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  1. How many pipelines have been built? How much oil did the west receive from these invasions? Care to answer.
  2. I googled what I have said and the lists are endless. And I am not saying whitey did nothing wrong, just the fact that others were just as bad.
  3. Just what I have read over the yrs. Maybe take the time and do some research on it. You will be amazed at what you find. History is a amazing thing and what you can learn. But I see some others have done that for me, thanks guys.
  4. The budget tells me, we are entering a new decade of darkness.
  5. We did spend 16b in afghanistan, does that not count for anything. But yes we are cheap when it comes to others stuff.
  6. A civil war over slavery, did you know that blacks and muslims have sold more slaves than poor old whitey, asI have mentioned before. And these people have been slaughtering themselves long before NA was in the game. Look at we have done in 150 yrs compare to a 1000 for others. Some people just can't get along with others.
  7. The main problem is everyone out their now know that trudeau has invited them all to canada, a possible 13 million. And reuters was reporting that in mexico they are all ganging up and getting ready to head here since trudeau cancelled harper visa restrictions on mexico. There was valid reason for that and now trudeau has opened up a can of worms.
  8. These people are coming from america , a safe country. But they are putting thier children's health at risk ,looking for a better deal.
  9. White christians should be the majority in this country, they built it, with help of course. And lets use the UK and europe and how thier cities are becoming cesspools. And do you even know what racism is? If you think a racist is someone who cares about his country, it's history, values and traditions, then I am one. Why cant white christians not have a country to call their own. And speaking of europe, if you are ever there go check out the Canadian military cemeteries and see all those white boys that are buried over there. Some are related to me.
  10. I don't mean people that just flew in to have a baby, that pisses me off.
  11. So we are not allowed to build a rich history. We are just here to take people in and work our nuts off to pay for it?
  12. We need to put a end to the refugee makers. We just can't keep bring everyone here or we will be a refugee maker in the future.
  13. Best thing to ever happen. That put quebec in it's place for the 1st time in history. They learned that they are no longer needed for majority. Of course having their support is nice.
  14. Sorry let me be more clearer, a problem with Islam. And yes we have had our problems with the french ,but we share the country with them. And I have never had a problem with anyone till now.