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  2. Old time Liberals maybe had a bit of a Libertarian bent. But you can't be talking about the more contemporary movers and shakers of the Democratic party like the Progressive Socialists or the Corporate Globalist reset lobby.
  3. Oh wait... Are you talking about these guys? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarcho-communism
  4. Do you have an example of what you're talking about? Because that's news to me.
  5. I mean at least you’re offering up some more progressive ideas. I heard about lotteries and such, for example. I’d consider it for money starting at say, $10,000.00 That might seem high, but no one had a problem handing out cerb to the tune of $2000 a month to practically anybody who applied. I’ve never received a penny of it. So, $10,000 per shot would seem fair. .... It’s interesting to see how various people react to this. I say it exposes our underlying modus operandi, who we are and what our politics really amounts to. In the woke tomorrow, people are imprisoned for crimes of drug evasion. How about the death penalty? Would that not be more humane than dying slowly in a prison and spreading covid? The bodies should be burned of course, at very high temperature.
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  7. Yes, it does. I have my rights just as they have theirs. Bur it’s not even as black and white as you portray. There is a lot more to be considered than just what the reactionary public wants. They are whipped to beyond being reasonable. The most selfish are the ones who insist everyone either comply, or die.
  8. I can understand that perspective, but there is already a social "stick" threating those that are hesitant. It does not seem to work well, if anything it is causing more problems. Maybe leading with a "carrot" would bring better results? How much is an individual's full vaccination worth to society? From an economic standpoint, long term jailing/policing vaccinations could cost more than paying out each individual. Fining someone could cost more in legal cost than paying out each individual, especially when fining the unvaccinated is not legal at this time.
  9. Which is why I object to people not getting vaccinated when they have no medical reason not to.
  10. A society cannot survive long is the needs and rights of individuals takes precedence over the needs and rights of everybody else. To keep our medical system functional for everyone, as many people as possible should get vaccinated. Your personal preference not to get vaccinated does not supersede the rights of vulnerable people to participate fully in society (ie: going out), or everyone's right to hospital care unhindered by individuals who got Covid because some entitled people decided not to get vaccinated. I starting to think people who refuse available vaccinations for deadly diseases should be the ones confined to home to protect vulnerable people in our society.
  11. Vaccinated people are ready for normality and angry at the unvaccinated for getting in the way. Couldn't have said it better myself. A return to their carefree, pre-pandemic visits appeared within reach, tantalizing Stacey Graves and her boyfriend with promises of coffee in the cafe and sunshine on the patio. After getting her second dose of a coronavirus vaccine, Graves felt ready to brave the long bus ride to the rehabilitation facility where he lives. They could meet only masked and outdoors for 45 minutes, per the hospital’s policy. But as infections plunged in the spring, the rules seemed destined to loosen. A feeling of perilous instability now pervades the couple’s time together. As the hyper-contagious delta variant threatens her modicum of comfort, Graves is reevaluating whether the trips are safe. And she misses the simplicity of their restriction-less visits. “I don’t have that now. And I don’t know when I’m going to,” said Graves, 64. “And I’m very angry.” Specifically, she’s furious at those eligible to get vaccinated who refuse, citing misinformation or a desire to make a political statement. Graves, who lives in New York City, said she’s more understanding of those who worry the vaccines were rushed to market or people of color whose communities have been historically mistreated by medical professionals. But Graves said she worries about getting long-term symptoms if she contracts a rare breakthrough infection of covid-19. An unwelcome resurgence of the coronavirus has caused a groundswell of impatience, frustration and even rage from Americans who got their shots months ago toward those whose resistance won’t budge. States are reimplementing mask requirements, corporations are delaying their returns to the office and support is building for more coercive ways to tamp down the virus’s spread, including vaccine mandates. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/07/31/vaccinated-angry-at-unvaccinated/?utm_source=reddit.com
  12. It's funny that nobody seems to be dying from any other flu viruses but only just covid deaths these days. Everybody that picks up some other flu bug and dies, well those flu bug deaths appear to have been lumped in with all covid deaths. Herd immunity does work but that was a remedy that the powers to be did not want to go with. Drugs like Ivermectin and and Hydroxychloroquine apparently does work to eliminate the covid bug. But stabbing people in the arm with an experimental gene therapy vaccine was the real way and method to go. There was no way that big pharma globalists could make billions of dollars from using those two drugs mentioned above. Those two drugs cost pennies to make. Vaccines cost more to make. it was just all about making money and nothing more. Your health and well being meant nothing to those big pharma globalist scum bags. Our dear comrade Canadian leaders and the Canadian media and those so-called health experts lied to us all and they have created and allowed this pandemic to go further than it ever should have gone. Now millions have suffered because of those batards. They must pay for their crimes against Canadians and crimes against humanity. That will be justice seen and done. Just saying.
