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  1. Actually, the money would be better spent on prevention. For some reason, our police are welded to reactive policing rather than crime prevention.
  2. Queenmandy85

    Solution to Federal Tanker Ban: Go Through Alaska

    The Government of BC doesn't want the jobs.
  3. The real solution is to put more money into the court process to have trials in a timely manner. We need more Judges and Crown Prosecutors.
  4. A good example is in the Peoples' Republic of China. When a crime is committed, the police decide who did it and arrest the suspect. The suspect is taken into court where a judge listens to the prosecutor and then pronounces the defendant guilty. The prisoner is then taken out and has his brains blown out, or, for minor crimes, sent to a hard labour camp. Some people are acquitted if they have political pull and lots of money to compensate the judge and police. Quick, efficient and cheap.
  5. Queenmandy85

    Broken Justice

    Please make this clear to your lawyer if you are ever charged with a crime. The presumption of innocence is a cornerstone of justice. Or would you rather live with the French system?
  6. Queenmandy85

    State vs Government

    As with our longest reigning monarch, Louis XIV, so is our second longest reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, the State. The GG is her appointee, a "vice Regal Head of State". The Government is the cabinet, appointed by the Queen, but responsible to Parliament.
  7. Queenmandy85

    End of the Korean War

    Kim's goal is clear. He wants to stay in power as long as possible.
  8. Queenmandy85

    Canadians FEAR Trump...Big Time

    When I was a student in residence, I always ordered anchovies on my pizza. Nobody ever asked me to share. ;-)
  9. Queenmandy85

    Alberta may cut off oil to BC

    Yes, I would live next to a Candu reactor. One of the key investments we need to make is in education. Resistance to nuclear power is based on a lot of mis-information. The Fukushima malfunction did not kill anyone. Three Mile Island did not kill anyone. The only nuclear accident to cause deaths was Chernobyl with 45 fatalities. More people die in car accidents in Saskatchewan in one year than in all the nuclear power plant accidents.
  10. Queenmandy85

    Alberta may cut off oil to BC

    I regret I am not an engineer, but would it be possible to sell the residual heat / hot water to the local municipality? Run steam lines through homes and under streets and return the cooler water to recycle through the plant. Just asking?
  11. Queenmandy85

    Canadians FEAR Trump...Big Time

    I like Pizza. Black olives, pepperoni and anchovies. Taxme is buying.
  12. Queenmandy85

    Our PM speaks in french only in France.

    Taxme, just out of curiosity, when was Canada's Independence day?
  13. Queenmandy85

    Our PM speaks in french only in France.

    1. The first King of England who understood and spoke English was John. French was the language of Court and after 1066, the people who ruled England considered themselves Dukes of Normandy before Kings of England. Richard the Lion Heart hated the place so much, he only spent 8 months in England during his reign. Even after John, the monarchs continued to use French. George I spoke no English and his meeting with his ministers were conducted in French. Our current sovereign speaks flawless French, as does the Prince of Wales. 2. Quebec changed hands a couple of times during the Seven Years War. At the Treaty of Paris France preferred to keep Guadalupe rather than Quebec. 3. It is possible to form a government without seats in Quebec, but it is a lot easier to do so with seats in Quebec. Only an idiot would toss away the opportunity to win more seats anywhere. Taxme wrote, "Canadian history has been changed to make it appear as though the battle on the Plains of Abraham was a draw which of course the real history will always show that the British beat their butts. " The Americans also claim they won the War of 1812, but that doesn't change the fact that we kicked their butts as well. The race may not always go to the swiftest, not the struggle to the strong, but that is the way to bet.
  14. Queenmandy85

    Our PM speaks in french only in France.

    French has been the traditional language of Court in England until recently. The French re-took Quebec after the Plains of Abraham, but gave it up to the British in exchange for Guadalupe in the treaty negotiations. It is bad politics to alienate an entire province holding over 70 seats.
  15. Queenmandy85

    Alberta may cut off oil to BC

    The mass production of small nuclear reactors, the mining and refining of fuel and the global sales will be an enduring boost to the economy. Add to that , the rebuilding and electrification of the rail system will further ensure a vibrant economy. It will also inject more funds into the sciences in education. We have a global problem with a lack of positive vision.