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  2. Yes I can't argue with you it is historical fact, that Canada does belong to the British empire, and the royal monarchy….That being said i'm sure the Queen does not lose a lot of sleep over what her loyal Canadian subjects are doing...infact she has asked very little of this nation, nor has the Governor General , no taxes, no request for military actions, not to mention chastise us for all the treaties that we broke with native peoples...No she has been silent for most of her reign.... The only reason I think we don't become a Republic is because we are way to lazy as a people , elected governments don't want to spend their entire term in office correcting a issue that really has no value or meaning to average Canadian lives, and would create a mountain of political paper work that would last decades....
  3. I absolutely agree. I consider what the HRC and DNC did treason(+select GOP). They utilized and corrupted our 5 eyes intelligence for political purposes. Then, they got the FBI and DOJ to open an investigation. And all this was based on Russian disinformation funneled to Christopher Steele, a british agent and paid for by Hillary and the DNC. It also brought in the Australians and Italians.
  4. @Zeitgeist I don't believe everything is better in the US by a long shot. However, the US as a whole is better than everywhere else. The Ugly American you describe is just a rude person, we don't like rude people either. There are some issues with being the only real global super power, and it often comes out in many of our dignitaries. I've worked with the US State Department in foreign countries and I've ashamed at some of the shenanigans they've pulled. They are arrogant and sometimes abuse their positions. I personally consider Canada a great ally and friend. I've had close Canadian friends my entire life. However, when coming to this site I was very taken back by the number of hateful threads about the US. 'Why don't we destroy the US' type stuff. I've never found that kind of thing in American forums. What's up with that ?
  5. You guys make me laugh...we don't want to control anything we want the existing system fixed, Guys like you throw their heads in the sand and keep repeating everything is fine, relax...roll a joint....everything will fix itself , So what your saying is this and correct me if i'm wrong.....we don't want any questions, on morals and values because we have none period...or There is no value on these questions they scare me .....the current system is working fine, nothing wrong with it......we should assume everyone is a good person until they prove other wise, and let them all in.....and current immigration levels are ok, not high enough or to high....
  6. Pay the price for getting information. Again, you do know the difference between getting information and getting information that was acquired illegally from a hostile foreign government, don't you? One is considered no big deal and the other is considered treason (just so you know).
  7. Are you referring to billionaires or just your ordinary Joe and Mary Canadian? I wonder if J. Pattison would go as far as to donate some of his billions and not accept any write off for it. Now that would really be something for him to do and show that he does not really care about any write offs. Just wondering.
  8. And why cutting the program and agenda of leftist liberal multiculturalism will not save 100s of millions of taxpayer's tax dollars? Who knows, by cutting multiculturalism the Canadian taxpayer could maybe save billions. Hey, you never know, eh? And it is for sure that you have no clue as to how much tax dollars are being blown on useless programs like multiculturalism. I guess that this will just be another question that you will avoid to answer, eh? Sad indeed.
  9. There's really only one way out, and that is by way of the Clarity Act, peaceful democratic self determination to secede from Confederation by referendum at the provincial level. Other than that, Queen Elizabeth II rules here, to include the Queen's Peace. A republic if you wish, but only if you have the votes, there is no other way to abolish the rule of the British Crown in North America, as per the Treaty of Paris 1763, the only legal claim on these lands.
  10. Being personally acquainted with several of the donors who lead funding for the Children's Hospital in Saskatoon, I can tell you that yes, indeed, they would be donating with or without the TINY tax benefit that is allowed for charitable donations.
  11. I know a lot more than what you think I know. Your problem is that you think you know more than anyone whom you disagree with knows. Incredible.
  12. I get what you are saying here. Sure it helps hospitals, but as I said already, if there were no tax write offs to be had for Pattison do you really think that he would give one nickel to any charity or hospital? I don't think so. My opinion.
  13. Why should we accept any of those you mentioned? Why are the Canadian taxpayers not being consulted and asked as to whether they want millions of new refugees to come to Canada?They have no right to be here just because they may end up as climate refugees. Let them stay home and fix their own problems. Millions of new immigrants will ruin this country forever with the amount of garbage to our landfills alone will be massive beyond belief. Traffic gridlock. More infrastructure required, and more medical and social services needed. Canada will be finished off if we keep flooding this country with millions of refugees every year. Immigration is one of the biggest threats to Canada and Canadians. Hello out there, are you getting it yet? Probably not.
  14. I am an Anglo-Saxon, so as my Hanoverian Queen, I am a North German. I have no interest in taking anything from you, none the less, should you make yourself an enemy of the Crown, I would answer the call to close with and destroy you as necessary. Again, as Canada is a monarchy, I swore no allegiance nor am I bound to any fealty to; the public. Legally, constitutionally and ethically, I am only bound to defend the rule of the British Crown.
