More Interesting Campaign Signs in Montreal

By Melanee Thomas on Oct 7, 2008

I've noted earlier in the campaign how different and interesting campaign signs are in Quebec. A few more have gone up in the neighborhood that warrant mention.

My local Green candidate *finally* got signs up for the last week of the campaign. They are very pretty, featuring the Green candidate in a nice park (probably Parc LaFontaine, being in the riding and all). What makes it interesting is that there's a tag line on the sign referring to personal environmental sovereignty. The Green candidate ties support for Quebec sovereignty with environmental support. 

New signs are up for the NDP, calling people who are/to be progressive first (in French, of course) and vote for the local NDP candidate. They are effectively placed immediately beneath the original campaign signs, and I've only seen on them on the pedestrian part of Prince Arthur. This is important: the placement indicates that the NDP is deliberately placing the signs where foot traffic truly dominates: people will see the signs and have time to read them. 

By contrast, the Green signs are in parts of the riding where car traffic is the norm, and I'm not sure many will be able to read the sovereignty tag line.


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