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  5. Ir was fixed already as it was, United States is not a danger to any country as it is a democracy and people vote count and they can change government by their votes unlike Iran where its nation is facing bullets to change regime and votes are rigged and does nt cunt since even for a powerless presidents everyone is disqualified before election except regime stooges. 1 -Iran 2 - North Korea 3 - Israel 4 - Russia Death to islamic Republic. Death to Russia. Long live America.
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  7. That prime mistake of ours is seen as a mental midget alright and a big problem by just about all Canadians. A scary thought for me is that the fools who put that misfit in power in the last election may just be stupid enough to put him back in power again.
  8. WTH. Where is your proof that I ratted you out? Stop with your bloody lying and show me the proof you rotten lying "little creep". I have been ratted out on here many times and maybe it was once done by you? Hey, I never know. I can tell you one thing though and that is I will never rat on anyone nor trust that MH as I believe that MH is a zionist troll who has been the one responsible for me getting the many warnings and a ban that I have received. And I will also tell you that I am not one that runs to the management to whine and cry about what someone says to me. And if you do not want to believe that well than go piss on a poll somewhere..LOL. PS: I would think twice about you wanting to try to match wits with me. You will lose, I guarantee you, you snotty "little creep". I will sock it to you, "little girlie man".
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  13. pearinsa1


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  14. The hypocrisy is that these people who expatiate their problems with Islam and/or Islamic fundamentalism (some see those as the same), suddenly feel that they need to defend Saudi Arabia, one of the most fundamentalist Muslim countries and one of the worst human rights abusers, both inside Saudi and in Yemen, and where most terrorist groups, including ISIS and the 9/11 hijackers, have come from, and who is making amazingly fictitious claims about Canada. The question is, why would they take such an amazingly bizarre and atrocious stance? My theory is that their hate for Trudeau trumps their integrity. There is also their love for the Saudi government, which has become neocons' and Zionist's best of pals in the region.
  15. There are a few people all sweaty that Freeland and Trudeau have pissed the Saudis off so much that they are leaving, one has to assume that they want them to stay. It's only logical.
  16. cannuck

    Ford's welfare rollbacks

    I was not trolling for you, but I DD know that would raise you eyebrows - or hackles. Yes, not personally, but both within family and close friends and both in Canada and the US. I watched my racing team mate - a loyal follower of the socialist party (unionized teacher) die because of slow access to diagnose cancer that metasticized to liver when he was in early 40s. Watched my best friend - who's wife teaches integrative medicine - have a big run in with the big C - but due to their deep links into the sick care system, and even deeper pockets - he went South and bought service simply not available here. On the other side of the border, one of our key employees has a wife with very serious illness - and we keep that company running since if we close down (as we should) he will NEVER get adequate or equivalent coverage from a new insurer. Our system is flawed, that is for sure. In all other G7 countries public insurance can coexist with private delivery both publicly and privately paid.
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  18. Yes, the USA is so dangerous, more legal and illegal emigres reside there than from any other nation on the planet, with many more dying to get there. Voting for the most "danger" with their feet.
  19. I think a lot of people these days believe the good ole U.S.A. is the most dangerous country on earth. And a coherent argument can probably be made to sustain this.
  20. turningrite

    Ford's welfare rollbacks

    I was sort of with you throughout most of this until I came to the health care part. Have you had to deal with a serious health care problem, as I have, only to be told that as Canadians we're essentially uninsured and without health care rights and lacking universal access despite demonstrated medical need? Look at the seriously disabled guy in London, ON, who's suing merely to obtain humane care. I believe we should be able to buy private insurance to deal with these issues as the public system is stretched to its limits and the cost to taxpayers to right the ship would be so enormous as not to be feasible. But I also now believe the entire social support system should be moved to a similar model, with eligibility attached to contributions. I think that's the only hope for maintaining adequate services in this country.
  21. turningrite

    Racist POS Just Deserts

    No, I dismissed your argument because it concluded with a gratuitously anti-intellectual assumption, thus failing the test of objectivity: i.e. "To assert that a law banning face veils is (or would be) based on caring about female equality and not merely government pandering to bigots is so "unwoke" as to make rational beings cringe" In other words, you dismiss the views of those who don't agree with you based on a preconceived moral construct (i.e. bigotry) rather than on rational discourse and/or evidence and to boot you throw in a personal attack against the commentator to whom you are responding. I made no slur whatsoever against you or your post(s) in the sentence you quote. I simply elaborated on a point you previously raised. You can't set up an argument, attack other commentators for responding to it and then go on to blithely describe their views as amounting to slurs. Based on my assessment of your argument in this string, you don't apparently understand rules of civil debate, unless of course your actual objective was to be seen as clever, which you didn't achieve. My advice to you is to avoid the temptation to engage in gratuitously sarcastic 'ad hominem' attacks.
  22. turningrite

    Bernier criticizes Trudeau's "extreme multiculturalism"

    Why would you use this kind of classification system when as far as I'm aware demographic statistics aren't collected in that fashion anywhere else in the developed world. Thus, your assessment is essentially irrelevant. Scientifically, of course, there are three broad generic racial classifications, Caucasoid, Negroid and Mongoloid, but in this country we divide people on grounds of meeting a 'visible minority' (vis-min) distinction in comparison to the white majority. The vis-min category itself is imperfect. The U.S. census system classifies most people from the Middle East, whether Muslim, Christian or otherwise, as being white while our system rather artificially allows those from this region to claim visible minority status along with the benefits associated with the vis-min designation.
  23. cannuck

