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  2. U.N. scores own goal. Noble savages not sticking to the stereotype messes with their heads. https://nationalpost.com/news/first-nations-chief-blasts-condescending-un-anti-racism-directive-that-called-for-pipeline-to-be-shut-down
  3. Why are the British people just as dumb as Canadians are? Why do they allow their dear politically correct leaders allow these illegal criminal so called refugees into their country at all. They should have all been rounded up, and sent to the nearest airport, and sent back home. They are criminals now, and they do not deserve the right to stay in Britain or Canada for that matter. Why do we the people keep putting up with this shit all the time? Nobody wants them here, so why keep them here. But thanks those morons like Trudeau, G. Soros, the EU, and in the United Nations we have allowed those a holes to dictate to we the people of Canada that we must take all the refugees in the world that can get here and keep them here. This needs to come to an end for Canada and Britain. Now that Brexit will soon be in place they have a chance to do something about illegal refugees busting their borders. With Britain leaving the EU, they now may be able to once and for all take control of their own borders. The rest of the Western countries in the world need to stop all of these illegal criminal illegals from entering their shores illegally. It's time for some action now. Works for me. Just saying.
  4. Your attitude seems to be that if a country makes pleasing gestures towards appeasing your climate change fears, they can pretty much do anything they want. As I wrote earlier, reality does not seem to have a part in your beliefs. The new coal plants in China are increasing CO2 emissions. As are the new coal plants China is financing and helping build throughout Asia. I didn't say we should do nothing. I said we ought to be studying the likely impact of the inevitable warming and planning for it and perhaps relocating people from flood plains or building dykes against floods, or laying pipe for water to alleviate drought, or improving building codes. Doing nothing is what you seem to be advocating. And yet, emissions are not being reduced. They are being increased.
  5. Sounds like a sensible division of labour. JT is good at winning elections and photo-ops, and CF is good at the other stuff.
  6. The cost of climate change is already affecting us personally. Home insurance rates in Canada are rising due to aging infrastructure combined with more frequent and more severe weather events. In the mid-2000s, Canadian insurance companies could expect to pay out $400 million in a year; in 2018, they paid out $1.5 billion. Reinsurers are looking at the rising costs of severe weather events, particularly in North America, and ways to reduce their risk. Climate change is upending the home insurance industry. And it’s going to cost you. Fact check: Climate change is making insurance more expensive — but it’s not the only factor Munich Re, world’s largest reinsurance firm, warns premium rises could become social issue Climate Change Is Hitting the Insurance Industry Hard. Here’s How Swiss Re Is Adapting
  7. So? They are both ahead of Canada in terms of effectively implementing policies addressing climate change. The "new" coal plants in China will also be replacing the old inefficient ones. That is progress, in the same way Canada building safer pipelines to transport our oil to local markets would be progress as opposed to eliminating pipelines and importing oil from the Middle East. The most expensive option is doing nothing. The more we do now, the less expensive it will be over the longer term. What is complicated about a carbon tax, which is proven to reduce emissions and supported by economists as most efficient and least expensive? What is complicated or expensive about eating less meat? Taking transit? Reducing/eliminating your use of plastic? Buying less stuff, especially from China? Just what are you willing to do or support?
  8. What you are asking, to put it in its proper context is "Why should we not do this incredibly complicated and expensive thing even though it will have no affect on anything?" Which is an inane question only those on the Left would even contemplate asking. You want to do it so you can feel virtuous and noble. The fact it will have no impact is, to you, irrelevant. Both of them are building coal plants as fast as they can. And their CO2 emissions continue to rise and they have no plan to remedy that any time in the near future as they respond to the need for more power by their growing middle classes.
