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  2. Zeitgeist

    War of the Worlds U.N. Migration Compact

    International labor rules on wages and conditions would prevent such rampant offshoring. An example is the $16.00 minimum wage on some Mexican auto production in USMCA.
  3. OftenWrong

    Compensating Khadr

    Be interesting to see how this turns out. I suspect little Omar will be hailed as a hero when he returns. A rich man who beat the odds, and beat the West at their game. Whether intentional or not, his situation is what it is. Actually good that Omar should remain in the news as much as possible, to shock the Canadian conscience.
  4. WestCanMan

    Trudeau Reckless Binge

    We could elect a steaming pile of shit as PM and it could do nothing but attract flies for the next 4 years and it would still be a substantive improvement.
  5. WestCanMan

    Trudeau Reckless Binge

    If Scheer promised a modest $40 billion dollar deficit over the next 4 years and said that he wouldn't drive away investment, kill off parts of our economy, cater to foreign resources over Canadian options, or give the red carpet treatment to terrorists he would be a substantive alternative to Trudeau. Singh's party is toast, and the Libs will get all those votes.
  6. WestCanMan

    The Banana Republic is at it again

    Is it hyperbole towards China? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-12-05/what-s-intellectual-property-and-does-china-steal-it-quicktake
  7. WestCanMan

    The Banana Republic is at it again

    I never said that tariffs have nothing to do with anything. Of course they have an impact on the stock market and everything else. The stock market is up by 33% overall. So for one week it took a correction off of that amount. Big deal. It still dwarfs the stock market's performance under Obama. If you got a 33% raise at work would you focus on the extra taxes you have to pay? No, but you're focusing on a small negative in a sea of positivity regarding employment numbers and stock prices.
  8. Goddess

    Compensating Khadr

    https://globalnews.ca/news/4748387/omarkhadr-canadian-passport-sister/ Khadr now wants a Canadian passport. Of course we will have to give it to him because he cites religious reasons - he wants to go to Saudi Arabia to see Mecca. He also wants unrestricted access to his terrorist sister. Prior to this, he was only allowed to visit her with a lawyer present, now he wants unfettered access to her. I'm sure Trudeau will fast-track this for him. And of course, we will have to compensate him for this travesty of justice and his suffering.
  9. Today
  10. And we must abide by the legal process whether those Canadians who hate America like it or not. The quarrel that China and America are having is over trade just like Canada was having it's share of trade quarrels with America also. Whatever is the real reason as to why the Americans want this woman we will probably never learn or know about. Maybe this is over something else. I will stick with America over this because we had better if we know what is good for Canada and Canadians. I do not want to see the American elephant about to step on the Canadian mouses head. I cannot stand headaches if that is all I end up with. I do not appreciate Canada trading with a communist country that treats it's citizen's like commie slaves. Canada fought against apartheid in South Africa over white controlled over blacks in South Africa and apartheid was defeated. Maybe if the world would stop dealing with China communism could be eliminated in China and we can help free those commie slaves.
  11. -TSS-

    Maybe no Brexit exit.

    So,Theresa May delayed the vote knowing well she would have lost. The deal on offer was not good for neither Brexiteers nor remainers. Now she tries to negotiate a new deal but the EU may not want that. In the old system she could have threatened her own party MPs that either they vote for the deal or there will be new elections. Nowadays however early elections require a 2/3 support in parliament. So she stays on at least for a time being but just like Merkel and Macron she is practically a political corpse.
  12. taxme

