Website Features


The tabs at the top of the page allow for quick movement to different sections of the website. The upper layer of tabs organizes the main sections of the website, such as “Home,” “Features,” “Weblog,” “Forums,” and so forth. The lower layer of tabs organizes the sub-sections within each main section. For example, when you click on the “Feature” section tab, you will be provided with a further set of sub-section tabs, such as “Topics,” “Elections,” “Political Cartoons,” and so on.


Each sub-section of the website is indexed by subject matter through the use of categories. This allows the reader to locate content efficiently by identifying the type they are searching. The “Topics” sub-section of the “Features” section, for example, is divided into several different subject-related categories, such as “Crime & Justice,” “Economy, Trade & Finance,” and so forth.


The sidebar on the right-hand side of the page allows for quick movement to recently published articles, reader posts, website polls, and political cartoons. By clicking on one of these sidebar links, you will be immediately taken to the listed piece of content.


Tags are located in the sidebar at the right-hand side of the page. These tags index the website’s content by subject matter, and enable the reader to quickly locate additional content that is closely related to the material being currently viewed.


There are breadcrumbs located below the tab bar at the top of the page, which show you the steps you have taken to get to the page you are currently viewing. An example of breadcrumbs is as follows:

Home » Features » Topics

In addition, each item in the breadcrumb series is a link that allows you to immediately return to one of the steps you have taken in navigating to your current page.


You can enter a ‘keyword’ into the search box on any page, or you can go to the ‘Advanced Search’ page to use specific search criteria or features.