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An experiment to see if this is a better way of discussing things rationally - by removing irrational posts. Even idiots are free to respond (you know who you are) and I will only delete your post if it's idiotic or trolling. Ie, any talk Jewish conspiracies, or dick waving by Americans is gonna get deleted.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. I"m satisfied they are as sincere as the rest of us.
  3. Well that seems to have taken care of Teena. Fascinating.
  4. Anyone who supports the hateful Katie Hopkins should just be disregarded. As should Hopkins, obviously. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katie_Hopkins
  5. I questioned this person's persona on a 'clubs' channel and there was hell to pay, as well as no clear answer as to whether we were dealing with a puppet or not. But that's neither here nor there. I doubt your real name is Dr. Youth, but yet you build on a persona with attributes and personality all its own. This person posts professionally made disinfo videos, and talks about Canadian values while clearly being "off" culturally, and dodgy with answers too. Imagine how terrible the economy must be in Eastern Europe for people to do this for a living. I would have too much pride to do that, myself...
  6. I agree that the left has hoisted up Muslims as a pet to be protected... when the Islamic world as a whole is far from benign.... but yet there is something about this "Teena" that seems insincere...
  7. Well, American values are States Rights and Individual Liberty. So you don't have to live in Michigan : you can live in Idaho if you like, pick the state that suits you. In terms of Canada, it hasn't changed much out here in the country, so I'd suggest you just move away from the city.
  8. Are Sweden's racial problems spreading to Norway? That seems to be the case, as mainly Muslim immigrants make it clear they're not much into integration, and second generation Muslims take to crime in a big way. Over the last month, however, Oslo’s city centre has witnessed an eruption of unprovoked attacks on random victims—most of them ethnic Norwegian men—by what police have described as youth gangs, each consisting of five to 10 young immigrants. The attacks typically take place on weekends. On Saturday, October 19, as many as 20 such attacks were recorded, with victims suffered varying degrees of injuries. One of the incidents involved a group of young men, originally from the Middle East, detained for attacking a man in his twenties in the affluent west end. According to police, the victim had been kicked repeatedly in the head while lying on the ground, in what appeared to be a random, unprovoked beating. Another victim that weekend was the uncle of Justice Minister Jøran Kallmyr, who suffered several broken ribs after being mobbed at the Romsås subway station. The following weekend in Oslo, Kurds and Turks clashed over recent developments in Turkey, and ended up looting a branch of the Body Shop on Karl Johan gate, as well as destroying several cars. Car fires also have been on the rise, though the problem has been around for years. (Even in 2013, cars were set alight in Oslo at the rate of about one per week, mostly in the city’s poorer east end.) Overall, crime rates are still low by the standards of other cities, but the recent rise in youth crime suggests that may be changing. “We see more blind violence where people are attacked, ambushed and beaten up,” said Labour Party politician Jan Bøhler to the media last month. “This is terrorising our community.” While such observations are widely shared, Bøhler is notable for being one of the few politicians on the left who’s raised his voice about rising crime among young immigrants. https://quillette.com/2019/11/21/fearful-norwegians-wonder-are-swedish-conditions-coming-to-the-streets-of-oslo/
  9. The pointlessness of endless whining over gun control.
  10. The unappetizing title of this piece is: Thorstein Veblen’s Theory of the Leisure Class—A Status Update I read it despite that. It was kind of interesting in depicting how the wealthy latch onto ideas and ideals out of a desire to display and enhance their status, and how these beliefs, often patently unrealistic and even damaging, then seep down to the lower classes, where they are adopted to much more harm while the 'luxury class' moves on to something else. I was bewildered when I encountered a new social class at Yale four years ago: the luxury belief class. My confusion wasn’t surprising given my unusual background. When I was two years old, my mother was addicted to drugs and my father abandoned us. I grew up in multiple foster homes, was then adopted into a series of broken homes, and then experienced a series of family tragedies. Later, after a few years in the military, I went to Yale on the GI Bill. On campus, I realized that luxury beliefs have become fashionable status symbols. Luxury beliefs are ideas and opinions that confer status on the rich at very little cost, while taking a toll on the lower class. ... Unfortunately, the luxury beliefs of the upper class often trickle down and are adopted by people lower down the food chain, which means many of these beliefs end up causing social harm. Take polyamory. I had a revealing conversation recently with a student at an elite university. He said that when he sets his Tinder radius to five miles, about half of the women, mostly other students, said they were “polyamorous” in their bios. Then, when he extended the radius to 15 miles to include the rest of the city and its outskirts, about half of the women were single mothers. The costs created by the luxury beliefs of the former are borne by the latter. Polyamory is the latest expression of sexual freedom championed by the affluent. They are in a better position to manage the complications of novel relationship arrangements. And if these relationships don’t work out, they can recover thanks to their financial capability and social capital. The less fortunate suffer by adopting the beliefs of the upper class. This is well-illustrated by the finding that in 1960 the percentage of American children living with both biological parents was identical for affluent and working-class families—95%. By 2005, 85% of affluent families were still intact, but for working-class families the figure had plummeted to 30%. https://quillette.com/2019/11/16/thorstein-veblens-theory-of-the-leisure-class-a-status-update/


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