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  1. The term 'islamophobia' was created as a political term by the Muslim Brotherhood and has been used to justify killings of blasphemers in countries like Pakistan. See #KillAyazNizami.
  2. To be fair, that guy was an NDP supporter who admired Jack Layton.
  3. Men tend to have a smaller surface area : volume ratio and more body hair. This means that men tend to be better at dealing with colder temperatures and women better at dealing with warmer temperatures. The idea that global warming disproportionately harms women is nonsense; the opposite is true. Yet to people like McKenna truth doesn't matter. The claim that climate change 'disproportionately harms women' fits nicely into the eco-justice narrative, so it must be true!
  4. I see lots of people make claims like this, but they rarely back it up. Do you have some sort of peer reviewed academic study that demonstrates that such migration patterns will be this big of a problem. Because if you look at the world's best integrated assesssment models, the gap between rich countries and poor countries will narrow over the next 100 years despite climate change. If such a gap narrows, why would there be more mass migration than what we observe today?
  5. Military people always say they want more money for the military. That's what they do. The 2% GDP target is an unjustified political target with no basis. If you want to demonstrate that spending 2% of GDP pasts cost-benefit analysis and get that published in a peer review economic journal, then maybe I'd reconsider my position.
  6. Some of that $2.65 billion will go to countries that kill gay people or apostates. I say cut all aid to countries that kill gay people. If they want our money they should stop killing gay people.
  7. Awful decision by our government to waste more money on military for no good reason other than to appease Donald Trump. Sad that all 3 major parties 'agree'. This is what is awful about the first past the post system, it results in very little political diversity on parliament hill. I say, have a referendum on if the Canadian people really want to waste 2% of our GDP on military.
  8. Canada spends too much money on military already.

  9. Do you think this has anything to do with Trump's sudden reversal on Saudi Arabia?
  10. The Paris Agreement requires that Canada gives billions of dollars to countries that kill gay people. That is appalling.

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      It goes to a pool and then some of the countries that get money from this pool will be countries that kill gay people.

    3. Moonlight Graham
    4. -1=e^ipi


      Link, lol. Trudeau gave 2.65 billion $ to the 'green climate fund'. The 'green climate fund' then redistributes this money to developing countries, some of which kill gay people.

  11. I think a minority government is a possibility. Also, if NDP choose Guy Caron, I'd give them a decent chance to form government.
  12. I disagree. It would be nice if the social conservatism in all 5 major parties on issues like reproductive freedom, drug legalization & men's rights were exposed.
  13. Cause it would be so terrible to have a mixed health care system like France, UK, Australia, Japan, Germany, Sweden, etc. *sarcasm*
  14. Pretty sure Trudeau is a theist.
  15. What kind of messed up country has an inherently non-secular party such as the CDU as its largest party?