New Federal Party Seat Projections from LISPOP

By Greg Farries on Nov 16, 2007

Barry Kay, at the Laurier Institute for the Study of Public Opinion and Policy (LISPOP), has posted a new set of seat projections based at recent polling data from October:

The model suggests that a federal election held in early October, 2007 would have produced a minority government situation, but one in which the Conservatives would hold a considerable lead over the Liberals compared to our last projection in June. However, the Conservative holding of 138 seats would still be quite short of a majority in the 307 seat House. The table suggests that the Liberals would win 101 seats, the NDP would hold fairly stable at 27 seats and the Bloc would win 41 seats.

Make sure to check out the graphs, tables and other statistical information in the Features and Updates section of the LISPOP website.

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