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  1. This place is stale...   right-wing echo-chamber...   

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    2. dialamah


      Don't like Rabble.  But I am enjoying civil and interesting conversation elsewhere. :)

    3. scribblet


      Gee, enlighten us please

    4. The_Squid
  2. Of course you can... you pick and choose all the time. Do you think slaves should obey their masters?
  3. This is semantics... whether it's 15,000 or 5,000... calling them "immigrants" is nonsensical. ...traced a direct DNA link between the 5,500-year-old remains of an aboriginal woman found on a British Columbia island, a second set of ancient female bones from a nearby 2,500-year-old site and — most stunningly — a living Tsimshian woman from the Metlakatla First Nation, located close to both of the prehistoric burials along B.C.’s North Coast near the city of Prince Rupert.
  4. Betsy's solution is to let them die.
  5. The viceregal already admitted he was wrong....
  6. Most "whiteys" don't actually agree with your bigoted notions of what society should be like.
  7. Natives are not immigrants, just like British people are not immigrants to Britain. It makes no sense to call them immigrants by any current usage of the word. The only ones who call them immigrants are the rednecks and bigots who want to downplay their status in Canada.
  8. Sen. McCain...   poster child for term limits.  

    1. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      I agree, too many people outstay. Pelosi and Waters are two more examples

    2. Wilber


      Ya, that was up there with some of Trump's tweets.

  9. Doing burnouts is anti-gay?
  10. Right wingers on this site:

    Angry when Liberals don't spend on military....

    Angry when Liberal do spend on military.

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    2. Argus


      When have Liberals ever spent on the military?

    3. drummindiver


      That time they bought them jungle camouflage for a conflict in the desert.

    4. Ash74


      My favorite item the Liberals bought were the uk submarines. I think one of them is working

      I know Jean was a long time ago we could have bought new ones cheaper.

  11. http://saskatoon.ctvnews.ca/no-intent-to-hurt-father-of-crosswalk-vandal-tells-pride-co-chair-1.3446187
  12. Stay tuned.... you can tell me how right i am in a few days when more info comes out.
  13. Should every disturbed nutjob get national headlines?
  14. Where did I say they should?