Election 2008: Most Awkward Moment?

By Royce Koop on Oct 10, 2008

Awk-ward! Hoo boy, this exchange between a sneering Mike Duffy and a smirking Geoff Regan has to count as the most uncomfortable moment of the campaign. You have to fast-forward to the 04:40 point see it.


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CTV and Mike Duffy should be ashamed of themselves

For my part, and I say this as someone who isn't a fan of the Liberals or Stephane Dion, this is a blatant violation of journalistic integrity. The interviewee has a hearing disability, and clearly was under the impression the interview would be edited.

The worst part is that Duffy aired this prior the original interview aired completely. 

There is one thing about the whole fall-out that I do believe: when both Dion and Harper accuse each other of not having a plan to deal with the economic crisis, I think they're both right. 

Totally Agree...

I'm not a big fan of Dion's performance in this campain, but I agree airing this crosses the line and seems a weak way to fill air time. I think the question was poorly written and asked in that he is "PM today" but "what would you have done" to correct the econimic situation. I thought the other folks being interview steered clear and probably a wise choice.

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