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  2. The Canadian federal government (CRTC) now has a dedicated web page to watching Super Bowl® ads...foreign television program/advertising: If the USMCA (NAFTA 2.0) is not ratified in time to stop this CRTC theft, it is unclear if American ads will be available in Canada for Super Bowl LIV.
  3. I mean, heck, even Communist China is less interventionist than Canada. If you want to buy telco, buy Tencent, if you don't want to hold it in mainland China, you can hold by arbitrage in Joburg South Africa with Naspers which owns a 31% stake.
  4. Foreign investors want nothing to do with the Canadian telecom market because they know Ottawa is protectionist in favor of propping up Rogers and Bell. Why invest in Canada when America is right next door? I live in Canada, and I don't even invest in Canada, I only invest in America, Canada is a supply management cartel run economic backwater.
  5. So you think more foreign investors are the answer?
  6. National helicopter mommy is the one keeping foreign competition out to prop up Rogers and Bell, but go ahead and poop your diapers about it, giant baby.
  7. Whatever you say Dougie. So why exactly are Canadians paying such high prices for cell service? The answer will likely annoy and frustrate you. In 2017, the National Post reported that carriers price their plans high simply because they can. Here are some key takeaways about the state of the telecommunications industry in Canada: There is not enough competition in Canada for carriers to lower their prices Bell, Rogers and Telus networks cover over 97% of Canadians. New carriers would have to build a nationwide network of cell towers to compete Provinces that do have a strong fourth carrier (i.e. Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec) all enjoy lower rates; even from the national carriers Freedom Mobile is the 4th largest carrier, but has only been able to roll out limited coverage to parts of Ontario, BC and Alberta Deep-pocketed foreign investors are prohibited by Canadian laws Canadian telecom companies are among the most profitable in the world, so there's little incentive to change pricing competitiveness Canadians are still subject to data overage charges while US plans typically include unlimited data Try researching before you talk, makes you sound like a typical ignorant foreigner.
  8. Canada has one of the most heavily regulated telecom markets in the world, way more interventionist than in America, that's why it's so expensive in Canada. You cut your own economic throat by demanding more intervention by Ottawa, typical infantilized Canadian. Your national helicopter mommy does you no more favors than your actual helicopter mommy did.
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  10. After they pass the citizenship test they are.
  11. Anyone given citizenship is 100% Canadian! Anyway, what is a 100% Canadian? You remind me of bigots in the days of slavery who measure the percentage of blackness, thus they have what you'd call a "quadroon!" Even if they can't utter a word in English or French - like your hordes of refugees and economic migrants - if they are Canadian citizens, they are 100% Canadians!
  12. I'm terribly disappointed.

  13. You ask the question but you don't like the answer. It's the massive double-standard between what it takes to get a Dem indicted/convicted vs a Republican. 1) We all saw Hillary quickly skate through all the charges against her, there was actual physical evidence that she committed actual crimes, people who testified were all quickly given immunity even though they didn't give any evidence that was of value, she never had to testify under oath but when she did testify all she said was "I don't remember because I bumped my head a couple days ago" (she was in the midst of her presidential campaign and her memory wasn't causing her any trouble at all during long campaign speeches and debates), her husband just randomly (yet covertly) met the AG on a tarmac two days before they exonerated her (but all they did was talk about their grandkids, and Bill Clinton doesn't have grandkids). Do you see a pattern where Dems just say "we never talked about it, we completely ignored the elephant in the room" and CNN says "they never talked about it, the story is closed". The Clintons did it and now the Bidens did it with both China and Ukraine, they get a CNN exoneration - an exoneration that you fully and unquestioningly accept. The Dems also just say "I don't remember" over and over and that's sufficient. Comey did it, Hillary always does it. The Dems could say "I don't know how those bodies got in the trunk of my car", CNN would just say "it's now known that they don't know how the bodies got in the trunk of their car" and you'd turn the topic to "Trump extorted the Ukrainian Prez and tried to get him to fake crimes by Biden." 2) We all saw two full years of BS allegations of Russian collusion when "we were on the threshold of impeachment" every other day. Then at the end we find out that there was never any evidence of actual collusion. Manafort was put in jail on unrelated charges and offered a reduced sentence for, obviously coerced, testimony and you didn't even bat an eye. That's serious banana republic/gestapo crap that you should be worried about. But CNN and their sycophants say "Manafort was jailed for Russian collusion". Nope. Absolutely 100% not true, at all. There's more. Kavanaugh, Smollett, other Trump charges/allegations, etc. Long story short, when the Dems and CNN say they have proof that it's 100% certain that someone committed a crime, or say that someone didn't commit a crime, my probability meter doesn't budge, at all. They have a solid, unblemished record of blatantly lying to us about these things. There absolutely is an established track record of Trump's haters conspiring against him. Only a complete idiot would say otherwise. Van Jones said that collusion was "a big nothingburger" a year before the investigation ended and some people still won't give up on that crap. For Pete's sake Rue, you know all this. There are people here who I think could actually be hoodwinked by all of this. You're not one of them.
