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  1. Army Guy

    ISIS interview.

    Yes some of the evidence was inadmissible, and not used in a court of law, However in Omar case there was a pile of evidence WHICH was admissible, and DID convict him of MURDER of a US Military member, and some other crimes " those are facts not things i made up "goggle that shit" ....The fact that OMAR was held in detention and served his entire sentence and NOT released because of the convictions were seen as moot by the SCC by both sides of the border Has got to send YOU a message........or are you suggesting to me and the rest of the posters here that "anyone convicted in any makeshift legal system or kangaroo court system like some have suggested here can be sent to prison and expected to serve the sentence given.....without the US and Canadian justice system acting in ANY manner to secure his release .....How do you explain that OMAR was sent to prison and did his time.....i guess the SCC opinion is moot here is it not....it did not help Omar in any way. Under the Geneva Convention, Omar was a classified as a unlawful combatant, check the court documents, no where do they mention he was a "Child soldier"
  2. Army Guy

    ISIS interview.

    Cry me a river..... Omar was a terrorist.....As for the evidence, well did it not bring about a conviction, yes or no ?.....was that conviction upheld by the US justice system ?.....and then by the Canadian Justice system ?.....yes or no.....Some of his civil rights were violated , and he was compensated for that......with 10 mil dollars, and yet just last week the Canadian government settled with Native American's who had their civil rights violated much more than Omar and his merry band of terrorist ever did , and what was the payout again ?.....lots of justice there.
  3. Army Guy


    There is no excuses here, it is reality, something you seem not to share with the rest of us...... every time one of our politicians opens his mouth out comes mountains of bullshit, did you listen to Justin's speech in the UN, all bullshit.....Canada is back is all bullshit..... i know it's hard to concentrate when you live 40 feet up in a tree, surrounded by loggers and chainsaws....but just this time....join us in our universe...
  4. Army Guy

    ISIS interview.

    NO this was not the case with Omar, Omar was a terrorist plain and simple. Only Omar there was proof, here there is not...don't get me wrong this guy is guilty as shit as well but how does one prove that. Omar was pulled off the battle field....kind of hard to claim he was not a terrorist... Omar case in one in million, where there was follow up and evidence gathered, it is next to impossible to do all those things in a combat zone....and rarely happens.... Correct me if i am wrong but Omar was tried and convicted of murder was he not ? on the outset there may of been some doubt as to whether he kill the medic, but he was guilty as shit of being part of a terrorist group, being a terrorist, taking part in gathering intel on a coalition partner, planting IED's, picking up a firearm and participating in combat, while being a non combatant...that they got from Omars home made combat porn tape..... the list goers on, most of those charges were dropped in favor of the murder charge, which the final results were respected in the US and Canada despite what Canadian justice figures claim was a kangaroo court....he remained in jail.... Just a off topic question, those Native Americans Indians snatch up and put into foster homes, sent away to far away schools....what did they get for there rights being violated....was it 10 million....
  5. Army Guy

    ISIS interview.

    Charged with what, nobody can prove anything....this guy is innocent until proven guilty in a Canadian court, what about an Iraqi court where his crimes were committed ? .........and according to the liberal government it would be barbaric to hunt him down in Syria and kill his ass while he was learning what ISIS life was all about.....So we are left with these scumbags walking our streets, i wonder what does this do to islamophobia in Canada.
  6. Army Guy


    We Can not even get our government to speak the truth to it's own citizens....let alone to the UN...I wonder how the US would react TO TRADE SANCTIONS..I think we depend more on them than they do on us....tariffs on softwood, and we almost lost our minds....revamping NAFTA and our heads almost exploded...
  7. Army Guy


    Selling Wpns to Saudi Arabia just confirmed that money does make the world go round, and regardless of liberal values , enough money changes everything...
  8. Army Guy


    I'm sorry, i did articulate my idea well enough. Today Canada as a nation belongs to several defensive pacts, Norad, NATO, ABCANZ,(America, Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand), plus a separate North American treaty with the US, and Mexico. all of them have rules and caveats, all of them have one common thread that the US does most of the lifting and expenditures. They allow Canada to spend just over 1% of GDP on defense, even though NATO has said membership should spend a minimum of 2 % on defense ,we just ignore that and shrug maybe next year....we have big plans though, according to our PM, NATO just smiles and grins but when they talk to the media, it is Canada they refer to as being cheap, or taking advantage of the rest of NATO Yes, there are other nations on that list as well....... just over 1% of GDP is a ridiculously low expenditure for a nation with the largest coast line in the world , even when we count in Coast guard ves, we fall extremely short of means to just patrol it.... i mean we are a G-8 nation, we are approaching a 40 million in population, Most of our military expenditures goes to wages, very little goes into new equipment purchases, every year we loss capabilities due to obsolete equipment .....Canada ranks number 2 in the entire world for the highest paid military...second only to Australia, who has approx. the same stats as Canada but when we look at their military there is NO comparison....and it is growing stronger everyday...Their actions proves it can be down, over time, you just need the will, oh did i mention funding. If Canada was to withdrawal from all this pacts and go it's own way , make it's own mandates , the cost of defense would require much more than 2 % GDP. that's not me talking that is Canadian defense dept along with other high ranking NATO members who have contemplated the same thing. If we continue to under fund our military there will come a point where it will be to broken to fix....the bill will not be affordable....And while some Canadians can not wait for that day....they do not know what the consequences are going to be, loss of sovereignty, is just the tip of the ice burg....
  9. Army Guy

    ISIS interview.

