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  2. I like the way the "think tanks" that do studies like that call themselves "Bipartisan" or moderate or independent or something like that. It always means the same thing. Progressives who might find a RINO or 2 to throw a few bucks at if he's ready to sell out.
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  4. Kind of like Canada and India. Indians have infiltrated so many important positions, that you only see more and more of them coming into the country. So bizarre to go to a small place like Cache Creek or my town, or any similar town and find scores of them already settled in.
  5. Keisha Lance Bottoms is going to be Biden's running-mate. Hands-down, no doubt about it. She's well-spoken, attractive, passionate, and she belches out BLM platitudes like a robot. She was talking about black-on-black crime when she said "We're doing more harm to our own people than any officer on the force" lol. Yeah bitch, surprisingly, police officers aren't killing 20 black people every weekend. Duh.
  6. I think many things are becoming unclear because we bring in too many unsubstantiated claims, too quickly. This is not how science and medicine gets done. It is how a lot of people can get killed and a lot of money wasted.
  7. Hmmm. I release a critique of a study which shows how unscientific and biased the study was in the most basic way imaginable, and 17 minutes later this site's wokest left winger (who has said he ignores me) then uncritically cites that same study as proof of how the right wing is such a danger.
  8. That kinda sounds like a knee-jerk characterization. Come up with something better.
  9. https://nationalpost.com/news/explicit-threat-against-trudeau-and-an-arsenal-of-loaded-guns-make-rideau-hall-attack-look-like-assassination-attempt National Post is saying that the latest right wing extremist attack looking like an assassination attempt.
  10. https://globalnews.ca/news/7116354/far-right-violence-america-terrorism-threat/amp/ Right wing terror is our biggest threat... Last week's attempt was creepily downplayed by the MSM.
  11. I back up many of my posts with links when I use a quote, in my opinion more so than many other members here. Many do not bother with it and sometimes I don't either. But when I don't, am more than happy to provide it if someone asks. If they ask, not if they essentially call me a lying asshole, then ask. Then they come across like they meant to have a real point, when it's easy to pretend and do that anytime, use it as a vehicle for spewing inane invectives.
  12. These aren't conservatives, they're bandwagon jumpers who never thought about politics before Facebook existed and voice shallow opinions for their own angertainment. There's now a huge void of thoughtful conservatives that needs to be filled. Jim Flaherty was Harper's #2 man, and voted for trans rights in the first vote on that issue. Now THAT is a conservative, someone who cares about rights. These sputtering globalist-haters are mostly just trolling... There's an 'ignore' feature for that.
  13. 8 black children killed over the weekend. None by cops so there are no protests.  

  14. Every now and then we get these reports about how 'right wing terrorism' is on the rise, and is much more serious than Muslim terrorism. I remember checking one of the reports out once, and going through the incidents listed to discover that many, if not most of the 'right wing terrorist' incidents weren't actually terrorism. Instead they were members of far right groups (not the world's most stable people) getting involved in violence for any reason, killing their girlfriend, or robbing a liquor store, or something similar. These studies are carried uncritically by the major news media in Canada and the US, none of whom bother to look into the background of the studies. Now, thankfully, someone has looked up the criteria for several of these most recent reports, just so we know what they're using to describe 'right wing terrorism' vs 'muslim terrorism. It's not pretty. Not only do they include 'threats' as actual terrorism (but only for right wing terrorism) but they exclude actual Muslim terrorism unless it's by someone affiliated with a known terrorist group. https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/07/how_the_left_creates_fake_studies_to_fabricate_rightwing_terrorism.html
  15. Coronavirus traces found in Spanish sewage sample from March 2019 By Staff Reuters Posted June 29, 2020 8:00 am Updated June 29, 2020 10:04 am Covid 19 has been discovered in a sewage water sample in Barcelona taken in March, 2019. It is no longer clear where this virus originated.
  16. I am serious especially on certain things like when it comes to matters of life and death, or liberty. I can take a joke or insult, but I prefer to keep things funny and informative. re 2. Thank you. The simple answer is to ignore people, which I do. Inflammatory dialogue is a waste of time and is also boring.
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  18. Just as you consider it impossible to consider there might be progressives who don't give a shit. This is what you should expect from an ideology that maintains virtually everyone to their left is a communist. Conservatives need to come up with something better than knee-jerk characterizations to argue against progressives.
  19. 1. Are you a serious poster ? If you have a cite ready, why not post it? 2. I'm helping you.
  20. Remarkable fellow, he really has a ton of experience. Too bad he cannot post here, although from what I hear, that may be just as well...
  21. Unfortunately this story doesn't get near the coverage it deserves. It would certainly be fair game if it involved any Republican. Democratic politicians and their family members get lot's of protection from the mainstream media. It must be quite the life for Hunter,being constantly wined and dined merely because of his last name. What was that other funny thing I read about about Trudeau's massive popularity?
  22. Definitely. It reminded me of Lil’ Wayne who took shit when he said he doesn’t think there’s much racism at all. “My life was saved by a white cop.”
  23. Black Judas is the name being used lately.
  24. I think Canadians ARE patriotic, despite what our leaders have tried to do. Older Canadians are quietly patriotic (mostly) and the younger ones are loud about it due to being taken in by government advertising.
  25. I posted a discussion between Glen Loury and John Mcwhorter in the 'as seen on youtube' topic. here are two black guys, one of them 70 years old, so his memory goes back a long way, to when there really was institutional racism. They're both very lucid, thoughtful academics, tenured professors at Brown and Columbia. Both of them dispute that racism today plays a significant role in the lives of black people even in the US. But I doubt anyone on the radical left is going to pay much attention to a couple of black conservatives - probably just call them the 'alt-right' or something.
  26. The idea that no one can censor you but government flies in the face of common sense when the public sphere is now controlled by a few very large, woke, oligarchs It also flies in the face of common sense. Can only government discriminate? Can only government have systemic racism? And there you have it. All issues of transgenderism are "closed" subjects. The Left has made its decision and it's time to move on. Further discussion is now forbidden. Of course, the fact that the whole issue of trasngenderism is still wide open as far as the public is concerned is apparently irrelevant. Let me quote a small portion of the public letter Glen Loury wrote in response to his university's chancellor issuing a long, woke manifesto in the wake of the George Floyd death. "... or more menacingly , it asserted controversial and arguable positions as though they were axiomatic certainties." Glen Loury was the first black economist given tenure at Harvard. I posted a discussion he had with John McWhorter, a professor at Columbia on the "as seen on youtube" topic the other day. It's interesting that even two eminent black scholars, towards the end of the discussion, talked about the risk to their jobs and careers for going against the woke religion. They both referred to it as that, btw. Yes, they're both black, which helps protect them from the zealots somewhat, but both acknowledged their opposition to the themes of identity politics, intersectionality, white fragility, reparations and the whole idea racism plays a major role in the lives of blacks today, makes them targets for their colleagues. The woke crowd considers the whole notion of black conservatives to be blasphemous.
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