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  2. Thanks for reminding...I had forgotten that. Notice that Trudeau government didn't bother following that law. Not sure if they had to be convicted in Canada, or was conviction in the other 3 countries adequate?
  3. - Turkish Army company OYAK purchase Finnish steel and iron company Milux Oy. - Turkish Army company OYAK signed a preliminary agreement to purchase British steel and iron company British Steel. - Turkiye is going to build the second military base in Qatar to prevent any kind of attempts from Western countries and Western lapdog ME countries to invade Qatar.
  4. Rumor has it Jets sniper Patrik Laine may be a holdout at camp, and is unhappy in Winnipeg.
  5. What are your predictions for the upcoming NHL season?
  6. Probably not, but the U.S. has a long history of territorial transactions as a matter of national policies and circumstances regardless of Trump's current musings. The U.S. currently has sixteen (16) territories.
  7. This is precisely what is happening in France. The country has the largest Jewish population in Europe at 600,000. Unfortunately, Muslims make up 6,000,000 people in France. As a result, Jews have been beaten in the streets for being Jews. You cannot wear any type of religious gear in public if you are Jewish, in fear of being mobbed spit on, harasse, or beaten by Islamic gangs. To a lesser extent, this also occurs in the UK, Germany, Holland. However, French Jews are now leaving the country for Israel and North America in fear of their lives. The French Government has repeatedly denied that Muslim Antisemitism is a problem in France, for fear of upsetting the Muslims.
  8. This just in: Justin Trudeau to be hoisted by his own petard.

  9. It’s certainly close to that. There’s still so much controversy among academics as to what fascism means https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascism and whether it can be applied beyond a twentieth century European context, but if we accept the basic recipe above of authoritianism, corporatism and ethnonationalism, its there or thereabouts and should be a deeply alarming prospect for the rest of us, far more than Mao’s China. Chinese ethnonationalism and authoritarianism were unusually strong even before the communists arrived; now capitalism has given that country the potential to dominate the world and bring her values to our doorstep.
  10. Shady's comparison was fair, and historically accurate.
  11. Lets not forget the PLO strategically placed terrorist cells, which were designed to launch rockets into Israel, and recruit suicide bombers into ISrael, by placing them near Hospitals, daycare centres, elementary schools, nursing homes, etc. This is why I have no respect for these people. They are willing to put innocent lives into the line of fire, in order to gain International sympathy when the IDF inevitably launches counter-strikes against these belligerents.
  12. Immigrants actually create jobs, and are technically less likely to leech off the system than Canadian-born residents. This has been proven time and time again. The only way Canada should realistically curb immigration, is to increase the birth rate by giving Canadians more incentive for having children.
  13. Greenlanders would not automatically become U.S. citizens if/when Greenland ever became an unincorporated U.S. territory. It takes an Act of Congress to grant U.S. citizenship in U.S. territories.
  14. Well at least its something to do. We should at least have a contingency plan. I mean, if it were the end of the world and we had like half an hour, what would you suggest we do?
  15. Corrections are a good thing, all gains by the Bulls are made by the Bears. If you got into the market in 2008, you're up a thousand percent across the board now. Take your profits, go defensive, if the DAX noses over into a hard correction, there will be huge value there, Germany is a bit under priced already.
  16. One good thing about a US takeover would be that, as US citizens, Greenlanders could then sue the US government for all the toxic waste it has dumped on their island over the decades.
  17. Harper can be blamed for the Liberal agenda too, Harper had nine years in power and he did absolutely nothing to roll it back when he had the chance. One hippie chick holds up a sign saying "Stop Harper" and Harper caved on everything and hid from the Canadian media under his desk like their little bitch.
  18. I prayed until I was in my teens. I can remember being quite serious about it too. I imagine praying for a climate change miracle will have about the same results as praying that Beverly xxxxx would notice me and like me did.
  19. I played the guitar, but a finger injury has taken that particular avenue of stress relief and enjoyment away from me.
  20. Europe set to flashback to the 1930s & 40s.  Requiring warning labels on Jewish products.  Hitler would be proud of BDS!

    1. Dougie93


      Actually the Nazis original plan was to deport the Jews to some overseas territory, so Israel would have suited the Nazis purposes to a tee.

      If there had been an Israel at the time, the Nazis likely would have adopted the Russian method of driving the Jews out of the country by persecution.

      Most of the Jews having ended up in Western Europe in the first place, having fled the Russian Czar.

      Germany was a sanctuary for the Jews under the Kaiser, the Germans were the protectors of the Jews at first.

      The problem for the Nazis was that nobody would take the Jews, Canada for instance refused to take any at all.

      This is when the Nazis resorted to mass liquidation, they were stuck with the Jews, so they killed them to get rid of them.

      In terms of the international leftist BDS movement, Hitler would have railed against them as being Communists,  in fact he probably would have railed against them for waylaying Europe from driving the Jews to Israel, thus the BDS would be all part of the Jewish-Bolshevik Conspiracy by those means.

    2. scribblet


      @shady  That is disgusting 

    3. Dougie93


      I think Hitler would actually be impressed with Israel and he would use it as a rubric to rail against the Germans.

      "Look at the power of the Zionists, look at their military might, look at their guile, how is it that the Zionists have hydrogen bombs and the Germans do not?!"

      Then he would of course invoke the Jewish-Bolshevik Conspiracy as the cause, with the Democrat Party in America being the new Bolshevist menace to the West.

      He wouldn't blame Israel for Germany's plight, he would blame the Communists in America for making Germany into a weak and subservient vassal.

  21. You make it seem like Canadian liberals are desperately looking to spread the blame away from the PM. "But, but, but, Stephen Harper!"... more or less. Come on, Harper may have known things or heard reports that may or may not have yet been substantiated. What matters is that an investigation was started, and found evidence of a crime. That alone is enough for me. The system works through due process, not by gossip, rumour, or emotional gut reaction. Once there's evidence, and certainly once charges are laid, the PM has to back off and allow due process to continue. Mr. Trudeau did not want due process to continue.
  22. I read somewhere before that it was the Harper gov't that created the law that barred companies which were convicted of crimes from bidding on federal contracts for ten years. Can't find that on google though. All that comes up is a bunch of "Harper ethics breaches" lol.
  23. It's funny when the Brits come to train in Pet, they are both fascinated by the bears and at the same time spooked that there are so many of them in close proximity all around. We'd tell them not to worry about it, but still, they never were quite able to relax, they were always looking over their shoulders for the bear that was going to come charging out of the bush. You don't really notice the prominence of the bears, until some European whose never seen one shows up and freaks out at the sight of them.
  24. No, I like bears, I'd only shoot one as a last resort, I'm quite comfortable around them actually, there are bears all over Camp Petawawa, they never bothered me.
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