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  1. NAFTA is dead. :(

    Most likely thanks to a bunch of millionaire dairy farmers.

  2. #free catalonia

  3. You can invest revenues from oil produced today into the stock market to potentially get a higher return than waiting to utilize that oil in the future. Really, the optimal path of resource extraction is to follow Hotelling's Rule, modified by externalities of course. Hotelling's Rule has been known since 1931. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hotelling's_rule
  4. Onatrio Gr.6 Math Scores Dismal

    Clearly we need more 'discovery math'. *sarcasm*
  5. game of thrones

    They needed an episode like this. Sort of like how they needed the predictable battle of the bastards last season. Sometimes things are predictable. Maybe the night king thought that they were starved / frozen enough, and wanted to move on.
  6. game of thrones

    Nah, the white walkers were being patient and waiting for their opponents to starve/freeze to death.
  7. game of thrones

    Prediction: Sam will show up randomly in King's Landing towards the end and declare that he has figured out how to make valaryen steel.
  8. Btw, there was a very good response to the Loehle paper which I don't think was mentioned in this thread: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0304380014004876 They find Loehle significantly underestimates climate sensitivity and the uncertainty. They get: TCR 1.292-2.937 C ECS 2.330-5.338 C
  9. The Battle of Charlottesville

    Yep. Also, remove all these awful prime-ministers from our money. Why have a bunch of racist, sexist morons that wanted homosexuality banned on our money?
  10. game of thrones

    And the Iron Bank, the Golden Company, Qyburn, his little birds that will kill people for sugar, the zombie mountain and time. Also, Dorne is still available. After this episode, no way the series is going in that direction. Cersei will make a truce, let Dany & Jon deal with the white walkers, then kill them both once the white walkers are dead. Cersei lives until late season 7, I think. Maybe Littlefinger or Sansa will win out in the end though.
  11. game of thrones

    After tonight, it looks like Arya will try to kill Sansa and Littlefinger will save her. Edit: let me modify that prediction. Littlefinger will save Sansa from Arya using Brienne.
  12. game of thrones

    Maybe Littlefinger gives Gendry as a gift to Arya to gain favour with her.
  13. game of thrones

    Wasn't really that big of a victory. The gold was given to the iron bank (so gold cloaks from Essos will be recruited soon) and the balista was a success. Expect mass production of balista, with the help of the iron bank, to kill a dragon this season. Also, now the Dothraki are overconfident (so will make mistakes) and Daenarys is probably hated from bringing Dothraki and Dragons. I think Cersei is going to beat Daenarys (maybe forcing Daenarys to flee north).
  14. game of thrones

    They weren't in the Reach. They were in the Crownlands. There were on the Roseroad traveling from HighGarden to King's Landing and part of the army was already in King's Landing because they got the gold inside. It was also mentioned that they were next to the Blackwater Rush. That was the river they were next to, that they fought in, and that Jaime and (Bronn?) fell into at the end. Here is a map, they were clearly just south of King's Landing. I don't think that Jaime got captured. He fell into the river, and Bronn (of the Blackwater) probably swims Jaime into Blackwater Bay. I think we will see Jaime and Bronn in King's Landing next episode. Cersei will probably reward Bronn with Storm's End (he does want a castle, and Storm's End is vacant). Also, Cersei and Qyburn need information on the success of the balista to proceed with mass production of the balista so they can kill a dragon later this season with ~30 balistas.