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  2. Whatevs, dude, this is what I live for, I'm loving every minute of it Apex Predator Male doing what he was born to do Mating females, get behind us I treat the bug as what it is, BSL3 pathogen biological weapons grade And so does my wife Whole new girlfriend She's flying towards the right wing nutjobs She has no time for whiners, shirkers, nor slackers She is 100% behind the war effort, now sees it as a biological WMD global war She is 100% behind Big Daddy Ford President of Ontario, Justin Trudeau is persona non grata She is growing vegetables in her Victory Gardens She is canning for the cellar She even let me run her through the drills on all my guns Chicks behind guns, with just the right amount of puppy fat, so hot :bites fist: This is the pinnacle It doesn't get any better than this This is like a second honeymoon
  3. I agree but it'll be like a drunk hitting rock bottom. I'm really not that depressed at all to tell you the truth Rue. I think I would be though if I found myself unable to understand or grasp some of the enormity of what we're up against. The political and economic eight-balls we're behind are one thing but another has to be the sheer weight of deluded thinking that is compounding so much effort to contain panic. Take mom for example, we're talking on Skype the other day and she's says "I just heard they've shut down the Internet"! But that's mom, shes almost 90 and pretty harmless, fringy and funny compared to the darker reaches of the imagining that's going on these days. I don't know, I think its simply because he believes I subscribe to Pol Pot. Regards yourself and stay safe.
  4. It's already a probability as per the article I posted. What's up with this insistent denial? "Nooo, it can't work like other viruses, no no. This is an especially 'nice' virus that you can only get by licking other people's faces on the bus."
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  6. Here in Finland it was seriously proposed that the sale of alcohol should be stopped during the Coronavirus-crisis as the health system will be burdened enough even without people drinking too much. That idea was abandoned as it is obvious that then people who are dependant on alcohol would just turn to even worse stuff like lasol or other such things. Even though a lot of companies will go bust I doubt breweries will be the first ones considering how much beer people seem to be buying these days at the supermarkets. It was only this week when bars and restaurants were ordered by the government to shut down. There were some funny incidents how before the official order to shut down some bars were having anti-advertisements like saying that they are reluctantly keeping the Place open because if they decided to shut they wouldn't get a penny from the insurance but they pleaded people not to come.
  7. Actually, it was mostly the Irish. If I recall correctly, the Chinese labourers only worked on one section in BC.
  8. Nonsense.They began weeks ago. Germany banned the export of masks, so did France, then the EU overall did. China and South Korea and Taiwan had already banned their export, and the export of other PPE gear. The only reason it's on the news now is because someone finally got around to telling Trump that some US masks are exported so he banned them too. But there was never any question he would do so. I'm actually surprised it took this long, but then, as I said, probably nobody mentioned it to him before now. Anyone who expects a man like Trump to stick by his friends when times get tough should be reminded that Trump HAS no friends, that in a lifetime of partying and palling around with others, celebrity-like, he's never managed to retain anyone you could call a real friend. That's because Trump has long demonstrated that he has no loyalty to anyone but himself, and will stab anyone in the back for even a temporary advantage.
  9. You didn't have to respond if you didn't like the font I used lol. It's a well-established fact that I can use the posting features to emphasize whatever points I like, right? And if we all know that CBC CTV CNN WaPo etc, are all liberal media outlets, then what need was there to even bring up that point which I replied to? Breaking news: Four legs are what dogs have
  10. Just make sure you cite my name, as it’s automatically copyright protected. Lol.
  11. No..no..not necessarily...its actually not necessarily getting stronger, the underlying conditions of the people you refer to are not being reported..lending to your assumptions....also please understand that if a virus does mutate to become harder to fight as an individual patient, it also necessarily means it becomes less contagious... as Sars showed us...meaning it also becomes less lethal as it no longer spreads...so lethal depends on context... ...even where it becomes more lethal to individual patients it becomes less lethal to humanity as a whole..which is where better medical treatments and an eventual vaccine come in....they can and are being developed as we speak.. increasing survival rates... Recovery rates are growing with new approaches so because we are adapting through trial and error as physicians mix and match medications to see what works best until a vaccine is developed..the virusvin that sense becomes less lethal.. Pathologists analyze cause of death to better understand how to treat it and are working with immunologists to better identify underlying medical conditions so they are not missed. The term lethal is used by most of us in subjective context because we see only death not the actual cause of it..making all deaths the same to us. They are not. The fact remains what appears lethal may be to some but not others. We need to take proper time not to distort causes of death.... the info out there actually shows the majority of people do not die from this virus and those who do were immune compromised not healthy and those thought to be healthy in fact had underlying causes that were not looked for...that is also because we just do not have sufficient pathologists available to examine all deaths to come up with proper data as to the causes of death. There is no medical data showing the virus mutating into a death strain on healthy people in fact it shows no evidence of that but it does show if we miss underlying causes we can make false conclusions as to cause of death and assign imother virus in error. As we speak new treatments are working and being tested that will be used to lower rates of death..rates of death peak but medical treatments eventually develop to help lower rates...