  9. A million more carbon footprints for Canada coming by 2020, this year - what global warming https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/immigration-canada-2018-1.4371146
  10. Since when does someone else's lack of action justify your own? Isn't it the conservative whinge that people don't "take responsibility"? So show the way, and take some. Anyway, India is already doing their part, one of three countries who've implemented policies compatible with keeping global warming below two degrees Celsius. China, this year, will implement the world's most ambitious carbon trading program, and is already world leader in using renewable energy, by a factor of 2 to 1. In 2014, China committed to peak CO2 emissions in 2030, but due to its policies and progress, it is expected to peak in early 2000s. China is doing its part.** You know who isn't doing their part? Canada. If we followed the lead of places like China and India, we'd be part of the solution instead of star laggards. But we have too many people - like you - willing to actively speak and work against doing our part. Who cry about "other countries" having to make first moves, clearly oblivious to what these other countries are actually doing. We have too many politicians who pander to the whining and entitlement of people like you "for votes". Those who rail against debt being passed to our grandchildren are only too content to allow an uninhabitable world being passed down to them, so they aren't inconvenienced by carbon tax, protesters, less meat on their plate. **Source, "Guide to Chinese Climate Policy 2019". ( PDF, 169 pages detailing histororical and current state of Chinese energy use, policies and implementation of climate change mitigation policies).
  11. Okay...how are you going to reduce greenhouse gases while increasing the population to 10 billion? And go...
  12. That's not smart, it's fair. And fair is not going to do the job, unfortunately. It's too bad, but it's the way it is. The refusal to accept such as fact is the reason we are in so deep, and the reason we are not getting out.
  13. So the people who are pumping out 2/rds of the CO2 and are building hundreds of coal plants needn't do anything, huh? That's just the kind of moronic belief which makes everyone sane laught at the Left.
  14. Because even a 16-year-old is smarter than a middle-aged white conservative and understands that the people who led us here should be held responsible for leading us out.
  15. Keep adding billions to the population and nothing one does matters one bit. What's worse...too many already.
  16. LOL. Yes, just gentle suggestions! LOL. No protests blocking roads. No shrill guiltmongering. No threats and sneers and derision! No deplatforming! No muttering about prison for 'deniers'. Just gentle suggestions! That's not gonna happen. And it's all pretty pointless anyway. It's not going to improve the global warming picture. It's not going to reduce global warming. There is nothing this country can do which is going to have any impact on global warming, particularly not while simpering liberals exempt the developing world which produces two thirds of emissions. Why isn't lil Gertie in Beijing or New Dehli or Jakarta raging at them to stop building coal plants?
  17. Which is pointless information unless you want to simply guilt people for being successful. Westerners produce more per capita because we're richer. But at least we're trying to cut back. The developing world is instead racing to catch up, pouring out CO2 at greater and greater rates. The cuts we can make now in the West are incremental and are outweighed by all those hundreds of new coal plants and the expanding industries and middle classes of the developing world clamoring for air conditioning and big screen TVs.
  18. Another argument I have seen is that since Canada has so many trees we shouldn't have to reduce any...
  19. Seriously? Suggesting actions one could take to reduce their personal impact is "browbeating"? What kind of snowflake are you? The only measure I see being actually "forced" on anyone are carbon taxes. Meat eating, reducing the use of plastic, using smaller, more fuel efficent vehicles and transit, etc - those kinds of things aren't being forced on us, yet. In 10 or 20 years, when those currently voluntary things are being forced, you'll be among those whining about how the (Liberal) governments didn't do enough, bemoaning the lack of political will that led us into this, conveniently forgetting you own refusal to accept any reduction in your lifestyle and shifting blame and responsibility to someone else. If you are still alive, that is.
  20. Why do you continue to ignore the effect of wealth and consumerisn on global warming? Western countries, per capita, create ghg emissions at a significantly higher rate than developing countries - Per capita, Western countries do more harm than developing countries. Demanding that the poorest and least able countries reduce aggregate CO2 emissions so that you, personally don't have to do anything is beyond selfish and entitled. The people who most damage the environment come from the richest countries. Why should you be able to support emissions of 15T per year, and demand that an Indian or Asian person - who support 1.7T and 7.5T each per year, reduce their emissions before you should have to do anything. Emissions per capita and aggregate, by country Interesting comments, too. Especially the one about farts in an elevator.
  21. Age related queasiness. Cans I can handle.
  22. What?? Privilege or what! Do you know how to use a manual can opener?
  23. Instead of blaming others, especially other groups that are strawmen why not look at yourself. Note that I said 'we'
  24. More like the death of intelligence. Two thirds of CO2 emissions come from the third world. That's also where most of the increase is coming from. Yet the cult of Greta has nothing to say about them. No agreement binds them to limiting, much less lowering their emissions. Instead the Greta cultists browbeat westerners to cut back on their heating and eating while 900 new coal plants are being built by developing countries.


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