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  2. Speaking of Florida, check out the footage of the F-35 demonstration over Miami Beech, first view from an F-35 cockpit is flight.
  3. Hearing Bobrovsky and Panarin are going to Florida with outside chance of the Islanders, so sayeth Friedman and Johnston anyway.
  4. Leafs ship Patrick Marleau with a conditional 1st to Carolina for a 6th, pure salary dump, praise Dubeezus. Bobby Mac reports that Leafs have contract in place with Kapanen, just waiting for Marner before it's finalized, 3 years $3.2 to $3.4 million range. Reports are that Leafs are also nearing a four year extension with Andreas Johnsson. Dubeezian praise shower.
  5. Damn, Argos get absolutely smashed 58-6, feel shame Argonauts, on Ricky Ray Day too, why you gotta do him like that?
  6. The Leafs still have the $5.25 million Nathan Horton LTIR buffer on top.
  7. It really is all that much sweeter with Kawhi and the NBA Championship up in here. This is better than the World Series. first of all I missed both those wins because I was in the field with the army, but also a championship in the fall is not the same. Get the Chip with the Dip, and then go straight into summer to bask in it, that's what it's all about.
  8. It's so quiet right now, everybody's gone somewhere for the weekend, so I'm just enjoying the quiet. I'm Bobby Mac-ing it at the cottage lifestyle right now, I've even got the feexins for margaritas.
  9. Nah, I'm just enjoying the spectacular view from my deck, the terraced landscaped gardens, the red and green maples, the woods and fields beyond. I went to a bricks and mortar cannabis store, and one key advantage of that is that you can see which are the strongest batches before you buy. So I got some Solei which is 24.71% THC, so I'm totally blasted, just having tapas in the sunshine. Bliss.
  10. There's some fights on TSN2 right now, nothing special, but in case your looking for some sports to watch.
  11. The Argos can't make a stop, what a useless bunch of cucks. This is harshing my buzz, I'm just going to switch this crap off and go back to basking in the glory of the NBA World Championship, the 6ix in 6, I'll take my chip with the dip. #we the forest.
  12. Man, it is such a spectacularly beautiful day today, gotta break out the little tv and watch this game from my deck.
  13. Boatmen playing the Tabbies on TSN. It's RIcky Ray Day. God bless you, Ricky Ray, you delivered maybe the most unexpected Grey Cup championship, one game for all the marbles and it was a career day.
  14. For example Korshkov, Hunter Hockey Genius screwed us out of DeBrincart, but I'm still feeling better about Korshkov now that I've seen him on small ice in the A.
  15. Never can tell what a kids NHL upside really is, but those three picks will at least play for the Marlies, I prefer prospects who I can watch, I'm a huge Marlies fan after all.
  16. Good pick, Russian from CSKA but he's playing in the Q on North American ice.


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