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    An experiment to see if this is a better way of discussing things rationally - by removing irrational posts. Even idiots are free to respond (you know who you are) and I will only delete your post if it's idiotic or trolling. Ie, any talk Jewish conspiracies, or dick waving by Americans is gonna get deleted.
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    International Hockey Talk
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    You will find the countries in this club which claims of being a democracy and performs dictatorial actions.
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    This club includes informations about any events. You can post informations. Please add a website link for the information you share or for the information where your logical conclusions are based on.
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    This club has no rules (besides Greg's all-clubs rules of following the law & no porn). Everyone can join. Do or say whatever you want otherwise. Trigger warning: words may offend. If someone's being a meanie or calls you a nasty name, i suggest ignoring it, or defend yourself, or leave, I don't care.

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    In-depth discussion, multiple viewpoints, and - really - being boring is the one unpardonable sin....

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    "Will your tongue wag so much when I send you the bill?" -- Led Zeppelin