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  1. Scheer is feeling his way. The left wing media is just waiting for him to fall so they can rip him apart, to save trudeaus job.
  2. We Could Save $32 Billion With This Deal

    Savings will be used to buy a bunch of used jets. Funny how the Israeli air force is flying a plane that trudeau not to long ago said it did not work. Sop are we buying used jets just to poke a finger at boeing?? Using our soldiers again for political points..
  3. Our China-boozing ambassador you mean?
  4. Flies over for some big news and nothing happens , just imagine if harper wasted money like that.
  5. Rebel “reporter” a coward and a liar

    She is the child, just listen to her and watch her. She might be a nice girl,but she is in the wrong business and her coal attacks are attacks on the very poor of the world.
  6. We Could Save $32 Billion With This Deal

    Trudeau could be losing the east coast, if he does nothing about the ships.
  7. Fix the Olympics

    The olympics is the sport version of the UN, Corrupt to the hilt and both should be abandoned.
  8. Actually you are wrong. People have already lost their jobs and business are closing because of this. Prices are rising so business people can try and keep ahead of it. Please no more left wing talking pts, this is a major disaster.
  9. People`s Guarantee - Patrick Brown

    Lies will have to be told to get the dumb people to vote PC, then we come out with a very big knife and cut the public sector big time. Freeze wages for at least 5 yrs.
  10. Will Trudeau Jnr make Morneau resign?

    So did I just hear, that morneau sold shares and then changed a policy that forced the shares down 5%??
  11. Ans was he not deported from america?
  12. But killed in the name of Islam. Islam must go.You look at M-103, it is supposed to be about protecting people, but the word used ,is islamophobia, That is protection of the religion,not people. Get rid of islam we get rid of most problems.
  13. We need more running shoes in the hospital and less dress shoes. And when I was in the business, hospitals buy from one place on paper products and such, and are paying thru the nose if they were to look local for product. I know of one case a small business could sell a product to the local hospital for 25% less, but when he brought it up, the buyer says well we get a 5% discount at the end of the year. I guess the buyer math is not the greatest. But hospitals are getting ripped off.
  14. I smoke and have since ''74'' but I do not want I see is coming. I wished Harper would have decriminalized it and then over years legalize it the proper way. And what is this july 1st deadline. I hope people realize that canada day will become cannabis day.