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This club has no rules (besides Greg's all-clubs rules of following the law & no porn). The only other rule is no crazy spamming so that we can all actually read the forum properly. Everyone can join. Do or say whatever you want otherwise. Trigger warning: words may offend. If someone's being a meanie or calls you a nasty name, i suggest ignoring it, or defend yourself, or leave, I don't care.

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  2. Oh they let me out of the cooler for now Besides I only rant in this section. I know better. I know you and Mr. H do not take me too seriously. I am annoyed as snot though. I think for a forum member within one post to insult the entire forum and not be called out on it is bullshit. I also have to ask, why do so many of these one timers hit and run and we never see them again. The pattern is there. So is the pattern of clumsy transference from an old troll to a new one in the same thread or the writer;s cognitive dissonance a phenomena that arises when someone writing is conflicted with the identities they are assuming and it interferes in what they write. Syntax, context, cognitive dissonance, is shit I worked with for years. Yah it gives me a short fuse with people playing the forum with different names and I get being told not to use inappropriate language but I have not. I have challenged words not people and challenged identities when the people are trolling yes. My frustration is with inconsistency in what people say. It is true the longer you are on any forum your familiarity breeds contempt with the moderator as well as making older members too familiar with each other causing contempt. Both phenomena occur. This is what annoys the snot out of me really. Moderators get overly familiar with older posters and hold them to a different standard and that is annoying as hell. I do admit some of the older posters probably can not stand me from familiarity or maybe vice versa, but the majority of us ignore each other when we have lost it and police ourselves. Its only a handful of trolls really and most leave after they burn out their one trick pony approach to trying to incite anger and get attention. The anti American trolling is bloody obvious how suddenly someone shows up, rants about something in general about the US and asks people to join in and then people do like sheep not noticing the poster is brand new and simply engage din a rhetorical accusation or subjective opinion with swet phack all to base it.
  3. Yes I am. I know what you mean. I cannot comment on anyone specifically of course. I feel there are some posters who are having problems, in that they don't conform well or fit in. They do not communicate effectively. Not all are such cunning linguists as we, perhaps. But the person does keep coming back and trying. Maybe we need a new approach to trolls, Rue. Rather than push them away... we need to accept them as one of us. In other words, they too have the right to be completely ignored for their views, and dismissed as irrelevant... BTW does this mean you are now confined to posting only in this club? That would be a cool feature, banished to the Wild West zone, no man's land. Good place to be banished, if you think about it.
  4. I don't see the value in these fake posters. Facebook loves them, but they are clearly a cancer on society. Plus the ones that come here are have stupid points to make.
  5. No and I think you are well aware of the one time posts or trolls that are coming on line and then vanish. I appreciate though you love Taxme. The fact that I and others find him to provide racist trailer trash sputum is not the issue. I am talking about one time posters that clearly provide inflammatory headlines that do not ask for discussion but make a rhetorical statement. This is supposed to be a discussion forum. Many make a statement and do not ask for discussion or give a God damn about discussion. That is a fact. When it happens repeatedly with new posters its a pattern and there is a reason for the pattern. Most of it is spam. Its automated spam coming out of Russia, Turkey, Iran, North Korea, Syria and it repeats on many forums. I am also talking about identical syntax that gives people with multiple identities away. They use identical grammar and phrases, identical headlines except for changing the topic and they stick to one theme usually it is to say something negative about the US or to incite hatred of the US. Its transparent, its repetitive and its annoying as hell but yah its not my forum. I should just ignore it and let it spread like cancer producing threads that simply incite negative rhetorical comments and soon go off rail. You know I am ranting nothing else. I doubt anyone but me gives a shit. I appreciate Monsieur Harder knows my frustration and I am not asking to censor anyone just challenge their words which I have. Never ceases to amaze me how quick these spam trolls are to come and go. I am fed up with troll headlines. There is a double standard on what new and old forum members post. There is a double standard as to what certain older forum members are allowed to do once others complain about them. I have been censored because of complaints by posters who do the exact thing they accuse me of. I have a right to be snot nosed annoyed. So I am venting it. Consider this sneezing back at the source of my snot nosed sniffeling. I have only begun to snit back the snot. Why the phack are you and I sounding like Gen. McArthur anyways. I never liked him. Showboating fascist. The best US Generals in WW2 were Omar Bradley and obviously Eisenhower. Admiral Halsey no.1. I know my US military history. The American's were lucky our soldiers taught them how to be disciplined in the First Special Services Forces. I was brought up to catch the piss in a bucket and splash it back whence it came unless the idiot is pissing up wind. I am pissed at people pissing me off. Now excuse me while I sulk some more O.W. I am gonna hold my breath and turn blue and maybe bust a hemmeroid. Bah.
