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  1. I know, but someone has to take one for the team.
  2. And our defence minister got caught in a ugly lie and must resign. http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-politics/sajjan-retracts-claim-he-was-architect-of-canadas-biggest-combat-operation-in-Afghanistan
  3. By paying attention?
  4. CBC was really pushing that trudeau talked trump out of it. I imagine it was the 35 governors that need trade with canada, , that called before trudeau ,that changed his mind. And in his book the art of the deaql .trump states that to start a neg, you need to hit the guy over the head with a hammer. That is what trump did. Trudeau has bigger problems now with a defence minister that needs to be fired .
  5. If hudak did not say that, he would still have lost.
  6. Because he has support in quebec and very well liked out west. For me I think I will vote max then o'toole then scheer. But I can still change my mind.
  7. You are right and trudeau will not decriminalize it, but his family is allowed to get away with it and he smoked weed as a MP and nothing was ever done about it.
  8. Whitey built this country in 150 yrs, while it seems muslim countries after 1000 yrs are still cesspools. The ME countries have barely changed over the last 1000 yrs. And if you don't like it here.........................
  9. I agree, but Islam is getting special treatment from this government. Trudeau is becoming very dangerous.
  10. We are, but trudeau making sure that ends with him.
  11. So our evidence based decision making PM is a cupper. It is a old egyptian procedure that is the same as giving yourself a hickey. And also he spoke about his corrupt father using his power to make a drug charge disappear for his brother. Thanks to all that voted for this fool. http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-politics/trudeau-says-father-used-connections-to-get-brother-michel-cleared-of-pot-charges
  12. Why do the people on the left have no problem with filling up this country with muslims?? Do you hate yourself that much,that by giving this country away,you will be able to sleep at night. This country belongs to us, as in canadians, not some muslim that is not even here yet.
  13. Easter weekend costed us $20m for wind power, while the turbines were on idle, because we did not need the power.