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  2. CBC is showing the PM at a staged town hall, taking questions from "the crowd". Mr. Trudeau apologizes, and receives rousing applause. The crowd has accepted his answer and wants to move on.

    Shape your opinion here, damage control, mind control.

    Nicely done boys, very nicely done!

    1. AngusThermopyle


      I can't believe the way everyone is piling on Canada's first black Prime Minister.

  3. Today
  4. I want to know why he'd painted himself black THREE TIMES. 

    Lol - to go through the lengthy process of applying make-up to any visible spots - why do it three times?

    For laughs?

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    2. BubberMiley


      Would you now agree though that your past whining about the political timing of such negative revelations (like you did, for example, with Christine Ford's allegations) was an extremely weak argument? I can't imagine whining about the timing of these allegations. It would feel really pathetic.

    3. OftenWrong


      I want to know what he thinks when he meets and talks to black people?

    4. OftenWrong


      Re Betsy, my guess is sexual fetish.

  5. Christopher Columbus was just an idiot who goes 4 times to Cuba thinking it is India and history books written by imperialists teaches these invaders-genociders to us as "discoverers".

    1. OftenWrong


      Yeah we know. But 500 years is a long time to hold a grudge against someone. Here in Christianland we learn to forgive and to move on from all those bad things more quickly.

      On the other hand at least they made it. Arabians had no such vessels, the Ottoman power was vanquished. Compared to the west they were and still are, living in the stone ages. Maybe it's time for you people to make some discoveries.


  6. Yesterday
  7. If you didn’t know that climate change is a religion, NBC News removes all doubt.  They’re asking for people’s climate change confessions!  How have you fallen short?


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    2. bush_cheney2004


      I confess to adding to my already large internal combustion engine cylinder index with a cracking two-stroke ice/earth auger.    I love the smell of burning gasoline and oil in the morning.

    3. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      Soon, they'll be asking for repentance.

    4. AngusThermopyle


      So true, love the smell of two strokes. We have some four strokes, but they're for girls. If they bottled two stroke as a scent I'd wear it. Oh look! You can get it as a scented candle!




  8. The apology means squat!

    Third video comes out!    How many more?   There are hints that there may be more.....


    Why didn't you bring this up last night?

    Which part of transparency is so hard to get, Justin?

    Anyway, why this obsession on blacks?

    1. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      lets not forget about honesty, integrity , not to mention some basic leadership principles, doing government differently, all went down the tubes with SNC affair, ethics commissions reports. How many times has he called the right racist, only to have 3 MP's dismissed for racist remarks, and then  brown and black faces, next he will mimic Asians....

    2. betsy


      Maybe he already mimicked Asians!   :lol:

      Waiting for the video.......

  9. When's Greta Thunberg gonna visit Beijing?

    1. QuebecOverCanada


      That's an incredibly valid question, no one ever asked in the media.

    2. BubberMiley


      Oh look. Here's her response to the "whatabout China?" fools that left them stumped and humiliated by a small girl. 


  10. News Flash:  Faith Goldy is taking heat for associating with a known racist.

  11. Mr Trudeau awakens to a new dawn. The irony is palpable. Greek theatre. How the mighty have fallen, and stuff.

    1. AngusThermopyle


      I can't wait to see how Harper made him do it.

    2. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      For liberals this is not going to make a difference in how they vote, this behavior is not only tolerated but encouraged...the truth is the truth 

    3. OftenWrong


      Not true for Liberal little black girls. "Mommy, why is Mr. Trudeau wearing blackface? Is he making fun of our skin colour?" 




  12. Third instance of Trudeau in blackface, looks like it was a hobby.

    1. OftenWrong


      This has gone Uber-viral.

    2. AngusThermopyle


      Good thing he toned it down for his India trip. :)

    3. betsy


      India!   Lol.   Yeah.  He didn't put on a brown skin! :lol:

  13. Whistleblower outs Trump as national security threat for a secret promise to a foreign leader.

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    2. BubberMiley


      But whatabout Trudeau?

      I'll ask again. Were you opposed or in favour?

    3. Shady


      But whatabout Trump?

      I am generally in favour of prosecuting so-called whistleblowers if they break the law.

    4. BubberMiley


      What information makes you say that, other than they exposed the corruption of the president you adore beyond reason?

  14. “I shouldn’t have done that. I should have known better but I didn’t and I’m really sorry,” - Trudeau.

    Only because you've been caught!

    You can't deny it!  Your Liberal Party can't deny it!   Time Magazine had contacted people to verify it was you!


    Why didn't you come out and talked about it before the news came out?

    Why didn't you volunteer the information that you have done the same thing in High School?  You only mentioned it because you were asked!


    You've done it twice.  Kapelos noted you evaded a question that asked - "are there more?"

    Anyway, why pick on and make fun of  a black face? TWICE! (that we know of).


    “It was something that I didn’t think was racist at the time, but now I recognize it was something racist to do, and I am deeply sorry.”

    It was considered racist in 2001!



    You're quick to paint Bernier as racist.....when what you've done is a whole lot worse than what he proposes!  Seen through the eyes of a logical and unbiased thinker - his proposal isn't racist .............but, making fun of black people's color, IS!

    Have you ever dressed up as an asian?  Have you worn make-up with slanted eyes?

    Have you ever parodied a Pakistani?


    Why were you so harsh on other parties (especially with the Conservatives) who also have made alleged offenses stated in the past - and yet, you know ............that you  have a much worse skeleton in your own closet?


    Lol.  Doing a so-called "expose" with Scheer with that video - hah!   What goes around, comes around!

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    2. BubberMiley


      Let's hope so. 

