Preston Manning Weighs in... Why NOT to Vote for Dion

By Royce Koop on Oct 7, 2008

Preston Manning has provided two highly...original reasons to not vote for Stephane Dion.

Reason Number 1: "Whereas Mr. Harper grew up in an accountant's household, Mr. Dion grew up in an academic's household."

Reason Number 2: "Whereas Mr. Harper studied economics at university (writing his master's thesis on monetary policy), Mr. Dion's degrees are in political science and sociology - adequate preparation for salon politics but not for economic crises."

So there you go. Vote accordingly.

Epilogue: It's just a little sad to see Mr. Manning - someone I used to have a great deal of respect for - belittling people who take liberal arts degrees in university in order to make a very, very weak argument. But oh well.


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There goes populism

It's funny to hear those comments from Manning. I guess his years out of power have dulled his populist sensibilities.

Oh boo. As much as I dislike

Oh boo. As much as I dislike his policies, I expect far better from Mr. Manning. Those comments are more along the lines of something I'd expect from Ralph Klein.

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