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  1. They fund Wahhabism/Salafism, the ideology that lead to ISIS...
  2. 24 hours isn't enough time. Still turns these forums into twitter and defeats the purpose of having a forum format.
  3. The west doesn't seem to have a problem with Erdogan or King Salman. At least Assad doesn't behead women for shopping without a male escourt or throw gay people of buildings.
  4. Maybe the Syrian government dropped gas. Maybe they accidentally hit a stash of gas that an Islamist group was stockpiling. Or maybe some 'rebels' decided to release gas after the air attack to frame the Syrian government in order to try to get the Americans involved. I don't know which is true and which is false.
  5. And how do we know the weapon was dropped from a plane?
  6. Don't forget #HangAyazNizami. All in the name of fighting Islamophobia of course.
  7. This change is sort of changing the behaviour of forum posts to more resemble twitter. People are more likely doing short and simple posts and less likely to post longer and more in depth posts since short simple posts are less likely to have mistakes that you won't be able to correct due to the banning of editing posts. If I wanted to do political discussions in a twitter format, I would use twitter. One of the advantages of a forum format is that it is supposed to allow for more in depth discussion, but getting rid of post editing eliminates one of the main advantages of a forum format. I don't really get how 1 person (cybercoma I think) going on 1 post deletion spree in the 10+ years this forum has been around justifies eliminating one of the most essential features of any forum, post editing. The fix is worse than the problem.
  8. Would happen faster if we didn't have incompetent politicians like Wynne in Ontario doubling or tripling energy prices.
  9. Don't ban things. Tax CO2 instead.
  10. Lies. I got assaulted once and suffered a concussion. No military came to my aid then. Then you didn't do a very good job of it since we don't even have freedom of speech in Canada.
  11. Sounds more like he wants to put more emphasis on economic immigration and less emphasis on other forms of immigration. Personally, I don't see any issue with that.
  12. Yeah, sure. Doing peace time. Not really during a full blown civil war with the world superpower threatening to invade if chemical weapons are used.
  13. Taiwan, sure. Japan? Really? Maybe the Senkakus, but why would China invade mainland Japan?
  14. Then they should release that information to the public.
  15. Cool, now if only you could deal with that pesky thing called evidence.