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  1. We give a lot to NATO in blood and money and trump knows that.
  2. Harper well well respected by world leaders. And we do not know how the relations with trump will be, under harper those 2 would have gotten along just fine. And the UN is full of dictators and the trudeaus never met one they did not like. And selling out canada to Islam just to get a seat on the security council is pathetic. The paris agreement is the same as Kyoto, cost a lot of money and goes nowhere. Others getting rich off of our stupidity. He impressed the women for sure ,but when other leaders talk to him, they will find a empty head. Harper could talk shop about anything with anybody.
  3. But with all the fake news the left wing media has been spouting about it........................
  4. Trudeau is finishing the job his father started, destroying english canada . And his love affair with Islam and immigrants ,he will let everyone in if he can. Remember he pretty well said he will take the ones from america. So are there 11 million heading this way?? And now with sanctuary cities, more are going to come. Montreal is going to explode. But everyone around the counsel table making these decisions are not waiting in line for food and housing, so the poor people are the ones that will pay for this craziness. I am so sick and tired of hearing about them.
  5. Watching trump today with a bunch of CEO's, and he was saying how happy he is that they have decided to drop the price quite a bit on the F-35. Make it more affordable and will sell more in the end.
  6. One would be when you become canadian do not go back home,(pakistan) and possibly raise shit then run back to canada for protection. I do not the link but it was reported a few days ago. He says he did nothing ,pakistan say he was a leader in the disturbance. What about the women that wanted to cover her face, was she a plant to see how far they could get or do you believe she did it on her own. We had some that tried for sharia law in ONT family court and now this motion. What deal did trudeau give the muslim community when he was having his secret meetings. Does trudeau have a love affair going with Islam? With the word Islam all they had to do is remove it,but no. This is just the liberal using muslims and women to bait the conservatives. IMO this country was pretty quiet under harper, now the hatred is building. And the minister herself using the word racist during a interview, are the liberals planning to make Islam a race???
  7. My problem is the charter of rights that allow minorities to push thier weight around and it is going to cause us a lot of grief in the future. White english people IMO get screwed in this country now. And if that means I am a bigot then so be it. I will never be afraid to stand up in this country and say what I want to. I also have a feeling the next one to replace trudeau will be the new immigration minister. He seems to be a alright dude, but when push comes to shove.................
  8. I see your point, my mistake.
  9. Wow ,sorry for the big letters, no idea how I did that. lol
  10. WTO complaint filed against Canada after $372M loans for Bombardier http://www.ottawasun.com/2017/02/08/wto-complaint-filed-against-canada-after-372m-loans-for-bombardier What is this going to cost us?
  11. This something a lot of us have said. Give them a inch they will take a mile. Slowly taking over because of the left and how they govern with thier emotions. It is time to cut the numbers of muslims coming here and get back to more europeans and christians before this country goes up in smoke. Are we just going continue to bring them in year after year. Time for these people to stand up and fight for thier own country instead of going to canada to be looked after, or otherwise in 10-15 yrs and with our charter of rights, they will be running the country. The new immigration minister will be the one that replaces trudeau at the helm of the liberal party, Just mark my words.
  12. The company is worth maybe 5b, their stock is almost penny stock. And yet we read about all the orders they do and always lose money. I would have stated they get rid of the head honchos and get some new people in there and then we talk money to be paid back with interest.
  13. I think it was a value test it self, not interviews or vetting,that he was talking about.
  14. You don't think women allowed trudeau to ''grab them by the pussy'' because of his status and of course his greatest pick up line ever.'' I am a feminist''.
  15. They have not found you yet?? What is taking them so long?