  14. This article basically blows gaping holes in the whole 'white privilege' bullshit that the woke Left likes to blather on about. It demonstrates that the biggest correlation to poverty in America is not race, but marriage. Poor black people who married before having children had the same rate of poverty as poor whites who married. And the biggest certainty for getting and staying out of poverty was to finish high school, get a job and get married before having kids. https://quillette.com/2019/10/16/why-white-privilege-is-wrong-part-2/
  15. Jooish Bowlshevik Conspiracy doesn't care, all that matters is his insecurity aboot being at the mercy of the American Information Age Revolution. Knee jerk fear of being displaced by the onset of Manifest Destiny. Big Daddy Trump President of Canada is just a fetish, the revolution doesn't stop with Trump, he's merely a messenger. Obama was even more dangerous to Canada, much more insidious, because Canadians let their guards down to the Democrats. Stoopid, because as much as the Democrats fawn over Canadian socialism, as socialists themselves, they are the ones who want to freeze Canada out. Who invoked the Buy American again? It was Obama, in his American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 The Democrats are the ones who want to adopt the Canadian way, which is protectionism and supply management. Canadian lefties are not free traders, but neither are American lefties. It's the Democrats who will cut Canadian throats, by their own Canadian doctrine. Just desserts if there ever was. Beggar thy neighbor Canada gets beggared into an economic grave of its own making.
  16. The district court is from DC, they are the biggest Democrat partisan hacks their are, bigger than California or New York even. Putting your faith in the them to make an impartial decision regarding Trump, is laughable. There is no law that he has to release his tax returns, stop being dumb and assuming that because some hack court says he has to release them, that doesn't mean that is even close to the truth and will never hold up in a higher court.
  17. Furthermore, you're misinterpreting the nature of 19th century Victorian Canada. Yes, they had the Missionary Impulse, yes, they were Bible Thumpers, But they also viewed the British Crown as being their protector from the rule of the American republican mob. The British Crown was autonomy from the state, you didn't have to swear fealty to a mob of republicans. that was the whole point. Now Canadians have become a mob of Americanized republicans, but they don't have the American constitution to go with it. So it's like America, without the first, second, and fourth amendments, instead there is a Section 33 poison pill, which is the worst of both worlds. Yes, Americans are dangerous, Americans fear ourselves too, that's why we need these protections from ourselves,. Canadians don't get it, they think their shit don't stink, so they don't see the danger of Canadian mob rule. It's all virtuous Canadian goody goody socialist Missionary Impulse, but the road to totalitarianism is paved there if there is no constraints. Americans know; the state is not to be trusted with this sort of power, the state must be constrained and decentralized to stave off totalitarianism. It's a constant struggle, freedom is constantly under threat from mobs of self righteous holier than thou do gooders At least Americans fight the good fight for liberty, Canadians don't, Canadians are the mob of self righteous holier than thou do gooders incarnate. Americans win battles against tyranny, we lose battles against tyranny, but we keep fighting, Canadians don't even see the problem, they embrace tyranny. The overriding imperative in Canada is that your personal liberties be taken away in the name of socialist do gooderism. F@ck that shit. I don't just fight for American freedom, I fight for the freedom Canadians used to have, before they sold their souls for a bag of socialist magic beans.
  18. Canadians became more American as time passed, peaking in the early sixties, JFK being the most popular President of all time in Canada. Then in the 1970's the Cultural Marxists started to take over, and now they rule Canada. If you had lived in the 1970's and understood how much free rein we had back then, perhaps you would notice that Canada has become a totalitarian police state now. Trump Derangement Syndrome is no reason to throw your own liberty and autonomy from the state under the bus.
  19. If business are not regulated by the government you end up with more bread price fixing scandals.
  20. This is the nature of Canada. The US revolted against monarchy overreach in 1776. Loyalists moved to Canada, and Canada took it up the butt and didn't obtain independence from Britain until 1982 and are still part of a monarchy. This is why Canadians are more docile, timid, and polite, and why Americans aren't.
  21. These people have been indoctrinated, they've been conditioned by the state, everybody in Canada has a sob story, cause that's how you get your gibs.
  22. Yep. He needs to grow the eff up and start taking care of himself like an adult. Not looking for the government to run his life. I swear that some people, particularly NDP and Liberal voters would sign up for a program where the government would wipe your butt for you if they could.
  23. All these state dependent kooks care about is their gibs, what is the gubment gonna gibs them Never mind economics, never mind the rule of law, never mind freedom, gibs, gibs, gibs . . .
  24. The government has no business, pun intended, to get in the cell phone business on such a micro level as to be implementing cell phone plans. This shit is ridiculous. Are they going to get involved in the topping plans of pizza places? How about room service for hotels? Oil changes at garages? Learn what government is suppose to be about, and what their responsibilities should and shouldn’t be.
  25. He wants a new TV. Promise him a new TV.
  26. Bar scene from the movie Appaloosa
  27. A Cambridge student asks Jordan Peterson a carefully thought-out and enunciated question on whether the world will pull together now to fight climate change. "No." Peterson gives a short, concise, educated answer on just what the world can and cannot do about climate change and global warming.
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