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israel's sponsorship of terrorism

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Posted 25 February 2012 - 01:37 PM

Why should an Israeli soldier shoot an Iranian soldier, and vice versa?

Are any of you familiar with the Christmas Truce during the first world war? There was a book about it, I believe it was called Silent Night if I remember correctly. Anyway, one Christmas Eve the soldiers on the Western front who were sick and tired of the war stopped shooting at each other, and instead began meeting each other in the no man's land between the trenches, and soon they were drinking together and playing football together and otherwise having a great time.

The next day they didn't feel like fighting either. So they drank more, had more fun together, and this went on day after day. The lower officers were cool with this, as they were sick of the war too.

But when the generals living further back behind the lines found out about it they quickly put an end to this spontaneous peace by threatening the soldiers with court-martial and execution.

The Israeli working class is plenty upset about their difficult living conditions in Israel. The Israeli bourgeoisie underpays the Israeli worker, but simultaneously charges the Israeli worker dearly for basic necessities. Of course, the Israeli politicians are the friends of the Israeli bourgeoisie. In addition, many Iranians (perhaps many rank-and-file soldiers within the Armed Forces itself) are not too happy about the Iranian regime either.

And many of us Americans are not interested in a war with Iran. Many of us are sick and tired of the one percent and their prostitute-politicians of both political parties. The enemy of the American worker is not in Iran. Iranians are not foreclosing on American homes! The Iranians didn't ruin the economy with derivative schemes! The Iranians didn't give away our tax money away to the wealthiest 1% in bailout schemes! The enemy of the American worker is on Wall Street and in Washington, DC

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