  13. Why can't we all just go back to the good old normal days where people did what they wanted to do without all of this fear-monger going on these days. We are starting to see the fake Canadian media now trying to make it appear as though those who refuse to take the jab are the ones that are now spreading the covid virus. Such lying bull chit indeed. How would they know that anyways? If the Canadian media did proper job of journalism, and not be so bias, they would now find out and report on TV that those who have been vaccinated can still get covid and can pass it on to others. Maybe it is the non-vaccinated people that should start to be scared of being close to someone who has been vaccinated? I believe that we are all being conned into starting to believe that those that are not vaccinated are the cause in the rise of covid numbers which to me is all just plain bull chit. No one can really prove that such a thing happens. Not even doctors or scientists. We are all going to find ourselves living in two different camps, and the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated people fighting against one another over some fake and phony virus lie and hoax in Canada. If someone wants to be vaccinated then that is okay with me. But the vaccinated people needs to allow those that do not want to be vaccinated alone and let us all live our lives in peace together. It will be the lying politicians and the lying media that will try and get us all to fight against each other. Don't let them win. They both have done enough damage to we the people already with all of this covid virus stuff. Just my opinion of course. 😇
  14. Apparently, fully vaccinated people can still get covid and pass it on to others. Therefore, the non-vaccinated people should be worried about being around those vaccinated people. They could give non-vaccinated the covid bug. Just saying. 😇
  15. If the lying politicians get their way, come this fall, there will be another round two of covid 19 to get yourself prepared for. I find it very hard for our dear comrade leaders to want to give up their dictatorial powers just yet. They are probably allowing a bit of freedom for now for the summer, but come this fall look out, we all may have to go a round two of covid bullshit once again. Only time will tell of course. If you have seen as to what has been going on in Australia, there has been four lock downs already, and now another lock down has been imposed on the Australian people once again. But this time they are fighting back. They have had enough. There has been huge demonstrations against the newly imposed lock downs and there has been over ten thousand Australians or more that have taken to the streets to defy this new lock down. I do not believe that the Canadian fake media has shown any of these demonstrations in Australia on TV at all. The media no doubt have been told by comrade Fidel Trudeau to not report on them at all. If you click on the Rebel News website you can see it all happening on there. How many rounds of covid bullshit will go on will depend on whether they the sheeple go along with the next covid #2 lie or will they say, enough already, no more covid bullshit anymore. We all just want to get back to the good old normal days like they were before all of this covid plandemic bull came along. It is up to the sheeple now to go along to get along or not to go along to get along. I will be for the latter. If you were smart enough you would too. No more covid bs for me any longer. The damage has been done. No further damage required. Just saying. 😇 PS: Websites action4canada, awakecanada, and vaccinechoicecanada are all good informative alternative websites and at those websites one can find out all they need to know from getting the other side of the story. Your call. 😇
  16. How racial politics and a media fixated by identity politics makes racism worse. America may have its first mixed-race Vice President, its first African-American Secretary of Defense and its first Latino and immigrant as Secretary of Homeland Security, but the country has never been so racist. That, at least, is one of the disturbing conclusions being drawn from a new Gallup poll, which found that the share of Americans reporting that race relations are bad or “somewhat” bad has reached 57% — the highest it’s been in two decades. But are its findings really evidence of widespread racism in the US? Hardly. In fact, you need only look at the behaviour of Americans — at the number of interracial marriages or police shootings of minorities, for example — to see that racism has almost never been so absent. So why is there such a misunderstanding between the American public and the reality of US race relations? The answer, I suspect, reflects a media-driven moral panic — one that is rooted in the racialisation of identity-obsessed progressive politics. Indeed, the “rise” of racism in America since 2014 is a social construct that reflects perception rather than daily life. This is largely a result of what Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman described in 1973 as the “availability heuristic” — the idea that vivid images rather than statistical reality tends to shape people’s perceptions. For instance, people routinely overestimate vivid phenomena, from crime to the share of Muslims in their country, because these stories make the news. Crime in America may have fallen every year before 2019 — but when asked about it by Gallup, most people in all but two years said crime had risen over the past year. https://unherd.com/2021/07/what-liberals-get-wrong-about-race/
  17. The Americans want their populace in lockdowns again for the coming midterms. They need a new scare to bring back the mail-outs, the Zuckerberg financed counters, the drop-boxes etc. To do all that they'll be wanting to emphasize the variants. The old conflated numbers won't be good enough.
