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An experiment to see if this is a better way of discussing things rationally - by removing irrational posts. Even idiots are free to respond (you know who you are) and I will only delete your post if it's idiotic or trolling. Ie, any talk Jewish conspiracies, or dick waving by Americans is gonna get deleted.

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  2. This is kind of an amusing story of how The Atlantic, apparently in desperate need of producing some sign of the 'far right' they're devoted to combating, decided to do a ridiculous story on how a message board devoted to "My Little Pony porn" is full of racists. Their sole evidence of this was there were nearly a thousand images that were labelled racist by the moderators! A thousand! What they didn't point out was that thousand was less than one half of one percent of the images hosted there. But as the story says: The article creates an impression that the alt-Right is using seemingly-innocent cartoon fandoms as a Trojan horse to conceal and spread a sinister ideology, but the truth is that the only thing these guys are interested in hiding inside a horse is their dicks. Why does this kind of thing keep happening? By any reasonable measure, the alt-Right and its ideologies of white nationalism have collapsed. The marketplace of ideas has rejected organized hate and racism. The groups that advocate for these beliefs cannot muster any activists. The leaders who espoused these ideas on national stages a few years ago are now deplatformed, disgraced, and unemployable. This is great news for most opponents of far-right movements, but it is, perhaps, bittersweet for academics specializing in researching right-wing extremists and journalists whose job is to be watchdogs on groups that barely exist anymore. Victory in the war on Nazis means that the services of these specialists are no longer required, and they do not want to be looking for work in a market that is glutted with PhDs scrabbling for a handful of tenure-track academic jobs, or trying to respecialize in a media environment when major outlets are conducting mass layoffs. In order to preserve their job security, professional anti-extremists must always find new extremists to be anti. With few windmills left to tilt at, journalists from major national outlets searching for extremists to expose are combing the weird corners of the Internet and building stories around a handful of anonymously-posted racist meme images on an unmoderated website that hosts My Little Pony porn. https://quillette.com/2020/06/27/is-the-my-little-pony-fan-community-really-full-of-nazis/


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