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  1. This place is a cesspool of rightwing nuts and conspiracy theory crazies.  

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. bcsapper


      This place is a cesspool of people who don't agree with Squid.  And one conspiracy theory crazy.

    3. Omni


      I think we could set the nano thermite etc. nonsense aside. That's a one off near as I can see.  

    4. OftenWrong


      Hey didn't you say that already? Twice

  2. Trump is getting more orange.....  why???

  3. White Supremacist in Chief Trump puts foot in mouth once again.  White nationalism is mainstream once again!

  4. Right wing nationalists being outed and fired from their jobs.  Bring back the white sheets and stop the Naziphobia!

  5. Stop Naziphobia!!

  6. The Battle of Charlottesville

    Those were defensive torches! Neo-nazi white supremacists are known for their peaceful protests, according to @Hal 9000 and his ilk here. And those AR15s strapped on the militia right wing nuts? Clearly those were for self defence too....
  7. The right wing terrorist killed someone...  but hey...  leftists are bad!  

    What idiotic nonsense. 


    this is what passes for conversation on this forum these days. 

  9. On this forum, if you're anti-nazi, then you're part of the far-left .   Holy crap...  :huh:

    1. Argus


      Hmm. I'm ant-nazi and no one has said I'm a part of the far-left....

  10. Right wing terrorism in Virginia.

  11. A different kind of troll

    This board definitely welcomes crackpots and Breitbart types. They go well together.
  12. Rampant antisemitism remains prevalent

    Yes... based on age. Not your definition.
  13. America under President Trump

    The thing is, he is such a nut that I wouldn't put it past him to be doing the leaking himself.
  14. Are aboriginals "immigrants"?

    Then you better learn to speak Russian...
  15. America under President Trump

    The political system in the USA is in such disarray that the president can't even talk on the phone with other leaders without it being leaked! https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/08/why-leaking-transcripts-of-trumps-calls-is-so-dangerous/535809/