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  1. Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    Speaking of worse Prime Ministers, why stop at Pierre Trudeau. I am reminded of a Prime Minister who had multiple scandals in the news concurrently. There was an accused Soviet spy working in the Post Office. Three cabinet ministers taking gifts of furniture from the mafia, a mafia hitman who was a major contributor the the Party, and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister offering a bribe to a Lawyer representing the U.S. government to not oppose bail for a drug dealer awaiting extradition to Texas. The drug dealer was also a major contributor to the P.M.'s party. When the bribe was declined, the drug dealer asked a prison guard if he could water the outdoor rink, even though it was a hot spring day. He used the hose to go over the wall and disappeared for four months. Odd that wikipedia makes no mention of these scandals in its bio of this PM. I think there were one or two other scandals but I don't remember them. The Prime Minister in question was our very own Nobel Peace Price winner, Lester B. Pearson, the worst Prime Minister in the 20th century. However, I do cash my Canada Pension Cheque and use Medicare. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  2. Thank you Trudeau...

    Mr. Goodale is a man of integrity. Did McMechan violate the law? If not, why were they arrested? As I recall, they were trying to circumvent the CWB. I am not a farmer or a lawyer, but I have a lot of faith in the Courts.
  3. Thank you Trudeau...

    Correct me if I'm wrong but, McMechan did commit a number of crimes. He was convicted of exporting wheat without a permit and then in default for not paying the fine, was tossed in the slammer. It was the court, not Ralph Goodale, that convicted him and he went to jail of his own volition. He could have paid the fine and more importantly, obeyed the law. It was McMechan who had himself jailed, not Goodale. If he didn't like the wheat board, he should have chosen another crop or another occupation.
  4. CTV Backpedals On Patrick Brown Allegations

    That's not Brian's style.
  5. Polygraphs are not sufficiently accurate.
  6. ?Impact, I am gob-smacked to read something which reflects my own beliefs.
  7. University and "Useless" Majors

    Political Science- So far as I know, the only PM in history with a political science degree is Joe Clark. Just sayin'.
  8. What has Mrs. Thatcher's gender to do with ideology? Free trade was a Liberal platform, to which, the Tories countered wit "No truck nor trade with the yankees." Mulroney was opposed to free trade until the MacDonald Commission reported that it would be in the best interests of the country. That is pragmatism, not ideology.
  9. Separation ...... what if ?

    BC would still object to the pipeline and Alberta won't have the Feds to enforce it. Also, you have only one Conservative Government in the four western provinces. BC and Alberta are NDP and Saskatchewan is Socialist Credit (a cleptocracy based on the old BC model of Socialist Credit).
  10. America under President Trump

    I doubt a GOP majority in the House and Senate would let her get anything passed. The hatred her opponents had for her was far deeper than the support from her own party. Losing the election may have saved her life.
  11. And would just about anyone have won the same election? And did the people he signed up take any further part in the party afterward? Not a lot. He lost the next election. I agree with you about instant memberships but it isn't going to change as long as it works. The way elections should work is candidates stand up an state their solutions and let the voters decide. Like that is going to happen. The "Conservative" Party is not spineless, it is working in the real world. They could stand up and be all ideological and end up like the Green Party, or they can listen to what voters want, the people who pay the salaries of government, and do what the bosses tell them to.
  12. America under President Trump

    I am wondering if the American political scene would be that much different if Secretary Clinton had won. The government paralysis would still be there but the tone would be different. I do believe, President Trump has a better chance of surviving his term than Secretary Clinton.
  13. No, you are doing the democratic thing by finding out what the voters want (They are the employer after all), and do what they ask. It works for Brad Trost. His congregation gets him in every time. "This business of signing up scores or even hundreds of people to vote for a new candidate is crap." Yah, I believed that when I ran for a Federal PC nomination and I was steamrolled. The winner of the nomination went on to win the election.
  14. The stages of a campaign are: -attracting the vote -identifying the vote -getting out the vote. If you perform these three tasks better than the opposition, you will probably win. These tasks are true in the nomination campaign as well as the election. If you nominate and elect sheep, that is your doing. You need to select a candidate that is not a lamb and is able to gather support. Politics, at it core, is all about gathering and maintaining support. On another note, have you ever noticed that the people who are most obviously ambitious, never make it? I knew dozens of future Prime Ministers in the Progressive Conservative Student Federation.
  15. I agree. Weaver is the best argument against foreign political contributions and proportional representation.