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  1. I can save you the bother. Basically, the report was made by several very left wing people, and says that any Muslim who has died in any kind of conflict is our fault. Regardless of who died or why they died. If they died before the violence in Iraq, then it's the fault of sanctions, and it's our fault. If he died because some other Muslim killed him, be it in Iraq or Pakistan or Afghanistan, it's the fault of the West. It's basically a sort of bleeding heart liberal view of the world, where the White people are responsible for all ills because non-White people can't be any more held responsible for their actions than children. It's a deeply racist belief, but bleeding heart liberals never engage much in self-examination. Most media dismissed it as garbage. You'll only find it on the kind of fringe left sites where they love to crow about conspiracies and how evil the West is.
  2. I know how investigations are showing how Russia trolled internet groups and am wondering if some of our new, hysterically anti-American members are among them - or just crazy.

  3. I think that Colbert had a point on his show last night when he said "I can guarantee you there was not one American, either Republican or Democrat, who was saying "Boy, I wish congress would let my ISP sell my browsing history to anyone who wanted it." This bill was done at the behest of ISPs who donated money to the Republicans.
  4. Those statements don't necessarily go together. Sweden is a peaceful country. It just re instituted conscription, is building up its military, ordering new weapons systems, and reopening cold-war era nuclear shelters and bunkers. It is worried about Putin's ambitions. Putin, btw, according to the papers, is in the arctic, where the Russians have been building up military bases, to reinforce Russia's claim to a vast area which is believed to contain a quarter of the world's oil wealth. That includes territory Canada has claimed.
  5. If you ever post any I'm sure I won't try to avoid them. At the moment the only things I'm avoiding can best be compared to what dogs leave on the sidewalk.
  6. Challenging tyranny is sometimes bloody, but that doesn't mean blood is on my hands. It's on the hands of those who espouse tyranny.
  7. Several years ago the members of a mosque here in Ottawa voted to remove the imam who had come from Saudi Arabia on the grounds that his views and teaching were out of line with Canadian values. Those people might attend mosque but they are members of the community. They interact with other Canadians regularly, and consume Canadian news media. There is no way for them to not understand how different some of those religious values are from what is standard in Canada, and no way for them to not get that some of those views would be considered absolutely unacceptable here. Some of them will bull ahead regardless, convinced theirs is the one true path. Others will think about it.
  8. You are babbling. And nothing you've said makes any sense.
  9. You persuade people that the interpretation on certain aspects of the religion were a product of the historical time and place in which that interpretation was made, and that other aspects should be DE-emphasized. For example, there is no reason one cannot be a good Muslim while wearing western dress, just as I have known Sikhs who cut their hair and do not wear turbans.
  10. What tenets? What lies? The reason people are suspicious of Muslims is the daily tide of intolerance and violence coming from the Muslim world. You can try to blame that on the West but it's coming from ALL over the Muslim world, including areas which have never been colonized and where there has been no western military incursions in generations, if ever.
  11. Nor have I ever said it was true. At the same time, we are speaking about some things which are fairly central to that religion, and which polls have shown are embraced by vast numbers of ordinary, everyday Muslims in most of the world's Muslim nations. In some cases we're talking 70%-80%-90% of those polled. Therefore, dismissing concerns as if they are only aimed at a tiny minority of Muslims is illogical. Why should my criticism be restricted to a government when those beliefs are central to the religion, are shown in government laws across the Muslim world, and which polls show are strongly supported by the Muslims there. As an example, I am no fan of the Saudi government. From all I have seen, however, if you were to immediately grant the people of Saudi Arabia a one-man one vote democratic choice in their leadership they would vote in a government which makes the current people seem like religious moderates. Islam is not going to change without external pressure. And the people who come here from Pakistan and the like, many filled with religious bigotry and intolerance (just look at what polls show of Pakistan) are not about to reconsider the wisdom of their beliefs if all we do is tell them we respect them and have no problem with their medieval value system.
  12. When one defends an ideology it's tricky not to become seen as a supporter of that ideology. And it is aspects of the political ideology of much of Islam which I condemn, particularly its view of non-Muslims, its misogyny and the violence inherent in its sharia law. Likewise it's impossible to condemn this ideology as intellectually and morally bankrupt while at the same time expressing respect for those who embrace it. I'm not saying those here who defend Islam embrace the tenets of its ideology, but at the same time they condemn those of us who attack it and who express disrespect for those who DO embrace those tenets. Why can I not express disdain for people who believe women are inferior and must always obey men?
  13. Why bring it up here? What do you think of labeling all conservatives as murderers?