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  1. Given how islamophobia was a term created by the Muslim Brotherhood, given how the islamic human rights commission defines islamophobia (hint: it defines Maajid Nawaz as an islamophobe), and given how the term by its construction confuses Muslims with Islam, I think that there are many justifiable reasons to oppose such a motion.
  2. Leave NATO. Slash military expenditure to half a percent of GDP or less. It's a waste of money and all NATO does is mean we will be forced to defend that fascist Erdogan if he decides to shoot down Russian jets as Russia fights ISIS. NATO is nothing but a relic of the past that makes no sense in today's geopolitical climate. People need to get over the cold war; it ended decades ago.
  3. You say that yet hate speech laws exist despite our wonderful charter. You are also ignoring the possibility of the justice system becoming compromised overtime due to political appointments.
  4. To be fair, it's an explanation that fits a narrative that I think a large section of the media wants to push. So we should be concerned about the potential of confirmation bias to skew what the media presents (i.e. the media may only be presenting evidence that supports 1 narrative and ignoring evidence which may suggest an alternative narrative).
  5. Too bad section 2 is restricted by section 1.
  6. Bisonnette liked Le Pen and Trump of facebook, but he liked other groups. He liked Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, so maybe he was motived by radical atheism. He liked the pope so maybe he was motivated by radical Catholicism. He liked some feminist groups, so maybe he was motivated by radical feminism and acting against gender segregation in segregated mosques. He liked Doom, Call of Duty & Marilyn Manson; so maybe we need to go with the 90's narrative that was used after the Columbine shootings and say that the attacks were motivated by violent video games and rock music. He also liked Jack Layton and the NDP, so maybe the motivation was NDPism. The fact is we don't have sufficient information to make any reasonable conclusions about what the motive was. Unlike the attack by Breivik in Norway, Bisonnette didn't provide us with a detailed manifesto indicating his motive.
  7. I outright hate mosquitos, poverty and murder. I guess I need to be put in prison. This infantile war on 'hate' is stupid and dangerous. We should be against specific ideas or actions, not emotions. Hate is a useful human emotion and it's not that you hate that is the issue. It is what you hate and how you act upon that hate that matters.
  8. Maybe the crossed the line. But I have not seen any evidence that they have done so.
  9. Why do religious people cry at funerals? You should be happy since your loved ones are now in a better place.

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    2. overthere


      Sorry to break this news, but right here right now is 'the better place'.

    3. Wilber


      I'm at a point at where more of my former co workers are starting to pass away. It is interesting how many people are disapointed when they are told the deceased has requested no funeral or celebration of life. People want to get together and talk about their friend and old times.

    4. bcsapper


      I'm leaving my body to science, but anyone who wants to get together and have a pint is welcome to.  Why would a dead person care? 

  10. If they committed fraud, they should be fined for it.
  11. Back it up? I guess we need to ban religion. Where's the stuff to back up the existence of god, the claim that Jesus turned water into wine, or the claim that Mohammed flew to heaven on a magic flying horse (with human face)? If a company claimed they had a magic device that turned water into wine, they would be fined for fraud.
  12. For fictional or long-since-dead people, yes. Also, I'd argue that our defamation laws go a bit too far.
  13. Maybe he did. Maybe he didn't. We should have the right to criticize this character and make claims about this character if we wish. I'm sure we agree on that (not impact though).
  14. Also, if Jesus were alive today, we could confirm if he could turn water into wine or not. And if he couldn't, then it would be much easier to stop a religion from forming around him. Unfortunately, we don't have that option. So sometimes it is helpful to use other tools, such as ridicule, to fight against the insanity of religion.
  15. For the lulz and views. And to be my hero of course.