The Year of the Political Apology - I'm Sorry for the F.U.

By Jared Wesley on Dec 11, 2008

On his show earlier this week, CJME Regina radio host John Gormley deemed 2008 "The Year of the Political Apology."  Boy, was he right.  From Eliot Spitzer's fall from grace, to Gerry Ritz's ill-humored cold-cut remark, politicians have been saying sorry for a whole slough of personal misdeeds.  [I invite readers to add to this list.]  Even governments have been getting into the act, as witnessed by Parliament's public apology on residential schools.  A year earlier, the Canadian government apologized to Japanese Canadians for its World War II internment program.  (As further proof of the government's penchant for contrition, we even called on Japan to apologize for interning women during the same conflict.)   Each of these national apologies was orchestrated by the Conservatives - a fact that is somewhat puzzling.  Given that most observers - including many in the Tory caucus - have admitted it was a mistake to issue the "F.U." fiscal update, it's a wonder Harper and his team haven't issued a public apology for contributing to the rancour on Parliament Hill.  I guess partisanship means never having to say "I'm sorry"?  What do you think?

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