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  1. Thank you Trudeau...

    Now this non answer on the question of who is investing 270m dollars into a quebec weed business run by a ex liberal, is getting pathetic, and this is very important that organized crime is not involved in this. Even the NDP said the even harper answered questions.
  2. Justin Trudeau, another Kardashian

    I was trying to be nice.
  3. De-policing hurts us all

    Carding has been outlawed, dumb move. As one cop put it, working the night shift and you see people out late at night ,we would pull them over and see what is up and who they were. Then they would give that info to the next shift, and if there were incidents that took place that night, the day shift then can talk to people that were out and ask them if they had seen anything .
  4. Thank you Trudeau...

    Many potential jurors were native, but many said no and others said we will make sure he hangs. Thsi is all on them.
  5. At least trudeau should come thru with some of his bribes. lol
  6. Justin Trudeau, another Kardashian

    I know a drunk when I see it. I have done some major drinking in my time. And when you are stumbling and then, the old hands on the hip, with the I am not drunk look on his face tells it all. I know he is your boy and will defend him to the end, but his party better look into this or it could get worse. He could be breaking under the pressure and that is not good for him or the country.
  7. Justin Trudeau, another Kardashian

    Well it must be getting to him, because he was drunk in chicago while talking to students,but the MSM seems to be ignoring that.
  8. Thank you Trudeau...

    I live in the rurals and you are on your own for quite some time before a cop shows up. These kids were out terrorizing the rural people. If that kids was doing something else or at home, he would be alive today. I for one would have been running after the 1st warning shot.
  9. Just read that CTV has admitted that the girl that said she was underage and in school has lied.
  10. Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    Just seen a tweet from the enviroi minister,aka climate barbie, well she thinks the olympics are in North Korea.
  11. Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    That boy is drunk. He needs to step down today.
  12. Cannabis

    This has turned in to a cluster fuck, the minute trudeau dumped it all on the provinces.
  13. Thank you Trudeau...

    Something far worse. lol This country would be humming along right now if harper was still PM. He would not have done all the dumb stuff trudeau has done or wasted our money. You are sooo funny at times. All 3 need to resign, this comedy show must end. He has divided this country more than anyone else.
  14. Thank you Trudeau...

    I am in a debate now with people that want to be able to carry handguns in canada. I am a gun owner but do not want to see that law changed.