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  2. Because then people would complain that 'foreigners even have their own schools, where they don't learn the Canadian way of life". Or some such.
  3. 1. He worked full time; no need to lie about his work history - there's enough other bad stuff you can say about him; 2. What's wrong with a teacher, anyway? Is there some reason a teacher can't become a Prime Minister in a free and democratic society?
  4. Because so far, the Conservative party has not presented an alternative most Canadians consider viable. "Better the devil you know, then the devil you don't", especially when that devil is supported by religious fundamentalists and an anti-science minority. Consider: if someone calls themselves a proud Conservative, cuts off contact with me when they find out an I'm an atheist because they "can't be associated with a communist", how is that supposed to engender confidence in their party? I can understand that perhaps most conservatives aren't that extreme, but such people are a significant
  5. Well I don't know if I would blame the son for the sins of the father, in general. That's a little too much Judging someone by what their fore-fathers did. It is in vogue these days however, as neo-liberal thing. Social warriors pride themselves in not being biased or racist. I for one am sick of their glaring hypocrisy. So are a lot of Canadians... We are here, get used to it.
  6. I will take the idiot who has worked, has put his life on the line, over our part time teacher, racist , misogynist PM.
  7. I'm not against providing educations for foreign students so long as it does not detract from the educational experience of Canadian kids. That has to be the priority. Why not set up separate institutions for foreigners? Gaps in the job market can be addressed by Capitalism. A shortage of workers makes employers increase salaries and training, which draws more workers. Unless we constantly interfere by using immigration to keep salaries artificially low. They could be encouraged to do so by lowering tuition for subjects we want them to take and increasing it for the ones we don
  8. You make it sound like Canadians are looking for a party leader to save us from Justin Trudeau. They expected the same from Andy Scheer. Next up and bound to disappoint is Mr. O'Toole. Despite this desire to be saved, polls still show Trudeau will continue as PM, and with a possible majority. Why that is, is a good question...
  9. I presume you're speaking of universities here. Might I suggest that were it not for the ballooning ranks of high paid non-teaching positions they could lose the foreign students and still lower tuitions?
  10. So you mean he worked hard all his life and was involved in lots of things? Any child-molestations?
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  12. For doctors and engineers, perhaps. For gender studies and ethnic studies;nope.
  13. First. That wasnt a diatribe. In fact your response would be much more aptly defined as one. It's nice your kids learned something from the foreigners in school. They're supposed to be learning from the teachers, however. Second, your mind is clearly the furthest thing from "open". It seems rigidly locked tight and ready to fume and fulminate at the slightest indication someone might have a different world view.
  14. Nothing is free, someone has to pay for it. The question is whether Canadians are willing to absorb the added tax burden which would eliminate tuition fees.
  15. It must be a big surprise to you that many countries in Europe have free university education. How many international students we would have to invite to achieve that, next to infinity? Wait, one has to try something different to obtain a different result, not so? And "different" in this case would include focus on and accountability for the result and output, not just automatic x% annual rise no matter what.
  16. Honest to god, I don't understand how adults can be caught up in simple lies so often. How is it possible that The Rolling Stone, in print format, can put a lie right there on a piece of paper, along with proof that they are lying within two inches, and yet people will choose to believe the lie so thoroughly that they will even cite it as a source and propagate it? As a society, we should not accept lying at all. We shouldn't accept it when it sounds good for our side, we shouldn't accept it from others, period. If I got suckered by Rolling Stone like that I'd be furious with them.
  17. It's not as simple as parents failing to say no to McDonalds; there are other factors. Here are just two. Food deserts: "Research from Canada indicates that some cities have food deserts, including London, Ontario, where low-income inner-city residents were shown to have the poorest access to supermarkets,20 and Gatineau, Quebec, where 7.5% of the population live with limited financial resources along with low access to healthy food." Overly supervised, to the point that parents can be reported and charged for allowing their kids to be outside, unsupervised - even in their own yard
  18. This is what massive immigration has done to Canada’s housing industry. It’s made home ownership completely unaffordable.
  19. I have been wearing a mask in public (and limiting my trips) since March 2020 when this whole thing went down.

