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  1. It also saved millions of Japanese lives, civilian lives. Though it could be argued that there were no Japanese civilians.
  2. You are apparently unaware that the Turkish economy is struggling and contracting. It is going to get worse, as the shortsighted strongman Erdogan continues to alienate his prime customer base. Duh.
  3. They are pikers compared to the war fought on the same ground in the 80s between Iraq and Iran, probably 2 million killed in a war that was fought for religious ideology, ego and greed. A few years later, Uncle Saddam did it again in Kuwait. Did you applaud both?
  4. Why do you think that Americans or Westerners believe anything of the sort? Why wuld anybody spoend one nickel on guns or armies or cops if they though the world was a gentle, kind place. You've been watching too much Elmo on PBS. As compared to the Muslim world, which has been killing each other and infidels for every day of its existence for about 1300 years. The US is achievers, but far, far from that sort of record.
  5. The main purpose of the EU is purported to be trade, but let us not forget the other one, which is less talked about. The Euros spent many, many centuries klilling each other for fun, culminating in a giant Euro war in WWI, then unbelievably escalating into the global reach of WWII. The second world war was ,more or less unthinkable in 1919, within 20 years it set the world afire. The EU is itself the ultimate treaty, instead of exchanging harsh words and settling old debts, the new apporach is to integrate economies so thoroughly it gets much harder to start shooting, the cost overall is prohibitive. In the last 67 years there have been some big dustups in Europe: the Balkans(inevitable). German integration, collapse of the Soviet Union and changes to all those former Commie countries..... But they have not had a big shooting war amongst themselves. Has there EVER been a period that long in Europes history as relatively calm as this one? Kudos to the big brains in Brussels for getting this far.
  6. This is what immediately preceded the atomic bombs being dropped, the Battle for Okinawa. The purpose for the battle from the America viewpoint was using the islands as a base to carpet bomb Japan for many months, to enable a land invasion. This is what happened: It was the final realization by the US of what they faced with Japan- an implacable enemy that would not hesitate to throw every man woman and child into certain death. They knew that many Okinawans killed themselves before being captured or forced to surrender. It was another sobering moment for the American leaders. Any onvasion of the Japanse homeland would take the numbers from Okinawa and increase them dramatically.. By then, they knew they had another option. They took it, and IMO redcued the body count of dead humans by in the process. Proof of the Japanese nature was that they refused to surrender after Hiroshima occurred. They knew with absolute certainty that they were going to lose the war, they were warned of the consequences, and still they would not surrender. Hiroshima is partly on the American soul, but Nagasaki has to be charged to the Japanese leaders.
  7. WE are going to see a lot of this in the next decades. It is much harder/more expensive to plan a group attack with weapons than it is to get in a car and look for a bunch of people on a sidewalk. ISIL is in an irreversible process of getting their nuts sawn off in their Caliphate. Everybody will be going home soon to start killing the infidels where they live.
  8. Muslims have had their own versions of Luther, it is very far from 'impossible'. Several of them Sorry, wrong tense, their bloodbath version of the Reformation has never abated. Sunnis, Shiites, and countless devout offshoots all intent on killing each other, killing infidels, or both. Its as if they saw the Inquisition and thought it was an excellent strategy for the next several hundred years. Apsotasy is just another word for 'death penalty', then and now. Repeat for a millenium or two.
  9. Please put down the bong. Tell me, how many books are there in the average madrassa school library? Answer: one. The Holy Koran. How many computers on site with full Internet access? Answer: none. How do you think even a shitty US school would compare to those numbers?
  10. If you are going to move the goalposts, you have to do it much more skilfully. That was really clumsy. Maybe start the post with 'look there is a squirrel!!!'
  11. It is very weak argument given the actual electoral evidence. Nope, gotta be a white guy from Quebec: 20% of the population, 75% of the control. We have had the occasional brief, humorous oddity like Campbell, Turner, Clark.... but the numbers don't lie. That means Bernier will be the candidate. Appeasing Quebec is never optional. Except for that one time...... Harper had La Belle Province filling their pants, gibbering in fear... but those days are in the past. It is all back to normal now.
  12. My mundane public school education failed utterly at turning out Warriors for Jesus. The Saudis have done much, much better at turning out Warriors for Allah. I hate to tell you this, but even the girls at the Catholic schools were naughty sometimes. And nobody stoned them to death.
  13. The threats to Trudeaus longevity are not policies or actions. The threats to him are perceptions of the centrist voters who left the Cons and NDP -and the other threat is himself.. Trudeaus ran a masterful campaign in social media, more accuratey his team did a great job. Now his challenge is to sustain his youthful appearance, convince people again that promises mean something, continue to come up with catchy new memes to repeat in all circumstances, diminish via social media whomever the Cons and NDP elect as leaders, and above all stay on script. All of those things are doable. One of the biggest threats for Trudeau is of course himself. Prior to 2015, far too often he came across as a semi-moron when he went off script. His excellent handlers reminded him of his true calling as a dramatist. Since then he stays in costume(rolled up sleeves, a hint of chest showing) and stays in character in public and in Commons.
  14. The budget tells me that Trudeau intends to copy Chretien. 1. cut military spending while bleating about our contribution to world peace. 2. Send Canadian men and women of the armed forces into harms way while poorly equipped. Canada is back all right, back to borderline insanity at best, criminal and wanton negligence at worst.