    Conservatives Silent on Homosexuality

    Indeed, the liberals have overplayed the word racist. Cry wolf too many times and nobody will pay attention to you anymore. It still surprises me today that there are still people out there who will listen to a liberal anymore as all they have left to argue with now is to call people whom they disagree with words like racist or some other ridiculous name. Bloody crybaby losers.
  13. We have to abide by our legal process in this but there is no question that we are being used by the US to pursue its quarrel with China. Not appreciated.
  14. Yup, and I can see this costing the taxpayer's of Canada plenty more tax dollars because of this bull chit. It never ends, does it? Pay-pay-pay.
  15. I don't think that Canada and Trudeau wants to phuc around with America and Trump. Our bread and butter depends on America and Trump. We can survive without China.
  16. Coming from the lips of liberals, I have to question anything they say as to whether that many jobs were created? I wonder what are the stats on job losses in Canada then in the quarter? Have any stats? Over.
  17. How does that contradict what I said? Bangladesh, Vietnam, China, Mexico, can say the same thing. Did Ford create their wages? You think wages are not determined by world market conditions? You think they operate in a vacuum? How do you think currencies that define wages are determined. Oh go on guess.
  18. taxme

    America under President Trump

    I will try to get back to you in a couple of months and let you know as to how well Trudeau is doing on the unemployment front here in Canada. It should be pretty hard for the kid though to try and solve the unemployment problem here in Canada when the kid keeps bringing in hundreds of thousands of new immigrants every year where I guess he is hoping that all those new immigrants will help bring down the unemployment rate. Personally, I think that the unemployment will go even higher thanks to all of those new immigrants being brought into Canada. But as so many have said here more immigrants will be great for Canada's unemployed. I don't think that I want to be thinking about holding my breath on this one. Although I am pretty sure that some here would wish that I would hold my breath for quite awhile.
  19. That's what I said it was. It has to do with the electoral college system because high density areas are always full of people in need of social assistance, ie Dem voters. If you split up the electoral boundaries in a way that has just the right amount of high-density areas in each electoral riding then you can win for the Dems. If you split up the electoral boundaries in a way that keeps the high-density, low-income areas in some ridings and suburban/rural areas together in other ridings the Republicans win.
  20. ...a percentage of the profit and genuine environmental safeguards.
  21. Natural capital, drawdown, exploitation, lol. Sounds like you have been watching Mary Poppins. Not that you wpuld understand but the economic term capital has nothing to do with being natural. Economics is inherently synthetic. Zippity zappity zoo that flew over you. Save the sophistry for someone else. Arm chair rich boy commies. So annoying.
  22. taxme

    Minorities and Crime

    Hey, if someone wants to be a racist what is it to you anyway? Hey, you are one of them and we all have to put up with you. Tee hee yeah you are tee hee hee double giggle.
  23. No he wasn't. He was an elitist. He never worked a day I his life. Unless you know what it is like to worry about how you make ends meet, economics is an abstraction that Won't be understood. Sometimes you really do have to get hemmeroids to understand how painful it can be sitting on your pampered ass.
  24. Rue

    Minorities and Crime

    Tee hee yeah you are tee hee hee giggle.
  25. taxme

    Minorities and Crime

  26. Wages going up or down will depend on how greedy an employer wants to get. Wage hikes do not rely on global forces, supply or demand. What does help to keep wages low is the fact that thanks to all three levels of government in Canada people in the private sector have to deal with many taxes and many rules and regulations that make anyone in business to have to try and survive to try to make any money at all. Your corporate globalist buddies are the ones that help keep wages low. Your marxist elite buddies are the ones who run and control the markets, stocks, bonds, precious metals and the issuing of money thru their private banks. They pretty much dictate as to whether people will get a pay wage increase or not. You need to give us all a break, comrade.
  27. Lol. You need balls to have your prostate bother you. C'mon, if you have to attack people like conservatives Trump and Ford all the time then you have to be supporting the likes of liberal leftists socialists like Trudeau and Wynne. You are either on the right or you are on the left. You cannot be on both sides. I know what a conservative is and I know what a commie is and I prefer to go with the former where I believe that you prefer to go with the latter. I doubt that you can control anything yourself. But those zionist buddies that you appear to support do run and rule the world's banks, the leftist media, and indeed Hollyweird, and are very very very filthy rich, and they were also the ones that gave the world communism. But you know that already, right? Fatso Ford says hello!
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