    Our government and our laws have given these scumbags freedom to do what ever they want, including murder. How does one gather enough evidence that would satisfy a Canadian court of law....answer, it can not, it is mission impossible....so why do we need these types of laws ?....what a joke....this country needs to get it's shit together, we are more worried about their rights than those of normal Canadians.....
  10. Army Guy


    Gosthacked. Then what are you trying to say, If we can't help out with a UN mandate, we can't help out with a NATO mandate, we can't help out if there is oil or resources to be had, then where does Canada fit in where can it help. We have obligations from all the defensive pacts we have sighed onto, these defensive pacts allows Canada to cheap out on defensive spending. getting dragged into all these conflicts is the price we pay for being so cheap....If we decided to cut all these strings Canada would have to pay for it's own defenses, and they would be hit with more than a 2 % of GDP bill... If we opted out of thee arrangements and paid our own way for security, and sovereignty we could also decide which of these world problems we wanted to assist in. we can't have both..
  11. Army Guy

    Canada's Refugee System in Chaos

    Is it a slag, i mean has Canada ever had a PM that has not come from money, or huge family name ? not many examples, so while i agree with you greatness can come from anywhere....Here in Canada it seems to be limited to those with access to lots of cash and backing of a powerful family name.....
  12. Army Guy


    If you had read my post, you would see i agree with you, most likely for different reasons i 'm sure, but i think the UN is over rated, a waste of time and money, that does not produce anything of substance, on most topics.... I don't think Justin would be appalled, like all the rest of his promises they were" votes" , i mean has he kept any promises todate......they were not because it was good or beneficial for the country, because most liberals eat that UN shit up...they like the idea of our military being neutered, posing no threat to anyone....handing out blankets and teddy bears....
  13. Army Guy


    This is one of Justin's Campaign promises, to try and get our nation a temporary seat on the UN council. Canadians will remember the election, anyone but Harper election.... This is the path that the liberals chose to get this seat, remember his speech to the UN council and to Canadians he was going to rebrand DND's image from war fighters to "peace keepers" by investing Canadian soldiers and equipment in UN peacekeeping missions. See the massive list of UN failures around the globe.... The answer to your question is very little, other than perhaps a seat on the UN council, which offers very little really. However one would think we as a G-8 nation, with all our resources, including financial and material could afford to help around the world, without any undo hardship... unless your suggesting we should remain within our borders and close our eyes to problems outside borders and say fuck the rest of the world ?....pretty sure that is not a typical Canadian value let alone a liberal value, nor NDP or green party for that matter.....
  14. Army Guy


    I was just replying to your statement , Canada is going to provide the coalition with Helo support, with CH-47F and armed Griffons to act as Armed escorts....ferrying around troops, supplies, ammo etc. So the coalition spends less time on the roads. IED's are the number one killer in insurgent war fare.
  15. Army Guy


    The risk ANY soldier faces on the battle field is great, male of female, I take it your concerned about rape, Rape is about power, control, humiliation, and it works on both males and females, Middle eastern countries have made torture a science, and they are very good at it.....i would be lying if i said that it has not crossed the minds of any soldier, and does provoke fears, but their is a lot of things that soldiers think about on the battle field, surviving one more day is what consumes most soldiers thoughts most of the day....thinking about wife's, kids , family consumes the rest ...... Being a Canadian soldier is knowing your not alone, Canadian tactics in these regions make it extremely hard for the bad guys to be able separate or destroy any formation operating outside the wire, hence why in 10 years of combat operations in Afghanistan NOT one Canadian soldier had been captured.... A female soldier would make one hell of a trophy, hence why the tactics we use, and strategies we employ work...if it did happen, it would also be a huge blow to moral of not only the Canadian military but to our country as well, it would also be a blow to everything these female soldiers have worked so hard at to claw back from their male counter parts...my point is this....those that have chosen this career field have done so for a reason, they want to be a Canadian soldiers nothing more nothing less....not a female soldier, not a male soldier BUT a Canadian soldier...were each is treated equally...we have a long way to go.....we cant do that if we continue with this type of thinking, they don't want to be singled out as girls or boys or what every they identify as ...but known as just soldiers....Our hearts are in the right places, but our actions are flawed , does that make sense...