2008 Election in Canada

Election Features

Political Party Platforms NEW!

Find a summary of the major political parties’ election platforms and key election promises for the 2008 federal election in Canada. Links to the official party platforms for the Conservatives, Liberals, NDP and the Green Party are also available.

2008 Election Issues and Events

Find a detailed articled outline the key issues and events in the 2008 federal election in Canada, including the minority/majority government question, the economy, leadership, the environment, and Canada in Afghanistan

Recent Canadian Electoral History

Find information on Canadian federal electoral history from 2006-2008, including 2006 general election results, changes in party leadership, and party standing prior to 2008 general election.

Voting in the 2008 Federal Election in Canada

Quick guide detailing how to vote in the 2008 election in Canada. Topics include, voter eligibility, where to vote, how to get on the voters list, and why its good to vote.

2008 Canadian Political Party Profiles

Find detailed information on registered political parties competing in the 2008 federal election in Canada, including political party leadership, political party background information, and party election platforms.

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Election Opinion Polls

Election Predication Models

  Parties (# of Seats)
Bloc Con Lib NDP Ind
2008 UBC Election Stock Market 47 131 89 39 2
Trendlines 42 131 105 28 2
Election Prediction Project 51 125 94 36 2
LISPOP 51 132 90 33 2
democraticSPACE.com 52 126 92 36 2
Updated: Oct 14, 2008: 10:30 AM MST