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  2. I am afraid I fall into the small category that believes church and state need to be COMPLETELY separated. When it comes to private money, one should be free to do whatever suits them, but as soon as the taxpayer is footing the bill, NOTHING to do with religion should have any bearing whatsoever on eligibility, spending, access, etc.
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  4. When there’s no specific release date, how can it be withheld? It was released in the same fiscal year. Congress should probably address that when they appropriate money.
  5. How does Mitch swear on the Bible to deliver impartial justice after saying outright he wouldn't?

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    2. Shady


      Justice is subjective.  Maybe he feels as though that’s justice.  Just like the Democrats coordinated with the Clinton White House during his impeachment.

    3. BubberMiley


      Yes, the very meaning of words is subjective. By saying he is not impartial, he may be saying he is impartial. Black is white. Do not feel gaslighted. All is well.

    4. Shady


      Once again, justice is subjective.  In his mind, because the Democrats haven't been impartial, he may feel as though it's justified, and justice to balance things out.  Regardless, he isn't doing anything Democrats didn't do during the Clinton impeachment.  He's just being upfront about it.

  6. - Western countries let off "the mice" in African countries now. Nigeria demands "help" from Africom to "defeat" labratory product ISIS. - Western countries are planning to commit more crime in African countries under the pretext of "trying to catch" the mice.
  7. I am a fortunate person to be where I am in the world. I am happy that I have this platform for myself and my children. But I'm not going to blind myself to the b.s. we put others through in other parts of the world. Life is about progressing and improving as individuals and as a society. We need to continue to better ourselves and challenge those who want to milk the status quo that harms others in order to benefit themselves selfishly. Reading a book doesn't have to cost money. Talking to someone who isn't in your circle doesn't have to cost money. As a military man, do you not weep for the lives lost for pointless and disastrous wars created by these fucktards, who will never risk to sacrifice themselves, or their families in these wars?
  8. I have a theory as to why Trump decided to take out Soleimani: John Bolton will most likely testify in the hearings. He was pushed out and left on bad terms. John Bolton, a neo-con, has been pushing for 'regime change' in the middle-east for over 2 decades. Apparently, he was too much of a hawk for Trump and that's why he was pushed out. Perhaps, killing Soleimani was a way to quench Bolton's thirst for military force, in order to, perhaps, stop him from giving damaging testimony in the impeachment hearings.
  9. - Western countries want to steal Libyan resources with the hands of CIA agent Hafter in Lİbya. - Libya has about 8 Trillion $ worth of proven oil and natural gas resources. - Western countries especially want to invade Sidra, Ra's, Lanuf and Brega regions first which includes about %70 of total sources of Libya. - Turkish troops consist of 800 soldiers prevent Libya coup terrorists to seize the regions.
  10. He required more than that according to the law. You don't have a link to a copy of that approval? Too bad, Trump could probably use it too.
  11. The new no world order will be even more rewarding with the Deferred Purgatory Agreement the Pope just secured us. Fuck everyone before they fuck me is my motto from now on. But I'll start with conservatives they'll understand it's nothing personal. Clobbering a lefty would be too much like bludgeoning a baby harp seal or a puppy or something.
  12. Don't bother, education is simply an accreditation scam at this point, spend your capital on acquiring investment property, be a landlord, you've already learned all you need to know at the school of hard knocks.
  13. True, but a belief similar to having faith in the lack of existence of unicorns, Snarks or Grumpkins. It is hard to prove a negative but the odds are....
  14. By the evidence of Holy Scriptures? Really? Is that any different than knowing the motivations of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore or Aslan the lion by evidence of the book?
  15. If the funds were expected, though, and then didn't come forward that's enough for a quid pro quo. Here's the money... oops hang on... there's something we'd like you to do for us though... investigate this guy's family... see, he's running against me and...
  16. Bullshit. What most right thinking people hate in Israel China or Syria is the same, their governments not their people...institutions...things in other words, not human beings. They may have no particular use for officials or groups in these countries that support or worse execute the awful things their governments and institutions order done but be sure it is at base the institution they despise the most. Most of all though I can't stand it when the difference between a government and the people it governs are ignored by conflation, sloppy thinking, disenguity and indifference. Anyone who does this really only gives a damn about their own agenda.
  17. Folks, Stay on topic or start a new thread.
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  19. a) 40000 is still a big number. b) Going too far off topic now. c) It's hockey night tonight. d) Go Leafs.
  20. How many did it used to kill back in the 1970's? Considerably more, the air has been cleaned. The bank does not need to broken to clean the air, so come up with another excuse to justify your desire to spend less on the military.
  21. https://www.nhs.uk/news/heart-and-lungs/air-pollution-kills-40000-a-year-in-the-uk-says-report/
  22. Wrong. They are a poor country willing to take shortcuts to try and close the gap. Also they are commies, and commies have notoriously terrible environmental records. They are far more polluted, and evidently pollution is aware of borders to some degree, or every nation in the world would be covered in smog like China. The west used to have tons of smog, not so much anymore, the air has been cleaned Iceni. You want to fight a battle that has already been won in this part of the world, and yet you use that as an excuse to not fund the military.
  23. Because they make nearly everything that's sold in UK shops.
  24. Marcus your the typical Canadian I am always talking about, you love to point fingers at others, blaming them for things that are happening around the globe....but afraid to take any real positive action yourself...so your content with whining and bitching about the US or Israel....and you said I need a boggy man, to hook up my entire life ambitions to....with so many bitches , you must be unhappy with your station in life on this side of the fence, I just thought you would be much happier on their side of the fence...and save our ears from hearing that constant drone of I'm so unhappy....hence the offer of plane tickets, I heard Iran is nice this time of year....Hear is a news flash the general is nothing more than a terrorist….Irian's here in Canada have even said so... I would love to spend some of my cash on furthering my education...but I have not found that magic pill that allows you to work and go to school at the same time, plus provide for my family as well...
  25. For example, unlike the US Coast Guard, the Canadian Coast Guard is not part of the military, they are civilian employees of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans They are not armed, do not operate expeditionary overseas, and cannot be placed under NATO mandate therein.
  26. A clever deception but indeed spurious, as only military assets can be committed to NATO, it's NATO spending not overall spending on security.
  27. I haven't. And given Rue's description above ↑ I'm going to be avoiding the local hangouts for a while...
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