    I’m not sure how being considerate to others for the common good is now being mocked by some who are calling it “living in fear” or that I am brainwashed, but it needs to stop....

    When I wear a mask over my nose and mouth in public and in the stores/Supermarkets/Pharmacies/Offices - I want you to know the following:

    * I'm educated enough to know that I could be asymptomatic and still give you the virus.

    *No, I don't "live in fear" of the virus; I just want to be part of the solution, not the problem.

    * I don't feel like the "government controls me". I feel like I'm an adult contributing to the security in our society and I want to teach others the same.

    *I am not brainwashed, I am educated, reading the scientific information and listening to reliable scientists (not persons with no qualifications to make any scientific conclusions)

    * If we could all live with the consideration of others in mind, the whole world would be a much better place.

    * Wearing a mask doesn't make me weak, scared, stupid or even "controlled". It makes me caring and responsible.

    *When you think about your appearance, discomfort, or other people's opinion of you, imagine a loved one - a child, father, mother, grandparent, aunt, uncle or even a stranger - placed on a ventilator, alone without you or any family member allowed at their bedside.....

    Ask yourself if you could have helped them a little by wearing a mask.


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    2. OftenWrong


      "If we could all live with the consideration of others in mind, the whole world would be a much better place. "

      Aye, there's the rub. Who else are you harming, and what are the consequences of wearing masks? There are some consequences, no doubt about it.

      Finally is the question of enforcement. I'm all for this as voluntary and highly recommended, but not enforced. That is where I draw the line.

      That way, you people can wear masks to your hearts content and save the little ones... yada yada yada... while I don't need too. Kind of an I'm ok, you're ok kinda thing.   ;)

  20. Well, I had some hope for him - although I was always concerned about the support of the social conservatives given how fanatical they are about disenfranchising anyone who doesn't fit their mould of a proper human being. But still, I didn't want to believe everything I heard on the media about how O'Toole hated gays, yada yada yada. But then he started talking about how he'd immediately start removing the federal benefits provided to support people through Covid-19, leaving it all to the Provinces - dumb, imo. He decided Alberta needed 'special' treatment to continue their ravaging o
  21. If you do the arithmetic, if you got rid of that one international student, you would have to increase the tuition of the five Canadian students to 13K in order to make up for the lost revenue from the foreign student. That’s almost doubling their present tuition. How much are you prepared to be taxed in order to keep tuitions down? I get a kick out of people who think we could make things free if only they were more efficient. Schools have to compete for talent and infrastructure to make them attractive just like any other businesses. The good students will go there because of the qu
  22. Rich people tend to act the same way. It's not a matter of nationality. Or even history. Read the biography of Buddha, as a young businessman
  23. What your kids may have learned is irrelevant, we are losing our country. And maybe the children should be learning our own history and traditions instead of someone elses.
  24. Such a vivid illustration of what is wrong with the benevolent bureaucracy idea. You see, nothing can be done to improve the status quo, real positive change is impossible, improving efficiency and reducing costs? reducing tuition or making it free in most cases? forget it! And so what we should do is more and more of the same, ignore deficiencies and failures and hope that it'll work out somehow. Please be informed that next year the tuition is going up by x%. At some point in the near future it can hit 10K (what, already?) most students working minimal wage jobs housing extra. But the e
  25. That might just be the most ignorant diatribe I have read on this site in quite some time. My kids all learned a great deal from the kids in their classes from other countries. Then again they get their open mind from both parents. What actually happened to you?
  26. You didn't type that with a straight face did you? LoL.
  27. 1st off stop reading or watching anything associated with: Rebel News, epoch times or the post Millenial. Next leave the fluffy news sites alone as well. Get your news from : Associated Press, The Canadian Press, Reuters or choose your own source but check the bias and proceed with caution. Could give you all a list of the current goverments accomplishments but it would be in vain and you and I know it. Wouldn't matter if our current PM cured covid all by himself it wouldn't change your opinion one bit. We could explore why that is but again it would be a waste of time and energy.
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