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  2. https://www.forbes.com/sites/siminamistreanu/2020/03/02/study-links-nike-adidas-and-apple-to-forced-uighur-labor/?fbclid=IwAR2zGWECwVTVc6pTeQLGpO61eLyoM2f7tpioVNay2mblgn1fOhNR0-kPS-g&sh=3dd2ee961003 Maybe there's a good reason why LeBron (who supports riots & the murders of police officers after a black man gets shot while trying to kill a cop with his own gun) is officially unconcerned about Uigher genocide. https://www.scmp.com/sport/martial-arts/mixed-martial-arts/article/3123491/ufc-colby-covington-calls-lebron-james
  3. Andrew Cuomo is the worst.

  4. It's just the fluuuuuuu! Waaaahhh! Waaaaaah! I don't wanna wear a mask, daddy! I don't wanna!"
  5. Why didn't Trump try to Divest them? His distain for Bezos is well known. It seems the freedom and capitalism Conservatives love, allow Corporations to become so gigantic that they can't control an entire marketplace.
  6. What the hell has this got to do with China?
  7. I agree, but FB and Amazon are finger puppets of the Biden administration. Don't expect any action from the Dems on that front. If you recall Amazon offered to help distribute vaccines "now that the new administration is in power" and they also crushed Parler when they started up as an alternative to alt-leftist Twitter. FB's lopsided 'fact-checking' is legendary.
  8. Gee, who would have thought that a system whereby immigration officers have approximately three minutes to review each application, rubber stamp it as accepted, or write a long report if they want to reject it would lead to people with phony degrees and work experiences immigrating to Canada?
  9. Now there are some women (3 last I heard) coming forward with sexual harassment claims against Biden and it's getting more attention than the fact that he threw covid bombs into care homes, killing thousands of people. The same people who said: "It's not really that big of a deal that Cuomo sent C19 carriers back to care homes where they would obviously infect thousands of the most vulnerable people in NY state, and 15,000 people died there as a result" are rising up to say "OOOoooh 3 leftist women (we care about them) were harassed, THIS IS A TRAGEDY! CUOMO HAS TO GO!."
  10. So then we should break up large corporations. Force Facebook and Amazon to divest. It's refreshing that the likes AOC and Trump have the same Enemy now.
  11. The headline is misleading. All they are saying is that they don't have enough information yet because it wasn't tested on enough seniors. However, it is being given to millions of seniors in the UK now and it is proving to be quite effective and safe.
  12. So this is a report from the congressional budget office saying the new US program for frigate is going to cost more than the navy says it will. The navy thinks they'll got $8.7 billion for ten new frigates. But the CBO thinks it will be more like $12.3 billion - or US$1.2 billion per ship. Meanwhile, Canada's frigates are expected to cost approximately US$4.35 billion apiece. Assuming they ever get built, which is seeming more doubtful by the day.
  13. Was it intended as a joke? SARS-1, 2002. MERS, 2006. In both cases this country's at the top of the list, and not in a good sense. Several pandemic series on TV and couple of movies. And two decades on, as "brand new" wow! This is an epitome what was meant. And ten years from now (Canadian) bureaucracy will go "this is still oh so new to us" and why not? Of course not because it makes any sense to anybody but because it's what it knows to do and how to communicate clearly and meaningfully, and manage effectively, not so much. Sure there's Taiwan and New Zealand.
  14. Corporations in general benefitted from deregulation. When there are legal hurdles in front of businesses the wealthiest ones with the best legal teams can be virtually unhindered by them, or they can take their chances and pay their fines on the back end. Small businesses can't overcome moderate obstacles that companies like Amazon or Chrysler would barely notice.
  15. This is true for the most part. It occurs because we so horribly mismanage how government works. It is in the business of dispensing privilege, not being egalitarian. While these lopsided benefits are available to those your political agenda targets, they are also available on a racial preference basis to aboriginals and many other minorities. I always go back to what Sir Roger Douglas once taught me about how to do legislation properly. In his words: "We simply removed privilege". Instead of you or I choosing to rant over OUR preferential access to the privilege of screwing over t
  16. Management is not science, it is just management. When it was clear to the world that the center of a SERIOUS problem was in Wuhan, our Liberal government welcomed any and all flights, not even bothering to question, never mind scan for temperature thousands of travellers DAILY. It was THE FUCKING GOVERNMENT that totally ignored the science from day one. UK is a worthwhile note: they had no vaccine production capacity at the start, and have a large capacity to serve both their domestic and many international needs while our truly STUPID government made are really STUPID deal with China
  17. On the contrary, I believe the state has every right to require people to cover virus-transmitting body parts if they feel that is necessary and/or effective.
  18. This is the hilarious story about the hilariously woke people at Twitch, a popular social media/messaging company. Last week, the super woke at Twitch decided that from now on they would change 'women' to 'womxn' in all correspondence and messaging because a tiny group of man-hating lesbians don't like to use a word which has the word 'men' as a part of it. This is eye-rollingly stupid enough on its own to laugh in their faces. But they've had to hurriedly backtrack and issue a grovelling apology. Not because women were offended. Not because sane people were offended, but because trans ac
  19. Today
  20. Brand new virus. Why did people expect 100% knowledge on day one? Some scepticism of political motives is not unhealthy, rejecting science is.
  21. They are finding it has good efficacy now that it is actually in mass usage but it will take awhile for real world evidence to modify more narrow trial data.
  22. Trump's main accomplishment during his term was a huge tax cut for corporations. Would you not think that a dogmatic surge towards deregulation also benefitted these big corporations?
  23. Trump represents Americans, that’s why you call him a populist. Biden represents hope for the very largest corporations in America by providing them with cheap labour and killing the middle class.
  24. How's that for "trolling" charles? 

  25. Charles Anthony has 1 follower since 2006. Hahahahahahaha.

    No wonder he has an inferiority complex.  Charles Anthony is not even Canadian but is a mod on "mapleleafweb" - what does that tell you? This site shit.

  26. Charles Anthony won't even respond to my question. Bahahaha, loser.

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