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  2. Trump may have played this SCJ nomination wrong. He could have guaranteed the full support of all his voters if that seat was open, and on the other side, voter apathy was bound to be a huge problem for the Dems because no one really wants to plug their nose long enough to vote for Joe, SCJ seat or not. The Dems can really eliminate voter apathy from the equation with this issue though. Their idiots are riled up up like crazy. Trump has to get this done now, because if he fails he looks bad and he'll lose the election, even without Dems resorting to cheating.
  3. Lol, I wonder if her insurance will even cover her if she gets a distracted driving charge.
  4. As usual, you make no sense. Hamas & the PLO are terrorists with their roots in Nazi Germany. Support them...become them.
  5. This is how unhinged the left has become this election season.
  6. It's sad how far you have to go to try and find something worse than your own..
  7. Today
  8. ISIS members are not islamic fundamentalists. They don't follow the fundamentals. Then you favour Israel. More like, make it belonging to US aka Israel. You favour Israel again.
  9. Yup...thus my Bull Run & Antietam references. One of those will change most folk's minds re: war...they were worse than most WW2 battles.
  10. Fatso Arruda, aka Diabetes Arruda, the so-called prominent Health Expert in Québec, says that Police in Québec may enter inside private residences, homes, to make sure all the COVID guidelines are properly obeyed by the population he despises. He retracted a few minutes after the announcement. He crossed a line he never should have. Are we going to accept the extinction of our civil liberties and inherent rights for some virus that killed 0 Québécois today?
  11. I haven't seen "so many" comments like that myself. Trump does indeed troll them, and they do likewise. But around here, appreciation for that's not necessary. There is plenty more to talk about than simply trolling. What I see is a lot of useful information about what Donald Trump has accomplished against all the odds, being deliberately ignored by people who have taken a hard-core position. Never-Trumpers. Like yourself, I assume.
  12. Polls don't mean crap in the swing-states, which is the only place polls would actually matter anyways. Clinton led in a bunch of polls in swing states she ended up losing. We'll find out on election night.
  13. The Dems land all of their body blows with baseless accusations, and Trump is pretty good at dishing out I told ya so's when the dust finally settles and the truth is out. People who support the President get tired of seeing the Dems lying about everything regarding the President, combined with their absolute failure to acknowledge the things that he has done really well on. Sentiments like "Suleimani was a beloved father figure among Iranians" and "Peace agreements between Israel and other countries in the middle east is no big deal" don't sit will with anyone who has more than h
  14. Candace is great, it would be interesting to see what would happen if she ran. I'd also like to see Dinesh D'Souza or Ben Shapiro run, just because I'd love to see someone try to win a debate against either of them. Can you imagine a debate between Biden and Shapiro? LMAO, it would like a fight between a pit-bull and a rabbit. He speaks too fast for Biden to even have a clue what he was talking about. DeSantis in Fla will be a really strong candidate if he ever runs, imo. He's a solid conservative in a state that's generating really high support from the latino community.
  15. Maybe she is losing it also. I think that her and Biden would make a nice lovely couple living together and totally lost in dementia dreamland forever. At least they will be able to secure and afford a nice senior residence place for themselves to live in with all the money that they both have. I often wonder as to why does old politicians like her and Biden stay in politics for so long anyway? When you are in your 80's what's the point? They have nothing to offer anymore except to be a pain in the ass. Get out and let new blood in. Hopefully, after Trump wins the election they both will screw
  16. I am starting to think that the root cause is that Democrats never hated Republicans nearly as much as Republicans hated Democrats. I have seen so many comments saying what fun it is to see Trump troll the Democrats. What's with that ? I guess it's the natural arrogance of liberals coming back on them but the flip side is scarier...
  17. where do you get this stupid azz idea that Trump is out to destroy democracy anyway? It has been the democrats that have been trying to destroy democracy in America for decades now. Geez, you need to stop listening to CNN/MSNBC for your lying and fake news. Try listening to FOX NEWS for a change and try to get the other side of the story that the MSM do not want you to hear or learn or know about. Why are there so many people out there who are only to willing to listen to one side of the story and not the other? Are they afraid that they might have to finally think for themselves and what
  18. The more conservatives on the SC the better. That should just about do it for those lying democrats that have tried to destroy America for the past 10 years. I believe that Trump has an isolated jail cell waiting for them when he gets reelected. Lock them all up, Trump. Works for me.
  19. Trump will produce and create a world of freedom and enjoyment. The deep state globalists will be gone. No more Convid 19 lying games anymore. We will get back to the old normal that we once enjoyed before this hoax Convid 19 virus came along. It will be great for Canada if Trump wins. If you prefer Biden, where am I today, idiot then what you are living thru today will be nothing to what the democrats have in store for the world. This is truly a world war going on between freedom loving Trump and Biden deep state globalist communism. it's as simple as that.
  20. Rocky boy is just another spokes follower for the globalist deep state elite. You are just another typical Canadian follower. Just keep living your belief that this Convid 19 hoax is all for real. Many well known doctors and other people in other professions have already said that this Convid 19 is no more serious than the average flu. But they are quacks to you, right? Those quacks make a lot more sense than those lying batards that you like to listen too. So, you just keep listening to your lying politicians, the lying media, the lying hospital administrators, and those so called lying
  21. The Republicans have a very deep bench compared to the Democrats. Off the top of my head I can't think of any reasonable candidates on the Democratic side. If there are any, then they might be able to fill into a minivan. The rest are catering to the radicals(Antifa etc). Who in their right mind would be happy about how far the Dems have moved to the Left?
  22. Why is it that every time I challenge a Dem sycophant to come up evidence of what they pretend to know, they always come up with blanks? They just know that Fox News only tells lies 24/7, but they can't find a single specific example. I've posted thousands of actual lies by CNN on this site, no one has disproven anything I wrote about CNN's lying, but people still regurgitate their drivel. "The Dems go high" is a common refrain from Demmies, but I have never seen an example of it. I have plenty of examples of them slithering through the gutter though. It's a daily occurrence. When w
  23. The shopping cart is the ultimate litmus test for whether a person is capable of self-governing. To return the shopping cart is an easy, convenient task and one which we all recognize as the correct, appropriate thing to do. To return the shopping cart is objectively right. There are no situations other than dire emergencies in which a person is not able to return their cart. Simultaneously, it is not illegal to abandon your shopping cart. Therefore the shopping cart presents itself as the apex example of whether a person will do what is right without being forced to do it."

    "A person who is unable to do this is no better than an animal, an absolute savage who can only be made to do what is right by threatening them with a law and the force that stands behind it"

    "The Shopping Cart is what determines whether a person is a good or bad member of society."     Anonymous

  24. Not very encouraging given the civil war started the next year...
  25. https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/entertainment-arts-54246444


    John Lennon killer says sorry for 'despicable act'



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