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  1. Argus

    Doug Ford - leader of Ontario PCs

    Maybe you should get your calendar adjusted. Harris was 15 years ago, and according to the AG it's the policies of the Liberals which have caused Ontarions to have to spend many tens of billions extra in electricity costs.
  2. Argus

    Doug Ford - leader of Ontario PCs

    Game of Thrones makes the Sopranos look like a children's show.
  3. Divide it into a dozen entirely different systems and burden it with a mass of red tape and bureaucracy and see if it still can.
  4. Well, no you haven't. I've refuted your refutation. One third of tax filers paid zero income taxes. That was what he said, and that is what both cites have supported. It's not an 'old wives tale'. And we weren't discussing whether taxes are progressive or not, or the wisdom of a progressive tax, nor how progressive a tax ought to be, but the impact on voters of paying little or no taxes. Peripherally, the idea that the 'rich' should pay 'just a little more' as if they haven't already been paying for almost everything.
  5. I have no idea what any of that drivel even means.
  6. Argus

    Doug Ford - leader of Ontario PCs

    Ford is not the Tea Party. It's not even clear Ford is very conservative. As Andrew Coyne said a couple of weeks ago, he's not a conservative, and not really a populist either. Unfortunately, he is indeed the only person who could have lost this to the NDP. And that's unfortunate for Ontario, for as Coyne said back then. That word — “imagine” — might be the theme of the coming election. The three major parties appear to be living in a world of the imagination, with platforms full of imaginary promises paid for with imaginary dollars. The province is sinking ever deeper in debt, notwithstanding the Liberal government’s desperate efforts to conceal it, its debt-to-GDP ratio headed for 45 per cent even after a decade or more of uninterrupted economic growth. A recession of any length or severity would blow that number skyward. Beyond that the picture only grows darker, with the first of the baby boomers just into their 70s and the costs of health care projected to rise, relentlessly, as they grow into their dotage. And yet all three parties are merrily racking up new spending promises — daycare, pharmacare, dentacare, the works — with money they wouldn’t have even if the official budget numbers were genuine, and not, as the province’s auditor general has lately warned, a swindle and a fraud (I paraphrase). It’s an election in la-la land. I don't know that I blame the parties, though, so much as the voters. Last time around what cost the Tories the election was the admission by Tim Hudak that he would lay off tens of thousands of public servants. People don't want to hear that. They don't want to hear about cuts. They want goodies, they want free stuff. And the parties have responded to that. http://nationalpost.com/opinion/andrew-coyne-neither-a-conservative-nor-quite-a-populist-doug-ford-isnt-what-many-think
  7. Nevertheless, his point is valid. Those who pay no income tax aren't going to care much about how high income taxes must rise in order to give them ever more government goodies and funding. This represents a block of people who will always vote for whichever party promises them more stuff, without regard to costs. After all, they aren't the ones who'll be paying for that stuff. And as the size of this block of citizens grows, politicians will do more and more to cater to their desires for more programs and 'stuff' to make them happy. This is basic human behaviour.
  8. In 2014, 27.5 million Canadian filed a tax return; 33% (9.1 million) paid no income tax; 67% (18.4 million tax filers) paid all the federal and provincial income tax. Those with incomes under $50,000 accounted for 68.4% of all tax filers and paid 13.2% of all federal income tax. Filers between $50,000 and $99,999 represented 23.3% of all filers and paid 35% of all federal income tax. Those with incomes at $100,000 and above represented 8.4% of all filers and paid 51.8% of all federal income tax Of note, those with incomes at $250,000 or higher represented 1% of all tax filers and paid 21.1% of all federal income tax. https://www.taxpayer.com/news-releases/ctf-study--who-pays-canada-s-income-tax-bill-
  9. William Watson: Thank the rich. They’re the ones paying for everything The top 1% pay 22% of all income tax. The top 5% pay 41.5% of all income tax The top 10% pay 54.9% of all income tax. The top 50% pay 95.5% of all income tax When someone signs a cheque for three-quarters of a million dollars to the revenue minister, the rest of us should tip our hats http://business.financialpost.com/opinion/william-watson-thank-the-rich-theyre-the-ones-paying-for-everything
  10. Argus

    White Pride

    That simply is not true. If you look at north American natives, most of whom were hunter gatherers, you find their average lifespan to be not much over 30. If farming was an insecure way to eat, hunter gathering was much moreso. The reason agriculture spread around the world was that it gave communities and groups a much better chance of not starving to death. Or, they went voluntarily because life was better there. Not that it was anything great by OUR standards, of course. What this boils down to is that the major media don't have much interest in dealing with cranks. If you're a Fascist, you're not going to be getting interviews. Why should that change if you're a Communist instead? They're both far out there on the fringes of what passes for acceptable political thought. You say you want a revolution Well, you know We all want to change the world ... But if you go carrying pictures of chairman MaoYou ain't going to make it with anyone anyhowDon't you know it's gonna be all right?All right, all right The mainstream media know their audience will just roll their eyes if you interview someone who is shaking their fist and calling for really dumb things, like abolishing the CIA or FBI or doing away with Capitalism. It's accepted thought among most people that no society is going to function without Capitalism to provide the incentive for people to push themselves, work hard, or try to improve things. And so far every experiment with Socialism has proven this to be correct.
  11. Argus

    Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    None of that is evidence of ANYTHING. You have some people talking about how to fight fake news. That does not mean collusion in what they actually do report only that those who report untruths should be exposed as such. No one, and certainly not me, are going to claim the MSM are perfect. I think they're biased to the Left, for the most part, and prone to going with stories which support their progressive social and political leanings. They're also prone to 'exciting' news, which is the old 'if it bleeds, it leads' kind of thinking. They give us celebrity crap as i its news to win ratings and love to fan controversy. What they will NOT do is write or show a story they know is untrue. Not even FOX, though FOX will certainly heavily slant its news and coverage. And many of it's 'opinion' interviews come very close to being properly labelled 'FAKE NEWS'. But the alternative media has no compunction over lying to make whatever case it's trying to make.
  12. Argus

    InCel rebellion, Toronto

    That's mighty white of you but kind of irrelevant to the point, which is that men, esp young men, are always going to feel a biological need for women.
  13. Argus

    White Pride

    Or maybe there never was such a thing as white privilege to begin with. How about not attending school and having babies out of wedlock? The Black community has the highest rate of unwed mothers and the lowest graduation rate. The Asian community has the lowest rate of unwed mothers and the highest graduation rate. Which of these groups, given equality and a lack of racism, is going to perform better, economically? And which is going to perform worse? It might not make any sense, but it seems to be the way social justice activists work.
  14. Argus

    White Pride

    Progressives, you mean?
  15. Argus

    White Pride

    There are many variants of Socialism, but it's still Socialism. It sounds like you're recreating a unique history, too. People worked long, sweaty hours for tens of thousands of years prior to the industrial revolution. From sunup to sundown, seven days a week. That was what life was like. The problem with what he wrote about, and your attitude, is they both seem to be suggesting that because these few high profile individuals make a lot of money and are able to go on speaking tours, that there is no issue. But none of these people are complaining about THEIR freedom of speech in particular, but about the broad limitations on public discourse imposed by the politically correct far left, and in particular on campu. Most of those affected are not high profile people making big money. Very, very few are, in fact. Really? What evidence is there that Chomsky isn't being invited/allowed to speak on college campuses vs the fact he's now 89 years old and probably isn't really into world tours or such? From what I've seen 90% of academics are Democrats and progressives, so I think your counter-suggestion, that there is some sort of hitherto unspoken discrimination against the left or far left on campuses, is pretty damned unlikely.