  6. I am fed up with the moderation. One timer trolls are coming in . I have been censored by Charles Taylor for calling out such posters or posters with different names using the exact same syntax or trolling. I am the first to welcome or complement a new forum member but when a first post starts off with inflammatory and trolling remarks sure they should be challenged. I find the moderation completely inconsistent. I now have been banned 3 times for calling out trolling posts which violate all the rules of trolling. I also find it ridiculous the inconsistency in calling out certain board members for derailing while allowing others to derail. There is zero consistency.I find his moderation best summarized as PMS. Regards Steve McQueen In The Cooler
  7. I back up many of my posts with links when I use a quote, in my opinion more so than many other members here. Many do not bother with it and sometimes I don't either. But when I don't, am more than happy to provide it if someone asks. If they ask, not if they essentially call me a lying asshole, then ask. Then they come across like they meant to have a real point, when it's easy to pretend and do that anytime, use it as a vehicle for spewing inane invectives.
  8. I am serious especially on certain things like when it comes to matters of life and death, or liberty. I can take a joke or insult, but I prefer to keep things funny and informative. re 2. Thank you. The simple answer is to ignore people, which I do. Inflammatory dialogue is a waste of time and is also boring.
  9. 1. Are you a serious poster ? If you have a cite ready, why not post it? 2. I'm helping you.
  10. Remarkable fellow, he really has a ton of experience. Too bad he cannot post here, although from what I hear, that may be just as well...
  11. This was posted by me in the wrong thread. I just wanted to post in an "anything goes" forum. I have no issue with the moderator as the title indicates.
  12. I don't see that in the rules, and pretty sure if I break them the moderator will let me know. Don't need you to tell me anything about the rules. The rules state one should be prepared to give a cite. That doesn't mean you HAVE to. The material I posted has nothing to do with trivia. You are off base here, and I wasn't interested in discussing it with you since you don't know what I am even referring to.
  13. 1. 2. It's on YOU to back up your posts. It's in the rules. 3. If you want to post invited trivia, then that's what you will get.
  14. I provided a quote from a web site. If you want to know where its from because you doubt the information, use google. In a later post on similar I provided a CNN link, so that anyone who trusts CNN would have to admit it's true. As I have told you before, go get your own information, I certainly don`t owe you anything. Nor do I come here to do stupid back-and-forths with some little silly bitch, or someone who is bored and gets their jollies belittling strangers on a forum. It's just not for me. Don't expect a response from me if you act like an idiot all the time.
  15. This forum is inclusive toward all types, not just the emotionally and intellectually mature. In fact quite the contrary.
  16. It is all BS. There is no heaven, there are no spirits, no gods, the so-called holy books world-wide are all lies and myths. So the above is a total waste of time. One would do well to remember believing in imaginary beings, people who never existed and events which never took place, are classic indicators of mental illness.
  17. If there weren't so many sensitive wimps and weenies here, you wouldn't need a rule about insults. We choose whether or not to be offended by something someone writes or says. Emotionally and intellectually mature men and women do not choose to be insulted or "offended" by mere words either in real life or in an anonymous chat room. As for the mod, he's one of you.
  18. Tdot's posts are lunatic trash. They can't stand racial mixing so they post an alternate universe approach where the FCC becomes openly racist, then abrogates its duties, flouts the constitution and bans images of white and black people together... Why would they even post this stuff ? I don't get it at all.
  19. If I point my umbrella at your ass and you grow a tail I bet you'd bow to me.
  20. I am my own god, i am my own master. I worship nobody, I bow to nobody.
  21. Yep, that's what they used. In books. And sermons.
  22. Absolutely, man created God not the other way around.


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