The Conservatives are at the majority mark, according to LISPOP

By Harold Jansen on Sep 29, 2008

In my last post, I noted that Wilfird Laurier's Barry Kay had the Conservatives just a couple of seats away from a majority. His latest projections put the Conservatives right at the magic number of 155. This has led Gilles Duceppe to call for support for the Bloc in order to deny the Conservatives a majority. It will be interesting to see whether those calls have any resonance with the electorate. Stephen Harper has worked hard to put a moderate face on the Conservatives (often to the dismay of the more ideologically inclined members of his party). This will be the test of how well Canadians have responded to his move to the political centre. In 2006, the Canadian Election Study found that Harper made gains, but that Canadians still had misgivings about the party and lingering concerns that he is too extreme. He has spent two and a half years trying to dispel those worries. We'll know in a little more than two weeks whether he's been successful.

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