The Voluntary Sacking of Chris Reid

By Royce Koop on Sep 22, 2008

The latest lame gotcha moment of this campaign comes courtesy of a former Conservative candidate from Toronto who suggested on his blog that allowing Canadians to carry concealed firearms might be a good way to combat violent crime, along with some other spicy opinions. Mr. Reid graciously *volunteered* to resign his candidacy after a Liberal blogger resurrected and published his online musings.

I've wondered for some time how Harper has managed to pacify the stridently right-wing segment of the Conservative activist base during his drive to the centre in this minority parliament. Could dumping Chris Reid, whose views are fully in line with that activist base, signal a turning point? If the response of right-wing Conservative bloggers is any indication, it might well be. Kathy Shaidle, in addition to her own lively response, is keeping a running count of the bloggers presently dumping on Harper over Reid's *voluntary* resignation.


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