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  1. Deleted - another thread got their first.

    That's why in other places, like south of the 49th we see police unload the whole clip from the pistol to make sure the perp is dead.
  2. Deleted - another thread got their first.

    Nope, not suicide by cop, the guy was taken into custody. However I am really surprised the cop did not fire on him. The guy was making clear gestures of pulling a gun and pointing at the officer. Maybe we can get some answers as to the why. Every other one I see was gunned down on the spot. But I like the way the thread is 'deleted' because JBG jumped to conclusions and really really wanted the perp to be Muslim. And that might still be the case, but let's get some evidence first.
  3. Trump/Obama -Difference?

    I am also trying to remember what Obama and Bush Jr had done for the US economy. Unless Trump can do one bigger than the crash of 2008. He's got a way to go yet. But really what past president has done anything for the US economy?
  4. Syrian Civil War

    Let me know when that peace is established. I've been on the look out for it got about 40 years.
  5. Syrian Civil War

    Don't complain when other nations don't support the war. We get to vote that way.
  6. Syrian Civil War

    But the USA is, get congressional approval.
  7. America under President Trump

    It takes a cigar to impeach a president.
  8. I am interested in discussion, that is why I am here. Possibly someone can change my mind. Thing is I asked the question a couple times regarding Mali, but there was no answer. I can't listen if you don't want to talk.
  9. The Russia/USA Game

    Don't cry for me , Crimea!!
  10. Check your emotions at the door, that way we can have a proper discussion. Alright , let me ask again. How does sending troops to Mali help us here at home? One of my close high school friends did two tours in Kosovo and one in Afghanistan. The tour in Afghanistan was what destroyed this man. I saw it in his eyes with the comment of 'I was a tool of the government. I also stand by my other statements regarding how the military is funded.
  11. A couple of my family members were in the military. I has several friends in the military. As for the bolded part, blow it out your ass. I am tired of this kind of rhetoric on this board and brings the conversation down to a level we do not need to be. I'll let it slide this time. But maybe you can tell me how bombing Syria helps us here at home in Canada. Since you are an expert. Edit: Sorry this is regarding Mali. How does sending troops to Mali help us here at home? I stand by what I say.
  12. The Russia/USA Game

    So that seems WAY beyond 60 days. So that means. Trump failed, Obama failed, BOTH Bush's failed, Clinton failed, Regan failed, Nixon failed...... All failed to get congressional approval and all should be convicted of violating US law. NEXT
  13. Syrian Civil War

    It's been 7 years. Time to get authorization.
  14. Syrian Civil War

    What did Syria do to the USA? Call your daddy a name or something?
  15. Syrian Civil War

    And after 7 years we have failed to take Assad out. What's stopping us from accomplishing this task? Proper factual intelligence? Bigger weapons? Balls??