  12. That’s one of the best posts I ever read here. I might just copy and paste it, pretend it’s my own on a different site lol.
  13. You didn’t have to bold it and increase the font size lol. It’s a well-established fact that CNN, MSNBC, WashPo, NYT etc are all firmly in the Dem camp and CBC and CTV are firmly under the control of the Liberal party. It’s not up for debate. Breaking news: Dogs have four legs
  14. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/globalnews.ca/news/3935427/roy-green-trudeaus-troubling-take-on-returning-isis-fighters/amp/
  15. Are you honestly trying to say that you aren’t aware that Trudeau said that “returning Islamic state fighters will be an extremely powerful voice against radicalization?” Where have you been for the last 5 years? Your “opinions” are CNN/CBC platitudes. They throw BS out there and not everyone recognizes it. Their BS becomes the new opinions of the people who lack a filter. Just like the horde who didn’t understand how ridiculous Dr Ford’s testimony was, you don’t understand how foolish Trudeau-worship is. On his very best day he’s a useless dolt, or away on a taxpayer-paid luxury vacation. The rest of the time he’s actively destroying the country.
  16. I don’t know anything about so called “white supremacist” leanings. I find such attributions are made far too easily and are dangerously slanderous. Don’t make such accusations so lightly without damn good reasons. We’ve talked about this, the shrill overreactions that can destroy reputations and people. I don’t agree with Black’s politics on everything, but he’s exceptionally bright and knows Canada’s history. He probably isn’t “green” or left enough for current mainstream Canada, but he isn’t naive to what really counts in geopolitics. That’s my point. While I can understand Trudeau’s appeal to some as a more honest and science-based politician than some, his naïveté is very dangerous. We see similar foolishness in the uninformed protesters of industry, people who don’t understand how food gets to our table or the value of money. They live on the level of purely selfish desire no less than the most exploitative rich. There are certain essentials you need to run a truly independent jurisdiction. They’re called the commanding heights: energy, steel, trains, food supply (agriculture, livestock, fisheries), manufacturing (appliances, transportation infrastructure, building supplies, biomedical equipment), defence (especially the high tech precision, rapid deployment kind), and strong democratic institutions with rule of law. We could say much more and detail what each of these essential areas looks like. Green policies would be touted by some as of critical importance to how we operate all of the above, but we can’t have our own truly green policies when we’re in a global marketplace competing with countries that refuse to bear the costs of climate action, let alone high labour standards and wages. A system is only as strong as its weakest link. This pandemic is a little too perfect. The only way we know of to get rid of it is to stay home. Yet transmission is endless through our global network. We need to be able to detach from that network when it suits us, instantaneously. We also need to find ways of protecting ourselves and each other that allow us to participate in community activities and workplaces. Having everyone stay home is too costly for psychological and economic reasons, and it could eventually take far more lives than the virus as suicides and non-viral illnesses mount. The lockdowns must have a defined timeline with some flexibility related to our diagnosis of cases and there must be a plan for return to work. Let’s pause for a moment to consider what’s happened: the end of new sexual partnering and physical touch, the end of social gatherings (workplace, markets, sports activities, playgrounds, schools, restaurants, etc.). Through fear we have bought into the necessity to maintain these conditions for an extended period. While we need to get the numbers of new cases well down, there has to eventually be a happy medium that allows for return to normalcy. What would it look like, for example, to return to work with fewer hours and smaller groups? Could we have anyone who must work in close contact with others, such as professional athletes, return to work after passing a C-19 test? We can’t accept permanent shutdown. It’s hard not to wonder if this was planned, because we have bought into this mass shutdown. People really are dying. I don’t see any point in dwelling on that possibility, but wherever this came from, we must never let ourselves become so susceptible to outside threats again, not in trade, defence, food supply, medical supplies, and even political ideas. We can’t have our own policies without true self-sustainability. We see the totalitarianism of China and the radical self-interest of the Trump regime (stopping the export of 3M N95 masks and diverting deliveries of equipment destined for other countries to the US, as happened to Germany). We have to be careful and shouldn’t assume we can rely on other countries or regions. It’s not every man for himself and we are stronger together, but be prepared to go it alone with your family or selected community. Canada is doing relatively well in this crisis, but we need to strengthen our protections and we’re not out of the woods yet, far from it.
