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  1. The Battle of Charlottesville

    Yep. Also, remove all these awful prime-ministers from our money. Why have a bunch of racist, sexist morons that wanted homosexuality banned on our money?
  2. game of thrones

    And the Iron Bank, the Golden Company, Qyburn, his little birds that will kill people for sugar, the zombie mountain and time. Also, Dorne is still available. After this episode, no way the series is going in that direction. Cersei will make a truce, let Dany & Jon deal with the white walkers, then kill them both once the white walkers are dead. Cersei lives until late season 7, I think. Maybe Littlefinger or Sansa will win out in the end though.
  3. game of thrones

    After tonight, it looks like Arya will try to kill Sansa and Littlefinger will save her. Edit: let me modify that prediction. Littlefinger will save Sansa from Arya using Brienne.
  4. game of thrones

    Maybe Littlefinger gives Gendry as a gift to Arya to gain favour with her.
  5. game of thrones

    Wasn't really that big of a victory. The gold was given to the iron bank (so gold cloaks from Essos will be recruited soon) and the balista was a success. Expect mass production of balista, with the help of the iron bank, to kill a dragon this season. Also, now the Dothraki are overconfident (so will make mistakes) and Daenarys is probably hated from bringing Dothraki and Dragons. I think Cersei is going to beat Daenarys (maybe forcing Daenarys to flee north).
  6. game of thrones

    They weren't in the Reach. They were in the Crownlands. There were on the Roseroad traveling from HighGarden to King's Landing and part of the army was already in King's Landing because they got the gold inside. It was also mentioned that they were next to the Blackwater Rush. That was the river they were next to, that they fought in, and that Jaime and (Bronn?) fell into at the end. Here is a map, they were clearly just south of King's Landing. I don't think that Jaime got captured. He fell into the river, and Bronn (of the Blackwater) probably swims Jaime into Blackwater Bay. I think we will see Jaime and Bronn in King's Landing next episode. Cersei will probably reward Bronn with Storm's End (he does want a castle, and Storm's End is vacant). Also, Cersei and Qyburn need information on the success of the balista to proceed with mass production of the balista so they can kill a dragon later this season with ~30 balistas.
  7. game of thrones

    Looks like my prediction isn't too far off so far.
  8. game of thrones

    Sansa has a better claim to the throne if she is married to Gendry, son of Robert. I'll also point out the stuff in season 1 where Littlefinger knew about Gendry and kept bastards of Robert around. Plus Littlefinger was on a boat around the same time when Gendry started rowing. Also, if Littlefinger has Gendry, it would allow for a reuinion of Gendry and Arya.
  9. Maybe we can design babies to emit less CO2 and be able to live off dirt. Think how environmentalist that would be!
  10. Nothing is wrong with designer babies. Legalize it all and give people more freedom. Edit: well maybe if someone wants to purposely genetic engineer a disability into a baby. Like someone wanting a deaf and limbless baby. Then I'd have an issue with that.
  11. game of thrones

    I predict Bron will kill a dragon with a ballista. Also, maybe Gregor will behead one with a sword.
  12. game of thrones

    Where is Gendry? I still think Baelish has Gendry.
  13. Canada's Economy Surging ahead.

    It's a sign of the Bank of Canada raising interest rates. The Bank of Canada can't have zero interest rates forever.
  14. Canada's Economy Surging ahead.

    There are always random fluctuations in the economy. Even with a bad government you will have a month with good growth and with a good government you will have a month with bad growth. Also, it might make more sense to look at relative output rather than the growth rate since the growth rates of countries will tend to converge (a country can't have a lower growth rate indefinitely, eventually the catch-up effect becomes too large). Also, if you want to do proper growth or output attribution, you want to take other factors into account (such as interest rates, oil prices & provincial governments). Pakistan has a higher rate of growth than Canada. However, that doesn't mean that the people in charge of Pakistan are better at managing the economy than the people that run Canada.