May's Roots Run Deep

By Jared Wesley on Sep 24, 2008

God bless the CBC Digital Archives.  The folks over there uncovered a gem in a 1978 Fifth Estate documentary on the Nova Scotia forestry industry.  In it, we're introduced to a 23-year-old Elizabeth May -- a young, anti-logging, women's rights activist.  "Coming out of the spruces," she out-argues a seasoned forestry industry representative on national television.  Comparing his advertising campaign to "Nazi propaganda" may have been a bit out of line.  But if she argues half as well on October 2nd, that debate could be interesting.  The documentary is worth a look, and shows that the people over at the CBC deserve a lot of credit for giving Canadians easy access to their history.  (Those of you in the teaching profession will find the archives a very, very valuable resource.)

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