    3. AngusThermopyle


      Poor Bubber, I guess you didn't actually listen to his sort of apology. You know, the one where he tried to turn it around with his statements about we. We can do better as a nation sort of claptrap. I'm not part of his we, I've never worn black face, neither has anyone I know. So...no...he isn't owning it, like usual he's trying to deflect and spread the blame. I understand how that point would have flown right over your head but do try to keep up.

    4. BubberMiley


      Poor Angus. He so wants to look like he knows what he's talking about.

  15. French opposition leader is to be prosecuted for resisting police during house search and going to be banned from elections for next 5 years. In Turkiye politicians are slapping police in the face but they cant be banned from making politics, which is the true democracy ? 

  16. OECD claimed Turkish economy will decrease by 2,3%, now revises its estimate as 0,3%. Its horrible for a so-called "analysis" organization to make such different "estimates". :lol:

  17. Canada is back on the world stage...in Blackface !

  18. LOL, Trudeau in blackface in 2001!

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    2. BubberMiley


      You Trump supporters have no sense of irony at all.

    3. Shady


      Apparently either do Trudeau supporters.  :lol:

    4. Hal 9000
  19. Last week
  20. So Time has printed a picture of Trudeau in Blackface. Now watch all the lefties fall all over themselves making excuses about it being from college and not meaning anything. Looking forward to Trudeau's tearful apology, though.

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    2. scribblet


      He is singing  day o    in blackface hmmmm


    3. Spiderfish


      I don't think there's enough poutine in all of North America to make this go away. 

      I guess we can dispense with the gotcha politics now with liberals trying to dig up old social media posts for the last couple of weeks to try and smear conservatives with claims of racist.  Seems to kind of backfired.

    4. scribblet


      I read that they have more old stuff to release, maybe not now

  21. The Winnipeg Jokes are in huge trouble!

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    2. BubberMiley


      That's awesome to hear. Because like I said when you were smugly going on about how amazing and great the David Clarkson signing was, you're always dead wrong when talking about hockey.

    3. Shady


      Nope.  I’m not always wrong.  Just like you’re not always wrong.  Anyways, there’s plenty of room on the Leafs bandwagon this year.  It’s gonna be a fun one!

    4. BubberMiley


      Not if the lion's share of cap space is taken up by 4 guys. Sounds like a bargain basement AHL defence to me. But we'll see how it goes.

    1. scribblet


      For those keeping score this week: LPC tally  as of Mon childcare: $585m

      Tue Parent benefits $1.7B

       and now $2.6B for seniors.

      Yet Trudeau still  has not explained how he’ll pay for this or release PBO assessment of  LPC platform.

      As reported by Blacklock’s, the Liberals will not be releasing the independently costed numbers and campaign promises.

       The Parliamentary Budget Office is costing the campaign promises of all the major parties, and the Conservatives, NDP, and Greens have said they will release the numbers-- the Liberals won’t be doing so.

    2. scribblet


      Trudeau lied and used “American style fear tactics” while evading questions about his lack of plan to tackle actual “gun violence”. This kind of behaviour seems to the norm from someone seeking re-election, but then, we expect no less from him and his regime. 


  22. "Who do you like more: the country or Hispanics?" - Donald Trump

    1. Shady


      Dems would say the latter.  Especially non-citizens.

    2. DogOnPorch


      The Spanish are indigenous to North America, dontcha know?

  23. Conservatives lie that JT is under investigation by RCMP; forced to walk it back.

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    2. Shady


      Let me know when Conservatives have been found guilty of ethics violations like the Liberals.  Let me know when Conservatives block the RCMP from conducting an investigation related to their ethics violations.  Keep trying to defend politicians that have been found guilty of ethics violations. 

    3. dialamah


      @scribblet.   If Conservatives are the better choice this election, then why do they lie?  Doesn't that make them dishonest, just as the Liberals are?

      @Shady What do Trudeau's ethics violations have to do with the Conservatives lying?  Precious governments have had ethics violations as well, but they're all just as irrelevant to Scheer, are they not? 

      I'm asking why Conservatives lie, not engaging in a game of "who's worse".

    4. betsy



      had to delete your posts because you can't stop yelling in them.  Please feel free to repost without all the huge fonts.  

      How convenient. 




      I'm asking why Conservatives lie, not engaging in a game of "who's worse".

      And.....you deleted along with it,  the rebuttal why I say the Conservatives did not lie.  Supported by an article, too!


      Now I ask:

      Why do Liberals - and their supporters - tend to lie?

  24. Conservatives create fake video, pretend it was a joke when caught.

  25. "I only believe what I see" A fanatic bigot idiom, rejects to use his/her brain, lives like a grass.


  26. The NDP say their plan to provide dental insurance to all is a universal dental care plan. But millions of Canadians have no teeth.

    1. OftenWrong


      Didn't hear about that one. I wonder what kind of tax increase that would bring.

    2. Sagacious
    3. OftenWrong


      No, it's an outdated concept. Just look at OHIP and health care costs in Canada and tell me this socialist stuff works. Clearly it does not. 

  27. 1st Special Forces Command (Airborne)

    De Oppresso Liber


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    2. Dougie93


      Lockheed Martin is also developing the SR-72 at the Skunkworks.

      The Air Force might not buy it, but the Space Force could be the alternate operator.

      It will operate hypersonic at the edge of space, so could be designated as a Space Weapon.


    3. OftenWrong


      Reminds me of the Thunderbirds


      Pilot Scott Tracy


      Their arch-enemy was The Hood. He looks Russian or Asian.

    4. Dougie93


      Yul Brynner in the role as The Hood.


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