  18. A media which increasingly focused on racism helped bring about an increasing sense of racism being everywhere in the United States. In 2011, the terms racist/racists/racism accounted for 0.0027% and 0.0029% of all words in The New York Times and The Washington Post, respectively. What we see over the past decade is a continual dramatic increase in usages of “racism” and its variations. Moreover, the graph shows that this increase occurred a half decade before the arrival of Donald Trump. By 2019, they would constitute 0.02% and just under 0.03% of all words published in the Times and Post—an increase of over 700% and just under 1,000%, respectively, from 2011. While increases in usage frequency are also observed for the more center-right Wall Street Journal, they are comparatively more gradual and modest. Notably, the shifts in the Times and Post trends precede those of the Journal by about a year, suggesting that the center-right Journal appears to react to the rhetorical and ideological trends on race advanced by the two biggest left-leaning newspapers. Over the period in question, starting in the mid ’90s, the Times and Post had always featured these terms more frequently than the Journal but, until recently, the difference was minor. Today, the gap is enormous, which suggests that the explosion in the usage of racialized terminology and ideological constructs isn’t simply a neutral reflection of an increase in racial incidents. In 2016, The New York Times published a news article detailing efforts on college campuses to train new students on how to avoid and deal with microaggressions—one of the novel categories of racism popularized over the past decade that has contributed to the perception of pervasive racial injustice. As an example of a microaggression, the article cites the following comment: “Everyone can succeed in this society if they work hard enough.” This is supposedly racist because it emphasizes individual agency and implies “that race plays a minor role in life’s outcomes.” In the absence of legal discrimination, in the post-affirmative-action era, and in light of the immense absolute improvements in the quality of life of the average Black person over the past half century, concepts like “microaggression” and “implicit bias” have been critical in cultivating the perception, amplified by the media, that America still practices a form of insidious racial apartheid. This occurs by a process of concept creep—a stretching of the terminological and normative boundaries of what constitutes racism and racist behavior. In other words: The racialization of things that weren’t previously viewed or understood through the lens of race. The upshot is that the more aspects of social life the media racializes, the more “racism” there is for the media to report on. https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/media-great-racial-awakening
  19. If Evander Kane's wife thinks one RW can just throw a hockey game, she knows nothing about hockey.

  20. Most people in their 30's to their 50's do not know even know as to how to convert metric to imperial. I have a friend who does not use imperial anymore. And he is in his early sixties. There are still some Caribbean Islands that still use gallons. Some still use MPH. I have seen it while visiting one of those many Caribbean islands that I have visited over the years. I hate watching the weather forecast on TV. When they say that the high today here in BC will be 25, it still sounds chilly to me. I still have to convert that number into imperial to know just how warm or hot it will be that day. I still miss the good old days when the weatherman/woman would say that the high today will be in the 70's or 80's. I still miss my imperial measurement system. I guess that I am probably one of the last imperial dinosaurs left in Canada. Aw well. ☺️
  21. Now we know why there was no influenza A or B since covid. It is entirely sensible that this occurred. The mad rush to respond, react, respond without vetting the information has taken us over the brink. Let this be a warning. How many bad decisions were made because of mass collection of data that could be erroneous? Answer: All of them.
