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  1. Justin Trudeau, another Kardashian

    Actually Richard Nixon is the father of Canada's debt. Nixon's shakeup of the global financial system, is what allowed governments to take on all this debt. Guys like Trudeau and Reagan just took advantage of the new system. Its worth mentioning that every single western country started to accumulate huge debts after Bretton Woods ended, so blaming it on Trudeau is a little silly.
  2. Justin Trudeau, another Kardashian

    That would have been my definition too. Wealth is created by adding value to natural resources and creating things that people are willing to trade their labor (their money) for. However I disagree with the 1 VS 6. If you talked to 10 random people in my particular town there would be one unemployed person, but there would be a couple of retail workers, a couple of fishermen, a couple of miners and loggers and a couple of other service industry workers. All of these jobs are part of the wealth generation process, and part of the greater economy. So I would say the number is more like 5 out of 6 or 4 out of six.
  3. Justin Trudeau, another Kardashian

    The problem is that representative democracy is not about the voters deciding how tax dollars should be spent or anything else for that matter. If that WERE the case we would have referendums on spending matters. The purpose of modern democracy is to achieve stability by creating the illusion that voters are in control, and that they are all equally in control. If you start saying that one persons vote means more based on some kind of subjective criteria, then it wont work any more. The majority of people will feel disenfranchised. Take the stupid idea that was brought up by another poster... "Only people that pay income tax should vote". That would take the vote away from most seniors and most young people, and would achieve absolutely nothing, besides putting at risk the legitimacy of not only the government, but the political system itself. The idea that everyone else would be second class citizens to soldiers and police is just as bad. Why on earth should employees of the states security apparatus be given extra voting rights? Who is to say that they are "better" or "more informed" voters than anyone else? These are all terrible ideas, and the discussion is moot because none of them are ever going to happen.
  4. Separation ...... what if ?

    That's very interesting. There was absolutely nothing "anti white" in my post at all. As for Christianity, I admit, I am not a fan. I think most Christians are decent people, but the church as an institution basically appears to be some sort of child rape cult. And Its not just Christianity either. I don't care for Islam, or Judaism either. The three religions associated with that despicable maggot Abraham.
  5. I agree there should be penalties (fines, dismissal, jail time) for the actual decision makers. But those people aren't going to be able to settle lawsuits against the government so you need both. Also if people that are considering going into politics were personally liable for bad or illegal decisions and actions by the government, then nobodies lawyer would even all them to go into politics.
  6. That may all be true. But there HAS to be penalties when the government breaks the law or violates peoples legal rights. That how/why the system works. You don't need to violate charter rights to catch criminals or terrorists.
  7. Separation ...... what if ?

    If we are going to juggle borders around, I would much rather trade Alberta to the US for Seattle and Oregon. That way would get rid of our bible belt. Or take it one step further and implement this... The coastal regions of the US are really more "Canadian" than "American" anyways as far as political attitudes go anyways, and the bible thumping pig farmers in Alberta would integrate nicely with Idaho, Montana, Utah, Texas, etc. Folks in the United States of Canada could have a technology, science, and evidence driven society, and people in Jesus land could blab on about god, vote conservative, fuck their sisters and cousins, farm hogs and wheat, and build big border walls. The two societies could augment each other quite nicely.
  8. Trust me... you guys will be in a gay porn video together long before the first punch is thrown.
  9. Actually the folks that really developed AO are the same people that made your glass cookware, and insulated your home.
  10. Well, your right. of course it is... but that's not the same as denying he went to a mosque and prayed with Muslims.
  11. Nobody denied that, of course.
  12. And you're free to keep randomly flinging your own feces at the walls in the desperate hope some might stick one day
  13. WOT???? A politician lying? Stop the presses!