  17. Our governments were screwing up long before this virus and will continue to do so long after it's over just like we all do...the media will focus on the fuck ups but not the positive that will come out of this..but we will learn from this...you sound genuinely depressed chin up man...Often is actually not a sour puss and neither are you...you disagree because you both are idealists and care...that is all...damn I am turning into Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz...Regards, Flying Monkey no. 13
  18. It was not a matter of making more money because of the cheap labour in China, it was a matter for most of staying in business. THAT falls straight into the hands of consumers. We the Great Unwashed wanted all of the cheap shit coming into Wallyworld for less than a half or quarter of what those few foolhardy Canadian companies were producing to compete - and with our disfunctional business investment climate and priveleged, wildly expensive labour we simply can not compete. The solution was very simple - and this spreads across several governments and every party in North America: if you couldn't reach some sort of quality, public safety and employee human rights standard, you (i.e. China and much of SE Asia) could not import to our countries. Instead, we the consumer rapidly turned on our nationalistic heals and globalized like a typical trailer park family and gobbled up the poorest quality in exchange for the greatest quantity - and millions of Canadian jobs in tens of thousands of businesses. And, on top of it all: our enthusiasm to immitate the failing experiment in Casino Capitalism from the United States, we now have businesses owned by finance and run by snot-nosed Bschool brats who haven't got a clue or any experience on what actual BUSINESS is, only to make the kind of quarterly results that they need to advance their career and satisfy their Wall Street and Bay Street bosses. You get this by pissing on your more expensive, higher quality and fully accountable supply chain in country and competing with WalMart for the cheapest, shoddiest supplies (including medical supplies, to stay with this thread). With any luck (unlikely), we could come out of the economic side of the Wuhan Virus with a far better understanding of what we NEED to be as a country and economy with our own national interests at the center.
  19. ..both how lethal it can be for some...but non lethal for others...what it does show and I am sure we all agree is how it presents serious challenges if not properly prepared for..its shown our pandemic planning was not prepared for this and there are serious implications relying too heavily on other countries to produce certain goods..
  20. I like it you can put your partisan views to the side and say the above. Yesterday he had a hard day releasing the no's he did. For the same reason Inhold back my partisan disdain for Trudeau and Trump. I am not happy with Trump not taking decisive action with states with no quarantine but that is another of many things he does I do not understand. I preder your non partisan approach at this time.
  21. One thing is consistent with today: we need Chinese to do the work, since we can't get off our ass and perform.
  22. Corporations protect leftists... why do you think that is ? Maybe the corporations are more in the middle than you are ? Do you have an example of extreme speech that is banned by twitter, and corresponding extreme speech protected by a corporation ? Of course, I do understand that these will be asymetric examples but maybe we can explore this.
  23. Yes, IMHO that's very fair. For example, if we pretend this 2019 story was never recanted (cool topic btw) a Black girl's dreadlocks getting chopped off by White boys solely because White boys disliked her negro appearance vis-a-vis the "nappy" negro appearance/the negro origin, of the hairstyle? Then that is racist. And if the girl is a minority at the school ---as the White boys are a majority or a dominant force at the school thx to being White--- then their act is also Racism. Unfortunately from a legal lense, if you look at the picture it is sobering to see ways that they could've bullied her and not be deemed as racists. Such as, how she has colored eyes and she is thin. Her eye color and her petiteness are physical traits you often see in White girls. Therefore bullying her for reasons like those, cannot be deemed as racist, because they can bully White girls for the same reasons.
  24. From what I've seen on twitter, this is true, such double standards.
  25. Hate of self isn't necessarily wrong, if it leads to transformation to a better person. But anything taken to extremes is harmful, so we should not hate ourselves too much. Remember that we are all struggling in life and are bound to make mistakes. That is where the concept of forgiveness comes in, and should also include forgiveness of the self.
  26. Biden in January:  the travel ban is xenophobic.

    Biden yesterday:  I agree with the travel ban.

  27. I agree with you. However, I wonder why you quote Conrad Black, who gave up his Canadian citizenship to wear the wig of a British 'Lord', thumbed his nose at the courts when caught in criminal behaviour, whined to come home when he got out of jail in Florida, and contributed $50k to the mayoral campaign of a white supremacist. I'm sure there are more credible sources of support. Lol
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