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Best Prime Minister Since Pearson?

By Harold Jansen on Dec 15, 2007

If you haven't seen Gordon Gibson's Globe and Mail essay about the best Canadian PM since Lester Pearson, you can read it here. Gibson argues that Brian Mulroney wins the prize as best post-Pearsonian PM. It's pretty clear, though, that it's not an easy call.

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Mulroney Airbus Affair - What Exacly is a Public Inquiry?

By Greg Farries on Nov 15, 2007

With the controversial Airbus Affair back in the news, and Prime Minister Stephan Harper’s recent announcement that a full public inquiry would be held, now would be a great time to read our in-depth feature on public inquiries in Canada.

Important Links For Federal Elections

By Greg Farries on Sep 21, 2007

A long list of important links have been posted to the Federal Elections section of the Voter Almanac.

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2004 Liberal Campaign Website Review

By Greg Farries on Jun 20, 2004

Liberal.ca is a well designed website with many valuable features available to the interested web surfer. The site contains extensive background information on Prime Minister Paul Martin, the candidates running for the party, and the party’s official policy platforms. The site also contains a multimedia section full of video footage, TV ads, photo galleries and slideshows.

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2004 Conservative Campaign Website Review

By Greg Farries on Jun 1, 2004

It would seem that the Conservatives have placed their best foot forward when it comes to the campaign website. My initial impression was that the site was a drastic improvement from the amateurish look and feel of the pre-election post-merger, conservative.ca site.

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