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This club has no rules (besides Greg's all-clubs rules of following the law & no porn). Everyone can join. Do or say whatever you want otherwise. Trigger warning: words may offend. If someone's being a meanie or calls you a nasty name, i suggest ignoring it, or defend yourself, or leave, I don't care.

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  2. I have never heard him refer to gainful employment, so the reply will be interesting. Maybe he's an oil billionaire ?
  3. What a waste of time for you to type that bullshit and for us to read that bullshit.....your such a sad little man with a world of hate....pay your taxes....get along with other cultures and SHUT THE FUCK UP.
  4. 1. You are wrong- I prefer discussion with those I disagree with if they are honest. 2. He is inept and any principled conservative would object to the folly of government beer. It speaks to your objectivity on this government. 3. Direct insult=I am hitting a nerve. 4. Hate, again. You should be able to discuss politics without this emotionality. 5. Evidence of hate. 6. & 7. I am asking where you got your information. Presumably a few websites? Why the long irrelevant wail? Just answer, how hard is it? 7. Wow that sounds SUPER RACIST ! Let's have a cite please professor !
  5. 1. What evidence? Clarify. 2. Call it what you want too but from all of my dealings with you and having to put up with your constant lying and calling me a racist and anti-Jew tells me that you may need some medical assistance and help yourself. You are Jewish, right? C'mon, spit it out. At least then I will know as to who I am having fun with here. 3. You are quite incredible indeed. You keep asking me this all the time. As I have told you many times before the websites that I visit do not promote hatred or violence unlike the ones that you probably go to where they do teach hatred and violence. One more time. Go and punch in Merkle is a Jew and there will be plenty of websites that will come up for you to have a go at. Hello, are you getting it now? 4. Again the internet will bring up plenty of websites that will explain to you what Zionism is all about. David Duke or Jarod Taylor will explain it all to you if you bother to take the time to read and listen too. It never hurts to get the other side of the story. You know the other side that you refuse to take the time to listen too because they are all racists according to your belief. Either you need to prove that I am a racist or anti-Jew or you really do need to shut the f up. You are like a gawd dam record that is being played over and over again. You cannot stop repeating yourself over and over and cannot stop asking the same old stupid stunned questions. Get with the program will you. The memo was sent out months ago. HELLO. 5. White people are a part of the white race and culture that does exist. All countries where white people exist do have one thing in common. They all have come from what is called a common mother meaning just for you that all white people were born from a white mother. I am proud of all the great things that all of the many white people from all of the many white countries who have done many wonderful things for mankind and who created the many programs and agendas and inventions that have been great for all the people of the world and to have brought it to where we are today. Sadly, white people are never recognized for anything they have done. Sadly, all they ever get is scorn and called racists from the non-white people of the world and their own hate themselves for being white traitors. 6. Being white and saying so is nothing to be ashamed of. Be and show pride of ones white skin. There is such a thing as a white British/European culture that consists of white people only. Blacks, browns, red or yellow or blue are not part of nor are from the white race. No kidding white is skin color. WOW. Did you figure that one out all by yourself? Did you know that the skin color of black people is black or brown? Just thought that you would like to know about that. LOL. It's okay to be white.
  6. 1. Really? I think so. You never strike me as a person who believes in other people's right to their own opinions and points of view be they racists or not. Some of those so called racists do have an opinion that can differ from the government and even you believe it or not. You like to call anyone racist who believes that the white race is in trouble and only wishes to point that fact out. 2. There you go again attacking Ford for beer prices but yet Ford is getting rid of a useless welfare program and is getting rid of that phony carbon tax which is really just another tax that you were being forced to pay. It is quite obvious to me that you did not vote for Ford. You always remind me of all those Trump haters in America where all they ever want to do is find something to bitch about Trump but will never at least once admit that one of his promises is helping them. Way the go by calling beer drinkers a bunch of losers. The one that you should be pointing out here as a loser is you. You really are a loser. 3. Everything is just all about politics these days thanks to liberalism and socialism. Those two have made everything pretty much a government affair. Hate and bitterness is not only reserved for white racists only but for religions like one of your favorites Islam where they teach that anyone who is not a Muslim is an infidel and needs to be eliminated. The Islam terrorist religion just did another attack in London yesterday. Lucky they did not get to kill anyone this time. Basturds. What a bunch of archaic religious scum bags who hate infidels and wants to kill them all. So, would you care to tell us all about this thing you have known and can see a mile away? I am interested to hear about it. You have the floor.
  7. 1. There's your evidence. 2. That's called psychological projection: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychological_projection 3. Can you post the websites that you go to where Merkel is accused of being a Jew ? There's only one kind of site that does that, in my experience. 4. That's not what Zionism is. 5. "White" is not a culture. Are you proud of all cultures that come from white countries ? 6. Like Black Pride it means that you shouldn't be ashamed of skin colour, but there is not a "white" culture. There is English, German, French and so on. White is skin colour.
  8. 1. I don't think so. 2. Like Doug Ford paying my tax money to subsidize cheap bear for losers. 3. It's not about politics, it's about hate and bitterness. I have known it and can see it a mile away.
  9. WTH. Where is your proof that I ratted you out? Stop with your bloody lying and show me the proof you rotten lying "little creep". I have been ratted out on here many times and maybe it was once done by you? Hey, I never know. I can tell you one thing though and that is I will never rat on anyone nor trust that MH as I believe that MH is a zionist troll who has been the one responsible for me getting the many warnings and a ban that I have received. And I will also tell you that I am not one that runs to the management to whine and cry about what someone says to me. And if you do not want to believe that well than go piss on a poll somewhere..LOL. PS: I would think twice about you wanting to try to match wits with me. You will lose, I guarantee you, you snotty "little creep". I will sock it to you, "little girlie man".
