Parliament of Canada

The Opposition in the Canadian House of Commons: Role, Structure, and Powers

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Jan 30, 2008


p>The opposition is an important element of the Canadian parliamentary tradition and the day-to-day operation of government. This article examines the role, structure and powers of the opposition in Canada’s premier national legislature, the House of Commons.

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Parliamentary Government in Canada: Basic Organization and Practices

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Oct 13, 2007


p>Canada’s parliamentary system is a central component to its government. This system frames the relationship between Canadians and their political leaders, the manner in which laws are passed, and the organization and authority of key government positions and institutions.

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The Canadian Senate: Role, Powers & Operation

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Jun 1, 2007

Canada’s Parliament consists of two legislative houses: the House of Commons and the Senate.

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Parliamentary Press Gallery in Canada

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Aug 1, 2006

The Parliamentary Press Gallery serves as an important link between Canadians and the world of federal politics.

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