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  1. A different kind of troll

    Says the one-trick poster who obsesses over Muslims in every post.
  2. The right wing trolls here are obsessed with the "other forum"!  

    1. Omni


      And let's just hope they continue to nestle down here. Ssshhh

    2. Omni


      Did you take a little giggle at the rant the resident "lurkers" went on?

    3. The_Squid


      They need to get a life....  sheesh

  3. A different kind of troll

    I'm not a mod... just a prediction... trolls don't last there...
  4. We never left...    just took a forced vacation. 

    1. scribblet


      All of you were suspended?   Was Charles on a binge or what?

  5. A different kind of troll

    Can see why you only lurk in the shadows.... I dont think you'd last. The mods shit gold at that place and the trolls run scared.
  6. Seems the best way to get a 2nd-Amendment-gun-lovin-country-music-playin' cowboy to say he wants gun control RIGHT NOW is to take a few shots at him..... changes his tune immediately! Funny that.... https://www.vox.com/identities/2017/10/2/16404900/josh-abbott-band-guitarist-caleb-keeter-las-vegas-shooting-gun-control A bunch of children murdered in a school didn't phase him....
  7. 2nd amendment remedies were on display again....    what a country. 

    1. Omni


      A quote from Richard Dawkins"

      "every country has it's psychopaths, in America they have guns"

  8. @bush_cheney2004 doesn't think a father should be charged with buggery for buggering his son....

  9. As soon as anyone from the good, non-right-wing-circle-jerk forum posts here, all the right wingers have to comment immediately.   You guys are just sad.

    1. bush_cheney2004


      Delete this.....

    2. The_Squid


      Most intelligent thing you've ever said on this forum.

  10. A different kind of troll

    @Charles Anthony There have been some silly "rulings" on this forum, but this might be the dumbest one yet! No. Send the member a PM instead.
  11. "To sin by silence when they should protest, makes cowards of men."

    -Abraham Lincoln. 

    1. bcsapper


      Unless it's protesting about how "clan" sounds a lot like "klan".

    2. DogOnPorch


      Brownies are now racist. Take the appropriate measures to purge your world of these vile chocolate treats.

    3. bcsapper


      Give me some.  I'll purge 'em!

  12. Hug-a-thug America to let OJ out on parole.... 

    1. Boges


      Thanks! - a few months ago. 

  13. USA should re-think accepting black immigrants in the USA while they have these problems with black people (civil rights, black lives matter, etc..,)

    This is a racist comment made by @betsy

    1. dialamah


      Not surprising really, given her inswerving.support for Trump.

  14. We have tsunami sirens. Missiles have never really been an issue...
  15. Canada not obligated to help USA in a disaster....   but we will anyway.  That's what we do.