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  1. All that women did was fan the flames even more and the stupid PC people fell for it. Abide by OUR laws or stay home. It is very simple.
  2. Most do and so do the non whites living and working here and paying taxes. Why does the left want to keep the same policies that have kept the natives down. All the billions and billions spent over the decades and the regular native on the rez lives a shitty life while the chiefs are millionaires.Why can't the left see that. And the fact that some rez's did not want to show where the money went, that right there should have sent up the red flags. Harper knew what was going on , but trudeau like most liberals are still in denial. This crap with the natives has to be ended.
  3. People get pissed off, they will show it by their voting. Harper was right about transparency and accountability on the reservations, and trudeau saying we don't want to know what you do with the money ,is going to come back and haunt him. Somer day the regular native is also going to have a say and then the chiefs better run.
  4. I am not a huge fan of ezra's tactics, but he does find out the truth on things and that piises off the left. The left is used to being protected by the media, till the sun and ezra came along.So I understand the hatred the left has for them.
  5. If whitey becomes a voting block over this minority rules crap in this country which is getting out of hand, politicians will listen.
  6. The natives and the snowflakes have to give up this victim crap. People are getting tired and it is going to blow up in thier faces when whitey says he has had enough.
  7. So in your mind, is there muslim men with more than one wife canada? Are certain muslim women having FGM performed on them in canada? I will bet they are.
  8. And now trudeau is getting rid of every harper appointed immigration judge , that has left us with a severe shortage where rookies are by themselves making decisions. Link will follow.
  9. Trump will be long gone before one red cent is spent on the military. More liberal BS. As someone said here earlier ,Promise, consult, delay.
  10. Does trudeau ever do anything. Is he actually the PM or just a pretty face. All the shit going on and he has time to do daytime shows and go kayaking on the niagara? At least harper was on the job 24/7, so I take it butts is running the show.
  11. So our PM says it is time for a female PM. I guess he owes campbell a apology.
  12. Trudeau who?? That is now the question since Marcon entered. Poor justin will not like being forgotten by his adoring fans.
  13. We had peace under harper. Now trudeau has opened up a can of worms, with the provinces.
  14. Of course liberals don't care, they know enough of ontarians are stupid enough to vote for them. I just received the lowest hydro bill ever and I am not going to vote for her even if it means it goes back up.(Which it is going to right after the election)
  15. Are you kidding me. This is the worst idea yet and it is going to put business out of business, people will be laid off. I am a business owner I know what is going on. The worst part is the small print,especially the 48 hr notice for workers to be called in. Restaurants and snow removal guys will be killed by that one. I can't get over the lefties that still believe money grows on trees. Time for people to buck up roll up the sleeves and get to work and work hard you will be rewarded. But paying some snot nose kid that knows nothing that much is insane.