War on Terrorism

Cartoon: Gordon Brown and the Plan to Rehabilitate Murderous Terrorists

Find a political cartoon depicting Great Britain's Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, making the pitch to rehabilitate murderous terrorists into Afghan society.

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Cartoon: Afghanistan Torture Allegations are Torture to Watch

Find a political cartoon depicting the recent torture allegations involving prisons captured in Afghanistan and turned over to Afghanistan officials, basically torturing Canadians who have to read about the allegations in the media.

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Cartoon: NATO in Afghanistan - Not Sure Which Direction to Take

Find a political cartoon depicting the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) not quite sure which direction to take in the complicated and ever dangerous military mission in Afghanistan.

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Cartoon: Stéphane Dion and Stephen Harper Duel Over Afghanistan Mission

Find a political cartoon that depicts Stéphane Dion and Stephen Harper dueling over Canada's involvement in Afghanistan.

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Cartoon: Should Canada Stay or Pull out of Afganistan: A Tough Decision for Dion

Find a political cartoon depicting Stéphane Dion being torn between Stephen Harpers desire to keep the Canadian forces in Afghanistan, and Jack Layton's desire to pull the troops out.

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John Manley Speaks about Canada's Response to the Terrorist Attacks in the United States

Interviewed by Greg Farries on Jan 9, 2002

Honourable John Manley speaks about Canada’s Response to the September 11th Terrorist Attacks in the United States.