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Why the Conservatives could sweep Saskatchewan...

By David McGrane on Oct 8, 2008

This op-ed piece will appear in the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix on Thursday, October 9th.

With Conservative support taking a nosedive in Quebec, it seems that they need to add a considerable number of seats in English Canada if they are to form a majority government. All of the sudden, a Conservative sweep of Saskatchewan's seats could be the difference between a majority and minority Harper government. While Saskatchewan is an important part of the Conservatives' pursuit of a majority, our province also plays a key role in Stephen Harper's quest to reshape Canadian political culture.

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Vote Swappers Should Concentrate on Advocating for PR

By David McGrane on Sep 24, 2008

From ‘Puffingate' to the flood of e-mails and postings on websites urging that Elizabeth May participate in the leaders debate, the internet has began to effect this federal election campaign in a profound way. The latest internet splash is the creation of a Facebook group dedicated to ‘vote swapping' in order to stop the Conservatives from forming a majority government.

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What the NDP should do....

By David McGrane on Sep 22, 2008

 First of all, why are the Liberals putting out  a platform ahead of the NDP? When Layton puts out a platform in the future it will look he is the official opposition leader and he will continue to look stronger compared to Dion.

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The Choice that Saskatchewan voters make will matter...

By David McGrane on Sep 19, 2008

 This article appears as  "Choice by voters in Sask. Will hold significant sway", Saskatoon StarPhoenix, September 18th, 2008, A11. 

When the Prime Minister called the federal election, the response of many people in Saskatchewan was undoubtedly: "What! Another election!" With two federal elections and one provincial election during last four years, a little voter fatigue is understandable. Nonetheless, we should not let our weariness allow us to fall prey to old, cynical arguments that we should not bother to vote because ‘all politicians are the same' and ‘your vote doesn't make a difference anyway.'  The votes cast in Saskatchewan on October 14th will be very important for the future of province and our country. The choice we make will make a difference.

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