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  1. Why does anyone care?
  2. This forum needs more Trump!  :rolleyes:

  3. I play with (against) my spouse's family at Xmas time. They're hardcore. I think I won once....
  4. That website is full of crackpot conspiracy theory nonsense.
  5. Justin Trudeau Brings Ivanka Trump to Broadway Show

  6. Defending this practice is being an apologist for genocide. Senator Beyak was out of line in defending cultural genocide. Btw, she is another Harper appointee.
  7. Harper Senate appointee Meredith plays the race card...  It's racist to criticize him for diddling a teenager and being a pervert.

  8. A 5% sales tax would make up for the loss of oil tax revenue in Alberta. 

    40 years of Conservative governments have wrecked that province. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Accountability Now

      Accountability Now

      Key point is there was no loss in oil tax revenue when the Conservatives were running things so why is it their fault?

    3. The_Squid


      NDP in power for 6 days brought down the Alberta economy?  That's revisionist history.  ...   silly.

    4. Accountability Now

      Accountability Now

      Is the ol' straw man the only argument you have? I never said the NDP brought down the economy. All I did was easily refute your claim that the 5% sales tax would have made up for lost oil revenues. I then asked the question of why would the Conservatives bring that tax in when they didn't need to make up for lost revenue. But since you don't want to answer that then maybe you can answer why the NDP has yet to bring the PST if it's such a slam dunk idea??

  9. U.K. slaps Trump.

    1. hot enough

      hot enough

      It certainly shouldn't end with the UK.

  10. Most of this is going to be unenforceable... people will carry on as usual.
  11. The CBC reported on the tests... you think they should be afraid of reporting the truth because a corporation might sue? That's a great freee and independent press... report on things that make all the corporations happy...
  12. TRAVEL BAN 2.0 was quashed by courts....

    1. ?Impact


      Perhaps I'm getting old, and my memory is failing, but wasn't there another country leader that just couldn't seem to get anything by the courts?

    2. Accountability Now

      Accountability Now

      I'm sure you're not talking about Canada because according to the left, Harper put massive amounts of legislation through on his 'evil' omnibus which was a crime against democracy. So who are you referring to? 

  13. you don't want to discuss it?
  14. They were private security personnel. They weren't fighting for God and country in our service.