Pick Your Party on CTV.ca

By Melanee Thomas on Sep 9, 2008

Straight from the horse's mouth! - CTV.ca has a fun yet substantive way to determine which party is right for you. Pick your Party (located on the right side of the site about halfway down) amalgamates party leader quotes on various topics and asks respondents to choose which particular quote best suits their own position. After the survey-quiz is complete, respondents are matched up with the party leader that best represents their views. Respondents can then go back and see which leader said what for each issue area.

I find this pseudo-survey, pseudo-quiz fascinating for two reasons. First, some if not many respondents may come face to face with the fact that the party they identify with does not, in fact, best represent their own opinions. While my identification and opinions match (according to this, anyway), upon reviewing which leader said what after I completed the survey-quiz, I was taken aback by who said some of the quotes I agreed with most. Second, like many things in Canadian politics, the survey-quiz boils party politics down to the leaders and the leaders alone. 

Give it a try! It's a bit of nerdy fun. :)

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