Best Prime Minister Since Pearson?

By Harold Jansen on Dec 15, 2007

If you haven't seen Gordon Gibson's Globe and Mail essay about the best Canadian PM since Lester Pearson, you can read it here. Gibson argues that Brian Mulroney wins the prize as best post-Pearsonian PM. It's pretty clear, though, that it's not an easy call. I agree with Gibson that Trudeau's legacy is a bit overblown. Although he's rated highly by Canadians, his accomplishments proved to be remarkably ephemeral (with the exception of the Charter). To me, the call between Chretien and Mulroney is tougher. Where Mulroney wins over Chretien is in policy innovations that lasted. But Chretien wins over Mulroney in electoral success and in fiscal management.

It's fun to talk about this one, because there's really no right answer.

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