Is the Problem Coalitions in General or THIS Coalition?

By Harold Jansen on Dec 5, 2008

Although the question of whether a coalition can take over is primarily a constitutional and parliamentary question, there's no doubt that public opinion is a factor, lurking in the background of all of these discussions. And the polls are coming in. They suggest that Canadians prefer Stephen Harper and the Conservatives to govern.

Although I think some of the media pronouncements of the death of the coalition are a bit premature, the failure to rally public opinion is a problem they have to deal with. The question that needs to be asked, though, is Canadians' problem with the idea of a coalition government itself or with this particular coalition. Although there has been some criticism of the coalition idea generally, for the most part, the problem seems to be with this coalition. Paul Wells makes the argument that had the coalition been structured differently or had circumstances been different, it might have a chance to succeed. I think he's right. The Liberals and NDP face a number of critical problems which make this a tough sell. The dependence on the sovereigntist/separatist/secessionist/treasonous/country-wrecking BQ (or whatever we're calling them today) is phenomenally bad optics. The fact that the combination of Liberal plus NDP seats does not outnumber the Tories makes this difficult to pass off. And the leadership of Stephane Dion makes this even harder. It's tough to sell him to Canadians when his own party apparently has no confidence in him. The best argument for the coalition, the fact that it has the support of the parties which got a majority of the vote in the last election is a good one, but not one that the coalition succeeded in making.

More importantly, I hope Wells is right that the right coalition can succeed. Coalition governments can and do work around the world and fit nicely into the logic of our parliamentary system (though not our electoral system, which is the topic for another post). It would open up more governmental options for the future in Canada and move us away from this cycle of repeated minorities. And it might encourage a less destructive form of politics where parties have to consider each other not only as adversaries but also as potential governing partners. As long as the BQ is around (and thanks to the rhetoric of our government this week, their future looks bright), it's going to be difficult to get a majority. This weeks events have introduced the idea of a coalition to the vocabulary of Canadian politics. I hope it hasn't poisoned it to the extent that it isn't viavle under different circumstances.


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Black Day in Canada

This week we witnessed a complete breakdown in Canadian leadership with both our elected prime minister and our governor general failing to act in the best interest of Canadian citizens. In the midst of our worst economic crisis in several generations - they jointly provide themselves with a 7 week holiday/respite so that neither of them needs to make a real decision or act quickly to support Canadians in the most demanding hours of the decade. This is a time for brave and firm actions to help all Canadians - not a time to cut and run.

Our confidence in Mr. Harper to make the right decision has been shaken to the core. Our confidence in the governor general has completely evaporated.

Mr. Harper - do the right thing here. Come back to Parliament and work with the opposition in the best interest of all Canadians - not just political best interests. If you can not lead, then let the coalition have at it. We need a government today.

Governor General - please admit to yourself what the rest of the country has already come to realize, that you are not up to the job, and step down.


What part of wake up do Canadians not understand?

Stop watching Asper’s television, pull the tuque above the eyes, wake up, and smell the “cold coup” by Queen Elizabeth via her official representative our Governor General.

Don't Canadians get it that the Queen if it pleases her has the ultimate power shot because she represents the oligarchs of the British-Anglo-Dutch Financiers and they love Harper to keep implementing the North American Union without parliamentary oversight tearing down the firewall of our sovereignty.

Or are we too brainwashed and believe the Queen is only a ceremonial robe of our government? Holy Batman could the reverse be true and that we have been wholly duped.

The truth is our parliament is ceremonial and the Queen calls the official power shots if it so pleases her.

Don't believe me, then pray tell how can the Queen's representative aka Governor General shut parliament down by having a conversation with Mr. Harper, who then comes out all cheery with a fancy bouquet of syntax like "prorogue".

Websters: transitive verb 1 : defer , postpone 2 : to terminate a session of parliament by royal prerogative

So we are all proroguees of the royal Queen's orders.

But please, do keep denying this in your face power grab by Her Majesty. Think. If you want to hide some obvious machination in a monarchy run by the oligarchs - hide it in plain sight - But remember the Queen is only ceremonial. Bull shit.

Ya and I'm selling the queen’s jewels on ebay, and I we just got ceremonial-ized. Prorogued or fragged.

What to do besides being in our polite Canadian comfort zone. Perhaps ya think that we need to move to a zone of action and finish what our majority parties started.

Perhaps Millions of Canadians get out into the streets and protest, disobey the Governor General aka Brutish Empire and shut this country down, go on strike.

Lets get our country back and be number one in health care: universal education, no more students in debt, well funded municipalities, five weeks paid vacation, pure water, pure food (no more Genetically screwed food) pure vaccinations, no more chem trails, no more fluoridation, major funding for cutting edge inventions that benefit all of us and our environment. Stop suppressing cancer cures.

Where will the money come from?

One-stop sovereign banking using our Bank of Canada Act.

We Don’t use private banking cartels, foreign and domestic.

And we cease paying the royal family 10% of our GDP. Do the math 10%+ of almost 2 Trillion every year.

Please do the research and find that the Governor Generals office, really the office of the Queen and her oligarch associates run our economic policy, our intelligence offices, military, and Harper our poster kid for O'Canada Serfdom, aka we the people who fund our own enslavement, trained by our media to enjoy the economic chains we have come to know and love as our freedom-prison like freedom-fries.

Please understand the Queen and the Royal Family "do not" take our third world vaccines and flu shots, they don't drink fluoridated water, they don't eat one iota of genetically altered food because they understand the soft kill implications set up in the 1950s by their associates. The royals have their own herbalists.

Wake up Canada, lets take our country back, now.

Unless we want more of our serfdom fed to us with a high tech overlay.

If this doesn't get you mad then stop drinking Harper's kool aid.

Good Luck

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