Election History

Shortly before calling the election, Prime Minister Paul Martin suggested in an interview that the 2004 federal election was the most important election in Canadian history. That got us wondering which elections might be considered the most important. Not feeling qualified to answer that question ourselves, we posed the question to two groups of people we felt were eminently qualified to answer. We sent e-mails to the most popular mailing lists of Canadian political scientists and Canadian historians and asked them to send us their list of the top five elections in Canadian history in order. Altogether, we had thirty-seven responses. This is a completely unscientific survey, but there was a surprising level of agreement among many of the respondents. We tabulated the results by giving first choices five points, second choices four points, and so on.

Join us as we count down the top five elections in Canadian history.

#5 - 1921

#4 - 1911

#3 - 1917

#2 - 1993

#1 - 1896 & 1988 (a tie)

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