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  2. I think your opening the PM position up to any and all special interest groups, including those that may or may not be in public favor, like anti vaxers, anti maskers, racist groups, dog lovers , cat lovers, porn actors, and pretty soon your doing nothing but going to these functions. and by not going your going to offend someone. The LGBT should know that there government already supports them by the policies and laws that they have enacted on their behalf. not whether you can dance or not.
  3. Both federal and provincial have extensive programs for small and larger business, ie tax breaks, grants or low interest rate loans, and the list goes on. I think every special interest group is represented in there some where. In the Maritimes any employment is welcome by the provincial government and most times they are willing to invest in it. it is however almost impossible to attract any serious large industry here... That being said I'm sure at some point there will be investment into more immigrant business. Very few are deciding to stay, most are out of here in 5 years or so, mov
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  5. First point, blackface... Why are people hanging on this? It was twenty some years ago at some costume thing and the only people "offended" by it are entitled white people. I heard a couple interviews with people of the race he supposedly mimicked about this and it didn't bother them at all. He apologized, what more is he supposed to do? By the way it's really good to know so many on here have never performed an act of racism or discrimination in their own lives to this point. That being said the other scandals he's been a part of in his life and career need to be addressed and acted on
  6. There are only a small number of these mega trolls... they can be ssssssssprayed....
  7. The Trump lawsuits are a comedy of errors. Team Trump isn’t a gang of evil supervillains, its a clown car of buffoons trying to be criminals but can’t stop tripping over their own shoelaces. They’re not just losing every court case, they’re getting laughed out of court, filing submissions full of spelling mistakes and typos and incoherent arguments. One of their “evidence” submissions was an affidavit from a so-called expert attempting to show that there were more votes cast in certain Michigan townships than there were legal residents in those townships. Except the number of reside
  8. There is no evidence that schools are where the outbreaks are happening. Schools enforce mask wearing and will send a child home immediately once the exhibit symptoms. The big problem is family and social gatherings. Who's going to sacrifice a traditional Christmas this year and avoid gathering in a home with 20 other relatives that all live in separate bubbles?
  9. Two Thirds of the daily cases come from the Toronto/Peel area. That's where the crisis is happening. And that's where the Lockdowns will happen. I don't think a Hospital in Sudbury or Dryden play a factor in the crisis that's happening in the Toronto area. The cases are concentrated. And it's sad because they happening in high density places where people can't just work from home and distance from their family.
  10. BTW the Lawsuits are an afterthought right now. The verdict released Saturday night in Pennsylvania was pretty much the nail in the coffin. Pennsylvania and Michigan should be certified today. The tactic now is the completely anti-democratic (and illegal) method of convincing State legislators to send EC Electors that will vote for Trump even though the state will certify Biden. Obviously this is a pipe dream. This whole dog and pony show is still so Trump can fundraise and defend himself once he becomes a private citizen.
  11. The whole Sidney Powell thing is fascinating. She even drew the ire of Tucker Carlson! https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/celebrities/2020/11/20/tucker-carlson-gives-update-after-backlash-over-sidney-powell-segment/6367629002/ So is Tucker now a Cuck who hates freedom? I like the argument that they're saving the Dominion evidence for court cases. So the 30 that have been laughed out of court already weren't important enough to have released the evidence?
  12. This is exactly the sort of bitter, overzealous, knee-jerk attitude that made me start this thread. Did Trudeau run over your puppy or something? The Trudeau government built up the economy and kept unemployment low largely, I presume, through international trade deals. He spent the first year in office promoting and signing them as if that was a high priority for him. Can't you admit that to yourself?
  13. 1. No argument from me there. Trudeau inherited a stable economy and he had the utter gall to build on it, the snivelling little puke.;) 2. Is there enough Raid in the world?
  14. So there you go - REGENERON - Trump's antibodies cocktail - approved!

    He was right after all.


    1. BubberMiley


      Made from abortions...so you were wrong after all?

