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  1. I like the plate-caree projection. Simple, easy to use and it's used by NASA, climate scientists, etc. Easy to work with if you are trying to do any programming with it.
  2. I was not aware of that information. Thanks. Maybe they should count the RCMP as military as well.
  3. Killing civilians wasn't the main goal, but they were killed along the way intentionally. So still classifies as terrorism.
  4. You should find better uses for your time. Prayer doesn't do anything.
  5. How can the armed forces both defend our allies and defend our social values / fight terrorism as long as we are allied to countries like Saudi Arabia? They kill apostates, kill gay people, kill women that go shopping without a male escort, fund wahhabism, etc.
  6. Coast guard isn't part of the military. Coast Guard is part of DFO, not the Department of Defence. In case you did not read it, I said that while abolishing the military is feasible for Canada, it's not a position that I advocate. Vietnam/France gave China the Spratly and Parcel Islands in 1887 after the Sino-French war. China never relinquished its claim. Vietnam's claims to those Islands are illegitimate.
  7. The west's unnecessary polarization of the situation in Ukraine which lead to civil war? What a disaster. If there was one recent conflict where peace keeping made sense, it was in Ukraine to prevent civil war. Canada's current position on Ukraine is immoral, we should respect the right to self determination of all regions of Ukraine. So if the Crimean people overwhelmingly want to be part of Russia, we should respect that. Also, this unnecessary hostility with Russia makes it difficult to work with Russia to deal with our common enemy of Islamic Extremism. If the US doesn't like it, they can invade and annex us, in which case we win. We get freedom of speech, a monetary union, less trade barriers due to no border, greater labour mobility, increased capital investment, better netflix, etc.
  8. He probably planned it out similar to the attack on our parliament. Maybe not planned very well, but one generally doesn't just drive by their country's parliament every day. Now the attacks on random police officers with a knife, those are more likely unplanned.
  9. Usually, but not always. The intervention to protect South Korea during the Korean War, for example, had very good results for South Korea. Intervention to stop the NAZIs had good results as well. British intervention to end the slave trade had very good results, especially in Kenya. In Rwanda, intervention to prevent genocide would have arguably been quite good. Intervention (via sanctions) to end Apartheid in South Africa was effective. Canadian peace keeping intervention is Cyprus was arguably quite effective as well.
  10. See the thing is I'm not even against interventionalist foreign policy. I'm just against stupid or immoral interventionist policy. If it were interventionist policy to end the genocide against gay people and apostates in Saudi Arabia (provided that sanctions were tried first and Canada had a decent coalition of countries on it's side), then I'd probably support it. Or alternatively interventionist policy to help South Korea if North Korea attacks it, I'd support that too. But spending 2% of our GDP to protect Erdogan as he jails dissidents and shoots down Russian planes when Russia tries to fight ISIS, well that's insane. But people like Army Guy are so completely against changing the status quo and the current cold-war paradigms that it turns even people that favour interventionism occasionally, such as myself, completely against supporting significant military expenditure because basically no net good comes out of such expenditure. Unfortunately, the LPC and CPC are both completely led by rigid status-quo people like Army Guy.
  11. I think that the problem is you and the millions of other Canadians stuck in old cold-war paradigms. The cold war ended decades ago, and the military alliances that made sense during the cold war, no longer make sense today. It does not make sense to be allied to Saudi Arabia over Russia, when Saudi Arabia is the country the funds Salafism/Wahhabism, which leads to ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Queda, Al Shabab, etc. where as, due to shared interests and not being run by religious fanatics, the West and Russia should be natural allies in today's geopolitical environment. Also, being allied to Turkey is extremely questionable given the authoritarian nature of Erdogan and the fact that they have recently shot down a Russian jet when Russia was using jets to fight ISIS and stop the flow of oil from ISIS to Turkey (and thus cash from Turkey to ISIS). What we need is not so much increases in Military expenditure but better diplomacy and a re-orientation of foreign policy. And if you look at Canada on a map, you will notice that we have 0 natural enemies and are basically one of the few countries that could get away with abolishing the military if we wanted to. Abolition is not a position I advocate, but I'm just pointing out the reality. So going on about how we need the military to protect me, a Canadian, is nonsense. Maybe we need a military to protect Japan/S.Korea/Taiwan, or perform offensive actions in other countries, but not to defend Canada from an invasion.
  12. The intent was to both attack a government military institution and kill civilians. They went out of their way to kill civilians by driving on a sidewalk.
  13. Save me from what? The polar bears? Also, I doubt spending mass amounts of money on battleships, fighter planes, or helping Erdogan will be effective at protecting me from the polar bear invasion. Not yet, due to lack of advancements in ai. But that will change in the future.
  14. More Canadians would vote against M-103 than for it (42% to 29%) according to Angus Reid. But I guess being against M-103 is only a fringe position as the CBC would have you believe.

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  15. A lot of civilians were hit by a vehicle first.