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  2. Rumor has it Jets sniper Patrik Laine may be a holdout at camp, and is unhappy in Winnipeg.
  3. Because of the Russian factor and the goalie factor Askarov might fall and be available late first/early second, although since he stone cold stopped Canada in their tracks, his stock has probably gone up since the Hlinka.
  4. Kaiden Guhle from Prince Albert, Daniil Guschin from Muskegeon, Kasper Simontaival from Tamppara in the Liga, Rodion Amirov from Russia.
  5. Any late first round steals for the Leafs West and Avs East to take advantage of?
  6. They both looked good at the Hlinka, so did Jamie Drysdale. The Swedes looked as advertised, Holtz and Raymond The Russians looked good too, particularly Askarov,.
  7. I'd prefer Byfield, I would be hesitant to expend a first overall pick on a winger, in terms of how they compare, I wouldn't take Byfield over Matthews, but I'd probably take him over Hischier.
  8. Byfield sure seems like a legit 1C, yet most have Lafreniere at number one despite being a winger, I guess being top 5 in QMJHL scoring a year before your draft year will do that for you.
  9. Yo Dougie, any thoughts on the 2020 NHL Draft? How do the top 2 of Lafreniere and Byfield compare to the top of previous drafts for example?
  10. You go with your strengths, so some teams are all about the top pairing, some are going to use their top four more, but when you have a Norris, those are the teams which tend to go heavy with the top pairing a lot, and in that case, you don't want to waste Sergachev, you want Sergachev getting more icetime not less, so you put him on the top pair to maximize both Hedman and Sergachev, and you shelter the bottom pairing and mostly play Shattenkirk on the PP, because that's the only thing Shattenkirk is good at.
  11. I guess putting Sergachev and Hedman together is better than splitting them up, given that they don't have enough 2-Way Top 4 RHD's to play with both of them, and couldn't afford both of them even if they did. If Hedman and Sergachev are on the same pairing though, who plays RD?
  12. Shattenkirk is so weak he will drag Hedman's numbers down, why waste Hedman's cap hit on being an errand boy for a bottom pairing D? Case in point; Makar and Girard. Which one is Hainsey? Neither is Hainsey, they are both cleared to go or not go, based on the situation, if Girard goes, Makar stays high, if Makar goes, Girard stays high, it's a dynamic duo.
  13. Well if that's the case, why not put him with Shattenkirk? Too far to the other extreme and not in the goldilocks zone? Problem is, Tampa doesn't have enough top 4 two way RHD's to go with both Hedman and Sergachev, so either have to play them together, or skimp on one of those pairings which will result in a failure to maximize Hedman or Sergachev.
  14. I don't think you need a Ron Hainsey if your Morgan Rielly's can play defence too, you only need a Ron Hainsey to hang back for the Keith Yandle types.
  15. Well seems to me that the best way to maximize Hedman, is to put him with a Hainsey type, who can stay at home while he can roam like Reilly. Problem is, Hedman is the best defensive defensemen on the team while also being the best offensive defensemen on the team, so pairing him with Sergachev would either result in Sergachev or Hedman being forced into a more defensive role than optimal, and they don't have enough McDonaugh types to play with both of them. So one way or the other, they are going to have compromise. If they could duplicate McDonaugh and the split cap hit, they'd be gold.
  16. I think they want Hedman to produce more offense, if they saddle him, that drags him down, also they want to be able to play Hedman up to 30 mins in the playoffs, and the only guy who can keep up with that, will be Sergachev, because McDonagh is slowing down, while Sergachev is poised to take off. If they put Hedman out to cover for Shattenkirk, that makes Hedman into Ron Hainsey, whereas I think they want Hedman to have a year like Morgan Rielly. If they put Hedman with Sergachev, then it's a dynamic duo, to get maximum return on Hedman and Sergachevv both. Then they'll just play the shit out of their top pair and shelter the rest. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that using Hedman to cover for Shattenkirk is a waste of Hedman, maximizing Hedman is key.
  17. If anyone is good enough to cover his ass, it's Hedman though, but it still probably won't work and he'll end up a bottom pairing PP specialist.
  18. I expect they'll keep him on the third pairing and use him on the powerplay, he's not good enough in his own end to go up against top comp, never was. I think it's Sergachev who will be playing with Hedman, even though he's a lefty too.
  19. If he plays with Hedman, that would certainly be quite the upgrade of a defensive partner on a much better team. But that isn't going to turn him into Tyson Barrie, even still.
  20. With the departure of Stralman and Girardi suddenly the Lightning have a lack of RHD. Maybe Shattenkirk will be better with a better team, but he was a liability with the Rangers, and he's certainly no Tyson Barrie.
  21. In light of Shattenkirk signing with the Lightning.....
  22. Pretty sure we both called that buyout when they signed him, everyone with a brain saw that coming.
  23. New Yorkberta finally capitulated and bought out the Shattenkirk contract, as if you didn't see that one coming back when they signed him. The Leafs should offer him the Dubstep Special; 1 year 700k contract.
  24. Thus why I don't see him as Core 7, the Core 7 will only be complete when Byram takes his place, which could actually be as the 1D, his ceiling is not lower than Makar's, assuming Byram doesn't bust, it's going to be a 1A and 1B. Girard is still a 3 though, he's good, but he'll be more effective sheltered against second line comp.
  25. Next year, Girard is going to be in the top pair, so at least for a year, he'll be in the core with Makar. Once Byram overtakes him, he'll slide into the 3D role.


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