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  1. And speaking of the navy, did I just hear the ship contracts for maintenance was just was awarded to a french company??
  2. Totally wrong. Kids that were brought in at the end of the war, sure. But not the youth that was brought up during the nazi yrs. They were a totally different breed.
  3. Nationalist Groups in Canada

    The left used to fight the fascists, now they are the fascists. The left that went and fought in the spanish civil war would be very sick at what the left does now.
  4. This is a white christian builtt country, that is why it is number 1 in the world. Why do you want to ruin that.
  5. Nationalist Groups in Canada

    So all the indian nations were all buddies and respected each other? You need to read up on what really went on. And your 1st remark shows you have very little understanding of history.
  6. Nationalist Groups in Canada

    They invaded the country 1st and went on to rape and pillage anyone including themselves . And how may were there when the white man came over, 200g's?? and they wanted the whole country for themselves and still do.
  7. Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    He was,but I did smile when I found out he screwed that little german. lol
  8. We always brought in immigrants that wanted to fit in and be canadian, not just come here with your baggage ,looking for a better deal. We now have refugee tents on our border. 2 yrs under trudeau and we now look like the middle east.Is everyone blind?
  9. If we quit buying oil from them ,where will it come from after the left shuts down our own Oil Projects?
  10. Trudeau and His Welcome Mat

    Trudeau must resign, for the sake of the country.
  11. Young males with no respect for women or anyone else. Great for the country, but the white guilt people will at least be able to sleep at nite.
  12. Canada's Economy Surging ahead.

    Just wait till the full effect of carbon pricing and higher corporate taxes take over, then you willl see the numbers drop. Billions of investment dollars have already left the country.
  13. .Just look at ottawa over the last fews yrs, the somalis and other africans are now the major gangs and the shootings are getting out of hand.
  14. The muslim issue is not about skin colour.
  15. When are canadians going to realize that everything trudeau says is a lie. He could have stopped that sale the minute he became PM.