  22. Europe is anticipating a fresh flood of migrants, first from Afghanistan, but then from north Africa. The governments have changed, though, and most have moved rightward, in no small degree because of the previous migrant crisis. They are not in the mood to be overrun with more migrants/refugees and taking steps to ensure their borders are more secure. This should offer lessons to the Americans left, but probably won't. They are as enthusiastic about embracing limitless numbers of migrants as the EUs left wing governments were in 2015. Now those governments have fallen to the Right. I am reminded of a quote I posted several years back from an article in the Atlantic by David Frum. "If liberals insist that only fascists will enforce borders, then voters will hire fascists to do the job liberals refuse to do." The Austrian government has decisively swung towards the Central European approach of hardened borders and expedited returns to countries of origin, with Kurz stressing that he would not halt deportations to Afghanistan, as Sweden and Finland already have, a reflection of a public mood darkened by recent high-profile crimes carried out by Afghan asylum seekers. Like centre-left Denmark, which is accelerating both its return of refugees to Syria and the search, apparently along with the UK, of third-party countries in Africa willing to host refugees and migrants on its behalf, the new mood in Austria is not the result of the populist Right coming to power, but instead of centrist parties adopting solutions that were in 2015 considered the sole preserve of the radical Right. As in Spain, where the next government is likely to be a coalition between the centre-right PP and the radical right Vox, in Italy a coalition government between the centre-Right and the far-Right looms in the wings. Indeed, Salvini’s Lega is now so outflanked on its Right by the rising power of Georgia Meloni’s post-fascist Brothers of Italy party, the most popular political party in the country, that it can be considered centre-Right itself, so far has the country’s Overton Window shifted. In France, where Macron has angrily rejected an imported American racial culture war in favour of the country’s homegrown culture war over Islam and the possibility of civil war, the soi-disant liberal saviour from the perceived populist menace has moved so far to the Right that the roughly even chances of a Le Pen victory in the forthcoming presidential election seem almost irrelevant in defining the country’s political trajectory. Perhaps it is Greece that highlights best not just the shifting mood in Europe’s external border states, but the shifting mood in Brussels itself. When Erdogan opened Turkey’s land borders with Greece in spring last year, bussing migrants to the border fences in a confrontation that came uncomfortably close to war, Greece’s militarised response unexpectedly won applause rather than censure from the EU hierarchy, as well as the swift dispatch of both Frontex border guards and funds to build an impassable border wall, now being beefed up with EU surveillance zeppelins and drones. Rather than a rerun of the 2015 migrant crisis, when Europe functioned as a ready source of monetary tribute to an embattled Erdogan, last year’s Evros crisis functioned as a dry run for the coming Afghan wave. https://unherd.com/2021/07/the-walls-are-going-up-across-europe/
  23. Bullshit? Kinda. But it's the same kind of bullshit FactCheck.org is giving you up there. The same only different. They take the basic fact that the CDC is canceling the PCR tests they've been using and twist it to fit their agenda. NaturalNews (not my favorite site) wants you to believe OMG they don't trust their tests anymore. Must be worthless. FactCheck.org wants you to believe "Nothing to see here, folks. Move along." The truth is most likely in the middle there. Both seem to come out of this though. I'm more in this camp, myself. " The RT-PCR assays could detect the presence of a coronavirus from a swab in real-time, making it a good indicator of the potential for Covid-19 infection. In a sane world that wasn’t driven by a nefarious agenda, positive results on the RT-PCR tests would have been treated as indicators that someone needed to get a real test, like an antigen test, to determine if they were infected. But this isn’t a sane world and the powers-that-be saw an opportunity to bump up numbers to drive panic. They ran with it, and revoking the EUA means they’re done with that particular type of fearmongering. The RT-PCR assays served their purpose. The other reason for this move is very concerning. This shift and its timing both indicate the powers-that-be are anticipating a need to differentiate between the various coronaviruses. If it really is the need to differentiate Covid-19 and influenza as they’re claiming, then that jibes with the sudden push to maximize or even mandate flu vaccines within months. If that’s the scenario they have planned, expect a sudden surge in flu cases after a year where they “miraculously” disappeared thanks to RT-PCR tests claiming everything was Covid-19. If it’s not really flu they’re trying to detect, what is it? What do they know? What do they have planned? Is there another novel coronavirus on its way? Are they expecting Covid-19 variants to mutate into variants that will require different treatments, perhaps different “vaccines”?" https://thelibertydaily.com/cdc-quietly-revokes-rt-pcr-emergency-use-authorization-because-they-counted-covid-19-and-influenza-together/ Here's a money shot clip from the CDC's notice: So tell me how that's not saying the old tests had problems or just plain couldn't differentiate between Covid and influenza viruses. Because once you know that you have the right to ask questions about that old test.
