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This club has no rules (besides Greg's all-clubs rules of following the law & no porn). Everyone can join. Do or say whatever you want otherwise. Trigger warning: words may offend. If someone's being a meanie or calls you a nasty name, i suggest ignoring it, or defend yourself, or leave, I don't care.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Yup, I am right as always. Now go have a nice long coffee break and then take an old man nap, countess. Pleasant nightmares.
  3. When you are right, you're right.
  4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Time for a very long coffee break, countess. LOL.
  5. 1) Every white woman has a white baby. 2) Obama. 3) Your brain with gurgling noises coming out. 4) A quiet sunset.
  6. Nope, you failed again. It is spelled "countess' according too you.
  7. Imagine someone posting something two days apart and mentioning those two things days apart. Geez, who would ever do a stupid thing like that? I know of a dummy who has actually done the same thing here also. You know the dummy that cannot spell the word "countless" right or write. What a dummy he is. Just saying.
  8. These two things were posted by the same dummy exactly one day apart...
  9. So, here is your spelling test for today. Can you spell the word - countless? You have five seconds starting now. GO.
  10. It is a well known fact that if a white woman marries a black man the children will turn out looking pretty much black. I have noticed this on the streets of Canada every day. The picture you posted already pointed that out to you and me and others here. Geez, you really do have a problem with speaking or posting pictures before you think, don't you? It would appear as though you need to work real hard on trying to appear more intelligent in what you say. Your post was not well considered. Come to think of it Obama was somewhat of a nasty pirate. Obama did plunder and steal the wealth of America from the American people. You just get so emotional at times over nothing. Spell check time. LOL.
  11. I know that I am adorable. Every white female racist that I meet tells me this. I wish that I were rich as Richie Rich was supposed to be. You have to be a cartoon character. You cannot be for real. LOL. LOL.
  12. Upset ? You are absolutely ADORABLE. You are like Richie Rich ! Except racist !
  13. That's Obama with his mom.... guess your theory just died... too bad it was so intelligent and well-considered too !
  14. Obama is not Jewish is he? I will tell you as to why I believe that you are Jewish. Only Jewish people would get all upset at anyone who would call Merkle Jewish. No one else cared less about my calling Merkle Jewish. Only you. If I called her a non practicing catholic would that have upset you? Just wondering.
  15. 1. You ran out of things to say the first day you arrived here. Please do always point my erorrs out to me. The world is depending on you. LOL. 2. What is what, zio man? That Merkle is not a Jewish? What? The theory is that any child that is born to a white woman will always end up looking white. Wow, shocker, eh?
  16. 1. Yeah, I ran out of things to get you on but your spelling errors are the funnest ones ! 2. What is that ? I really want a link to the one white mother theory
  17. As usual when you cannot get me on anything your last resort will be is to attack me on some spelling errors that I make. There are plenty of members here that make spelling errors also but yet it is only me that you seem to want to attack when it comes to spelling errors. Why do you constantly keep acting like a full of chicken shit fool all the time? Try sticking with the topic at hand. I know that it is very hard for you to do but at least give it a try for gawds sake or else why don't you just go away if you do not lik seein mi spilng erorss. This white guy and his terrible EGLISHES spilnig erorors will do just fine without you around here anymore. Goodbye. Don't let the door bang you on the ass on the way out.
  18. 1. As predicted, you refuse to give the source so as predicted I will Google it. Aaaand.... DAMN, girl, that must be one dank and rich racist theory because I couldn't even find it ! 2. Yeah, I can't find anything. Seems like maybe you're making this theory up. Disappointing. 3. "Goggle"... yeah, you are descending into a dustbed of bad spelling and nonsense. Pretty boring now...
  19. Part Russian Indian? Indians also helped the Americans fight the British, stunned. And thanks to multiculturalism there will be soon another few more races that will be replacing the white people in this country which I don't think that you Indians are going to like it when it happens. Do you think that Africans, Arabs, East Indians or Asians are going to give a shit about Indians when they take over this country? You Indians better hope that does not happen because I can pretty much assure you that there will be no more free money and benefits from those nonwhite taxpayer's anymore. They will tell you pretty quickly that either you go get a job or you can starve. Indians are always whining and crying and bitching about how hard they are done by from white people when for the past several decades the white taxpayer's have been handing over freely hundreds of billions of their tax dollars for all the Indians to go blow on all white mans toys. So, do yo think that the native Indians in Canada are going to be better off when the nonwhite world takes over Canada? Even the white people will be treated like dirt. So? Comment? Surprising to hear an Indian say that he is happy to pay his taxes. But here in Canada today native Indians do not have to pay taxes like white people have too which those Indians gladly take from the white man and woman. I can safely say that this is a case of racism where non-Indians do not have to pay taxes but white people have too. That is racism plain and simple. It's white men and white women like me who are trying to save our white British/European country that non-whites like you who want to take it away from us. Your dam right that I am being whinny about it all because if I just sit around and wait for Indians like you who want to turn Canada into a multicultural hodge podge of dozens of languages, religions, traditions, heritages and backwards archaic cultures and ways of life then it may happen if white people continue to remain silent. It will be goodbye to the old Canada to a new Canada which will be only known as a place where there is no real culture anymore, just a bunch of tribal ones where there will be no doubt about it that culture race wars will ensue in time. I would rather be called a racist if it meant trying to save my Canada from stupid and stunned people like you. Eat all of that up, buttercup snowflake.
  20. 1. Nice to hear. 2. I believe that you are. 3. Real closet. 4. So, I am suppose to be emotional just because I listen to you and what you have to say and then I am allowing myself to get all emotional over it? Go eat some more bull chit will you. 5. I read #2 and I still believe it. 6. I go here also and the alternative mainstream news media websites. But why won't you at least give me one of those mainstream news media websites that you visit? 7. Obviously you are quite stunned as to what the words "Children of a Common Mother" really means, eh? Go and check out on the internet the British Columbia/Washington Blaine border and there you will see a big white monument that has written on it "Children of a Common Mother". What it means is that all British/European Canadians and Americans are all from the same race of people, the white race. At the time it was written it was not referring to all races just the white race. Goggle away.