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  2. And while all this talk could turn into a massive kumbaya session, with everyone hugging and drinking tequila , Man has not evolved to the point where we can not live without violence...the strong will always pray on the weak... we do it to our own people, just think what we are capable of doing to others, even in modern times, like concentration camps found in Yugoslavia during that conflict , like we never learned anything from WWII, or Afghanistan where a bunch of men that skinned an old man of his most of his skin to exposed flesh and muscle then staked him out on the ground to bake in the morning sun, his only crime was giving us directions to the next town..... lots of sick mother truckers out there, and while they will be judged by god after their death, someone has to arrange that meeting...it also completes the yin and yang circle...
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  4. Canada wasn't formed as a nation-state, it was formed as a security union against a United States that had just ended a civil war and had a massive standing army sitting around bored doing nothing. Alaska was purchased by USA in 1867, that's not a coincidence. Canadian provinces are still better unified, with as much sovereignty given to the provinces as possible. Acting together as an economic and military bloc against ie: the Chinese is better than going it alone. BC would become a client state of China in about 3 seconds if they separated, and in good time probably annexed willingly. If you want to rip up confederation, then start over with 2.0, don't go it alone. I'd be fine with 2.0, whatever works. Adapt or die.
  5. I already gave China 5,000 years....China's GDP is more dependent on exports to the USA....GDP per capita is far smaller because of the large population. The USA has been #1 regardless of China....over 100 years. China can't even figure out Hong Kong.
  6. Give China 20 years. How long did it take Germany to build a war machine out of ashes? By around 2028 it's projected to surpass the USA in GDP. China doesn't need immigrants. It has 1.3 billion people, far too many. It's offloading people to USA and Canada etc because it's overpopulated. The Chinese are filling up our cities now, especially in Canada, and throughout the West because of population decline. Good thing USA is the most in-demand destination for immigrants because it's going to need a lot more. Looking forward to the first Chinese President and Prime Minister.
  7. Hate and resentment will only end up harming yourself. Reacting with strong negative emotions towards the opinions of others only suppresses the logical part of your brain needed to analyze and see things clearly. It also creates division and more hatred. Division and hatred only creates problems, it doesn't solve problems. Logic and reason solves problems. Tree hugging lefties see half the beauty and negatively in this world, while conservatives see the other half. If you can see all of the beauty and negativity, you can finally see the truth. Yin and yang. Seek balance, do not veer to the extremes, unless searching for balance.
  8. America did both at the same time....China can't. China cannot project conventional military power beyond its region...America has done this since the 19th century. Advantage: America China is over 5,000 years old and has succeeded / failed many times over regardless of population. The 20th century failure(s) cost millions of Chinese lives, and it was the Americans who took care of a mid-century problem with the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy....China's population was over 500 million compared to Japan's 65 million. The USA's population is 330 million and it is the world's #1 destination for immigrants...for over 100 years...not China. They did their homework.
  9. Watch the great powers of the world burn all their money fighting huge wars and then have lots of babies and invent stuff? Yup that's how America did it and how China is doing it. Most Chinese are still desperately poor yes, no they don't have great health care. But there's 1.3 billion of them. The USA has 300 million people. If 300 million are going to keep beating 1.3 billion who are rising fast they better be healthy and finish their homework.
  10. That's a good point. I hope I'm wrong. The USSR lost because their ideological base was inferior. No solid support to stand on. Chinese ideology (win at all costs by any means necessary) may be superior to America's. China saw the writing on the wall with the fall of the USSR, so they adapted, with incredible results. Adapt or die. China can be a democracy, communist, fascist, whatever, doesn't matter. Demographics + time. 1.3 billion vs 300 million. Simple math.
  11. A China vs. USA bait thread ? OK...I'll bite Incorrect...there is an ideology in China...mimic what the USA did in the 20th century. I have seen it myself...in person. ...and "good stuff" healthcare is accessible by millions in the USA through private and public insurance programs, not just the wealthy. Healthcare in China is ranked 144th in the world, with wide disparities for the most basic services. China sends its best students to the USA....there is a reason for this.
  12. Once Chinese domestic consumption hits critical mass, watch out. Right now Americans etc consume Chinese-made products. Watch what happens when 1.3 billion Chinese can afford to buy Chinese made products.
  13. I don't hate them, and in a strange way I do respect them, Ok I have been known to call them dirty civvies, or tree huggers, but then again there is reality and there is to many men ("humankind" for you liberals out there) that think violence is the only way, and in some way they (dirty civvies, tree huggers) put a little balance in this world.
  14. China vs America discussion has moved to a new thread i've created:
  15. Blind allegiance to the Chinese state and nation. Work for the nation, fight for the nation, die for the nation. Everyone sacrifice everything for the good of the nation. National socialism. Belief that your nation and race is destined to rule the world. Commit genocide against racial/cultural minorities. Purify the nation. Lock up or kill the non-compliant. Build a military war machine. Create a national myth of resurgence. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2019/11/17/uighurs-their-supporters-decry-chinese-concentration-camps-genocide-after-xinjiang-documents-leaked/ The USSR was an economic union consisting of many different nations and many different cultures. Workers of the world unite. Chinese are only loyal to the Chinese. Proletariat and bourgeoisie are dead in China, all work for the nation now. Maoism was murdered in 1978, buried in 1989. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deng_Xiaoping There is no ideology in China other than do whatever it takes to make China stronger...by whatever means necessary. Capitalism, socialism, whatever it takes. An ideology of no ideology is the purest and most adaptable ideology of all. The weakness of the USA is blind adherence to ideology: blind faith in their military might, capitalism, free markets, fear of socialism. Fear of "socialism" & blind faith in free markets has made healthcare and education decay in the US, only the wealthy can access the good stuff while the masses rot. The masses and wealthy all need to be strong to defeat the next great threat. Profit is king in America. In China, China is king. Everyone is fighting each other in America while the China hive plows forward. Adapt or die. Who will reign in the 21st century: China or USA? I say China, as per above.
