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  1. Islamophobia in Canada

    ya i'd say crazy as well, but something pushed him over his limit, drove him in that direction..
  2. Islamophobia in Canada

    What do you think pushed this young french men into killing 6 people.....it was not a random act of violence....it was planned , thought out way in advance, WHY....not because he loved muslims...look at europe , and what is happening .....the violence is just starting....
  3. Islamophobia in Canada

    Micheal you should have seen this coming a mile away, this shooting maybe the first mass killing but it will not be the last killing ....there is a growing hate on both sides of the fence, and it is going to spill onto the streets, and some weak minded retard is going to take action....our cultures are like oil and water they just don't mix very well, and this does not breed understanding it breeds mistrust and hate...we are not at that stage yet here in Canada, but Europe is turning that way, even the US in places like dearborn michigan, and even in Texas, people don't like change.... and it is going to get worse...
  4. Open Letter to Justin Trudeau, the MPs, and the press

    5. Army guy then quoted the guy that wrote the letter.....At the time he wrote the letter, there was no Apology....hence his letter....I,m sorry i did not clarify earlier...
  5. Open Letter to Justin Trudeau, the MPs, and the press

    At the time the letter was written there was no apology was there, hence the Asian dude stating that very fact in his letter..... No ,no was named and yet the police were investigating all Asian men right, you read the letter right ? ypu know the one you said was tearing Canada apart, and was full of hate.....he's pissed at the fact Asian men were singled out and he feels slighted by that fact..... that this girl and the rest of the 3 ring circus that resulted in a media making a mountain out of something that did not happen.....an
  6. Open Letter to Justin Trudeau, the MPs, and the press

    Ya right, these are not the droids your looking for, move on .....regardless, the story stands a young girls makes false statements to the police,school board, politicians , some of the muslim community set up a media circus, to condemn an asian man of assault of a little girl.... more facts the police said it never happened.....end of story....no apology by girl or her family, school board, liberals, no one..... like it never happened.....the letter by the asian dude which you thought was full of hate was questioning why nothing happened.....something we would all like to know What was the final outcome.....or was it dumped because it was no longer news worthy.....it seems to be the theme lately everyone is so quick to condemn any one for any thing, what ever happened to NOT guilty until proven in a court of law.....Now we have guilty until proven innocent....
  7. Open Letter to Justin Trudeau, the MPs, and the press

    Your kidding right.....Conspiracy theory....the girl is what 11 years old, you think she made all of this up, and the rest of those involved just happened to be standing by ready to take advantage of this incident.....now that is a conspiracy theory.....oh wait that just happened.......And yes there was some muslims involved, plus , wait for it....there was also some whinny liberal politicians involved as well, but you forgot that part and seem to see just the hatred spewing from a letter that an asian dude wrote explaining his discomfort with the situation and his race getting blamed for an attack that did not happen....it is only a conspiracy theory to you because some muslims were mentioned....
  8. Open Letter to Justin Trudeau, the MPs, and the press

    Could you point out where in the letter where he is tearing Canadians apart, or the part that shows his hatred as you suggested.....i read the letter and got a totally different take on it than you did.... This is what i see a young muslim girl is used by a bunch of Muslim adults along with s few provincial liberal members to gain headlines.....to use this so call islamophobia that is suppose to be rampant in Canada against the rest of the nation to gain sympathy for the muslim cause, and to gain some political points....and nothing has happened to any of them, the parents or adults ...nothing...the liberal politicians nothing ....the school board nothing.....and what happens the next time some one cries wolf..... nothing.....and yet all you seen was this guy tearing the country apart.....and hatred.....i wonder who is tearing what apart.....
  9. Joshua Boyle.

    Are you saying that the PM meets with any tom dick and harry, shit where do i sign up, love to have 10 mins with the PM to discuss stuff.....or are you saying that the PM seen a opportunity to get in some free press, score points with his liberal world loving , we sing kumba and blow kisses to everyone crowd, and HIS advisors thought it was a good idea again.........and less than a month of being back home in Canada he Mr boyle is already up on charges....some of them serious....i can't wait to hear what he's been up to on the 1/2 year anniversary maybe he'll just explode in some mall... He is another prime example of WHY these terrorist travelers, should be dealt with in the desert no longer allowed to come home...
  10. Joshua Boyle.

    Maybe he is one of those terrorist travelers, i wonder if JT and the boys offered him a role in one of their classes.....Oh shit looks like our terrorist traveler is in the news, criminal charges WTF....you just can't make this shit up...maybe justin should find better candidates for his media blimps...
  11. Separation ...... what if ?

    You western guys make me laugh, must get tiring just thinking about always having to carry Canada on your backs....all day and night....you must be all supermen, 8 feet tall with capes and them fancy boots,...... shit i forgot to bend the knee and say sir.......why in the hell you want to go and team up with BC and all the treehuggers i don't know and Manitoba what are you thinking.....shit i'd take 3 maritimes before i picked those two......shit i'd take queerbec before them....ok maybe not Quebec, maybe Ontario..... you guys been talking about separation longer than queerbec has....Maybe it's time to shit or get off the pot....make a decision.....or get a life....or maybe it's time to move on man.... As for us third world maritime provinces we will get along fine without you, we have in the past and we can once again.....besides you separate and your maritime work force went home, who's going to work the oil sands for you, the french, what about them ontario pansies oh ya shit tonnes of work will get done then, they're all gums and lips talk the ear right off ya....well my western friend your starting to sound just like em.....all talk and no action....
  12. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    Really....what about germany after WWII....when it was carved up....then there is the whole Yugo thing, after the war new borders were drawn up....the kosovo conflict, Ukraine ring a bell....i am sure there is a few more....
  13. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    Yes the palestinians do have a claim in front of the UN, and yet so does Israel.
  14. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    How does the UN see it....Because the UN can not change history can it....
  15. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    It does if a precedent was set previously....say like Prussia.