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  1. And our dumps are filling up with this cheap stuff.
  2. Quebec's Bill 62

    Are we Israel?
  3. Quebec's Bill 62

    Now you are getting desperate. If a health reason warrants it, sure. Buit being covered in black during a very hot day, is unhealthy.
  4. Quebec's Bill 62

    So you want your women covered up, and totally obedient? We should have a poll on this.
  5. Singh Wins Federal NDP on 1st Ballot

    http://www.calgarysun.com/2017/10/18/jagmeet-singh-plays-the-race-card So it did not take the new leader of the NDP to throw out the race card when the questions get tough. This is what we do not need.
  6. Quebec's Bill 62

    I have not seen anywhere where it is a religious thingy, it is a man over women thingy. No need for it here in this country. And anyone that wants it ,has mommy issues.
  7. Quebec's Bill 62

    Put a end to it now, dont wait till it is to late. Bill 62 should be expanded to canada. There is no need for that here.
  8. Quebec's Bill 62

    There is no need to hide your face in this country . And it is only a thing that keeps the women under the mans foot. To see someone totally covered in black on a very hot day, tells me they have to wear it or just have been so brainwashed that they don't know any better and I don't know how anyone can even think of saying it is OK.
  9. Working mothers coalition.

    I seen the 1st commercial, and it say brown hates women.lol
  10. Chretien was setting up his retirement with maurice strong in china while still in office, but yet nothing said.
  11. Islamophobia in Canada

    Now I have no idea why that came out so big.
  12. Islamophobia in Canada

    Islamophobia is in canada, because Islam is in canada. It is very simple.
  13. Admiral Norman

    So whatever happened, anybody hear?
  14. Singh Wins Federal NDP on 1st Ballot

    I never had a problem with people coming here, good for them. But leave the baggage at home and just become canadian be happy.
  15. The AG rips them a new one today. She says they knew what they were doing when they borrowed money from somewhere else ,so it would not show up in the books. It is very scathing if you get a chance to hear it.