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  2. Wanting Israel to stop taking from Palestine, is not about the destruction of Israel. What about when Israel's end game, is the destruction of Palestine? Do you feel it is anti-Semitic to speak on that??? A few insane members here feel that way/no need to mention the usual suspects either. Can you cite any pro-Israel source, which speaks truth about illegal settlements? And if the image below paints a non-fiction picture, then do you feel there is everything wrong/you feel everything is right, with what the Palestinians are left to live with??
  3. Well let's hope, after today, you find it in yourself to be less unfair/less dishonest, and be more factual, when it comes to Kanye West: https://www.looktothestars.org/celebrity/kanye-west https://www.huffpost.com/entry/kanye-west-record-donation-dondas-house_n_7399800
  4. Well, my point is that now that Kanye is one of those who was let in to "many, many doors," and is now an honorary white man, like other wealthy African Americans who forgot where they came from, and like other rich whites, does little or nothing for the people he left behind! But, that's how capitalism works! He's not going to tear down the system that provides him mansions and fancy cars and coke to blow up his nose. Worth noting that since I grew up and came of age before rap and hip hop was a mainstream corporate product, I didn't pay much attention to this stuff, except I noticed the change in the 80's, after the first beat poets/rappers like Gil Scott Heron were highly focused on uplifting their communities and the poor in general, not enriching themselves and making up stupid bullshit reasons why they deserve it/while the people they left behind get nothing!
  5. Any one can go be, dirt poor, but not just anyone can go be wealthy. You have to be let into many, many doors to accomplish that. Most dirt poor Whites did simply, piss away, their White Privilege ---we can't blame that on negros. That gives us no Right to cheat negros. And remember, Kanye did not force one single human to buy his products. Unlike you, they fairly separated their socio-poli feelings from their love for music. So if anything, Kanye is undercompensated in light of the small % of profits he recvd from the total sales of his Works. And don't ever forget that lol
  6. It's not an either/or situation! There are many dirt poor whites living in Appalachia...especially after the collapse of the coal industry/while there are some rich people-of-color who get to move into nice houses, buy nice cars and adopt the same class attitudes as their rich white brethren. Kind a like getting a white card I suppose! How else can you explain a clown like Kanye, bitching about the latest Fortune 500 listings placing his net worth at about one billion/while he claims to be worth 3.3 billion. Never occurred to this overcompensated asshole that a whole helluvalot of black people are dying in this covid pandemic because they don't have access to the same health care as whiter/wealthier populations. So, if you're going to make it a competition....under a capitalist system, class trumps race!
  7. I don't know if you embellished MLK's words here, but most of his core teachings were stripped of his concerns over poverty and war...which was not well received by LBJ or major news editors at the height of the Vietnam War. Dr. King's message went a lot further than 'don't be racist.' His views weren't much different than Malcolm X, who was not concerned whether or not white people had racist attitudes.....as long as they did not have the power to subjugate black and brown people. It's because MLK had radical pacifist and socialist goals that 99% of what he said or wrote was discarded by later pop culture historians who just want to repeat "I have a dream" every year since then.
  8. Hi Tdot, yes I watched the video. I never have thought this way. Honestly where I grew up, it was not a mostly 'white' neighborhood. We were just all kids, different cultures and races...I never remember thinking, I'm so happy I'm white...like the video...sorry I just don't see it that way. But thanks for sharing.
  9. White Privilege existed for you, yes, and you will never ever get to choose otherwise. That's why it's called "America!". This statement alone, shows that you might be hoodwinked by the racism who controlled your local community, with respect to Social Engineering. For example, did you ever wonder why this was the main activity your neighborhood of male blacks felt they were suited for? Also...did you see the 2min video I posted in the last reply to you? Have a good day
  10. This is very unfair of you. No one here ever made such a claim, and for you to act as though they did, does make it appear like you have taken a pro-Racist position here because you cannot invalidate the reality of our White Privilege.
  11. Dia, I don't believe in white privilege. I got my jobs because I worked hard and tried hard. I grew up in a mostly low income black/ white neighborhood. We all struggled. My first love was a black boy. I have not experienced anything you mention. I went all through school with black, white, Chinese ... all low income and different outcomes for all of us. Growing up two of our local 'corner stores' were owned by Chinese. Many male blacks in our community were trouble makers and making babies left and right with the white women. White priveledge did not exist for me!
  12. FFS, "that poster" didn't mention "deserving" at all. Pointing out the advantage white people have getting a job in Canada doesn't speak to whether or not white people "deserve" jobs. Sheesh.
  13. You are right, my word choice was unclear. Let me fix it: Every time you applied for a job, your name and your skin color gave you a significant edge over someone with a foreign-sounding name and darker skin, even when your qualifications were identical.
  14. Not saying it doesn't happen. But does it happen EVERY time - No. I'm an introvert, employed now by a company that saw my qualifications and introverted qualities (calm, think before I speak, don't dominate meetings, or push to have my own way, etc.) and created a position for me, which I accepted. It had nothing to do with the colour of my skin. And they felt they needed an introvert in an office full of extroverts. I'm often commended for bringing calm to stressful office situations - again, nothing to do with the colour of my skin. My argument is not that it NEVER happens. My argument is that getting a job primarily based on skin colour and whether a person is extroverted or introverted does not happen in EVERY situation, as has been asserted. What that poster is saying is basically - white people do not deserve jobs because it means a person of colour doesn't get to have that job. And that's baloney.
  15. It never occurred to me I might have lost jobs due to that. So much for my privilege, eh? Are you suggesting some kind of affirmative action to correct it? I would suggest it, but I'm too shy.
  16. Do you find it hard to believe that when extroverts get a jobs it's likely at the expense of introverts?
  17. How do you know this? I find it difficult to believe that EVERY job I've ever applied on, was at the expense of someone with a darker skin colour. I find it difficult to believe that EVERY job a white person applies on or is hired for is based on their skin colour and not their qualifications. I'm not saying it doesn't happen - but EVERY time a white person applies for or gets a job, it's at the expense of darker skinned people?
  18. Not surprising if you use the word 'black' to describe people. People who do that can reasonably expect their racistic company will be appreciated mainly by other racists.
  19. Clearly you were. The only reason for this happening would be your views, obviously.


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