  24. Like everything else Taxme posts this is bullshit. Scientists consider polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, tests a highly reliable tool for diagnosing COVID-19. But social media posts are misrepresenting a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announcement regarding the eventual discontinuation of its own test, falsely claiming the government has conceded that PCR tests aren’t reliable. The agency in a July 21 notice recommended that labs use “one of the many FDA-authorized alternatives” and said it “encourages laboratories to consider adoption of a multiplexed method that can facilitate detection and differentiation of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses.” Such multiplex tests, including one from the CDC, can look for both the novel coronavirus and multiple types of influenza at the same time — which conserves testing materials and allows public health labs to do influenza surveillance while testing for SARS-CoV-2, or the virus that causes COVID-19. But the CDC did not say it was no longer supporting the use of PCR tests in general, many of which have been authorized by the FDA — or that its original PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 can’t tell the difference between coronavirus and influenza — as viral posts spreading online falsely claim. https://www.factcheck.org/2021/07/scicheck-viral-posts-misrepresent-cdc-announcement-on-covid-19-pcr-test/
  25. Covid skeptics have been proven wrong again and again and again. But like other conspiracy types, they refuse to accept reality. When I last wrote about the rise of the coronavirus cranks for Quillette on January 16th, there were 37,000 people in British hospitals with COVID-19, and 1,411 COVID-related deaths on that day alone. The story that self-described sceptics had been telling themselves since the summer was a smoking ruin. As far back as June 2020, they had been announcing that the virus had run its course, that herd immunity had been achieved, and that there would be no second wave. They then dismissed a resurgence of the infection rate in August and September as a “casedemic”—a fraudulent illusion built on a glut of false positives produced by unreliable over-testing. The founder of the Lockdown Sceptics blog, Toby Young, claimed in June that the “virus has melted into thin air,” and predicted that “there will be no ‘second spike’—not now, and not in the autumn either.” In September, YouTube personality and low-carb entrepreneur Ivor Cummins declared that “the epidemic is over.” Asked what it would take to prove him wrong, he tweeted: “Simple. Excess mortality this winter is far higher than 2018 or 2015 same months—directly driven by Covid19. Period. Anything else, and I am correct.” At the end of November, Michael Yeadon, doyen of the deniers thanks to his credentials as a former Pfizer scientist, wrote that “the pandemic was over by June” and dismissed the case numbers as “an artefact of a deranged testing system.” All of these endlessly circulated delusions lay in tatters by the end of December when more than 50,000 Britons were testing positive for the virus each day and a similar number were going undiagnosed, but the smiley community (so-called for their adoption of the yellow smiley face as a badge of their resistance to alleged fear-mongering about the virus) stubbornly held the line. Distrustful of doctors and death certificates, they would accept no evidence except excess deaths. Some of them would not even accept that measure and demanded to see figures for burial and cremations. A surprisingly large number knew funeral directors who told them that business had never been quieter. Very suspicious. https://quillette.com/2021/07/28/vaccines-and-the-coronavirus-crank-crisis/
  26. What makes you think he's less electable than O'Toole?
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