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  1. Gender Neutral National Anthem

    I'm saying that society should have more choice. If someone doesn't like the employment conditions of an employer, find another employer. Also, rather than having 7 mandatory holidays, it might be better to have 7 extra holidays that you can move around.
  2. Gender Neutral National Anthem

    Also, society en mass taking the same holidays off at the same time has a lot of negatives. Primarily you have issues of congestion, limited hotel space, limited restaurants, limited resorts, etc. If the burden of holidays was spread out more evenly throughout the year it could lead to greater economic efficiency.
  3. Gender Neutral National Anthem

    And if the family members had freedom to choose, they could choose to coordinate holidays with other family members.
  4. Gender Neutral National Anthem

    There is merit in coordinating holidays from an efficiency standpoint. But you could allow companies, individuals or government departments to decide which holidays. Certainly the government requiring that corporations give holidays on specific days (such as Easter, Christmas, etc.) unless those companies pay their employees extra (and thus making it unprofitable for the employers to do so in most cases) is ridiculous.
  5. Gender Neutral National Anthem

    Agreed. We should get rid of all state mandated holidays and instead give the citizens of Canada more freedom to choose what holidays they want to take off.
  6. Trudeau talks sexual harassment...

    Remember the time when Trudeau went up to Rona Ambrose and hugged her without consent? That can easily be viewed as sexual assault.
  7. Gender Neutral National Anthem

    Oh, I forgot to mention the Crucifix in the National Assembly of Quebec. Justin Trudeau supports his Catholic Crucifix in the National Assembly of Quebec. Andrew Scheer does too.
  8. Gender Neutral National Anthem

    I'll also point out that in 2014 Trudeau was against changing the anthem due to his nationalistic feeling. Nationalistic feelings trump gender equality to him. He only changed his position after the 2015 election.
  9. Gender Neutral National Anthem

    Let's see, Trudeau wants us to - Fund his and Andrew Scheer's Catholic religion via funding of the Catholic School Systems in various provinces such as Alberta and Ontario. - Sing to his god, cross and faith in the national anthems. - Affirm our agreement for the values of his dad's charter, which includes the 'recognition of the supremacy of god' according to the preamble of the charter, which comes before everything including rule of law and the part of the charter that supposedly gives us freedom of speech (but doesn't due to sections 1 and 33). - Support the monarchy, despite the fact that the monarch is inherently the head of the Anglican Church - Fund the Aga Khan Organization, which is inherently non-secular as the Aga Khan is the leader of the Ismaili branch of islam. - Use tax payer money to fund various religious groups including chaplains in prisons and mosques. - Sell weapons to the awful theocracy of Saudi Arabia, which beheads women that go shopping without a male escort, kills gay people and kills apostates. Also give billions of dollars to religious theocracies that kill apostates and gay people via the 'Green Climate Fund'. - Not dislike religion. Because if you dislike all religion, then you dislike islam, which is a 'hate' crime. Disliking belief in magic fairy tales without evidence causes their feelings to be hurt. Can't have that. In comparison, actual liberals such as myself support the separation of religion and state.
  10. Gender Neutral National Anthem

    Why is god in the anthem? Pourquoi est-ce que la croix ou la foi dans l'hymne? It's a trash anthem and the only reason I sing it is if I'm compelled to by the state or by employers. Schools compel students to sing the anthem in Canada, but I don't see the Jordan Peterson crowd being concerned about that compelled speech by the state.
  11. Trudeau talks sexual harassment...

    He did elbow a female MP in the boob 2 years ago in the house of commons.
  12. To be fair, we've seen countries like South Korea rise from extreme poverty to one of the richest countries in the world in the period after WW2. Haiti, by comparison, has had more time than South Korea.
  13. Merry Christmas

    Well, not very consistent with your principles, are you?
  14. Merry Christmas

    More than zero, which is too much. Or do you like government waste?
  15. Merry Christmas

    The Canadian government wastes too much tax payer money on Christmas Trees / Holiday Trees.