      "The manufacturer of REGN-COV2 has stated that it employs stem cells in its research, most commonly mouse embryonic stem cells and human blood stem cells. The "antibody cocktail" given to Trump is a combination of two human-made proteins and was developed using a decades-old cell line derived from embryonic kidney tissues obtained from an aborted human fetus in 1973."

    2. Boges


      Regeneron treatment would cost Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to the average person. 

  15. Why don't you say the same about pedophilia? Why shouldn't pedophiles have equal rights to marry children for sexual gratification? What about Incest? If we make a law, they can't reproduce, why can't a brother and sister marry officially — wouldn't that seem just fair to you?
  16. Here's a more recent one Dora: https://thefederalist.com/2020/11/18/major-study-finds-masks-dont-reduce-covid-19-infection-rates/ Doesn't sound like the Dutch are big maskers: Dutch Medical Experts Have Said That Masks Don’t Stop The Spread Of COVID And we know Sweden's not. So you know what would be interesting? Comparing place like that in Northern Europe where they don't appear to be pushing for masks to places in Southern Europe where they have mask mandates like Spain and Italy So here's where you can find the data and see the graphs for: Denmark
  17. The BBC are reporting that Sidney Powell has been fired. I wonder if it was her mascara...
  18. That snowball rolling down the hill has now become a home wrecker.
  19. "Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own. She is not a member of the Trump campaign legal team."

    1. BubberMiley


      I'm confused. She was too crazy for crazytown?

    2. BubberMiley


      She should just refuse to concede. :lol:

  20. Why do people keep talking like the government measures are preventing people from getting covid, when we have been clearly told that they are meant to flatten the curve so that our hospitals are not overwhelmed. We are being told that covid is running wild, and that our hospitals are in danger of being overwhelmed. Notice that when you say one right after the other people will assume that they are cause and effect. Lets look at the numbers: There are 227 current hospitalizations for covid in our 161 hospitals in B.C.. This means an average of 1.4 cases per hospital. Overwhelming , maybe not.
  21. Back in 2017, after Trump had won, CNN was reeeeeeally curious to find out whether voting machines might be hackable. A team of hackers found several ways of compromising the machines. You Trump haters might not want to watch this one, A few tidbits from the video, remember this is 2017, and they are talking about 2020. But now that Biden has won, it's funny how there's nothing to see here... "If we don't get our act together quickly, this could be one of the biggest threats to American democracy in our history." "Do you believe that right now
  22. In other words Canadians are raising children to work under immigrant children, interesting. Then Argus says our best and brightest are headed south. This is good for Canada? You are another that believes Canadians have no talent and no ambition, we need to import it, that really is sad.
  23. Because they've been denied the legal ability to do things that non-LGBT people have always been able to do, like get married. Not to mention being socially stigmatized and made to hide who they are for most of human history minus the last few decades. Hence, Pride parades and flags.
  24. These are interesting questions, I dont think the topic is ridiculous. Just because they are spending money certainly doesnt mean its being spent wisely, and at these spending levels and minimal oversight, fraud and abuse is quite likely. Other countries have used a different model, and it appears to work for them, both financially and in terms of the virus.
  25. And yet, startlingly, you can't show us any! We're just supposed to take your word for it. You cherry pick specific bits of information like 'immigrant children vs third generation Canadian born children' as if this is some startling proof of anything at all. But where is the evidence to support your statement about immigrants and their positive impact? Presumably that would be on our culture and economy. They've certainly had a 'positive' impact on the violent crime rate, but I see no evidence of anything else.
  26. I do blame Trudeau and Ford, it is their fault! Maybe being impartisan, you would rather blame the green party, or Mothers Against Drinking and Driving. Sorry that does not fly. The lockdowns are not saving anyone, they are only spreading the same number of infections over a longer period of time. They like to call this flattening the curve. The justification for all this is so that our hospitals will not be overwhelmed. In Ontario there are currently 484 hospitalizations, and 384 hospitals. In case you are struggling with the math that is less than 2 cases per hospital (1.26), of those 147 a
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