2009 Nova Scotia Election Coverage

By Greg Farries on Jun 8, 2009

There is only one day left in the 2009 Nova Scotia General Election and therefore it might not be a bad idea to quickly highlight some of the popular Nova Scotia election resources:

Nodice: Nova Scotia Provincial Election 2009 Coverage - Provides statistical and brief background information on the 2009 provincial election in Nova Scotia.

Maple Leaf Web: 2009 Nova Scotia General Election - As part of regular provincial election coverage, we provide backgrounders on the election issues, party platforms and other election related websites and information.

CBC.ca: Nova Scotia Votes 2009 - Provides the deepest and most thorough coverage of the provincial contest and will likely have the flashy election night diagrams and maps to thrill the most discerning political junky.

Chronicle Herald: Nova Scotia Election 2009 - Provides extensive coverage of the election campaign with articles and editorials.

These represent the largest more thorough election resources I could find. There are other regional and local newspapers in Nova Scotia, but the coverage in those newspapers is less tailored for the Internet and is more archival in nature - they are just reprinting materials that was originally published in the regional/local newspaper. If you've got any more suggestions, please leave them in the comments.

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