    Ford's welfare rollbacks

    Typically, we are discussing one tiny aspect of a much, much larger problem that never seems to be understood. EVERY country has some degree of social policy and programmes. So, let's start by realizing that they are a necessary part of a humane society. The question is: how much social programme spending can any particular country afford? THAT depends upon just how wealthy and wealth creating the economy of any country in question might be. Canada is a VERY resource rich country, but, outside of the automobile industry, it is pretty much a wasteland when it comes to adding value to those resources. Let me give you a fundamental rule I have derived that SHOULD be axiomatic: the only ways one can create wealth is by adding value to a resource or delivering a service necessary in doing so. You might say that we just need to sell resources to create wealth - but that wealth was already created by forming a country and economy that already owns those resources, so producing them is creating no wealth, just re-distributing it from our descendant's "resource" account to our current "cash" account. If we look at countries that add value, we can see how less important having resources is compared with adding value to them. Germany, the USA, Japan, S Korea and most recently China - none of which outside of the US really having much of a resource base all became economic powerhouses because they add a LOT of value by their productive business activity. China is by far the best example, as they have been able to come from a completely failed state to what I believe is already the world's #1 economy in less than 30 years - dragging fully 1/4 of the world's entire population up the incline with them. All with next to no resources (except for a fair bit of coal). The lesson here is that it is not the coal in China that made it incredibly wealthy, it was what they DID by using that coal to add a great deal of value to resources they bought from everyone else - selling back the manufactured goods. We simply don't do nearly enough of that to afford the lifestyle to which we think we are entitled. Now, let's consider how many people ARE involved in a productive endeavour - since it is they and ONLY they who create any wealth. It is not just the "welfare bums" who consume without creating, it is almost the entire world of finance (the part that participates in speculative activity), those who provide services we really don't need (includes a large part of government). IMHO, the idea of having a "service economy" is economic suicide. See paragraph above. Try some very rough numbers. Of our nearly 37 million people, about 8mm are too young to work, and 8mm are too old. ( https://www150.statcan.gc.ca/t1/tbl1/en/tv.action?pid=1710000501 ). Take away a few million who are infirm, incapable, etc. and we would be well under 20mm "workers". This correlates well with our workforce of some 17.5mm ( https://www150.statcan.gc.ca/t1/tbl1/en/tv.action?pid=1410001801 ). So, fewer than half of the people are even employed. Now, take away those who work in jobs that don't actually produce anything - and I can only estimate (from being in business for a half century) that this is AT LEAST half of the workforce. So, at the very best, one in four people must create the wealth that has to pay for the redistribution by the other 3 or more. AND, I am being generous with that estimate (see previous paragraph and think about that). Here is a simple example - remember that I excepted the auto trade? Something like 70% of our trade is under the auto pact, and it takes an estimated 500,000 people to do that ( https://www.cvma.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Website-WP-Important-Facts-Pdf-March-23-2017.pdf ). Take ALL of ag and food production/distribution and let's give that another million ( https://www150.statcan.gc.ca/n1/pub/11-402-x/2011000/chap/ag/ag-eng.htm ). Then give another 500k (same as automotive industry accounting for 70% of all of our trade) and you have only 2mm plus some other businesses that could be included. Notice I allowed zero for resource workers, but that is not completely true as we do process SOME of our resources a little bit (but seldom to finished goods - same story in ag and food). So you can see my one in four is not far off, and probably quite optimistic (I have in some cases calculated one in five - and others one in six). Bottom line is: we simply can NOT afford the level of government waste, massive debt and cost of being some kind of dumping station for the displaced of the world. We need to get our house in order and start not just "working", but working productively - something few seem to understand. We can not just keep frittering away our children's future by squandering natural resources. The social safety net in this country is at a level that would be considered in many places as living very high on the hog. Heck, with our fairly good sick care system, even the #2 economy in the world has probably less than half of its population that can afford to get anything even close to what we get in medical benefits (worth mentioning that most of the rest of the old G7 are at least as well off as we are for sick care). I think Ford is being very astute in backing out of the grand social experiment. When we have no more federal and provincial debt, THEN we might be able to consider such folly (as then it would not necessarily BE folly).
  24. Hey there you little creep.....you ratted me out also....you are such a little man just full of hate..I would match wits with you but you are unarmed and I accept your surrender
  25. Slick

    It's Irrational To be An Atheist

    Just remember my position about not believing in your god but, not stating absolute knowledge of its nonexistence, is likely the exact same as your position on most other unknowable/untestable claims. You probably don't believe in Vishnu, but also can't, with 100% certainty, state that it doesn't exist. To the rest of us, your god is no different than Vishnu, Bigfoot, unicorns or the thousands of other untestable and unknowable gods people have created. Atheists like me just have a lack of belief in one more god than you. You often mention cumulative evidence, so if evidence is actually important to you can explore how logic and evidence works and shed light on why ideas like intelligent design and theistic evolution are not scientific theories. However, if you just like to throw out the idea of evidence as fake clout in online debates we shouldn't bother. Anyway, this video from a status update by DogOnPorch is worth watching on that subject. Sorry, I don't know how to quote status updates.
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