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  1. Why won't Trump show his taxes?

    1. Wilber


      You have to ask?

  2. Trump loves NATO now...

    1. herples


      It is like I said, the US needs NATO. 

  3. All I see are ads for hookers and porn.... weird....
  4. Pay to post here???? Hahahahahaha
  5. "Hitler didn't sink to using chemical weapons" - WhiteHouse spokesman

    LOL.    Classic....   

    1. Show previous comments  26 more
    2. Wilber


      BTW, chlorine gas existed long before anyone thought of using it as a weapon. Swimming pool service companies still use it.

    3. DogOnPorch


      Like I already stated: I accept that you find that warfare = murder.

      I have a different view. The Holocaust took place during and as a direct result of WW2...but it wasn't warfare as in something soldiers engage in. I would term that mass murder on a genocidal scale.

      In regards to your second comment: I also accept you have no issue using the Holocaust as a political pawn to further one's own political agenda.

    4. Wilber


      Last comment addressed in a PM.

  6. Suddenly I want to emigrate to Spain.....

  7. Suspended for making a comment about conspiracy theories....  :rolleyes:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. betsy


      You got suspended for comment on conspiracy theories, Squid?

    3. Argus


      See the thread on ignore function. I have most of the conspiracy types on ignore for this very reason.

    4. bcsapper


      We have a genuine holocaust denier on now, as well. I hope we don't risk suspension for arguing with him!

  8. Ads?  This place sucks a little worse again....

  9. United Airlines is going to pay millions for knocking out and removing a paying passenger who didn't want to leave the plane because they were overbooked.

  10. Lol. Sure it does.
  11. Trudeau giving Mulroney a bag of cash to help out with NAFTA...



  12. Cue the conspiracy nuts.....
  13. Why would you assume it's "highly illegal" before you know the facts? It may not even be the government doing it.
  14. The car driver was using his car as a weapon. The cyclist was standing up to a bully.
  15. Yes, it does.... otherwise it's not really free speech.