  16. The public is always going to be armed in some form or another, be it a hunting rifle or wpns buried in the back yard....besides it does not matter how many rounds your magazine holds or the rate of fire, it was once the basic infantry standard to fire 12 rounds a minute from a bolt action rifle...thats with 3 x 5 round mags reloads , all well aimed shots...its always about the shooter, never about the wpn... I think there are more than just militia groups out there that will be effected by a ban.....they should be in the same group of fire arms owners as , preppers, survivalists, they just want to be prepared for the next event...and they believe it is coming soon most spend a lot of money doing it, it is multi bil industries....with a huge lobby group as well ....the other group would be your collectors, and competitors who do it for a hobby, and then hunters.... they are all made up of many different people from all walks of live from all political spectrums left wing and right wing keep in mind these groups comprise of millions in the states and thousands in Canada, everyone has some sort of interest..to keep fire arms legal. we also have to remember that those days when this country was being built wpns were a way of life, you needed one to survive most were armed for some form of reason, lots of bad guys and lots of wild nature as well, lack of police or law enforcement ...today I think it comes down to being prepared, and if your not into that so be it, but should we restrict fire arms No I don't think so.... ...like an insurance policy...I Personal don't own a hand gun or an assault wpn, but the rifles I do have are accurate out to past 400 meters, don't get we wrong if I could afford one, I would get one. but in this point in my life, I'm not going to be doing that many section attacks against a dug in enemy... every year Drinking and driving have killed more people than fire arms has in Canada , at one time 4 people a day, for every day of the year...but we don't ban booze...it's only a tool, it's the tool using it that is dangerous.... https://madd.ca/pages/impaired-driving/overview/statistics/
  17. Does my bbq apron count? I also have a welders apron but it's kinda worn in just a bit.
  18. God didn't create the USA, didn't make it a hegemon. Demographics and time, plus geography. That's the difference between the USA vs Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, Russia etc. I believe in evidence and reason and the laws of physics, not faith or destiny. The math isn't on our side. Western civilization is dying. Decaying from the inside, then conquered from the outside. Nuclear weapons can't defend against population decline and ideological decay. The only way to win is to throw our cell phones in the trash and grab your mate and start f**king...and pumping out a lot of kids. A billion or so. Women want to work, we won't convince them otherwise. So fellas, better buy yourself an apron.
  19. Where do rights come from ? They are granted by governments. Governments also take them away pretty easily and pretty regularly. I'm being flippant, but read in between the lines to see my point. Most rights in the west aren't appreciated. Institutions like laws, courts, and governments need to work constantly to engender the trust of the people. Trudeau taking away rights is really only part of a disappointing devolution of the west.
  20. I knew that the demonstrations and commie parades were going to come and would happen. Those crybaby leftist liberal losers will never accept defeat. There has to be something very mentally wrong in the heads of those leftist liberal commie losers. They must think that they must win all the time. Boris now has to deliver Brexit without delay. Holding off and pandering to the crybaby's losers will only delay it that much longer. I hope that Boris does not give in to those commie losers. If he does than the pro Brexit people will be winning and we all will see and know that there Brexit vote means only shit to the establishment politicians whom always think that they always know what is best for we the sheeple.Go, Brexit, go. Works for me.
  21. The commie sore crybaby losers were at it again. They just can never accept defeat. And this is the bimbos that Britain would have got if the Labour party had of won? It is because of those commie bimbos as to why Britain is in a liberal/socialist bloody mess that it finds itself in and as to why Brexit has not happened yet. But thank gawd that those bunch of bimbos lost the election. Things are great in America, and so shall they now be great in Britain especially when Brexit happens. Those bimbos are going to hate what is coming. Ha-ha-ha. Love it.
  22. The leftist pro democrat lieberal American MSM like CNN or MSNBC very seldom ever have a pro Trump conservative on their TV network shows, or a very few. Unfortunately for FOX News watchers, they have to put up and watch and listen too many liberal leftist who are on the FOX payroll, and get to push their anti-Trump bull shit around on Fox. I guess that it is safe to say that FOX News is not showing any bias, and is showing to be non-partisan. The owners of FOX News are zionist globalists anyway, and would love nothing more than to turn FOX News into another leftist liberal CNN or MSNBC TV news station. But they are unable to do this at this time. They know that if they did they would go belly up financially if they tried because probably 90% of their viewers are republican conservatives. With FOX News you can get both sides of the story. They are always interviewing leftist liberal pro democrats on FOX. Got it now?
  23. There's no free speech on social media platforms, it's all private property.
  24. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/amp.businessinsider.com/fox-news-shepard-smith-trump-news-coverage-2019-9 So in other words you only get opinions and no news at all. Got it.
  25. I think that most of those idiots in academia have been playing leftist liberal hockey politics for far too long, and they appear to have fallen more than six times on their academia hockey heads. They keep playing and keep getting hockey academia sticks and pucks in the head. There are so many Canadians out there that appear to have been hit in the head with too many a hockey stick or puck, and are now too stunned to be able to think or are able to use any common sense or logic anymore. One has to watch it when one plays too much academia hockey? They may just get an academia hockey stick up the nose, eh? Lol.
  26. Great news to hear that anti-Trump people like you have just had your sensitive liberal feelings hurt, eh? The truth will one day set you free from your liberal chains. Now that will be worth a ROFL!!! Politico? Just another leftist liberal pro democratic website news rag. I get my real news from FOX News.
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