting the multi-millions the US/UK/Israel/... has slaughtered, raped, beheaded, gassed, "shaked and baked", presented their children with cluster bombs to play with. 

      I am not justifying that action in Paris, like folks of your ilk did for the illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, all based on lies.

      You always justify Israel's war crimes and terrorism against Palestinians.

      Have you no sense of balance or morality?

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      hot enough, boring as ever.

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      presented their children with cluster bombs to play with. 

      But ONLY if they aren't covered in lead-based paint.  They have standards, you know.

  9. There are other ways to lower your income than the personal exemption amount. Having kids, for example, will lower it much more. According to information and cites I've posted previously, in fact, 50% of the population is responsible for paying 94% of income taxes. The other 50% pays just 4%.
  10. There was always more money to be gained outside politics. But in times past becoming a politician had a certain cachet it no longer does. It was a position of respect and influence. People sought out your views and were eager to give you theirs. You were a man of judgement and accomplishment (allegedly). Now, not so much. Politicians are party hacks, saying and doing only what they're told, never speaking truth, never speaking plain, never speaking honestly. A generation ago politicians had more ability to speak their minds. Not any more. You are now presumed to be disreputable and untrustworthy, and not only not an independent thinker, but obedient to the will of the party you represent. You are no longer your region's representative to parliament but your party's PR guy, suavely lying away the party's misdeeds. Plus, everything about them is tightly monitored for the slightest misdeed. You can have a lifetime of accomplishment but issue one wrong tweet or put one questionable thing on Facebook or heaven forbid tell or laugh at an ethnic joke and you'll be destroyed.
  11. Yes, but at what point did we decide that your fair share for living here and enjoying all the benefits of life in Canada was zero? Recall that one third of Canadians do not pay income taxes. In most cases they get their sales taxes refunded, too.
  12. Evidently not or he wouldn't spend so much time on the golf course.
  13. But what about people who are born here, grow up here, but never pay any taxes?
  14. There most certainly should be for people who say they want to immigrate here. Why are do you want to be a Canadian if not to live here? Clearly just for the benefits. A lot of Hong Kong millionaires have their Canadian passports in their safes, ready as an escape clause in case the government decides to change the rules. They've never set foot here, can't speak the language, have never contributed anything, but want the protection of that passport. Sure. And we have child molesters, too. Is that a reason why we shouldn't exclude child molesters from becoming Canadian citizens? There are many benefits. Yes, pension being one of them, even if you never contributed or worked. The fifty thousand "Canadians" who demanded we fetch them out of Lebanon when things started going to hell are another example. But in a general sense, you benefit from all this society offers you, from a peaceful, safe community, to roads, highways and bridges, airports, train stations, hospitals and schools. And if you have no responsibility to contribute anything back that seems to me to be a pretty damned one-sided relationship.
  15. Well, it's Berkeley. You can't expect free speech in the land of the permanently outraged. Like other atheists before him have discovered (all very left of centre, incidentally) you're welcomed and applauded when you say nasty things about Christianity, but the moment you start pointing out how nasty Islam is your previous progressive admirers recoil in horror and start accusing you of "islamophobia". Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris being prime examples.