Wilf Hanni

Leader of the British Columbia Conservative Party

Wilf Hanni is Leader of the British Columbia Conservative Party. He does not hold a seat in the BC legislature.

Hanni joined the BC Conservative Party in 2004, and has served as party leader since 2005. He was appointed Interim Leader after a non-confidence vote took place, casting out then-leader Barry Chilton. On September 24, 2005, the BC Conservative Party decided to take its party in an entirely new direction. Changes included a new constitution, new policies, a new Board of Directors, and a new leader.

The BC Conservative Party now bills itself as a grassroots political organization that continues to develop policies proposed by its members. On March 18, 2006, an election took place to determine the new permanent leader of the BC Conservative Party. Hanni was successful in his leadership bid, and is now leader for the BC Conservative Party.

Hanni was first involved in politics in the 1970s with the Social Credit Party, where he served in several positions, including Regional Director. He also sought the nomination for the riding of Kootenay but was unsuccessful. He returned to politics in 1992, this time joining the Reform Party of Canada. The following year Hanni joined the Reform Party of British Columbia (which was not affiliated with the Reform Party of Canada). He was a Reform Party of BC MLA candidate in 1996, and later served as leader from 1998 to 1999.

Born in 1948 and raised on a farm near Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Hanni moved to BC in 1966. After completing high school, he entered the workforce, securing positions with the Bank of Montreal, Crestbrook Forestry Industries Ltd., and Jones Boys Marine Ltd. In 1978, Hanni began working in the oilfields, establishing his career first as a drilling fluids engineer. In this capacity, he worked in oilfields in Canada, The Netherlands, and Qatar. He then became a drilling foreman and consultant.

Hanni married his wife Anita in 1968. They currently reside in Cranbrook. They have two sons, Jeremiah and Matthew.

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