  10. Hey there you little creep.....you ratted me out also....you are such a little man just full of hate..I would match wits with you but you are unarmed and I accept your surrender
  11. I know what your kind of therapy would consist of for all so called racists like me? It would be time for me to be forced to take some politically correct government sensitivity training program or as some would call it communist brainwashing. Of course if the government was allowed to get away with that shit it would only breed more hatred and then promote more real racism. The government always has the tendency to make things worse and never better. The real ones that need real help and therapy are liberals, socialists and communists because those people are truly screwed up in their zombie brainwashed heads. They are totally clueless as to how the world works and turns. Some still believe that the earth is flat. Believe it or not.
  12. 1. And all that stuff that I mentioned in other posts has always been attacked as being racist or anti-Jew by you. Quit with the bull shit. You might have some members believing your bull shit here but not this cowboy, pardner. You have always despised everything that I have stood for here without exception. Personally, I just despise you period. 2. You always enjoy trying to promote hatred and preach too much about me all the time with your constant accusations of me being a racist or anti-Jew without any evidence to back up your lies and bull shit. I have asked you many times verbatim as to where I have been trying to promote white supremacy or hatred towards Jews. All you are able to come up with is that if it looks like racism or anti-Jewish then it must be racism or anti-Jewish. The only so called Jews that I have no a concern about are the ones that call themselves Zionist Jews. You know the ones who hate the Goy and who want to destroy everything about the Goy and their race, religion and culture and traditions. Oh ya, I forgot? The internet is all full of lies according to you, right, and everything that everyone pretty much reads on the internet is all just false and fake news, right? There is nothing racist about anyone who is white and who says that they are proud to be white. I do think though that It is only anti-white racists like you who does appear to have a problem with it. Why makes no sense to me at all. I guess that we are safe to say that anytime we hear some native Indian say that they are proud of their Indian people well then they must be racists also, right? But you would be the last one who would ever admit that said as being racist. Only white people can be racist. It's really alright to be white. There is no need to feel ashamed about saying so. Say it with pride like you mean it as I do.
  13. 1. No, it's not because you are racist or patriotic it's because of the other stuff I already mentioned. 2. I said 'a little'. I do think you are a racist based on many things, including thinking 'white pride' has nothing to do with race, lying about who is a Jew, looking for Jews under every chair and so on.
  14. 1. C'mon, stop playing childish games with me. You did mean me. Yes. 2. C'mon, it did shock you. What you need to do now is to try and get it thru your multicultural head that not all white, patriotic, nationalist, conservative people are all racists. I know that it must be hard for you to believe such a thing can be but it is true. You really do have to learn to live with it.
  15. 1. Not all Jews are zionist. I cannot lump all Jews with being zionists. Jews like gentiles are getting the shaft by the zionists who could care less about Judaism or the average Jew. The average Jew is being used by these enemies of Judaism. Have you never heard of Jews against zionism? Try looking it up on the internet. 2. So, what you are really saying here is that I should go for therapy because I am a patriotic nationalist white conservative Canadian? Are you okay yourself? I have done alright in my life but maybe it is time for you to go for some therapy yourself to help better your life and maybe help stop yourself from constantly thinking that everybody that has a different opinion and point of view to yours is somehow needing therapy and that people like myself hate everybody who is not white.l. I sincerely do want you to do that and be happy. I think that the more that I listen to people like you the more I begin to see and believe that you are the "nastier" one here. Btw, I have an Asian buddy and we get along quite well. Shocking, eh?
  16. 1. Why don't you just say 'Jews' since that's what you mean. 2. I have known people like you and they went for therapy and became successful in life. I sincerely want you to do that and be happy. I think that the more you realize that I wish you to change for the better, and your own happiness the nastier you will get.
  17. 1. Not going to happen my little butter cup. C'mon eh? Why should it all be just about you? 2. You must be one of those pro zionists or even a zionist yourself who hates white nationalist patriotic conservatives especially those conservatives who do not listen to your lying anti-white communist bull shit anymore. Many websites have told me about terrible and atrocious people like you. I truly believe what they now have been telling me about so called humans like you. They really have shown me that I should be listening to them a lot more and start to learn a lot more about what they have to say about so called humans like you, butter cup.
  18. 1. Not at all. I would prefer you to leave on your own. 2. I usually like conservatives as they are moral and practical. You actually are not a conservative, as such, you are a dumb lying racist. I have nothing to learn from you and that makes me sad. I hope you get therapy one day and come back to post how the hate is gone and your life is better now. You should look into it the province sometimes provides them for free. Sincerely you should talk to someone, they can help you get successful in many ways.
  19. I presume that you will be next? I know that you would just love to get rid of me, eh? I am just too much of a conservative for you to be able to handle and deal with, right?
  20. Go ahead crybaby. Boo-hoo. At least I am not afraid to hear out as to what you have to say about my posts and comments. Geez, I even have to admit that my old spar buddy here MH doesn't do that or he is having a problem trying to find the ignore button. I have the same feelings towards you where you refuse to spend a little time reading and listening too many of the conservative websites that I mention that you appear to hate so much. The conservative Rghtedition website being one of them that says it like it is. I guess saying things as they are scares people like you, eh? Go back in a closet where you do really belong or just go stick with the other waste of a time forum website who only wants to here lies and spread liberal and socialist bull chit all the time. Say hello to Kimmy for me will you, that little wimp and coward.
  21. Maybe he is hoping that you will leave first. There would be no real loss there if you did. LOL.
  22. Ask me if I really do care as to what you have to say or what your opinion is? POOF. Just about everything you say appears to be retarded. POOF.
  23. That's the most retarded thing anyone has ever said.