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  1. Nah, because SINCE you consider Muslims moving in to Canada and buying up houses, an invasion.
  2. What about the Christian nations in Africa that are also shitholes? https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/african-countries-with-christianity-as-the-religion-of-the-majority.html
  3. I disagree, terrorists already control many 'democratic' nations. No where did I say they won. Come on DoP, always twisting other people's words. Hell if I called you straight, you would say you are gay just to spite the conversation.
  4. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    You are free to think however you want, but you are wrong and East Jerusalem is not part of Israel. Plain and simple, and yes it's not up to me, OR to you, blah blah blah.... I get it. Really I do. But again, facts are facts DoP. That's just the way it is bro.

    Hovind is a scam artist. And he did jail time for it. It's not debatable , it's just how it is.
  6. Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    Right, Jews bought the deed to the land and decided to take over the rest after blaming the Arab world for not accepting this newly created nation. It would be like Muslims coming into your neighborhood by buying homes and such and then you all of a sudden end up attacking them because you don't like them.
  7. President Oprah Winfrey in January 2021?

    You can simply call them the rich elites, which the Rothchild family is a part of.
  8. Islam has little to do with how many African countries are shitholes. How's Libya these days? Was it Islam or western powers deciding regime change in that nation? How about tyrants like Mugabe?? Islam again or something else? Somalia? Islam or a failed government and a people that are well known pirates. I won't say Islam is not a factor, otherwise you'd loose your shit on me (expected), it's just not the only factor.
  9. Puerto Rico is sure a shithole after the US decides to bail on it's own citizens.

    Hahahahhahahahaah Hovind? Is he out of jail for tax evasion yet?
  11. Iran needs some democracy

    Interesting when the West sees Saudi Arabia as being more progressive than Iran. When are we going to see regime change there?

    That chronologically goes against the notion of Adam and Eve being the FIRST two humans on earth created by God.
  13. Facts are facts Dog .. can't deny it no matter how you 'cut it up'. Haahahah.
  14. Dictators abound, democracy retreats

    Remember when the USA tried to pull that bullshit line just after 9/11 ?? Hahahahah, that was fantastic joke. Maybe one of Bush Jrs best jokes!
  15. Iran needs some democracy

    They were getting close to democracy before the Shah stuff.. Also Afghanistan was very progressive a few decades ago. What happened!??