Political Blogs and the Use of Pseudonyms

By Greg Farries on Jun 11, 2009

Raphael Alexander ponders that impact of blogging under your REAL name, rather than using a pseudonym to remain anonymous:

[the] true danger of posting on the internet under your own name, and increasingly one becomes aware of the immortality of one’s comments and statements where “google never forgets”. Just as I have had a few scuffles in the past with people I’ve disagreed with, google can become a nasty tool when prospective employers enter your name online, and can come up with words like “racism” or “sexism” associated to past posts. Some rather unsavoury bloggers even intentionally manipulate google by putting a person’s name next to a keyword like “pedophile” in order to try and get it as a top research result in tandem with the person’s name.

Raphael goes on to list the top 25 political blogs (according to a Robert Jago’s monthly list of top 25 political bloggers) in Canada and highlights which ones use their real name.

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