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This club has no rules (besides Greg's all-clubs rules of following the law & no porn). The only other rule is no crazy spamming so that we can all actually read the forum properly. Everyone can join. Do or say whatever you want otherwise. Trigger warning: words may offend. If someone's being a meanie or calls you a nasty name, i suggest ignoring it, or defend yourself, or leave, I don't care.
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  2. Dont hold your breath. Mr. Trudeau prorogued parliament, so to cover up the investigation.
  3. There are still many other charities and companies administered by or associated to the founders that need to be accounted for.
  4. The We charity originated in Canada started by a 12 year old kid, and became an organization that helped kids all around the world to escape child slavery. The kid, Craig Kielburger, has since been named to the Order of Canada. Mr. Trudeau has become a veritable King Midas, who's mere touch promises to bestow a great reward, but actually leads to total fatality. Should have said thanks Justin, but no thanks... "The future looks bright ahead," he said. "All is golden... "
  5. WE Charity says it is closing its Canadian operations, blaming COVID-19 and the political fallout from the Liberal government’s plan to have it run a multimillion-dollar student-volunteer program for leaving it in financial ruin. Craig and Marc Kielburger, who are also planning to step down from the organization they co-founded, were set to release an open letter explaining the move. “COVID-19 disrupted every aspect of our work,” the brothers wrote in the letter Wednesday. “The fallout from the Canada Student Service Grant has placed us as a charity in the middle of political battles
  6. Please also note that I haven't given my own opinion on the idea. Economics is a highly specialized field with as much uncertainty as any art.
  7. Money is just created digitally and now he owns the app.
  8. He thinks money grows on trees and has never had to worry about paying a bill in his life, so yeah he would love it.
  9. I would imagine he would love such a thing. Free money, right ? What's to hate ?
  10. Well I wish we could hahaha. I guess we'll see. Not sure why you assume we'll be doing MMT, is Trudeau i big pusher of it? I wouldn't be surprised.
  11. Breaking news: https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/bill-morneau-justin-trudeau-decision-1.5689890 Discuss here. Interesting but not shocking. Canada is better for this, he's had at least 3 significant breaches of the Conflict of Interest Act.
  12. Oh they let me out of the cooler for now Besides I only rant in this section. I know better. I know you and Mr. H do not take me too seriously. I am annoyed as snot though. I think for a forum member within one post to insult the entire forum and not be called out on it is bullshit. I also have to ask, why do so many of these one timers hit and run and we never see them again. The pattern is there. So is the pattern of clumsy transference from an old troll to a new one in the same thread or the writer;s cognitive dissonance a phenomena that arises when someone writing is conflict
  13. Yes I am. I know what you mean. I cannot comment on anyone specifically of course. I feel there are some posters who are having problems, in that they don't conform well or fit in. They do not communicate effectively. Not all are such cunning linguists as we, perhaps. But the person does keep coming back and trying. Maybe we need a new approach to trolls, Rue. Rather than push them away... we need to accept them as one of us. In other words, they too have the right to be completely ignored for their views, and dismissed as irrelevant... BTW does this mean you are now confined
  14. I don't see the value in these fake posters. Facebook loves them, but they are clearly a cancer on society. Plus the ones that come here are have stupid points to make.
  15. No and I think you are well aware of the one time posts or trolls that are coming on line and then vanish. I appreciate though you love Taxme. The fact that I and others find him to provide racist trailer trash sputum is not the issue. I am talking about one time posters that clearly provide inflammatory headlines that do not ask for discussion but make a rhetorical statement. This is supposed to be a discussion forum. Many make a statement and do not ask for discussion or give a God damn about discussion. That is a fact. When it happens repeatedly with new posters its a pa
  16. I am fed up with the moderation. One timer trolls are coming in . I have been censored by Charles Taylor for calling out such posters or posters with different names using the exact same syntax or trolling. I am the first to welcome or complement a new forum member but when a first post starts off with inflammatory and trolling remarks sure they should be challenged. I find the moderation completely inconsistent. I now have been banned 3 times for calling out trolling posts which violate all the rules of trolling. I also find it ridiculous the inconsistency in callin
  17. I back up many of my posts with links when I use a quote, in my opinion more so than many other members here. Many do not bother with it and sometimes I don't either. But when I don't, am more than happy to provide it if someone asks. If they ask, not if they essentially call me a lying asshole, then ask. Then they come across like they meant to have a real point, when it's easy to pretend and do that anytime, use it as a vehicle for spewing inane invectives.
  18. I am serious especially on certain things like when it comes to matters of life and death, or liberty. I can take a joke or insult, but I prefer to keep things funny and informative. re 2. Thank you. The simple answer is to ignore people, which I do. Inflammatory dialogue is a waste of time and is also boring.
  19. 1. Are you a serious poster ? If you have a cite ready, why not post it? 2. I'm helping you.
  20. Remarkable fellow, he really has a ton of experience. Too bad he cannot post here, although from what I hear, that may be just as well...


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