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  1. Go

    Never. The Chinese sure mad some board games with longevity!
  2. I need me some undetectable bank notes!!

    1. bcsapper


      I have some titcoins you can have.  The current exchange rate is $20,000 for one TC.

    2. Omni


      Apparently they're high quality, so get on board.

  3. ICBC Penticton, BC

    Even the crappy drivers passed a test that you could not.
  4. The USA isn’t the one with state sponsored systematic doping.
  5. ICBC Penticton, BC

    @nomoreicbc your writing skills are lacking. I can only imagine that your driving skills are lacking too, since you admit to speeding during a driving test. It’s not ICBC’s fault that you’re not safe to be on the roads. Please go buy a bus pass.
  6. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    Do you think Palestinians ever kill civilians?
  7. A child molestor will be elected to the senate from Alabama.  At least he ain’t no Democrat!

    1. Omni


      It sounds likely that Franken will step down tomorrow, but Moore carries on with full support from Trump. I guess birds of a feather and all that.

  8. Stupid Russians. Wonder what Trump thinks about this? Does he think the doping scandal is “fake news”?
  9. Was Kent Hehr drunk in the meeting with thalidomide survivors???

    1. OftenWrong


      Even if he was, it's no excuse for it. Baffling behaviour.
      More likely he's just another sociopath in government.

    2. bcsapper


      One of the strangest things I've seen in a while. 

  10. Government to pay LGBTQ $100 million

    Might be the stupidest post you’ve made in weeks.... which is saying a lot!
  11. Government to pay LGBTQ $100 million

    That’s easy to say when it wasn’t you who was fired or spied on or arrested for absolutely no good reason. The lawsuits and payouts will stop once we, as a country, stop violating basic rights of citizens. Consider yourself lucky it wasn’t you.
  12. America under President Trump

    Racist remarks are usually frowned upon by anyone other than a few idiots. Say..... you don’t mind racist remarks, do you.... ?
  13. Seems like an MLW Racist Club should be created.... there are lots of members to choose from among the dolts here.

  14. Having sex with 13 years olds

    That’s really disgusting. You’re a weirdo.
  15. New Clubs Feature

    Oh boy... the Right Winger Club... the Right Wing Whacko Club.... the Conspiracy Nutbars Club... Should be a diverse assortment of clubs here....