  15. It's called getting your chit together. LOL.
  16. I'm critical of people who support ISIS interpretation of Islam, and reject any other interpretation. Like you do. Your "definition" of Islamophobia is just more of your lies. Here's an actual definition. Ultimately, it doesn't really matter if the killer calls themselves "Muslim" or "Protector of the White Race" or "Proud American", the same hatred and fear of "other" drives them.
  17. You, in the name of a displaced German, are going to fight to the death to 'try' to take my land from me . . . . pffffft!
  18. The problem is that conservatives want to rig the questions and dominate the rejection process.
  19. Today
  20. Well, I for one will adhere to my oath, usque ad finem, thus I will resist Her Majesty's enemies unto death as necessary, as somebody in this land has to stand by the oaths that they swore, Clarity Act notwithstanding, vive le Quebec libre; Her Majesty actually defending that right, affirmed by rendered judgement of HM SCC. Provinces have the right to secede from Confederation, but unless and until they do, Elizabeth Windsor is Canada and Canada is Elizabeth Windsor, by both the letter and spirit of the law, to include the Queen's Peace.
  21. Thats bullshit, we have Values, and morals , and yes a lot of them we share with most civilized western nations....is moral right to give your sister of 12 away in marriage....How about how we value life we have no death penalty, nor do we allow stoning to death as a form of punishment. the list is endless. What is the problem with asking questions, and using those questions as part of the whole acceptance or rejection process..
  22. Whose values and morals, though? I think that people who believe they are transgender should be allowed to pursue treatment for that, once they are adults. Other people would have it that transgendered people are confused, mentally ill, looking for attention, being exploited by "liberals" and that kids should be prevented from expressing their sense of being the wrong gender. I believe that gay people should be able to get married, if they want. Despite laws being passed enabling them, many people still believe that's a sin against God and that our country is morally corrupt for allowing it. I think abortion is entirely a woman's (and her partner's) choice, even late term abortion. Many people believe that abortion is murder, regardless of the age of the embryo or fetus. I believe that individuals should be judged on their merits, and that broadbrushing an entire group due to the sins of a few of that group is wrong. Other people are perfectly comfortable assuming that Muslims are (about to be) terrorists, are anti-semitic, misogynistic; that Somali Canadians prefer crime to an honest life; that First Nations are lazy drunkards and only want handouts from the rest of us. So whose "morals and values" should we be using to 'test' immigrants? You might say that 'the majority' should rule, but sometimes the majority is wrong, especially when it comes to progressive social values - such as allowing women the right to vote and not jailing gays. Not to mention that in recent years we have apologized to various groups because "the majority" led us to refusing asylum to Jews and to incarcerating Japanese for the "crime" of being Japanese during the second world war. "The majority" is not always on the right side.
  23. Well I'm simply following the constitution as per the Treaty of Paris 1763, associated British North America Acts, and Canada Act of 1982, which all assert that this land belongs to Elizabeth Windsor and not you. You're free to test that in court, and I think you will find that I am right and you are wrong.
  24. Let her try to take it . . . ps. The Queen is a man . . .
  25. Sorry Dougie but I disagree, although I had sworn allegiance to the Queen and her heirs, it is nothing more than formality, I mean when was the last time the Queen ask anything from our country, dating back well before the second world war.....when was the last time she gave us a directive or made policy...when was the last time our PM went to England or the Governor General permission to send our forces to war or tasking.... This nation does belong to the people, it is what I and you served, yes I was at the queens pleasure, but it does not make this nation any less ours, to protect with our very lives, or enjoy its resources....We both have planted a lot of good soldiers, I'd like to think it was for Canada first, the queen second...after all they came home draped in a Canadian flag, not the union jack or the royal flag.... it was the Canadian flag that each proudly wore on their shoulders....
  26. Now, I happen to embrace immigrants, Milton Friedman's Hong Kong is my utopia, none the less, even if I didn't like immigrants, railing against them as a scapegoat would be in violation to my oath to Her Majesty, observe; I, [name], do swear (or solemnly affirm) that I will well and truly serve Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her heirs and successors according to law, in the Canadian Forces until lawfully released, that I will resist Her Majesty's enemies and cause Her Majesty's peace to be kept and maintained and that I will, in all matters pertaining to my service, faithfully discharge my duty. So help me God. That's what it is to live in a monarchy, there is no public rule, you don't even own your land in Canada, all you do it free hold Crown land, you never actually take title to it, the Queen owns it, she just lets you live on her land.
  27. It is because we don't have a REAL Canadian values. They will learn it when they are here (that is the language test for). OK, may be ask them to take consumer education 12 or social studies 11, then take the test
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