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Why are the Conservatives paying us to buy homes?

By Tom Bateman on Sep 18, 2008

The Conservatives have just announced that if re-elected they will make available to first-time home buyers a tax break to defray the costs of purchasing a home. The tax break is for costs like legal fees, land title transfers, and home inspection costs. Is this responsible? Is this a conservative policy?

Of course the Tories need the large, urban middle class to support them. The electoral logic is clear. But isn’t this too cynical by half?

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Has Harper violated the fixed election law? Will it mattter?

By Tom Bateman on Sep 9, 2008

Have the Conseratives violated the fixed election date law passed by Parliament in 2007?

No. The Canadian Constitution requires that the Governor General retain the prerogative to dissolve Parliament at her pleasure. Yes, she takes advice on this from the Prime Minister, but the decision is still hers. Any law depriving the Governor General of the legal capacity to dissolve Parliament would be unconstitutional. Patrick Monahan in the Globe and Mail on Saturday August 30 was very good on this point.

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